Chapter 271

His mind was wandering. Suddenly, the sky flashed and his vision became white. By the time Zhen Sulong opened his eyes again, all he saw was a white world. Maybe this was Heaven. He didn’t believe in God, but if this place was Heaven, he thought he would believe in God. He would hang onto God and pray. He would pray to see his deceased teacher just once.

-Zhen Sulong.

There was a distant voice. It was clearly a familiar voice. It was the person who always taught him and guided him. It was the man he called Teacher.


Zhen Sulong looked at his teacher, ‘Yang Mun.’

However, he couldn’t open his mouth. Yang Mun just looked at him and smiled happily. What was so good? Why was he smiling with satisfaction? What was it like in that place? How was he doing?

There were many things that Zhen Sulong wanted to say and ask, but he couldn’t open his mouth. The one thing he could see was that his teacher, Yang Mun, was proud of him.

‘I’m sorry, Teacher. I’m so sorry.’

Zhen Sulong saluted to Yang Muun while apologizing. The feeling of guilt deep in his heart. He was the poor disciple who wasn’t by his teacher’s deathbed due to closed door training. Zhen Sulong couldn’t get up for a long time. He was full of sin and apologies.

Now he felt a warm touch on his back. It was the hand of his teacher, Yang Mun. It was rough and crude, but warm. He was like a teacher as he said:

I’m fine.

It’s okay so shake it off.

I forgive you.

‘Thank you, and I’m sorry.’ 

He failed to say the words ‘I want to see you’ and he swallowed it down his hot throat. Zhen Sulong knew that Yang Mun probably already knew this. Yang Mun’s voice was filled with great kindness and benevolence as he replied, Go carefully.

The last thing Zhen Sulong felt was waking up.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is yelling at you to wake up!]

The moment Raitra called out, he opened his eyes to the call of thousands of birds. Zhen Sulong realized that he had lost his mind for a moment. His entire body was covered with burns and his skin was dark, but he felt no pain. Perhaps he had already become paralyzed. The white lightning, not blue, devastated the surroundings and boasted a disastrous power. However, uncontrolled power wasn’t a perfect force. Zhen Sulong knew it well. He used his strong mental power to refine the white lightning bolts striking around him.

[You have surpassed the constellation’s expected potential.]

[A new constellation skill has been created.]

Then it formed a certain shape. They were the animals that were the origin of the fighting techniques used by the Chinese team members. A rat, snake, dragon, tiger, chicken, horse, sheep, pig, etc.

The shape of a giant monkey was formed by white lightning behind him and four arms were created. It was Raitra’s appearance. The appearance of Raitra was like Asura, the god of lightning. This was what gave him the idea.

Yes. The name of this skill...

[A new constellation skill ‘12 Zodiacs Asura’ has been created.]

Zodiac animals made of white lightning flew behind Zhen Sulong.

* * *

Louis Cassel gained a greater power from the forced Lich Transformation after death. There was an indescribably full aura of death and Louis Cassel raised the undead endlessly.

[The skeletons are pledging loyalty to the bones.]

[The ghouls are singing the echoes of death.]

Skeletons and ghouls.

[The dullahan pledges to dedicate his head.]

[The death knights blooming in the darkness makes the knight’s oath.]

[The banshee’s scream is awakening death.]

It ranged from the dullahan and death knights to the ghosts and banshees. The undead covered the surrounding land with death. It was as if he had become the god of death. The cry of the mighty immortal knight echoed through the battlefield and drove Zhen Sulong to a corner.

Eventually, he forced Zhen Sulong to use his special move Lightning Dragon’s Descent, and he was filled with pleasure. The current Louis Cassel didn’t think he would lose. He thought that even Zhen Sulong’s lightning dragon couldn’t stop the immortal knight, which had become more powerful through the Lich Transformation.

Moreover, didn’t he have the army of death that survived endlessly? If he dragged it out into a long battle then he would have a good advantage. At least, before something abnormal occurred in Zhen Sulong.


Lightning bolts suddenly occurred from the dry sky. The skeletons’ bones and ghouls’ flesh were destroyed by the first flashes and then the death knights and dullahans collapsed. The surrounding area was covered with white lightning bolts and the army of death running in front crumbled.

“No way!”

The stunned Louis Cassel ordered the summoned lich to target Zhen Sulong with magic. Various death vortexes flew violently and aimed at Zhen Sulong. However, this person didn’t fall down.

“...Shit. What is this again? What the hell!”

Michael, Choi Chuntaek, and James had also grown up one stage. He thought James would be the last one, but he didn’t expect it to happen to Zhen Sulong in front of him. Louis Cassel clenched his fists to stop the anxiety that was rising up. Just then, Zhen Sulong started to create something by controlling the white lightning.


Each of the twelve animals made of white lightning had a strong momentum. Yes. If all of them used Lightning Dragon’s Descent...


The moment Louis Cassel had this thought, the 12 Zodiacs flew in front of him. A tremendous lightning bolt exploded in front of his eyes and the undead at the forefront collapsed. The surprised Louis Cassel raised the undead again. However, there was a problem.

“What? Why isn’t it happening?”

Louis Cassel used his lich’s eyes to determine the situation on the battlefield. The dead were definitely revived. The problem was that they died faster than they were revived. Every time the 12 animals struck, the surrounding undead were hit simultaneously and it affected the undead in a chain reaction.

‘Insane splash damage...!’

Louis Cassel felt a chill do down his spine. In this way, the advanced undead like the dullahans and death knights collapsed in an instant. If those animals also attacked the immortal knight...

Right then, there was a tiger made of white lightning. It climbed up the immortal knight’s leg and bit the thigh with sharp teeth. Next, the rabbit, snake, and dragon appeared in turn, and attacked the arms and legs of the immortal knight. They bit and clawed at its face.

The immortal knight screamed and fell over, causing an earthquake in the area. The thing that followed was white lightning. Reflected in between the lightning bolts was Asura, the lightning god, wielding six arms. It looked like Zhen Sulong smashing the immortal knight with his fist.

* * *

-Crazy! This is crazy!

-Zhen Sulong’s white lightning is tearing up Louis Cassel’s undead!

-It is incredible to see! He seems to have truly become the lightning god!

The commentators let out excited noises and the screen flashed once again as lightning struck the area. Hundreds of undead and the immortal knight scattered into dust and disappeared. The South Korean players’ mouths dropped open.

“No, does this make... sense?”

Lim Sara’s expression of disbelief was saying everything. It was the same with the others. The group looked pensive.

...You’ve pushed the limits, Zhen Sulong. In my memories, Raitra didn’t have this type of strength. The white lightning and the beasts that looked like the 12 Zodiac animals were created by the power of Zhen Sulong and Raitra together.

“Was he that strong?”

I couldn’t answer Park Muyeol’s question. I just shook my head.

“...Hmm. It will be a challenge.” Park Muyeol let out a light sigh and I returned my gaze to the screen. The first game ended in an instant.

-It is over! It is the victory of Zhen Sulong!


I could feel the shouts on the TV reaching this place. Perhaps the audience watching in the stadium would be even more exhilarated. The power that Zhen Sulong showed was too exciting.

-Zhen. Su.long! Zhen. Su.long!

However, it hadn’t ended yet. Zhen Sulong naturally played in the next game and his opponent was France’s vice-captain, Andrei Shevchenko. I remembered him instantly. After fighting last time, I had done some investigation into the Death Scent Guild. He was the vice-president of the guild.

In any case.

-The game has begun!




The commentators lost their voices and it was like a still image. It was the same for the Korean team’s waiting room. It was really in the blink of an eye.

-I-It is over!

-1-10 seconds! No, it is seven seconds!

-Zhen Sulong has updated the record for the shortest PvP game!

He has set a new PvP record. It was with just a few punches.

* * *

The first match of the round of 8 ended with China’s triumph. It was six consecutive wins. Zhu Yangtian’s first loss was forgotten. After the match, all that was left was the appearance of Lightning God, Zhen Sulong.

-The majestic Chinese lightning god, Zhen Sulong!

The moment that Zhen Sulong came out of the capsule, screams echoed. The shouts were so tremendous that they reached all the way to the waiting room. The interview lasted five minutes. Now it was our turn.

“Let’s go.”

Perhaps it was because they had seen Zhen Sulong’s strength, but their eyes were completely different from before. It wasn’t bad for everyone. It happened at this moment.

Ddi ring ring!

My phone rang.

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