Chapter 270

It took exactly one hour and 17 minutes for the fan signing event to end. It was a hellish time. I didn’t know how I got through it. It was like a typhoon swept through the area and my white hair was messy.

Hohoho. Orabeoni, see you later—!”


The moment the last fan disappeared through the door, silence sank in the waiting room. I stared blankly at the door and shifted my gaze to the side to make eye contact with Park Muyeol.


“You damn bastard!”

It started abruptly. I got up and struggled to kick Park Muyeol’s ass. The commotion passed.



Five minutes later. The two of us placed tissue in our noses. Park Muyeol rubbed his ass with his hands while I had borrowed a boiled egg made by An Seunghyun’s mother and rubbed it against my cheeks.

Clap! Clap!



“Oh my. Why are you fighting like this? You aren’t kids!” Mido smashed our backs with a frown and started scolding Park Muyeol and I. My granddaughter was really hot-tempered. In fact, there was nothing to say. If Mido hadn’t stopped us in the middle then it wouldn’t have ended with a nosebleed.

I stared at Park Muyeol with grumpy eyes. Park Muyeol rolled his eyes and avoided my gaze. So why did he grab my hair from the beginning? This rotten guy.

“Stop and reconcile now.”



Park Muyeol and I coughed and shifted our gaze. Mido’s eyes widened and she growled. “No, do you never want to see me again in your life If you keep acting like this, I won’t see the two of you anymore.”

This couldn’t be allowed. No matter what, I couldn’t stop seeing my granddaughter. It was the only pleasure in my life. I rose from my seat and walked in front of Park Muyeol. Mido stared at us and ordered, “Handshake.”



I grabbed Park Muyeol’s hand and carefully shook it.

“Don’t fight now. Understood?”

Then the satisfied looking Mido brought us to the waiting team where the team members were waiting. They were all watching TV.

“You’re here.”

“You’ve worked hard.”

“Congratulations on your first fan signing.”

Lim Changyong and the others stood up and welcomed us. They must’ve heard the turmoil outside, but the people in front of me pretended not to know. I was going to die of embarrassment. In any case, that Muyeol was a bastard!

“Cough. I’m going to the bathroom.” Park Muyeol went out with a cough.

Only then did I feel a bit less upset. Bear with it. I had to endure it. Let’s reflect on my patience three times.

-The players have worked hard. The round of 16 has ended. After a while, the round of 8 will start! 

At the same time, the TV announced the end of the PvP round of 16.

* * *

All the countries with outstanding talent had advanced to the top eight. The United States, Brazil, Russia, Spain, the Arabs, France, China, and South Korea had made it into the top eight. The surprising ones were Brazil and the Arabs. Additionally, France had also risen up.

They didn’t have a Star Fruit eater, so it was an example of how strong they were. Then the first match of the round of eight started. It was a showdown between France and China.

[The user ‘Zhu Yangtian’ has been defeated.]

[Decide on the next player in one minute.]

Zhu Yangtian, the master of Mantis Boxing, died quickly. His opponent was Louis Cassel, the representative of France and there was an overwhelming power gap between him and Zhu Yangtian. France had sent him out early to get a strong first half.



“There are too many undead.”

Zhen Sulong thought about it when he looked at his teammates.

‘They will definitely be overpowered.’

Each team member used a technique that mimicked animals. There were sharp fists that resembled a tiger’s claws while others resembled rabbits, monkeys, snakes, and even rats. However, it was useless against Louis Cassel.

‘...What should I do?’

It was almost certain they would lose if this continued. The necromancer army led by Louis Cassel that survived endlessly was burdensome to fight, let alone the tremendous power of the immortal knight he could summon.

‘How do I deal with that?’

Zhen Sulong smiled as he recalled Choi Chuntaek’s face. If his brother looked at Zhen Sulong now, he would probably click his tongue and say ‘Pathetic guy.’ If Zhen Sulong was scared by this much then he couldn’t bear the weight of the ‘Wing Chun King.’

“I will go next.”

The eyes of all the team members focused on him. Yang Fan, the master of the Seven Tigers Boxing who could deal seven deadly blows, wondered, “Is it okay?”

“I have an idea. Can you entrust it to me?”

“How can I stop the will of the Wing Chun King?”

“Thank you.”

Yang Fan, the third strongest person in the team, took the lead to agree and everyone followed him. Long words weren’t necessary. There were five seconds left when Zhen Sulong came out as the next player The place where his scattered body appeared was a spacious stage in the middle. It was the size of a football stadium.

He saw Louis Cassel on the other side. His sculptural facial features, pale face and shaggy blond hair stood out in contrast to his dark robe.

“...Zhen Sulong. It is a pleasure.”

Lous Cassel was nicknamed the Black Rose and he was beautiful. Every action was full of dignity and unlike Asians, Westerners seemed to have something extraordinary. Well, this didn’t mean all Western things were good.

In any case, Zhen Sulong was Asian. He was Chinese.


Zhen Sulong accepted Louis Cassel’s greeting.

[The game is starting.]

[10, 9, 8...]

At the same time, the countdown to the fight was opened.

[The fist saint, ‘Raitra,’ is gulping.]

The game started with breathtaking tension.



From the very beginning, Zhen Sulong pulled up blue lightning around his body. The moment Louis Cassel started, he summoned hundreds of skeletons and changed the spell to summon a lich. Zhen Sulong didn’t want to miss this gap and used lightning footwork to appear behind Louis Cassel. He threw the power of blue lightning at Louis Cassel’s back. Just then, a lich appeared next to Louis Cassel.



Zhen Sulong had seen many lich summoning, but this was the first time he had seen such a quick one. He was surprised, but he couldn’t stop the power that had already been thrown. Water had already been spilled then it was better to soak this person.

The blue lightning dragon shattered the skeletons and rushed toward Louis Cassel and the summoned lich. However, Louis Cassel exuded the energy of death and scattered his lightning with a single gesture.


It was a series of surprises. Louis Cassel’s staff gave off an intense power of death. Eventually, the ground split and hell spread around Zhen Sulong. The hands of the dead were trying to trap Zhen Sulong like a lasso. He immediately used the lightning footwork and fired it at the hands of the deceased, but there were too many. Inevitably, Zhen Sulong decided to use his killing technique, Lightning Dragon’s Descent.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is nodding.]

The moment that Raitra gave permission, blue lightning fell from the sky and nestled in Zhen Sulong’s body. An indescribable power filled his body and a huge dragon face appeared around Zhen Sulong. Suddenly, Zhen Sulong had become a lightning dragon.

Hmm. If it is like this...”

Louis Cassel waved his staff and the ground started to shake. A giant bone knight from hell rose to the ground. An immortal knight rose and pulled out a sword. Additionally, there were a large number of death knights and dullahans. Zhen Sulong glanced at the forces of the undead and looked up at the sky.


Why? Suddenly, the words of his deceased teacher appeared in his mind.

‘Zhen Sulong, you will one day throw a thunderbolt fist.’

‘Why is it thunderbolt, not lightning?’

‘Lightning only burns, but thunderbolt drives storms and makes people frightened. Thus, you have to be a man who throws a thunderbolt punch.’

‘I understand, Teacher. I'll try to do so.’

‘Yes. Hahaha. Then I’ll be the teacher of a thunderbolt.’

They were memories from a long time ago. Zhen Sulong recalled the memories of that day and couldn’t help smiling. He thought that maybe those words were for today. Today was the right day for thunderbolts. To do that, he had to push the boundaries.


[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is looking at you.]

“I will become a thunderbolt today. Will you help me?”

Zhen Sulong vowed to become a true thunderbolt. In reaction to his determined vow, dozens of dark clouds started to flock over his head.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is laughing like it’s funny.]

The sky flashed once and dozens of lightning bolts fell down on Zhen Sulong.

* * *

Meanwhile, I watched from the waiting room and felt amazed.

...This crazy guy.

The dozens of lightning bolts falling from the dark clouds on the screen were bright enough to make the TV screen white for a moment. There was the sound of dozens of pigeons crying out echoed through the waiting room.

-Zhen Sulong’s body is shining white!

-It feels like the lightning god has descended!

-If there was a real immovable king, he would look like this!

It was as the commentators said. Zhen Sulong looked like a god of lightning and an immovable king. Zhen Sulong was pulling out a very unreasonable power. Originally, blue lightning came from a piece of the thunderbolt dropped by Jupiter. Jupiter’s thunderbolt was strong and had a different level of power than Raitra’s lightning.

The currently shining white Zhen Sulong was similar to Jupiter’s thunderbolt. I thought that maybe Raitra was also struggling to push the limits.


Then Zhen Sulong shouted like it was difficult to bear and a white explosion occurred around him. A white thunderbolt accompanied by an earthquake indiscriminately hit the area around him.

Wow, it’s crazy.”  

“Hasn’t he become stronger?”

“No, will we become like that if we eat a Star Fruit?”

The group shook their heads with amazed expressions. They knew that if they got into the top four, the country that won this confrontation would be their opponent. At this moment—

Wow. What is that?”

The screen flashed once more.

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