Chapter 27

I watched the party window and my eyes widened because his level was higher than I thought. Level 31... He seemed to have started much earlier than I did. By the way, what was ‘Watda Park’?

Cough. I’m sorry, Mister Choi. I was so flustered that I was rude.”

“It’s fine. I don’t speak English so I didn’t understand it.”

...I should learn some English. I thought it would be good to learn from Drain when I had the time. Originally, it was said that a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. Everyone started like this. Keke.

“Is this leather okay?” I gave him another piece of leather.

[Zigma’s Leather]

[Rating: Rare

The leather of the goblin assassin Zigma, the chief of the Big Molar Tribe.

Can be used to make elastic and sleek clothes.

* Low chance to create a Zigma-related skill.]

It was a goblin leather so I held it out just in case. Well, a goblin was right.

Drain looked at the unusual leather I had given him and kept touching it to see how hard it was. The response showed it was quite successful. “Oh mai god, oh shit, oh god. So wonderpul! So beaulipul. So perfectu!” 

Well, he looked really knowledgeable. Once again, I thought that learning English from him was the quickest shortcut to learning English. Later, I would have to ask what Watda Park meant.

“Mister Choi, this is amazing leather. Where did you get this?”

“I got it from beating the chief.”

“Chief? Beating...?”

Drain stared at me with questioning eyes. He didn’t seem to believe it so I would have to make him believe.

Pull out.“W-What is this? Mister Choi!”

“It is goblin leather.”

“This is all goblin leather?”


Pull out. “S-Stop! Sutopu!”

“There is still a long way to go.”

Pull out.

* * *

30 minutes later, I was wandering the streets of Mulan. I gave all the leather to Drain. It was something I couldn’t use so I didn’t think much of it. He thanked me and promised to make me free clothes as long as I brought the materials. I laughed at the fact that a Korean’s passion still remained. “Koreans should help each other. Absolutely. Keke.”

I was on my way to ask Chen about the gnolls. Of course, the mask was taken off so no one recognized me. However, it wasn’t the same for everyone.

“Oh, isn’t it Jackson? Haha!

...This guy.

I glared at the approaching Philos. I saw him walking with a healthy complexion like nothing happened and secretly became angry. In any case, he was a young and fresh person. “How’s your stomach?” 

Philos laughed. “Hahaha. Very comfortable!”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is watching Philos and grabbing at his liver.]

“It is just right. I have something to give to Jackson.”


My eyes widened when he told me that he had something to give.

[’Fight the Goblin VIllage!’ has been completed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen!]

[$10,000 have been acquired.]

[Goodwill with Philos, Mulan’s guard captain, is already at the maximum.]

Ah, I forgot. In fact, I hadn’t even known I received a quest because I was in such a hurry. I thought this was good because I didn’t have to go to the barracks. Then Philos held out something. “Please accept this.”

“What is it?”

“It is a recommendation I have written.”

[Philos’ Recommendation has been acquired.]

“I actually tried to tell you yesterday but I was distracted by the drinking. Hahaha.”

...I know.

“Jackson, your talent means you’ll soon leave here and will head to Windia. It will help a lot if you show this to the guard captain there.”

“Why are you doing this? In any case, thank you.”

Haha, I’m sorry I can only do this for Mulan’s hero. I have work so I’ll go first. If there is a chance next time, let’s have a drink again.”

“Yes, I will.”

The moment I answered, the smell of alcohol rose. For the time being, I would be unable to put alcohol in my mouth. Dammit.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is complaining about liver pain.]

Did he drink yesterday...? A god was drinking, tsk tsk.

I shook my head and walked back toward Mount Smir.

* * *

“Now I can share this cup of tea with you. Huhu.”

“Why are you being like this?”

“I’m not the hero who saved my village. It is very pleasant to treat such a person to precious tea. Keke. Come, don’t hesitate to drink."

I drank the tea that Chen recommended. It was delicious? The fragrant tea was not only aromatic but also tasted very delicious. I didn’t expect it and wanted to bring some home to drink. I wondered what it was made of and asked Chen, “The tea tastes very good. What is this tea?”

“It is wolf’s urine.”


“Are you okay? You seemed to be choking really badly.”


Cough! Do you drink this often?”

Huh? Yes. It isn’t just me. The villagers also often drink it. Why? Does it not suit your taste?”

“H-How can that be?”

Keke, drink up. There is still a lot left.”

I followed his gaze and saw there was still a lot of the wolf’s urine tea left. Damn, I was even more furious because it was delicious.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is giggling at you.]

...Don’t laugh.

Chen wondered, “By the way, where did your daughter go?”


I had a dazed expression. I didn’t know what he was talking about. Seohyeon was my only daughter... oh, perhaps? “Are you talking about Crystal?”

“Yes. Huhu.”

“Things are a bit busy and she probably won’t be able to come for a while.”

Um, I see.”

Chen looked depressed. The reason was unknown but his expression was like this. I started to fiddle with the handle of the teacup. Surely he didn’t like Sujeong or something...? It wasn’t possible even if he wanted it. Yes, absolutely not. 

“She is very similar to my dead daughter. Your daughter.” His shoulders were shaking. Damn. This was probably the reason. I was pathetic for suspecting him for a while. I started to listen to him.

“She was a pretty and pure child. She would be around your daughter’s age if she lived to now.”

“...I see.”

“The child’s name was Sheila. She was caught by a monster called a gnoll that you just mentioned. She went far away to bring me her favorite ‘Aiolia’ flower.”

It was a sad story. How would I react if my daughter or granddaughter was eaten by such a monster? I probably wouldn’t be as casual as he was now. I would’ve gone to get revenge straight away and would’ve torn them apart.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is shedding tears at the sad story.]

“Every year on my daughter’s death anniversary, I will bring the wind flower ‘Aiolia’ to her grave.”

“I’m sure she loves it.”

“Yes... I hope so but there is no way to shake off the resentment in my chest. I want to tear the gnolls apart but unfortunately, I don’t have the strength to do so.”


"Did you say you were going to hunt those guys? Please. Can you bring the Aiolia flower and get revenge for my daughter? It will be her death anniversary soon.”


[Sheila and Aiolia]

[Difficulty: D+

Sheila, the daughter of Mulan’s village chief Chen, was said to be eaten by the gnolls when she went to pick the Aiolia flower. Chen needs Aiolia flowers to lay on her grave on Sheila’s death anniversary. On the way to the north hills, kill the gnolls to get revenge and bring back the Aiolia.

-Completion Conditions: Wind Flower Aiolia 0/10, Gnoll’s Claws 0/50.]

I didn’t even have to think about it. How could I not feel resentful after hearing the story? My two trembling fists proved it. “I will tear the gnolls apart.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

“Thank you, thank you.”

“No. It is natural for friends to do this.”

“Please wait a minute.”


Chen suddenly got up from his seat and disappeared somewhere. He reappeared a few minutes later, carrying five weapons on fine silk. A sword, a spear, an axe, a dagger, and a bow. At first glance, I could see the weapons were carefully crafted and became excited. Was he giving all of them...? Cough, I don’t need a bow or an axe.”

“What are you saying? Take only one. I also have to eat and live.”

...Cheeky bastard. My face burned with embarrassment as I quickly grabbed a dagger.

[Wolf Fang Dagger]

[Rating: Rare

Attack Power: 60

Durability: 200/200

Chen, Mulan’s village chief and a blacksmith, has raised the wolf fang to the limit with a unique quenching method.

-Increases stabbing damage by 10%.]

“Thank you. The last weapon you gave me broke.”

“Is that so? Indeed, it wasn’t good for long-term use.”

In fact, I had another dagger. It was the shadow dagger I acquired from Zigma. However, it had a level 30 wearing restriction and I couldn’t use it now. It wasn’t difficult to hunt with Rising Sun... so I thought things were going well.

“I will take their hearts and return.”

I separated from him and headed to the north gate. The road wasn't as boring as I thought. The villagers I saw at the party yesterday spoke to me one by one.


“Jackson, I greet you!”

“Please try this!”

This was truly burdensome. The soldiers often saluted me when I passed by. The villagers kept sticking out their foods for me to eat. Some gave handpicked fruit, some gave handmade weapons, some gave handmade wolf’s urine tea... no,I didn’t need it.

The villagers were doing a free tasting of that tea. I thought it would be worthwhile for users to know this.

...I should put it on the front page of the newspaper. The headline would be:

[Mulan, feeding wolf’s urine to users.]

It was stimulating and good.

Sigh, I need to get a new mask soon.”

I shook my head as I headed north.

“It is like coming here for the first time.”

I had gone to Mount Smir in the south and to the east and west, but the north was a place I had never been to before. I could feel my heart pounding at the thought of going on a new adventure. The scenery that unfolded in front of me was enough to prove my thoughts were correct.

A scene that filled my chest with air. Fresh trees. The white flowers blooming on the vast meadows in the distance made my heart warm.

“It is good to see the flowers.”

The road was full of users walking in groups. It was as if this was a walking path. I saw them walking in a group and felt like I wanted to walk with them. The smell of flowers tickled my nose and touched me like a spring breeze. It was still winter in reality but this sky still had the youthfulness of spring. My relaxation didn’t last long. 


The bushes in the distance shook. The grass swayed and soon spat out a two-legged animal with a dog’s head.

[Lv. 20 Gnoll]


“Yes, you are a gnoll.”

The dog head stared at me while it pointed an old spear. It seemed that it would rush over to attack right away. I raised the dagger Chen had made.


“You have a hasty personality.”

I evaded the spear that headed toward me and cut at its bare arm. The arm holding the weapon fell down and blood spurted. It grabbed the cut off arm and howled with pain but I was resolute. “Hey.”


“Don’t play tricks.”

Yes. Don’t play tricks. You son of a bitch. Sheila would’ve felt more pain than this.


There was a popping sound and my revenge for Chen began.

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