Chapter 269

It was literally a complete smash. Japan sank just like this.

-The game is over! Choi Chuntaek is the only player to finish it in one blow!

-It is really amazing for his age. He is the proud South Korean player who stands shoulder to shoulder with Michael!

-What about Player Park Muyeol? Both players are really reassuring. It is a perfect victory for South Korea!

I exited the capsule and could hear the audience cheering. I used a rubber band to tie back my grey hair that was obscuring my view and I scratched my cheek. A baptism of flashes constantly came from everywhere. Shit. I couldn’t even tie my hair.


The moment I tried to tie up my hair and move onto the stage to my seat, I heard someone calling out ‘Oppa.’

“Chuntaek oppa!”

“I’m here just to see you—!”

“Take my hand just once!”

There, middle-aged women holding white placards were gathered in groups. Oppa. It was too ridiculous as I read the words written there.

[Choi Chuntaek, Park Muyeol, I love you— Grandfathers over flowers]


This was crazy.


Park Muyeol walked behind me and also looked at where I was looking. Then he suddenly started laughing. This time, it was ‘Muyeol oppa!’ that was heard.

“Hahaha! We’ve become famous.”

Park Muyeol laughed, but I wasn’t amused at all. I hadn’t expected there to be such a group... Looking at the words written in Korean, they were definitely a Korean group. It wasn’t as annoying as Wolf’s Temptation.

I exclaimed, “Hey, where are you going?”

“Chuntaek, they are people who like us. Shouldn’t we provide fan service?”

Park Muyeol approached the audience and allowed photos to be taken as he waved his hands to the fans.

Hohoho! Kekeke!

The laughter of the aunts was constant. Uh. Fine, just die. Perhaps he would find a new wife. I shook my head and came up to the stage.

“Grandfather Muyeol?”

Mido was already on the stage and questioned it. I gestured behind me with my chin. I was filled with embarrassment.

“Puhaha! What the? He is completely popular.” Mido burst out laughing at the sight of Park Muyeol. The other team members heard Mido’s laughter and started laughing.

I sighed and looked at his location again. Park Muyeol seemed to have taken all his photos and came here with a satisfying face.

“Why didn’t you come? The fans were sorry,” Park Muyeol whispered to me.

“You are doing too much. I’m not interested.”

“Tsk. Choi-ssi is stubborn, whether is it Choi Bulryong or you.” 

This guy!

Park Muyeol’s eyes looked like a lynx as he chuckled.

“Chuntaek, there were times when you need to give after receiving. We are 70 years old now. When will we be able to get such love? There isn’t much time left to live. We should enjoy it as much as possible.”

I stared into Park Muyeol’s face. Wrinkled eyes and cheeks that were like deflated balloons. The rough skin that showed the traces of the years was like a rice field where a drought had occurred. The young Park Muyeol had become such an old man.

“...In any case, we are old.”

“Shall we do fan service together next time?” Park Muyeol suggested.

I glanced at Park Muyeol and nodded slightly. “Yes. I’ll try.”

The host approached with a microphone. The stage greetings would soon begin. Just then, Park Muyeol whispered to me. “...I knew it would be like this and decided to hold a fan signing event later.”


“I told them to come to the waiting room. They are already going.”

I turned my head back and looked at where the aunts had been. Most of the seats were already empty. I turned my head back to Park Muyeol and was greeted with his smile. In an instant, I was furious. “You crazy guy!”

* * *

At the Brazil team’s waiting room, Union Square...

In the room, the Brazilian captain, Carlos, made a secret phone call.

-Win. If you lose then we might target you.

“...Of course, Boss. I won’t disappoint you.”

-The last match was very disappointing, Carlos. I hope you don’t do the same this time. I gave that to you for a reason. Build up Brazil’s pride.

“Obrigado. (Thank you)”

-I hope to see you in the Parta Principality.

Carlos finished the call with a tense look. At the same time, a deep sigh emerged.


He felt like his entire body was exhausted. Few people could bring such a sense of pressure to him when he was formerly a gangster in the slums. The person who called him was the boss of PCC, the largest mafia organization in Brazil, his native country.

The PCC was originally a mafia organization formed by a Brazilian prison soccer team. The total number of players was around 6,000 and the number of indirect members was 14,000. The group was influential enough that the Brazilian police needed the permission of the PCC to patrol the slums.

‘I didn’t expect them to also be influential in Arkstar...’

it wasn’t long ago that he received a sudden phone call from them. Was it the real PCC? This was the first question that came to mind. Still, it was true that he was invited and he was given a Star Piece. Carlos recently made contact with them in the Parta Principality.

‘Is this really possible?’

Carlos was amazed. It was indeed the real PCC. The even more amazing thing was their status and technical capabilities in the Parta Principality. It was truly amazing.

‘They are making Star Pieces artificially...’

No. Don’t think about it. First of all, he just had to think about winning. The calm Carlos opened the door and looked at the team members in the waiting room. South Korea won as expected and was conducting interviews on the stage.

-The Korean team’s victory was overwhelming. Have you been doing any special training with players during this period?

Choi Chuntaek nodded slowly when asked by a foreign reporter.

-That’s right.

Ohhhs’ burst out from the reporters on the screen. Once again, another question was asked.

-The next match is against Brazil. What do you expect to see? Do you have something to say to them?

It zoomed in on Choi Chuntaek’s smiling face. He pointed to the Korean players standing beside him.

-This time, these friends have prepared hard. Please tell the Brazil players to be careful. Then I’m going.

The Korean team, including Choi Chuntaek, disappeared in a baptism of flashes. The waiting room fell quiet like a bomb had struck. The players all knew that the remarks were an insult to them.


“Wait and see...”

“...We are also working hard.”

“Does he think we will lose easily?”

Carlos was no different. He still hadn’t forgotten the insults he received in his last event. His forehead and body would throb automatically when a fork appeared at breakfast at the hotel.

‘Fucking fork spoon!’

Carlos stared at the TV with fiery eyes. This time, he would clearly erase the trauma of the fork spoon.

* * *

The Korean team and I were amazed when we arrived at the waiting room. Hundreds of aunts lined up in front of the waiting room. It was a disaster.

“Kyak! Chuntaek oppa!”

“Chuntaek orabeoni!”

“Oh my, look at these arm muscles~ hohoho!”

It was over. Hundreds of people had already come out to surround Park Muyeol. There was nowhere to escape. Dammit. This was all because of Muyeol! Ugh. Who was the woman who just touched my ass?


Park Muyeol stabbed his side and started to look after the surrounding aunts.

“Now, let’s stop this and line up. Don’t you want a signature? You can take photos and anything you want. Stand in line.”

Amazingly enough, the aunts laughed and started to line up in an orderly manner at Park Muyeol’s words. In any case, there was this person, this person, and this person. Sometimes people cut in the line but I decided not to worry about it.


I glanced at Park Muyeol and sighed. Then we opened the waiting room door. A desk and chairs were set up and the staff were asked to bring pens and paper. Choi Chuntaek was going to hold a fan signing event. Hah, really. It was amazing.

Wow, they’re all coming to see my grandfather?” Mido looked at the crowd outside and once again asked with a surprised expression. I just pressed a hand against my temple.

“Amazing. I’m completely envious! Isn’t this a lot of people? Should I try holding a fan signing?”

For reference, after it was revealed that Mido was my granddaughter, I heard the number of members for her fan cafe had increased tremendously. Still, it was true that I had more people. It was because my second son expressed his admiration in the form of regular reports every time the number of members increased by 10,000. Of course, Choi Jeonghyun scolded me at the time in order for me to put in more effort. In any case, I was going to sign it quickly and get rid of them.

“Come in.”


The moment the door opened, the aunt in front came over to me with a whistle.

“Oh my oh my! What should I do? What should I dooooo?”

What else could I do? Get her autograph and go. I wrote the name ‘Choi Chuntaek’ on the piece of paper and gave it out. After receiving the autograph, the aunt rubbed it against her lips and handed it back to me.

“Excuse me...”


Why was she doing this? What was the problem now?

“Please write my name. Hohoho. Park Kangja.”

Dammit, I was going to die of annoyance. My actions were very stiff, but I still wrote the name ‘Park Kangja’ in the corner. It was a very strong name.


Ohoho! Thank you, Chuntaek oppa!” 


I was perplexed by the sudden hug. Mido stood next to me and couldn’t help smiling. Maybe she would burst out laughing if she was stabbed in the side.

“I’m going! Fighting for the next game!”

Uhh, uhhhh...

It was unknown what passed, but Park Kangja disappeared like the wind. It was another aunt who came in. She was in her 50s and had a perm. “Oh my, Chuntaek orabeoni. I’m a big fan! My name is Kim Malja! Can I take a photo?”

Kim Malja suddenly pulled me up and took a few shots with the mobile phone in camera mode that she had prepared in advance. I flopped around like a sack of barley as the photos were taken. I signed the autograph quickly and Kim Malja disappeared. I was terrified.


“Cough. Huh?” Mido replied while holding back her laughter.

“How many people are there outside?”

“...Let’s see. 100 people?”


Scary. For the first time, I encountered something scary. They were the South Korean ladies. Park Muyeol was sitting next to me and cheerfully taking photos.

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