Chapter 268

‘What the hell...?’

It was as if he was caught by a great gravity and was being pulled forward. A creepy feeling went down Miura’s back. He soon pulled the handle in his hand in order to try a quick draw of his sword.


Miura took a deep breath when he saw Lim Changyong arriving in front of him. Lim Changyong pushed Miura’s right hand off the sword and pulled out a dagger. The green Ether Blade made a chilling sound that was like a ghost’s song. Lim Changyong stabbed the blade toward the armor Miura was wearing.

Miura made an expression asking him to try it. Bah. This Joseonjin. I am a bit surprised, but it is a mistake to think that you can cut the heavy armor we are wearing...’



Then a message appeared in front of Miura’s eyes telling him that he had suffered a serious injury. He couldn’t understand the current situation. How the hell did this person pierce the expensive armor given by the great Japanese Empire itself to seriously wound him? Miura gritted his teeth and grabbed Lim Changyong’s dagger. “Konoyaro...! (This guy...!)”


Wind pressure poured out from Miura’s outstretched palm. Some blood flowed out of Lim Changyong’s mouth from the sudden attack.


Lim Changyong shook his head and looked at Miura. Miura had already widened the distance. Lim Changyong remembered all of Leslie’s teachings during this last period of time.

You have to aim at a vital spot at once or you will be in danger.

‘I was too excited.’

Lim Changyong frowned while Miura’s quick sword flew toward him. Lim Changyong twisted his body to the side to avoid a fatal injury. This was also Leslie’s teachings.

Bah. This sword energy is nothing compared to Sir Leslie’s bullet...’

Indeed, Leslie was a terrifying instructor. Lim Changyong had died several times from the spiral magic bullet that Leslie shot. However, Leslie didn’t care. He knew they were immortal humans and took advantage of the fact that they resurrected to push them like a storm. The last three days were like hell.

‘Do you think I’m going to die like this? Eh?

Lim Changyong couldn’t forget the bright eye that shone through the magic bullet fired by Leslie. It was as if he was looking into the future.

‘Do you know the feeling of being beaten from the front from an inevitable bullet?’

This was precisely the case with Leslie’s bullet. In comparison, this person’s attack was just like lying down and eating rice cakes. Lim Changyong’s once again dodged Miura’s quick sword that came from the front. 


Miura’s face was pale and bewildered. Lim Changyong just smiled at him. This was what a hyena felt when it saw its prey in front of it.

“Baka...! (Fool...!)”

Miura took the position for a quick draw again and Lim Changyong raised his magic power. He rushed forward while activating the Maschenny-Style Melee Combat skill. The blue magic power turned counterclockwise and started sucking everything around it. Lim Changyong clung to Miura like a magnet and pulled out a gun with a chuckle.

This time, it was a new gun that Sir Leslie had given him. It was a shotgun.



“Shut up, you jerk.”

The shotgun was fired. Miura’s torso disappeared without a trace as his vision turned white.

* * *

-T-The South Korean team is the winner!

-It is overwhelming. Too overwhelming!

-The fight between the Korean and Japanese captains is a victory for Lim Changyong!


Thunderous shouts poured out. Everyone was surprised by Lim Changyong’s unexpected performance. The Korean cheering squad banged their sticks together like drums while the Japanese cheering squad gritted their teeth and fell silent.

-Lim Changyong showed tremendous close combat skills. He looked like a special forces soldier.

-It seems he has gained a new skill. He is a player who has made tremendous progress in a short period of time.

-By the way, how did Lim Changyong’s style change? It is like a pledge to win this Korean-Japanese match!

-He is worthy of being the captain of South Korea. The first game between Korea and Japan was decorated with a wonderful victory!

The South Korean commentators were in a crucible of excitement. The combat power that Lim Changyong showed was overwhelming. It might be because he broke the quick sword of Miura, a ranker recognized in Japan, breaking through the middle ranged combat. It was an amazing response rate.

-I’m curious about how he got such power in this short amount of time.

-Maybe he was hiding it for today?

-Ah, the moment we were speaking, a player replacement message has been issued. 

Everyone in the stadium turned to the screen again.

* * *

[It is a victory for the South Korean team.]

It was one message, but the Korean team members couldn’t control the corners of our mouths from rising up. First, we were reassured that the hell training hadn’t been in vain. Secondly, Lim Changyong had really blown Miura away. He was very annoying since he kept using the word ‘Joseonjin’ during the game, so Lim Changyong did a good job. It was refreshing like they had drank Coke.

Phew, it is refreshing.”

“The captain fired a hot firecracker.”

“Groan. Cider.”

It was the words of Park Jangsoo, Kim Cheol, and Lim Sara. All the members were showing satisfied expressions as their smiles stretched to their ears. No one pitied Miura. He had acted too badly.

“God. Today a poor soul ascended to Heaven...” Kim Haeil was already praying.

Kim Hyeonu was high-fiving Eun Jeonghyeok.

[The next game will begin in one minute.]

[Do you want to replace the player?]

At the same time as the message, a one minute countdown appeared in the air.


Just in time, I received a whisper from Lim Changyong.

-Sky-Dragon: I will continue.

-Jackson: Is it okay?

-Sky-Dragon: Yes.

In the absence of Lim Changyong, I took the role of captain. Well, long words weren’t necessary.

-Jackson: I know.

I finished the whisper and nodded lightly as the conversation ended. All eyes were on me. Park Muyeol touched his beard and asked, “What is it?”

“He will continue.”

Hmm. It isn’t bad.”

Park Muyeol nodded lightly. It was decided that if Lim Changyong showed sufficient skills then he could fight more. It was the same for me.

Che. I wanted to fight,” Mido grumbled with pouting lips from where she stood next to me. Her pouting expression was so cute that I couldn’t help laughing. I raised my hand and messed up Mido’s hair.


“In any case, we will fight hard against Brazil. Think of it as saving power.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Mido nodded with a blush and the other team members nodded like they would silently follow my will. The countdown of one minute has passed.

[The South Korean team won’t replace their player.]

[The next game is starting.]

* * *

-Ah, it is a shame for Lim Changyong. In the end, he lost here.

-Still, he killed five Japanese players by himself. It is really amazing!

-This skill acquired this time is very effective against the Japanese. The shotgun’s power is incredible. It is enough to call it a godsend.

The South Korean cheering team was screaming like crazy. ‘Daehan minguk’ filled Union Square Stadium. On the contrary, the Japanese cheering squad was really sad. Coincidentally, their red faces looked like the Japanese flag.

-I can only say that it is amazing. Where did he learn such a skill?

-I’ve never heard of a skill where the other side is dragged like a magnet. It is like a provocation skill.

-Japan must be very flustered right now. South Korea has won five in a row. If they lose once more to South Korea then they will be eliminated.

-Oh, as soon as we spoke, Lim Changyong’s capsule opened. It is the proud captain of the South Korean team!


Lim Changyong heard the screams of the audience the moment he left the capsule and realized that his last three days of hard work weren’t in vain. There was a sense of pride in his heart.


Strangely, laughter came out first. He didn’t know why he was laughing. Perhaps it was because he could put down the heavy burden of being the captain. He knew that he had been performing sluggishly, so he did more in the last hour.

“Thank you!”

He waved to the audience and the sound of his name continued to echo around him. He waved like this and found the Japanese team’s bench on the opposite side. There were five Japanese players sitting side by side, including Miura who was killed by Lim Changyong.

Lim Changyong smiled at them. Miura didn’t look happy as he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

‘So why did you call me Joseonjing? You bad jerk. It makes people angry.’

Lim Changyong smiled enough and returned to the Korean team’s bench on the other side. The newly hired coach, Ha Donggun, and the reserve players, raised their hands and greeted him with high fives. Lim Changyong watched the stage from the bench.

-Who will be the next player for the Korean team?

-I don’t know. The opponent is Kenta of Japan. Unexpectedly, his fighting power is beyond expectations.

-No matter who it is, I hope they will continue the fighting power shown by Lim Changyong.

-The countdown has popped up the moment I spoke. Now it is time to decide.

Lim Changyong exhaled as he was reminded of the circumstances in which he died. Kenta was an authentic samurai. The ‘super first blow’ which drew attention and released the momentum to the other side instantly was very intimidating for Lim Changyong. The range was so wide that Lim Changyong’s torso was cut at once and he was logged out. This was why Lim Changyong thought it was very important for the next player to achieve a perfect victory.

-Ah~ What is this? The Korean players are playing rock paper scissors!

-Hahaha, the Japanese players should be very angry.

-There is a lot of relaxation. Hahaha.

The Japanese players on the bench clenched their fists in a humiliated manner. Their expressions were very obvious.

‘Kukuk. It’s good.’

Perhaps it was because there were nine people, but it seemed that the rock paper scissors game didn’t end easily. Rock, paper, and scissors came out time and time again as the clock kept counting down. There were only 10 seconds left when the winner was finally determined.

-Ah~! The winner has been decided!

-It is South Korea’s final weapon!

-Player Choi Chuntaek!


Lim Changyong laughed. If he came out, then Japan could only sink. Miura’s somber expression was shown on the screen.

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