Chapter 264

Choi Kanghyun entered the hospital room and asked Mido with anxious eyes if she was in pain anywhere. Then he received a phone call from my daughter-in-law. She said, “I bought many things in order to make a tonic for Mido. Please carry them for me, Honey.” Then he went outside again. 

Thus, once again only Mido and I remained in the room. The doctor said there was nothing wrong and MIdo was fine, so I decided to get to the main point.



“You really don’t remember anything?”

Mido lowered her head and bit her lips. Maybe I had stabbed at a sore area. I wanted to apologize to her.

“...I’m sorry.” However, Mido apologized first.

Shit. I told her, “No. I brought up a useless story. I didn’t mean for you to apologize...”

“There is no need. I’m the one who is sorry. This is my fault. I should’ve done what Grandfather told me, but I was greedy. This is why the situation became like this.”

The guilt hung heavily on her shoulders. I couldn’t help sighing at the appearance of my powerless granddaughter. It was my fault.

“Grandfather was wrong. I just wanted to know what happened to you. As far as I know, Monet doesn’t have that power. I just need information. That’s how you can help.”

Ah, actually...”

Mido started to tell me what happened with Monet. The first time she met Monet, she quickly drew soldiers with shadow ink. Then she asked for a special move and was rejected.

“Monet didn’t tell you how to draw the ink dragon?”

“Yes. He didn’t like me.”

“Then why did the ink dragon appear?”

“I don’t remember. I lost my memory after Monet suggested using Blood Craving.”

“Blood Craving?”

As expected, this wasn’t in my memories.

“Monet said that if I accepted, he would draw an ink dragon and supplement my strength. So I...”

Mido bit her lip and looked like she was going to cry again. I briefly made eye contact with her and then rubbed her hair with my rough hands.


“You’ve worked hard.”

Just then, the door of the room opened and a large old man stepped in. What? This guy? I felt pain.

“How did you know to come to this place?” I wondered.

Bah. Is there any place that this Park Muyeol can’t go?”

Park Muyeol walked up, pulled out a chair and sat next to me. Two white-haired old men were sitting down with crossed arms and they looked like old mafia bosses visiting.

“Your body?

“It’s okay. It is just slight discomfort.”

“Don’t overdo it, Muyeol. We are now 70 years old.”

Ah, really. I’m fi... Cough! Cough!

“...You are pretending to be strong.”

I looked at Park Muyeol with a deep expression and Mido laughed cheerfully.



Park Muyeol’s face turned red because he was embarrassed in front of Mido while the ward door opened again and Choi Kanghyun and Kim Mikyung entered. They were holding various fruits and food in their hands. There were also many ingredients to make a tonic for the body.

“You came back. However, you should be looking after this guy’s body.” 

* * *

Shortly after the end of the fierce golem siege between South Korea and the United States. The A.S.L community was on fire. The main article was about Choi Mido, who emerged as a new Star Fruit eater. She had the ability to use her drawings to create soldiers and the power of the ink dragon she created was beyond imagination. However, this wasn’t what they were paying attention to.

[This is what happens when you upset the Korean Bloody Rose.avi]

It was a video of the scene where Choi Mido slaughtered the unprepared Korean team and cut down the US team who couldn’t escape due to the slowed effect caused by Permafrost. Then bloody flowers blossomed. There was a hard metal pop song added and it looked like a mad movie. Thus, it was currently ranked first in the number of views. It was naturally a Korean who uploaded it. The chat window was now flooded with patriotism among Koreans.

-Kyah. The title is done well. Korea’s Bloody Rose.

-It will be like this if you upset our goddess. This.

-Still, it seems to be a dangerous ability.

└ Why does that matter? In any case, she is strong.

-Isn’t Grandfather Choi Chuntaek a bit stronger? He stopped her at the end.

└ If they fight directly tomorrow then the result will come out.

└ Ah, that’s right. Isn’t tomorrow PvP?

└ We will know who is the strongest.

“...Hmm. It was this.”

Damian was in a hotel in South Korea and watched it all on his laptop. He lifted the wine glass in his hand and drank like he was a sommelier.

“Damian, it’s better not to care about such things.”

Damian turned in the chair and saw Michael drinking wine from behind him. The two people were currently drinking wine together. It was the 1945 Mouton Cadet promised last time. It was the finest wine that Damian had asked his butler in the United States to deliver with much difficulty.

“...The wine is sweet and delicious.”

Hahat. Right? It's one of the oldest wines.”

Damian swallowed down the words that it was worth billions of won. In any case, Damian had a lot of money thanks to his father’s grip on the US economy. In fact, it was the wine that his father had sealed and vowed to open for a toast on the day Damian was married. Still, a promise was a promise.

Damian wasn’t disappointed about drinking the Mouton Cadet with Michael. He felt sorry for his father, but he was going to drink it all and shake off today’s defeat. He was also going to tell his butler to fill it up with cheap wine. Well, perhaps he would buy a Mouton Cadet again.

“What are you thinking about? Tomorrow?

“...Who knows? I’m just going to do my best.”

Michael shook the glass of wine he had in his hand. Tomorrow’s PvP depended on the skills of each country’s individuals. In any case, the showdown was one-on-one. It was why Damian instructed his teammates to do free personal training. Michael and Damian were doing this to relieve tension before tomorrow’s game.



“I want to happily win tomorrow’s match.”

“Do you mean regardless of the means and methods?” Damian’s eyes widened.

“No. I mean that I don’t need a strategy for tomorrow’s PvP. Instead, I hope there will be no jealousy and envy in the atmosphere between team members.”


Damian watched Michael silently. Then he opened his mouth again, “Are you talking about James?”


“It can’t be helped. He is an Asian among white people.”

“He is still an American talent, Damian.” 

“Hmm. If you say so... I understand. I’ll take care of it.”

Michael’s mouth curved up slightly. Michael drank the wine in the glass in one shot and put it lightly on the table. He then walked slowly toward the nearby capsule. Damian looked at Michael’s back and saw the dream of his distant future. He imagined himself as the counselor to Michael who would become king.



“You have to always be like this. Don’t change. Be just like you are now.”

Michael waved lightly behind him and walked away. Damian smiled at Michael’s back.

* * *

Park Muyeol and I left after eating various types of foods. It was a hospital established by Union and a VIP room provided by Team Leader Yoo Minseok. Thus, it was possible because there was a separate kitchen in the room. First of all, I firmly ordered Mido not to use that Blood Craving. Mido replied that she knew.

Park Muyeol had also watched the match on TV and explained to Mido that her training wasn’t enough. Once she was discharged from hospital, he would teach her to swing the sword 10,000 times. Mido naturally didn’t look good. In any case, I came home a bit early and entered the game. It was to do a simple preparation for tomorrow’s PvP event.

“Here is the Teleport magic book you asked me about the other day.”

Helena was working in the office and she offered me the Teleport magic book. It was one of the magic books I saw in the magic tower’s treasure storehouse last time. Fortunately, Helena said it was easy to obtain. Now on her desk, a huge amount of paperwork was piled up.

“You’ve worked hard.”

“There is no need. By the way, did you take off your mask?” Helena wondered.

Um? How did you know?”

Hah. No wonder.” Helena sighed and continued, “I’ve been hearing people buzzing about Dark Wolf’s identity these days. Additionally, more and more people have moved to this place. The reporters are also more active. There were too many people that we couldn't stop them from going in and out.”

“It is to that extent?”

“Yes. It is a tremendous ripple effect. What have you been doing recently? At this rate, we’ll be promoted again in no time.”


I just laughed and avoided the answer. First of all, it was time to call Chunza. I went straight outside.


Chunza, who had grown to the size of my forearm, cried from the sky and instantly landed on my right arm. I lightly patted her beak and brought her into the lord’s office.

“Have you been well?”

“Guruk. Gruruk.”

“This is a gift.”


Chunza cocked her head while looking at the Teleport magic book I brought out. Then she opened the book with her huge wings and started to read it. Surely she wasn’t going to throw it away like last time, right?

[Chunza’s intelligence is at a level to read the magic book.]

[Chunza will take 5 minutes to acquire Teleport.]


Fortunately, it seemed she was able to understand it and wouldn’t throw it away like last time. I could use Chunza in the competition as long as she learned this. Chunza was currently level 180. It was worth nothing that she had been hunting steadily and growing strongly.


Was it that good? Haha. Chunza really liked it and fluttered her wings. I would see if it was enough against one person tomorrow. I told Helena, “I will be going out for a while.”

“Yes~ beware of the reporters~’

I received Helena’s farewell and left the castle. Then the moment I stepped outside...



I looked back at the sound of a camera and saw a damn man standing there and smiling. I frowned the moment I made eye contact with him. I heard that reporters had managed to go in and out, but for it to be this extent... 

There were constant clicks from all sides as I headed to the square. It seemed like there weren’t only one or two reporters chasing. The numbers were still increasing. If it continued then it felt like I would go crazy. It seemed I would have to teach them a good lesson.

“Look here. Don’t you want an interview. Don’t bother everyone else and come to me.”

The reporters in the area showed up one by one. The number had reached at least 50. Their loud shouts made me frown. Shit. It couldn’t continue like this. I had to tell Helena to significantly increase the number of guards.

“Everyone, come here.”

Thus, 50 people gathered together. They were still taking photos while waiting for me to open my mouth. It was like the heat of a press conference. Of course, that wasn’t my intention at all. I raised the power of the wind in an instant and moved like the wind, using the cobwebs to bind 50 people together. Their eyes, nose, mouth, arms, and legs were tied together and they were like carps. I lightly patted off my hands.

“These damn rotten bastards. I told you not to bother me.”

[Chunza has learned Teleport.]

It was just right.


Then the space to my left distorted and Chunza appeared.


“Chunza, kick all these guys out of town. Place them in a place with monsters whenever possible.”

Guruk. Guruk.”

Chunza replied that she understood and started to cast Teleport. A huge magic circle appeared around the reporters. The reporters were yelling and screaming to be released. Their appearance was pretty cute. I gave them a small warning. “Don’t bother me. It won’t end with just this next time.”

Then Chunza’s Teleport was used and there was a flash of light as all the reporters disappeared. I gave a very pleased smile.

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