Chapter 261

It was a field full of reeds. I hid with the other Korean players in this place and we quietly held our breaths.

“Gasp. Gasp...”

“Sigh. Gasp.”


It was very easy to hide in this map because ‘invisibility’ and ‘barrier’ was applied automatically when hiding in the reeds. In any case, more than half of this wide field were reeds and they were scattered. There was no way for the enemies to know where we were hiding unless they directly entered.

“Goddess of rain and abundance, Maya...”

Rain clouds started to form in the sky.

[The Maya rain clouds are being created.]

[Health will be restored when under a rain cloud.]

The monk, Kim Haeil, cast a wide-area heal for the whole team. The rain clouds he created dropped a small shower on our heads and we immediately noticed a rise in our health. It felt like holy water.

...He was an apostle of Maya.

As I once said, there were many gods in this world. Maya, the goddess of rain and abundance, was a goddess with a very gentle personality who presided over abundance. It was probably natural that she was close friends with Huera, goddess of revival and the wind. There was the saying ‘Go to Gangnam with a friend' [1]  for a reason.

The captain, Lim Changyong, looked at me and asked, “Sure enough, we are being pushed?”

I nodded at him.

“Yes. It was what we expected anyway. We just have to put up with this and then burst it all at once. It will be only once. We will lose if we don’t defeat them at once.”

Then the anxious Lim Sara wondered, “We managed to survive this time. Will it be okay next time?”


The Korean team faced a crisis three minutes after the start of the match. As expected, the problem was James. He had a mine to detect the enemy. We were caught in it and chased. It would’ve been difficult to get rid of him if I hadn’t used Shadow Play to lure him away.

Lim Sara complained, “Why is Mido so late? We are struggling like this, so she should pick quickly. I should send a whisper.”

“Little Sister, we’ve only been playing for five minutes.”

Sigh. It’s frustrating, frustrating.”

I listened to their conversation while looking at the screen floating in the air. There were a lot of magic cores collected so far.

[Number of Magic Cores Collected at Present]

[The US Team - 16]

[The South Korean Team - 12]

[Time remaining until the golems are summoned: 4 minutes and 17 seconds.]


There were around four minutes left. After four minutes, a golem would be created in the distant US castle. So far, the US had collected 16 cores and a golem equivalent to 16 magic cores would be created. Of course, collecting more magic cores meant a stronger golem would be created.

It would be a victory for the US if they destroyed our Korean castle, but I had no intention of allowing that to happen. If we blocked the first attack, the US team’s magic cores would be reset and it would have to be reassembled from the beginning. I made the current plan based on the number of times to block it. If we just blocked it once, we would have a chance to defeat them in one blow. I was going to bet everything on it.

“Oppa, why are you always so easygoing? Do you know what our situation is like now? We are currently number one, but it is a big deal. We will immediately fall to second place if we make one mistake.”

“Sara, I know. Our plan...”

“Do you really know? SIgh. It is really frustrating. You don’t know.” 

Haha, the two of you, please stop. God is watching.”

After using the skill, Kim Haeil mediated the fight between Lim Sara and Lim Changyong. The other members just smiled like they were accustomed to the fighting between siblings. Just then...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has an ominous feeling.]

...Shh. Everyone, be quiet.”

All the team members shut their mouths simultaneously. I told the young people that I had a detection skill. It was true and not a lie. In any case, Prometheus had an ominous feeling again. Perhaps...

Step step.

There were footsteps.




Everyone was as silent as dead mice. We wouldn’t be spotted because we were in the reed, but I carefully moved the reeds to see who it was. Shit. It was that guy again.

Hmm, the signal was obviously cut off somewhere here.”

I sighed and whispered to Lim Changyong. ‘I’ll lure him. Slowly collect the magic cores so that the US doesn’t feel doubt.’

These were the contents. Lim Changyong understood and nodded slightly. He conveyed my plan to the team members.

“Prometheus, buff.”

[You have received the apostle’s buff.]

[All your stats have increased by 20%.]

I finally received the apostle’s buff for the first time in ages. I felt nostalgic after feeling the full power in my body. I saw all my teammates nod and held the fork spoon in my hand. Then without delay, I aimed at James’ back.

* * *

Meanwhile, Damain was steadily leading his teammates to collect the magic cores.

[A Magic Core has been acquired.]

‘We’ve just collected 20.’

There was one minute remaining. Soon, the golem would emerge from the castle and march toward the Korean castle. Then the Korean castle would collapse under the attack spearheaded by himself and Michael.

-James: I’ve found the grandfather. We’re fighting now.

-Damian: Where are you?

-James: I’ll send you the coordinates.

James was in a fierce fight and the coordinates arrived a bit late. Damian nodded when he saw it. If asked about the most dangerous variable in South Korea, Damian would say Choi Chuntaek. It was unknown why, but Park Muyeol didn’t come out today, so it was a great opportunity. It was necessary to log Choi Chuntaek out first.


“What is it?”

“I’ll give you some coordinates. Can you help James? He is fighting with the grandfather. Here are the coordinates.”


Michael nodded like he was willing to follow Damian’s will without saying anything. Damian liked this about Michael. It was because MIchael was always a man who walked his own way silently.

“I’m going.” Michael disappeared on the sand and another message appeared in front of Damian.

[A golem is created.]

[The number of Magic Cores is 20.]

[A Lv. 20 Golem is created in the castle.]

The sound of the golem being energized by the magic cores filled the field. It happened at this moment...

[World: A new legend has woken up!] 

[Her star name is Painter Star’s Beloved!]


An unexpected message struck Damian in the back of the head.

* * *

At the same time, James and I saw the same message.

“What? A new legend?”

James’ astonished eyes turned to me. I stood opposite him with a slight smile on my face. Fortunately, Mido seemed to have made up her mind, but I had no time to smile. Now I had to buy some time for her. “It seems like my granddaughter made up her mind.”

“Do you mean your granddaughter, Mido...?”

“Yes, you seem to know my granddaughter very well.”

“H-How do you...?”

“You don’t need to know, you troublemaker. You will die for me here.” I said so and rushed straight to James. He aimed at my head, but I had already triggered Keen Insight. I spoke to him lightly, “By now, Mido is ready to kill the golem. You won't be able to help easily.”

“Don’t tell me? Did Mido eat a Star Fruit?”


“...Choi Mido.”

James’ eyes trembled like a frog in a trap. He seemed to be speaking to someone. Perhaps it was Damian. If he was going to the place of the golem...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has an ominous feeling.]


Just then, a huge half-moon shaped blade of knife flew from the front. I used the wind and managed to escape it. I aimed dozens of kicks in that direction. Dozens of sharp winds flew toward the source of the attack and created an explosion. It was like being buried in sand. I could tell the identity of the person attacking even if I couldn’t see his face.

A shadow walked through the dust.


In the distance, Michael was walking over with his two swords. It seemed like he wasn’t going to answer.

“Bad guy, an adult is talking, but you aren’t replying.”

At this moment, James shouted to Michael, “Michael, don’t come here! It is a trap!”

Michael’s footsteps stopped. He had an expression that was saying, ‘What does that mean?’

James explained without any delay, “The golem is in danger! Did you see the message that a new legend has emerged?”

“No way, a lure?”

“Yes! I will go back to the golem first!”

James disappeared into the shadows like he was running away. It seemed he moved somewhere else like the other day. I watched Michael in front of me and raised the power of the wind. I used the so-called bravado. “Where are you going? You have to stay here.”


Michael gritted his teeth and slowly stepped back. I acted like I was chasing him. Michael quickly wielded his sword and poured out a dazzling sand attack. The speed and destructive power were great.

...This person was obviously one step better than James. This was why he defeated Park Muyeol who had Hercules as a constellation. Dust covered my eyes.


Michael wasn’t present by the time I used the wind to clear the sand dust. He was already racing fast to the distant golem on his sand. I laughed as I watched Michael’s back. “I got you.”

In fact, it was a lie that the golem was currently in danger. However, it also wasn’t a lie. I grinned and gestured to the air, touching the wind. Now it was time to take it to the next stage.

“I’ve driven the fish so I have to lift the net.”

Then I disappeared like the wind.

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[1] Doing something under pressure because others do it 

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