Chapter 260

Ah, somehow today’s horoscope wasn’t good.”

“...It is a big problem.”

“We’re ruined—!”

The Korean team’s waiting room was filled with desperate cries. They held their heads with various expressions and sighed as they denied the present situation.

“...This is ridiculous.”

“Am I dreaming right now? Yes, It must be a dream, right?”

“Do you want me to hit you once?”

“Yes, hit me hard one time.”

“In the name of the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit...”

Kim Haeil was a priest so he briefly made the sign of the cross and struck Park Jangsoo in the back of the head. By the way, the two people had been quite close since yesterday’s meeting. Of course, it was a secret that Kim Haeil drank yesterday. Come to think of it, he was a bad priest. Tsk.

Ack. You crazy guy, why did you hit me so hard?”

“You told me to hit you hard.”

Ah. Still, did you have to hit me in the head? Keuk...

There was no time to sigh. The door of the waiting room opened and a familiar Union employee entered.

“The South Korean team, come out in five minutes. Please be prepared.”

The Union employee left after giving the short message that detonated the ‘silence’ bomb. Silence filled the waiting room. No one had a way to deal with the situation. It was the same for me.


Muyeol wasn’t present today because he was in poor health. I originally wanted to visit him after this game, but then this complication happened. Park Muyeol wouldn’t feel good if he saw us now.

“...Get ready to go out.”

First, as the oldest, I led the young people in front of me. I had to do as much as possible today. The word ‘give up’ was only used in Choi Chuntaek’s dictionary when it came to preparing pickled vegetables.

* * *

In the United States’ team’s waiting room in Union Square...

“...South Korea. We are having a finals match in the very first game.”

Damian smiled when he saw the words ‘South Korea’ on the ball held by the TV host. Perhaps he thought it was good. The unexpected emergence of Choi Chuntaek and Park Muyeol meant many plans were ruined. South Korea’s combat effectiveness rose and the United States and South Korea launched a fierce battle. Sometimes the United States won, but sometimes they lost due to unexpected variables.

South Korea was strong. Damian acknowledged this fact. It was only this way that he could defeat the enemy.

‘So this strategy...’

Then again, Damian thought there was no reason for the US to be defeated by South Korea. Strategy, tactics, skills, stats, and items. If there were no unexpected variables, the United States would never fall behind South Korea in any of this. Therefore, Damian chose the method of a frontal attack.



“You will come out this time. You will be part of the two-top system alongside Michael.”

“...I understand.”

James looked around and nodded. However, the gazes of those around him weren’t great. He was an Asian man wearing the American flag and playing as a representative, but racism remained. They thought it was too much for an Asian man to stand alongside the best American player...

“I’m counting on you.”

Ahh, t-thank you. I am also asking you, Brother.”

Michael walked out to shake hands. James was both surprised and respectful. Thus, James bowed to him. It was a typical Korean greeting that was still ingrained in his body. In fact, there were times when he was depressed by the isolation of his fellow teammates. However, Michael looked at James and saw something different. “...You are polite.”


“You are bowing at 90 degrees. A Korean person I met not long again said I wasn’t polite and taught me some Korean greetings.”

Ah, i-is that so?”

Michael had a brief look of reminiscence before shaking his head. The person he thought about was Park Muyeol. They fought not long ago but Michael still respected him. Technically, he still had a lot to learn even if he won that day.

“In any case, let's get along well in the future."

Michael returned to his seat and folded his arms casually again. The jealous gazes of the other players seemed to lighten a little bit. James was impressed and thankful to Michael.

"Let's go.”

Once it was time to go to the stage, the US players headed to the stage in a triangular formation, led by Damian and Michael. James stood at Michael’s right side. For James, it was a sign of respect that he could be Michael’s right arm.


There were loud roars from the audience as always. James heard it and felt a surge of emotion again. The flag of another country was worn on his chest, but surprisingly, he had many Korean fans. It was because he awakened as a Star Fruit ability user in the last game. Additionally, there was the exposure of the Korean Gaming Federation’s corruption and this led to a strange misunderstanding that he had to leave his homeland.

‘Well, it isn’t a bad thing for me. I don’t need to make excuses for public opinion.’

James waved as he responded to the cheers from the audience. He met the eyes of Choi Mido, who was coming up from the other side. Oops, if they fought now...



However, it was Choi Mido who avoided his eyes first. Choi Mido only made only contact for a short moment before she bit her lips and entered the capsule. Somehow, it seemed she still had feelings for him. Well, that was that and...

“This is this,” James spoke in a small voice before stepping into the capsule. As stated earlier, James was going to thoroughly target South Korea. It was the frontal attack method that Damian mentioned.

* * *

[Welcome to the Golem Siege.]

[Approximately one minute will be given for an operational meeting.]


The moment we entered, the hourglass in the air flipped over and the countdown started. Before entering, the host told them there was one minute of operational time and it would be private.

“Everyone, gather here!”

Lim Changyong shouted loudly and pulled the South Korean national team together. Time was short so the operational meeting started at a rapid pace.

“As everyone knows, speed is vital in Golem Siege. We need to collect a lot of the magic cores that fall onto the field so we can continue to summon golems.”

“Wait a minute, Oppa. How are we going to stop that gunman? The one called James.”

Um, that...”

“Isn’t there no way to stop him? I’ve already died four times.”

At Park Jangsoo’s words, Lim Changyong frowned deeply. It was the same for me as well.

...It was a pain. To be honest, there was no answer. James’ rapid-fire shooting and his infinite shadow bullets created a tremendous synergy effect. To be honest, James had a good skill composition suitable for what young people called ‘slaughtering good citizens.’

The problem was that the young people in front of me weren’t good citizens, but members of the national team. Perhaps I was the only one who could avoid James’ attack. In fact, it was only possible for me when Prometheus’ Keen Insight was activated.

There was also Park Muyeol when he was wearing the lion’s armor. The problem was that there was no Park Muyeol right now. Then how could we make a breakthrough?

Shadow bullets...

Wait, shadows?

“First, let’s avoid fighting as much as possible and collect the magic cores. I think that is the best thing to do. Additionally...”

Park Jangsoo pouted and complained, “Damn it.” The moment he grumped, a message informing us about the end of the operational meeting rose.

[The operational meeting has ended.]

[Magic cores have appeared on the central site.]

[Golem Siege has started.]

[Good luck.]


It happened as all of the Korean team members were planning to go out through the open gates...

“Wait! Stop, everyone.” 




A question mark floated over everyone’s heads.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is curious about your intentions.]

“Come here.”

Huh? Grandfather, we have to play now.”

“I know. Come back. No matter what plan I think about, we will lose. Therefore, we have to aim for a big blow. Gather together. We need to create a new plan.”

* * *

-Ah, what is going on all of a sudden?

-The South Korean team isn’t coming out?

-This will make South Korea really disadvantaged. What is going on?

-It seems that the time for the operational meeting was too short.

-They are talking in a soft voice so we don’t know what is going on.

-Choi Chuntaek seems to have thought of something.

At the Korean team’s sudden operational meeting, the stadium was quite like cold water was poured on them. Tension flowed through the stadium, but it didn’t last long.

-Ah, the operational meeting is over.

-The moment I speak, South Korea is moving.

-It didn’t take that long? I’m glad.

-Um? However, it is a bit strange. Choi Mido isn’t moving?

The screen inside the stadium zoomed in on Choi Mido. It was a beautiful, shining appearance that made her seem self-luminous. The audience started to look at her face.

* * *

At the same time, Choi Mido was in a daze as she was left alone in the castle. She was cheered on by her team members, but she was still wide-eyed. She remembered the conversation with her grandfather. They were unimaginable words from her point of view.



‘Everything is up to you.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘In fact, I don’t know if I should give this to you now. You are someone with a lot of talent for the sword.’

‘What does that mean...? Please explain it to me, Grandfather.’

It was the earlier conversation with her grandfather. Her grandfather summoned the team members for an unexpected operational meeting. He instructed the players to collect the magic cores defensively as Lim Changyong said earlier. However, this was actually a fake.

He handed her an item, said everything was up to her, and entrusted her with a secret mission. It was a great item and Mido once again thought of her grandfather’s words.

‘In fact, I wanted you to choose someone else. He is a very good match with your talent in the sword. However...’


‘Maybe you can overcome this situation with your other talent. I will leave the choice to you. Don't forget. It is the Imitator of Light.’

The item that her grandfather handed to her—Choi Mido raised it carefully in both hands like she was handling expensive jewelry. It was really a gem. A gem of Heaven, so to speak. In other words, the fruit of the black night sky. A link to the power of a constellation that everyone coveted.

‘...Star Fruit.’

The third-grade Star Fruit held in Choi Mido’s hand shone brightly.

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