Chapter 25


-Father, are you seeing it?

I turned back to the call as I heard her voice from the phone.

“Yes, I saw it.”

-Take a closer look at the statue.

I got closer to the TV at her words. Then my eyes once again shook. This, don’t tell me...? The statue looked familiar. It was equipped with a white cotton tee, old trousers, and a rusty dagger. The face hadn’t been carved yet and the hair was unrestrained but it was definitely me.

-Is it right...?

I couldn’t answer her question. It was because a familiar face appeared on the next screen.

-I’ll take you to the village chief of Mulan, Chen. Hello.

-It is nice to meet you.

-Many people are curious about the statue. Can you explain?

...This guy. Why the hell would he do something like this?

-Hum, it is a statue of the hero who saved our Mulan.

-A hero? Can you tell me the details about how he saved Mulan?

-Okay. I will tell you. The first time I met him...

Chen’s story continued for a long time. Chen talked about the first time he met me to facing the goblins alone in the field. The good news was that he didn’t say my name. He also didn’t say what I looked like.

The reporter continued to relentlessly question him but Chen said it wasn’t interesting to know it in advance. He asked the reporter to check the face when the statue was completed. He never revealed it.

-It is really unbelievable. It's amazing that a low-level user has cleaned up a goblin village by himself. It will be interesting to see the face that is attracting attention. This has been Reporter Lee Suyeong.

The interview ended and I returned the remote control to Jeongdo. Jeongdo was looking at me with suspicion. “That... is it perhaps Grandfather?”

...He was sharp with useless things.

“No. I just got a phone call from a friend because something new is being built in Mulan.”

Ah, Grandfather has just started. How can you clean up a goblin village? Haha.”

...Rotten guy. I felt strangely offended and squeezed Jeongdo’s head hard.

Ack! Why did you hit me?”

“Go in and study. This guy!”

“I have to take a break from my studies to recover my head!”

“Don’t speak. Tsk tsk.”

Ah, right, I forgot that I was on the phone. I listened to the phone and the call was still connected. Cough, I’m sorry.”

* * *

I hurried to finish the call and headed straight to the capsule. I entered the new virtual reality world. I looked around and saw traces of fire. I guess it was probably Philos and the soldiers who had set fire to the village after coming here. This place probably couldn’t be rebuilt. It seemed there would be no more goblins as they intended. The smell of burnt wood entered my nose and I hurried out of here. It wasn’t difficult to reach Mulan.

“It is finally here.”

I ran at high speed when I left but once I returned, I felt like I was walking slowly through the scenery. I didn’t know why but time was a pretty mysterious thing. I couldn’t help smiling at the sight of the new trees, flowers, and animals. Suddenly, I saw the west gate and my mouth curved. “It has been a while, young man.” 

I greeted the familiar face.

[NPC Guard Carl]

Hah! Elder, it's you? I was told to report it immediately when you came.”

“It’s fine. I’m going to find Philos so don’t make a fuss.”

Ah, yep!”

“Then I’m going.”

I patted him on the shoulder and stepped inside. I didn’t look back but I could see the sword being raised in a salute. I stepped into the village with a light smile. After a while, I appeared at Chen’s smithy.


There was the sound of the old hinges and I saw a familiar face when I stepped inside.

“Ohh! If it isn’t the hero of Mulan? Welcome! Did you see the huge statue in to...”

“Demolish it.”

Chen was stunned for a moment before carefully asking why. “That... for what reason?”

“I hate being bothered.”

“That is the reason?”

“Yes, that is the reason.”


We stared at each other’s faces for a long time. It was Chen who opened his mouth first. Hah, I’m sorry. I never dreamt you would dislike this.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ has woken up and is looking at you.]

“I’m really sorry. However, can’t you think about it again for the villagers?”

Chen’s face was really desperate. It seemed he wasn’t the only one who thought so. Then...

Damn, why was this happening? Nevertheless, I couldn't do this on my own. The villagers wouldn’t knock down the statue if they didn’t agree. I let out a sigh. Hah...

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is curious about what happened.]

There was nothing to be curious about, this guy. Chen’s sagging shoulders looked pitiful. He never dreamt that I would oppose it like this. It couldn’t be helped...

“I have a condition. If you listen to it then I’ll allow you to build the statue.”

“Oh, really? What is it? I will make sure to unconditionally reflect your opinion!”


* * *

Buzz buzz.

Mulan’s square was bustling. Many people were watching the huge statue being built in the center.

“Wow, are they sculpting the face now?”

“What type of face will it be?”

“I don’t know who he is but I’m sure he is a great user. I’m really curious.”

The surrounding area was filled with users sitting down on mats purchased from the general store. At the same time, Chen appeared there.

“Look over there. It is the chief.”

“He is attracting the people who are sculpting?”

“What is he doing?”

Chen was gathering them and giving instructions. The villagers nodded at his words. The users who saw it were curious. “Oh, I wonder what they’re talking about."

“I agree. Should I ask to join?”

“It isn’t possible.”

Five minutes later, the villagers nodded at Chen’s words and started making the face again.

Ttang! Ttang!

Chen saw it and slowly disappeared among the users. Meanwhile, I was hiding in an alley and watching everything. Chen approached me and asked, “I did as you said. By the way, is this really okay?”

He took out the White Tiger Mask and handed it to me.

“Yes. It is much better than my face being known.”

That’s right. I had asked Chen to change the face. However, he disagreed and said he could never do so. I was forced to use the mask he had given me as a gift and asked him to put it on the statue. Fortunately, this was well received. If he hadn’t done this, I might’ve broken the statue. I really thought so. If he didn’t listen, I was determined to break the statue with a fire kick.

However, the villagers had made it with their own sincerity so I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it. I sighed with relief and asked him, “When will the statue be completed?"

“It won’t take long. It will probably be completed by evening.”

“I see.”

I looked back at the statue being carved. In fact, I was looking forward to it. The fact that someone was building my statue felt good. It felt like I was a great man who had done a great job. At the same time, old things came to my mind.

‘Honey, I'm going to donate my body. I want to leave something behind after I die.’


My wife who donated her body. In fact, I used to oppose it. It wasn’t only me, it was my sons and daughter as well. Despite the opposition, we were forced to listen to her. It didn’t make sense but we had to listen to her wishes.

...Honey. I'm sorry that I didn’t understand at the time.

I shook my head to get rid of my thoughts.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is looking forward to your statue.]

Chen suggested, “Excuse me, do you mind attending the celebration after the statue is built?”


It was the first time I’ve heard of it.

“Once the statue is complete, we will hold a festival. We will light a fire in front of your statue, eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves. Keke.”

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is interested in the celebration of humans.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ hopes you will participate.]

Hrmm. Well, it didn’t matter. I turned to Chen and nodded. “I understand. It was a celebration for me so I had to politely show my face. Instead, I want to ask you not to make a fuss when I show up. Will you listen to me?”

“Of course. I will speak firmly to the villagers. I will also tell the soldiers to ensure iron-clad security. Thank you so much. Hahaha.”

He seemed to be very happy. I watched him and smiled gently. 

Thus, time passed.

* * *

I logged out for a while, had a meal, and rested before connecting to Arkstar again. Unfortunately, Sujeong said she couldn’t attend the celebration because she was in the office today. I was forced to play the game on my own.

“Selling Mulan's Special Wolf Skewers for $5!”

“You can't miss alcohol at a celebration! I am selling cheap beer~! Please buy a lot!”

“Selling a pretty flower necklace made from man-eating flowers for only $10!”

Mulan was already crowded with young people. It seemed like people of all races were gathered because a celebration was being held. I hurried to the location where I had decided to meet Chen. He greeted me, “Oh, welcome! You came just in time. I was about to pull off the cloth! Hahaha.”

I was wearing a white mask and was stung by the gazes of the users surrounding the statue. They were staring at me with strange eyes since I was the only one able to approach the statue. Soldiers were standing guard near the statue.

I struggled to avoid their eyes and looked up at the statue.

...I’d like it to keep being covered. I thought about it for a moment but realized it would never happen. It was obvious that Chen would oppose it the most. I quickly gave up and looked at the huge tower of wood piled up in front of the statue. It was probably the stack of wood to light a fire.

This was a celebration. It was like watching the torch at the Olympics. The moment the fire appeared, Mulan’s party would begin.

Chen asked, “Will you light it up?"


“Yes, I’d love so.”

Chen was asking with a serious expression. I couldn't refuse his request.

“...I understand.”

After a while, Chen led me up the platform in front of the statue. Almost all the villagers were gathered in front of the statue. I gazed at their faces one by one as emotions started swelling.

There was Dylan of the general store who I met first, the face of the training camp captain Kunta, and the guard captain Philos. There seemed to be a reconciliation.

I could see Masis and Zalmergus among the villagers and was glad they seemed to be getting along. They were looking at me with happy expressions.

Once I turned my head to the right, I could see the villagers I had saved. Their smiles seemed to send infinite confidence to me. The last place I gazed at was Chen’s face next to me. “Thank you.”

Keke. I’m glad you like it. Will you light the main fire?” Chen held out the torch but I wanted to light it up in a different way.

I shook my head and smiled. Everyone seemed to have puzzled expressions. Sometimes it was better to show things in action rather than words. I walked between the villagers towards the wooden tower.


I moved through the middle of the silent group and saw an old woman bowing to me. Next to an old lady was a soldier I had saved. They bowed their heads and everyone followed. I gave them a slight nod and walked forward. Soon, I reached the wooden tower and called out a familiar name, “Solar.”

The villagers and soldiers had wide eyes. I could hear the loud voices of the users in the distance.

“What is this?!”

“What's going on?”

“Is it fire magic?”

Everyone looked astounded as the swirling flames took the shape of a small sun. I looked at their faces before speaking to Solar, “Can you light that up?”

“I understand, Master! Hehe!

Solar flew at high speed and moved from the bottom to the top. It was like a tornado as it started to climb the tower of wood. The villagers danced as they saw it. It looked as brilliant as a movie.

Life could be painful and sad but we couldn’t live for those times. It was because we were people who lived in anticipation of such a one-time miracle.

The villagers screamed and started to shout with raised cups. “For the hero of Mulan!!!!”

[You have maximum goodwill with all NPCs in the beginning village of Mulan.]

Thus, the curtain of a new legend rose.

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