Chapter 245

“This child’s grandfather, you bad guy.”

The arrogant declaration shocked everyone. There were disbelieving expressions from both the front and the back. In the midst of the silence, the Brazilian players in front of me were rubbing their eyes and perhaps the young people behind him were the same.

The first one who spoke was naturally my granddaughter, Mido, “Grand... father...?”

I looked back gently at the words. Mido was sitting down like her legs had lost strength and she stared up at me blankly. She saw me in the familiar attire, the mask of Dark Wolf in my hands, and then shifted her eyes to my face. Her eyes were shaking like an earthquake was occurring. In this situation, I should say something cool...

However, was a long conversation needed between family? I just laughed. “Haha.”

Kim Hyeonu and Eun Jeonghyeok recognized my face and muttered at the same time.

“It is ridiculous...”

“It is unbelievable...”

I glanced at the two people for a moment. They met my eyes and hurriedly bowed with fright. It seemed they had forgotten that this was a crisis. The audience watching outside might be laughing.

Ah, hello!”

“W-We meet again!”

I just nodded slightly at the two of them. Then I looked back at my granddaughter who had collapsed in front of me. I gently reached out a hand. Mido was still staring at me blankly with a disbelieving expression. It happened at this moment...

Keuk. I’ve never seen such a crazy old man! Get lost!”

Carlos transformed into a small werewolf and rushed forward. I had seen many wild welsh wolves so Carlos, who was in front of me in his small werewolf form, looked really cute.

“I’ve never seen such a dog-like guy,” I muttered words that I didn’t know were curses or praise and started a dance.

Rising Sun around my legs moved like dokkaebi fire. [1] 

Alexus' Fork Spoon was in my hand as I narrowed the distance to Carlos in an instant.

“Gourmet’s Eyes.”

[The eyes of a noble gourmet are imbued in you.]

In front of me, Carlos became a source of ingredients. The Gourmet’s Eyes identified the werewolf in front of me by parts and the fork spoon held in my hand coldly cut those parts. It was like a gourmet tasting food. First, there was the sound of a fork sticking in the ribs of the werewolf. Then there was a crushing bone sound. Gourmet’s Eyes dealt twice as much damage when attacking an ingredient part so the effect was very good. It was a critical hit.

Keuk. Crazy!”

I didn’t miss Carlos as he stumbled back. I approached quickly, moved my back foot, and then hit the sturdy wolf’s thighs and buttocks. Then I mixed in kicks and struck Carlos everywhere. A series of explosions were heard all over Carlos’ body.


Enormous damage was dealt in an instant. The frightened Carlos glared, raised sharp claws, and threw a skill at me.

“Iron Claw!”

Carlos’ claws became solid steel and flew in front of him. However, I had expected this and attacked him lightly. I slammed into his elbow, smashed his right arm, and indiscriminately stabbed him in the shoulder and neck. I was ruthless. My hands moved like a highly trained killing weapon. Carlos was overpowered in an instant and his head slammed into the ground. He yelled, “This is ridiculous!”

They were the last words spoken before Carlos’ head exploded. I brushed off my feet that had trampled on his head and then walked back to Mido. Mido was still sitting down and staring at me. Her open mouth was telling me that she couldn’t believe it. I lifted her up.

“Shi...!” Mido’s eyes were red and she struck my chest with her fists like she hated me. 

I just laughed without saying anything. Hahaha.

Mido shook her head a few times. Her senses returned and she started to move her brush through the air. Her favorite cat character held a sword and hit the enemy. It moved like it was alive and stuck to the right arm of the suit I was wearing.

[Your attack power against humans has increased slightly.]

There was no need for a lot of words. It was only now that Mido looked at me properly.

“My grandfather is the best.”

Mido tried to hide her tears as she grinned, showing her white teeth. I gave her a thumbs up and quietly turned around. There were the rest of Brazil's players remaining. I spoke to the captain, Lim Changyong, “You guys stay still. I will take care of them.”

Lim Changyong nodded slightly. There was respect and determination on his face. I removed the energy of the sun from my legs and danced once again. It was the wind that followed.

“Today's weather is a...’

The wind on both legs raged violently and became a small typhoon.


I held my balance with my right foot as I twisted my left foot and blew back. Soon after, enormous winds struck in front of me and the momentum was very sharp.

“So go home, wash your feet, and go to sleep,” I muttered while looking at the sharp wind. Dozens of gusts of winds broke through the world and flew toward the enemies.

* * *

-Ahh! Truly amazing! Dark Wolf!!!

-Carlos is being attacked without being able to respond!

-Dark Wolf, no, we should call him Choi Chuntaek now. They are incredible moves! Who would believe he is an old man with white hair?!

The stadium was already a crucible of excitement.



“Grandfather, gazua!!!!”

“Dark Wolf!!!!”

“Chuntaek hard carry!”

“Korea! We are a battle nation! Gazua!”

Park Muyeol smiled happily as he sat among the crazily cheering crowd. Naturally, his grandson, Park Seongchan, was by his side. The Korean audience around them yelled patriotic words while tapping their hands like there were drums. Park Muyeol frowned at the noise, but it was understandable.

Chuntaek’s performance was this great.

Ahh. Indeed, those kicks are a masterpiece to look at. Groan.”

Park Muyeol shrugged at his grandson’s words.

“He was better than this when he was young.”

“To what extent?”

“Let’s see... how should I express it? That guy’s feet would float in the air and then fall. He could fly that high. He was like the wind.”

Park Seongchan had heard of his grandfather Park Muyeol’s past so he wasn’t very surprised. He could feel that Grandfather Choi Chuntaek, who he was watching in front of him, and his grandfather, next to him, had lived a fierce life even without seeing it in person. Their years were melted into their martial arts. It didn’t matter if it was a wooden sword or kick. The important thing was that their skills weren’t rusty at all. 

“That wind?”

Park Seongchan smiled at Choi Chuntaek on the screen in front of him. Choi Chuntaek’s legs completed the wind dance in an instant and wind formed around it. This was followed by dozens of wind blades that destroyed the Brazilian team. Choi Chuntaek moved his legs like the wind and knocked down the enemies. He truly was the wind.

“Yes, he was such a person. You see, he is the wind. Hahaha!”

Park Muyeol burst out laughing and Park Seongchan felt admiration as he glanced between the two people in turn.

‘I should grow old like that.’

Park Muyeol smiled as he thought of someone. If he had been here then he would’ve been laughing. He focused on the screen where Choi Chuntaek appeared with a smile on his face. A tremendous wind was tearing the Brazilian team apart. He hoped the words he recited would reach the sky.

‘Dongbaek, are you watching?’

Suddenly, Park Muyeol’s eyes became wet. His mouth moved like he was trying to hold back the tears.

‘...The legless bird who sat in the wind and fell asleep.’

Tears slid down Park Muyeol’s cheeks. Reflected in his eyes was Choi Chuntaek, standing in the calm wind with his eyes closed. It was the second coming of the legless bird.

‘Go, Chuntaek. Fly once again.’

It was the moment when the legless bird emerged.

* * *


The fork spoon flew through the wind. No, Solar was summoned so it regained its form as a sharp trident and flew toward the last Brazilian player, piercing his torso.


[The Brazilian team’s flag has been captured.]

[The Brazilian team has been eliminated.]

All of this happened in less than a minute. Apparently, the person hiding at the end was the flag bearer with the flag. In any case, this meant South Korea had a total of three flags. The one that was just taken away from the Brazil team, the existing Koran one, and the golden flag. Currently, South Korea was leading with seven points. Even so, I couldn’t let down my guard.

...Someone was coming up. My super sensitivity enhanced hearing allowed me to notice countless sounds from the stairs.


There were so many of them that I wouldn’t have a long time to speak.

“Hey, Captain.”

Ah, yep!” The overwhelmed Lim Changyong walked in front of me and replied like an active duty soldier, not a retired soldier.

“I will block the entrance.”


“You guys will provide long-distance support while the rest will protect Mido.”

“U-Understood, Sunbae-nim!” 

I didn’t care about the words of Lim Changyong, who already considered me a senior. I nodded at Mido, walked toward the staircase and looked down. Then I immediately frowned. “These people...”

An army was rising with tremendous speed. It was truly an army, but the army wasn’t alive. At the center of the undead legion were the Death Scent members I met the other day. It also included Nekron flying a French flag and riding a horse made of bones.

Hmm. How interesting. Was he a French player?”

Then a cloud of sand approached and covered the burning sun.

I could see a man proudly standing on it with arms crossed.


Additionally, Reinhardt of Germany was also climbing the pyramid. Russia, led by Reina, could be seen after France. Furthermore, a fierce battle between China and Japan was taking place. Maybe the winner of that fight would run here. It was a situation where I was surrounded by enemies everywhere, but I was still elated.

“Now, come here. Hurry.”

I looked up at the clock in the air. This was a message that appeared during the fight against the Brazilian team.

[Five minutes are remaining until the resurrection of Prometheus, god of fire and prophecy.]

Now there were 10 seconds remaining until those five minutes ended.

“10, 9, 8, 7...”

I started counting the numbers as I thought about meeting a comrade after a long absence. I was very excited about this reunion.

[1] Korean goblins 

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