Chapter 242

Mido’s remark passed with the burst of laughter and it was followed by words from the members of other teams. Every one of them had their own hopes and determination. Of course, the one who had the hardest time was the interpreters standing next to the host.

All of the members from the other national teams gave plain answers, while MIdo decided to say what she wanted to say. In any case, it was a remark that she obviously had no regrets about.

‘Master told me to do something hot without any regrets.’

Naturally, the one she referred to as Master was Park Muyeol. In the waiting room earlier, she received a text message from him and this was the content:

[Master: Haveahotfightwithoutanyregrets.]

She had saved Park Muyeol as ‘Master.’ The words were written roughly without any spaces, but Mido was determined to follow them. She would play a hot game without any regrets. Mido looked around the stadium to look for him. He was probably watching from somewhere here.

-The players will start.

“Let’s cheer before we start.”

At the suggestion of the captain Lim Changyong, all of the Korean national team gathered together and put their hands together. However, the dissonance in the team continued.

“I’m not doing such a childish thing~”

“Me too~”

Everyone frowned as Kim Donghyun and Han Sanghyuk entered their capsules first. Lim Changyong frowned deeply and sighed. He had already anticipated it to some extent, but he hadn’t expected them to be so arrogant. “Don’t care about them. We just have to do well. Got it?”


“Now one, two, three.” 


Hands soared into the sky. The players headed toward the capsules and the walking Lim Changyong called out to the monk, Kim Haeil, “Haeil.”

“Yes, Hyung.” 

“You have to enter when we are in danger. You understand the role of the Joker, right?”

“I know. It is to appear in a really dangerous moment.”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Lim Changyong patted the shoulder of Kim Haeil, who was playing the important role of the Joker. The Joker was literally a hidden trump card. The flag battle started with all 10 players of a team, but each team could register one Joker as reserve. Kim Haeil was a monk with a hybrid class that combined the martial artist class and priest class. Therefore, he was very suitable for such a role. He was the only person on the national team with a wide-area healing ability. He would be able to appear in moments of crisis and become the savior of the team.

“I will do it when I’m needed. Don’t worry.”

Kim Haeil struck his chest lightly with a fist. It was a gesture of trust in some ways.

“Yes, I will believe it.” 

“I believe in God.”

Lim Changyong smiled, turned around, and lay straight in his designated capsule. He took a deep breath and pressed the button to connect. The capsule’s lid closed and darkness came.

[Welcome to Arkstar.]

It was starting now.

* * *

The Korean national team appeared near the island’s waterfront. The sound of the waves made people guess it was an uninhabited island. One by one, all the countries finished logging in and a countdown appeared in the air. Soon after, the flags were created.

[Grab the flag if you want to be the flag bearer.]


It was a countdown to the start.

“Then who will be the flag bearer?”

Lim Changyong looked over at the assembled players. Choi Mido, Eun Jeonghyeok, Kim Hyeonu, Park Jangsoo, Kim Cheol, Lim Sara, Kim Donghyun, Han Sanghyuk... Finally, Lim Changyong’s gaze stopped on An Seunghyun, one of the candidates who entered in place of Kim Haeil, who was registered as the Joker.

“I-I can’t do it...!” An Seunghyun shouted frantically.

“Yes, even I think you shouldn’t do it.”

The players smiled in a relaxed manner. In any case, An Seunghyun’s class was closer to a supporter or an assassin. He wasn’t suitable to be the flag bearer when he had to throw magic cards at the enemies or throw a ball with the power of gravity to pull the enemies together. If so, who should be the flag bearer...?

“I’ll do it.” It was Kim Hyeonu who stepped forward.

“Well, I don’t think it’s bad.” Kim Cheol agreed from the side.

“I also agree. No, I think he is the only one who can do it. He has heals. He is a paladin so he is durable and can heal himself.”

Lim Sara made a decision. It was a really quick situational judgment. As expected, this was his little sister.

“Okay, then Hyeonu will be the flag bearer,” Lim Changyong decided.

“Oh my, this...” Just then, Kim Donghyun popped out and grabbed the flag. He looked down at the flag in his hand and then shrugged at the players. “My feet stumbled?”

[The flag bearer of the South Korean team has been established.]

Kim Donghyun smiled in a sloppy manner. A moment of silence flowed among the players before everything they had been enduring exploded. The owner of the voice was Lim Sara. “What the hell are you doing?!”

Lim Sara pointed at Kim Donghyun while shouting angrily. Her face was red.

Oh, you shouldn’t point your finger at an adult. It was just an accident. Didn’t I stumble?”

“What? S-Saying that...!”

“Stop it,” Lim Changyong interrupted.

“No, Oppa. Don’t you know what’s going on right now? This jerk...!”

“Lim Sara, stop.”

Lim Sara saw Lim Changyong’s serious expression and could only close her mouth. Her Oppa was very angry when he looked like this. For this reason, Lim Sara couldn’t ignore Lim Changyong’s words. She bit her lip, clenched her fists, and lowered her head.

‘It is breaking down...! What type of national representative is that guy...?’

Lim Sara gritted her teeth when she saw the backs of Kim Donghyun and Han Sanghyuk moving away.

“The flag bearer has been decided. What can we do? Please take good care of me, friends.” 

“Huhu. Please guard him well.”

Kim Donghyun and Han Sanghyuk swaggered away from the group and moved their shoulders to warm up. They must’ve done this knowing that the scene wouldn’t be broadcasted to the audience. This one minute would be kept a secret to make it more fun for the audience.


There were only 19 seconds left on the countdown.

Lim Sara asked Lim Changyong in a resentful manner, “Why did you stop me? Why are you just letting him go?!”


Lim Changyong couldn’t say anything to the angry Lim Sara. Only Lim Changyong knew the truth.

‘They are related to Director Shin Taeil...’

Why else would they act so badly? However, Director Shin Taeil was from the Korean Gaming Federation. The director simply tolerated anything they did. Lim Changyong tried to request that they be expelled, but the federation didn’t accept it. Rather, he was the one who was threatened to be expelled if he kept asking. For this reason, Lim Changyong had to endure it. He was told that he would be expelled if he informed the other players about it. It went without saying that Lim Sara would be included with him.


Lim Changyong’s shaking hands made Lim Sara close her mouth with a confused expression. Just then, Mido came up with the other players to comfort him.

“It has already happened so what can we do?”

“We just have to do our job.”

“I am fine. I’ll keep an eye on the flag bearer.”

“Have strength, Hyung.” 

The players didn’t lose hope even in this desperate situation. The ashamed Lim Changyong gritted his teeth and, based on what they had practiced, gave the players the orders, “Formation A. Protect the flag bearer.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Let’s go.”


The South Korean members started to build a formation around Kim Donghyun. Now there was less than 10 seconds in the countdown.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

[The flag battle has started.]

[Good luck to you.]

* * *

-The one minute that felt like a year has passed.

-Who will be the flag bearer of the South Korean team?

-The results of the choice will soon be revealed.

-The moment that everyone is concerned about is here...

-The match has begun.

The moment the commentators finished speaking, the countdown disappeared and the match started. For security, no one would know the identity of the flag bearer except for the players. It was the same for the camera director, the audience, and the commentators.


I crossed my arms and focused on the match. On the screen, players from different countries were moving from the outskirts to the forest. Some teams were hiding in the bushes while some were running to the pyramid in the middle. It was interesting that every country had different strategies. What exactly would South Korea do? Finally, the Korean team appeared on the screen.

-This is surprising.

-It seems the flag bearer of the South Korean team is Kim Donghyun.

-I thought Kim Hyeonu would do it.

-Well, there was a meeting between players so they should have some ideas. Still, it isn’t a bad choice. The formation looks solid.

-That’s right. Kim Donghyun also has a warrior class that wears heavy armor. If Kim Hyeonu protects Kim Donghyun and the Joker, Kim Haeil, appears, I think they can last long enough.

-It is time to believe in the unity of the players.

-However, there is a serious situation. Right now, the Brazilian players are waiting in ambush. They will be hit if they do something wrong.

-Ah! Kim Cheol has discovered the ambush and his sniper rifle is firing!


Kim Cheol’s sniper rifle emitted fire as a penetrating magic bullet shot toward the enemies. The audience shouted in excitement at the sudden battle.


“It shows South Korea’s potential!”

“Have strength, South Korea!” 

There was a sudden shootout on the screen. Wild animals and the Brazilian team came from all sides and Lim Changyong and Lim Sara started firing. Once Park Jangsoo was added, it was like a scene like the secret forces were slaughtering wild animals.

-Amazing! The South Korean players!

-The government has recruited players from Sudden Force for today and they are showing their amazing potential!

-Every shot has hit. The hit rate of Lim Sara is amazing! She truly is a former national shooter. Her magic bullet has the ‘induction’ attribute.


The screams of the Korean players filled my ears. I frowned and kept focusing on the match.

...Strange. It felt like they were going to get involved in something real soon. Sure enough, my premonition was correct.

-Ahh! Brazil’s captain, Carlos, is falling from the sky!

-The Beast Master has transformed into a giant bird and is aiming for the South Korean team!

-Ah! No one is paying attention to the sky because they are caring about their surroundings! Quickly! Carlos!

Ahh, no.”

“Oh my!”


The sighs of my family members were heard as a Brazilian player called Carlos aimed at Kim Donghyun, who was located in the middle, with sharp claws. Kim Donghyun’s flustered face darkened and everyone thought he would launch a strong attack at Carlos. It was the same for me. The audience would’ve been the same.

However, a scene I never thought of came out.

-Ah! Kim Donghyun has pushed Kim Hyeonu and made him get caught instead.

-What is this?! It is a serious problem! The formation has collapsed!

-Ahh! The Korean team’s formation is destroyed! It is a serious problem!

-Kim Hyeonu has fallen from the air and died instantly!

-Kim Haeil has belatedly appeared as the Joker, but it is too late!

-Ahh! Player Kim Donghyun!

In an instant, Carlos transformed into a monster resembling a black panther and quickly bit the back of Kim Donghyun’s neck. Just then, a system message appeared on the screen.

[The South Korean team’s flag has been captured.]

[The South Korean team has been eliminated.]

A cold silence wrapped around the audience seats due to the first match’s shocking start. The Korean team was eliminated first and the number of points they got was zero. It could be said to be the worst start.

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