Chapter 241

-I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the guests who have come here. I...

An old gentleman’s speech echoed through the stadium. The distance from this place was very far, but fortunately, the benefits of technology allowed me to know his identity. It was because the old man’s face was clearly projected on the screen in front of my eyes. Tens of thousands of spectators were all staring at him.

-I had an idea when I first developed Arkstar. Maybe if I reincarnate after I die...

A checkered blue kerchief that was placed in the front pocket of an old-fashioned white suit made Lee Geonmyeong look like an even more profound person. This was the first time I had seen his face in real life, but I had seen him a lot in the media. Thus, it wasn’t unfamiliar to see him now. It was like watching a celebrity.

Lee Geonmyeong...

I folded my arms and pressed my lips together. He was speaking leisurely like he was the pioneer leading this world, but none of his words were entering my ears.

...What the hell was he planning? Since I had heard the truth from Joseph, I felt that all of Lee Geonmyeong’s gestures and words in front of me were hypocritical. I wondered if he knew my thoughts. I truly hated him. I couldn’t forgive him for using my wife in an experiment.

My hands that were clenched in fists were trembling.

-Thus, I created Arkstar. At first, it was to create a new world where I could live after dying. However, my desire to live in a new world ended in failure.

It was a lie. The experiment was successful. Joseph’s report had clearly stated it.

-I decided to turn that new world into a game. I might be dying, but I wanted you to live there. As you all know, I am terminally ill. I will soon leave this world. I always hope that you will follow your dreams and run widely even in the sky.

All of the audience was immersed in a solemn silence. They would all be thinking the same thing. This person was a hero. They wished he wouldn’t die. Maybe it was natural. He revitalized the world economy and became the pioneer of this era through countless donations and good deeds. They probably thought that if there was a god in this world, it would be him.

-That is my current dream and the hope of Union.

However, behind it was only an ugly human. 

Thunderous shouts and applause burst out from the stadium and the numerous camera flashes were focused on one place. Lee Geonmyeong waved his hand and sat down with the staff in the VIP seats on one side of the stadium. I saw a man in a white coat next to him who seemed to be his attending doctor. Next to Lee Geonmyeong was the South Korean president, Kang Taesan, who had given the congratulatory address earlier.


I relaxed my frown and folded arms and focused on the stage again. In the distance, the host was taking the microphone.

-Then let’s start the first game. This is the first event of the World Competition.

The screen behind the host’s back started to move at a high speed.

* * *

Mido was also watching the situation on the TV set prepared in the waiting room. The Korean national team was tense when the staff told them to wait because they would be called soon. The letters on the screen turned around like a slot machine and disrupted the screen. It soon stopped and formed a new word.

[Battle for the Flag]

-Yes. The first event is the flag battle! Before that, I will give a brief explanation of how the scores are added and how the game will be played out.

An easy to understand picture appeared on the screen for the audience. The host looked at it and started the long explanation. To put it simply, it was an event where all representatives from the 16 countries would participate. A total of three matches would be played.

The top three surviving teams would be given a different number of points. First place would be given five points, second place would be given four points, and third place would be given three points. The remaining fourth to tenth place teams would get two points. 11th to 15th place would get one point. Not surprisingly, the last team would get zero points.

Mido was also familiar with this.

‘The method of scoring is the same as in last year’s World Competition.’

So far, there were no problems and she had a certain amount of understanding. It was a rule that the country that got more points in the final scoring after all the matches would win the gold medal. It was obvious even without watching the video.

-Next, I will explain the flag battle.

The screen that the host was watching disappeared and the map where the flag battle would take place occurred in a 3D manner.

-The method is simple. First of all, each representative will be placed on an uninhabited island. They will all depart from the outskirts and grab each other’s flags...

The flag fight was an important match that literally required the flag to be taken away. Each national team had to decide a flag bearer within one minute of starting the match while the others defended the flag bearer. It was the game to find the flag bearers of the other enemies, attacking them to grab the flag and raise the score. Of course, each flag was worth one point.

-However, it won’t be fun if it is just one point.

Subsequently, the screen was expanded to show the pyramid temple located in the center of the island. There was only one staircase to climb the temple and a golden flag was on top of it. The host’s explanation followed.

-The golden flag is worth five points. Taking it has the same effect as taking the flags of five teams. I don’t know what team will take it but it can be used strategically. Additionally, each team has registered a reserve player called the Joker...

Hah, what is this childish joke...? Really, it doesn’t feel good. Why is the host’s head that shape? It is really funny. Don’t you think, Sanghyuk?”

“Yes. Kukuk.”

Kim Donghyun and Han Sanghyuk made a lot of noise when watching the screen and the other players slightly frowned. However, no one expressed their dissatisfaction. These fussy old men were creating dissonance even now.

Kiim Donghyun barked out angrily, “What are you looking at?” 

Mido stared at Kim Donghyun like a lynx for a bit before she focused on the screen again. Fortunately, there was nothing important in the rest of the content.

-Then let’s call the representatives of different countries!

She heard roars from outside and a staff member they had just seen opened the door. “The players can enter now.”

Sigh. Too fussy...” Mido murmured as Kim Donghyun quickly rushed out the door.

Kim Donghyun heard her mutter and lost his temper. “What? What did you just say?”

“Who knows~?”

“You said that toward me! Right?”

“No. Did it sting you?”


Their teamwork was a bit creaky, but the World Competition was starting.

* * *

-The players from Ukraine are entering.

There was an accompaniment that reminded them of Ukraine and the representatives of Ukraine started to enter. The funny thing was that the Ukrainian players were all beautiful women.

Wow, they are very pretty. Indeed, Ukraine is a country of beauty.”

“A country of beauty?”

I cocked my head and Jeongdo kindly explained it, “Originally, Ukraine was famous for their women. Rumor has it that all the people selling vegetables and working on the field are women, and they are all beautiful. There is a saying that you can find Song Taegyo selling vegetables and Kim Hyemi [1] working the fields. It seems true now that I’m seeing it.”

Jeongdo shook his head with a convinced expression. I felt a sense of heartache. I didn’t know what this guy was learning.


Ack! Why hit me?!”

“Just because.”

A procession of other countries followed.

-Next, the German national team will enter.

At the same time, a giant appeared in the lead. He was walking with his arms raised high like he was already a champion. His name was Reinhardt. In other words, it was the fool.

“His greeting is like that.”

I had only seen it in the game and this was my first time seeing it in reality. This fool, no... Reinhardt was still jumping around the stage with a big smile.

Then it was China, Russia, France, the United States, etc. The teams from the 16 countries showed off their prestige as they appeared on the stage one after another. South Korea was the first to appear so Mido was already on the stage.

-Let’s hear how the players of each national team feels before the match. First, we will talk to the South Korean national team.

Loud shouts engulfed the stadium. It was truly the host country.

“South Korea, have strength!”


“I love you, Choi Mido!”

Who was the last person? Was it the man two spaces behind me? I would remember him, this rotten guy. Who was he looking at?

-First, I will ask Lim Changyong, the captain of the national team. I want to ask about your commitment in participating in this World Competition.

Lim Changyong was handed a microphone.

-Our Korean team will always do our best. To do so, we have worked hard in the training camp...

It was a classic, fixed answer. Next, the microphone went to Eun Jeonghyeok.

-I will always guard the national team.

Thunderous shouts were heard.



“I’m a fan!”

There was a passionate outpouring of support from the audience seats. In particular, the female audience was very lively. Somehow, I got the illusion that more people were supporting Eun Jeonghyeok than last time?

“Groan. Of course women would be fascinated if he says things like that with his appearance. I’m envious, envious.”

I heard Jeongdo’s words and asked him, “Does that guy have many fans?”

“There are a lot. I heard from Noona that it was originally like this, but it exploded after the national team’s trials. He was very active, so it is natural that there is an increase in the number of female fans. I’m envious, envious. Ohh.

I wondered, “By the way, how do you know all of that?”

“Of course, I was on my phone during self-study time...”



Two lumps overlapped on his head and became a peak. It was like the two servings of ice cream on a cone that we could eat for free after going to a meat restaurant. For reference, I got it once when I was young. I ate it very deliciously as a child.

Groan. Why do you keep hitting the same place?”

“Shut up, Jeongdo.” 


Shh. Mido is holding the microphone.”

The moment Choi Kanghyun placed his index fingers on his lips, I moved my gaze to the stage and held his breath. Mido grabbed the microphone and spoke boldly.

-Is my family watching? I made it on the national team! Kyak! What should I do? I love all of you~! Heart bbyong bbyong ♡

Mido stomped her feet like she didn’t know what to do before holding out finger hearts toward the camera. Her unexpected appearance caused bursts of laughter from the audience.


I turned my head and examined the faces of my family members. There were three blushing people next to me. I also quietly covered my face.

[1] Both names are puns on Korean actresses who are known for their beauty 

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