Chapter 240

At the waiting room for the South Korean representatives at Union Square in Seoul...

It was currently full of tension. The players were preparing in their own way for the upcoming match.

In this short period of time, they had lived together, experienced hell-like training, and according to the schedule provided by the government, they repeatedly practiced strategic exercises to strengthen teamwork and practical exercises to raise individual skills.

They thought they worked hard, but they weren’t sure if they could win because it was different once they entered a real battle. They didn’t want Korean fans to throw eggs like in last year’s National Competition.

-Hwi~ para ~♬ para ~♬ param ~♬

Right now, Mido was listening to a song through her headphones to shake off the tension. She leaned back in the fluffy chair, closed her eyes and tapped her fingers to Black Pink’s song.

Para para param~♬

She always felt it, but listening to the songs from this girl group made her feel strangely lighter. It felt refreshing like orange soda? In any case, she heard earlier that Black Pink would be invited to the celebratory stage. Mido had wanted to shout happily with joy, but she barely suppressed it when she noticed the other players’ eyes.

Just then, there was a loud noise that was heard through her headphones.

Ah, noisy.’

Mido frowned slightly and turned toward the place where the sound could be heard. It was Lim Changyong, the guild leader of Sudden Force and captain of the South Korean national team. He was sweating while hitting a sandbag in the corner.

It happened when she was staring at him for a long time... Lim Changyong stopped hitting the sandbag to wipe the sweat on his forehead with a towel and suddenly made eye contact with her while doing so. Mido pretended not to see it and whistled with shock. Perhaps it was a coincidence, but it was exactly the same as the title of the song. [1] 

A short time later, someone poked her in the shoulder. The moment she turned her head.

“Mother!” Her sudden scream caught everyone’s attention.

Mido blushed and calmed her surprised heart. The moment she turned her head, Lim Changyong’s face was only 5cm away from her. Mido felt deep embarrassment at the fact that it was almost a kiss.

“What are you doing?! Y-You surprised me!” Mido shouted angrily at Lim Changyong.

“Hahaha! I'm sorry.”

Mido felt even angrier, but he didn’t look sorry at all. Just then, a woman hit Lim Changyong in the back of the head.


“You crazy Oppa. I told you not to do that. It’s very annoying.” The woman was striking the head of Lim Changyong, the captain of the Korean national team. She was the only sister of Lim Changyong and another member of Sudden Force. By the way, she was the one who secretly killed Eun Jeonghyeok the other day. “I’m sorry, Mido.” 

“No, it is fine, Unni.”

Mido waved when she saw Lim Sara’s polite apology. In fact, it was fine. She had felt relieved when Lim Sara hit him in the back of the head. For reference, Lim Sara was four years older than Mido and was a former national gold medal winner in shooting.

It was rumored that she had retired due to a sudden illness, but the details weren’t known. She used the pistol that she was familiar with as her main weapon in Arkstar, but the attribute of the magic bullet was surprisingly fraudulent. Its name was also terrifying. ‘Inducement.’ It didn’t chase after the target until they died. The bullet just curved 60 degrees to the left or right based on the target. Nevertheless, this was a good thing.

Ahh! It hurts. Sara! I’m your oppa. Ack!

“Follow me. What oppa? You really need to be punished. Just stand there. I will use you as a sandbag.”

Lim Changyong was pulled by the ear and had to stand as a sandbag as he was severely beaten by Lim Sara. Eek! Ughh!

The players laughed and the tension in the room seemed to be relieved. Every time they saw him being caught by his younger sister like this, they thought that Lim Changyong’s claim was right. Perhaps the real power was Lim Sara.

‘They are funny siblings. I want to hit Jeongdo like that. I should ask Unni to teach me the secret later.’

Mido slowly looked around at the people she would be with today. Lim Changyong, Lim Sara, Kim Cheol, Park Jangsoo, Kim Hyeonu, and Eun Jeonghyeok were giggling. Additionally, the monk, Kim Haeil, was playing a game console in the back. Furthermore, a person was reading the newspaper...

“What are you looking at?” she asked Kim Donghyun, the leader of the Giant Guild, who was reading the newspaper.

Kim Donghyun frowned and asked her, “Why are you asking?”

“No reason.”

“Somehow, young people these days don’t know how to be polite. Groan.

Kim Donghyun immediately folded the newspaper and Han Sanghyuk, the vice president of the Giant Guild, who was also holding a book in his hand, shouted at the noisy national team, “Hey, be quiet. I can’t concentrate.”

Han Sanghyuk became satisfied with the silence that ensued and focused on reading again. Mido saw the title of the book he was holding.

‘Love Paradise? Isn’t that pornographic? Sigh, I really hate perverts and he is doing everything I hate. He is doing it all.’

Mido shook her head. During the last training camp, these two often worsened the atmosphere of the national team. It was due to their typical old, fussy temperament. They were older than Lim Changyong, so he couldn’t say anything to them. Additionally, they had a very bad relationship with the Icarus Guild, including Mido. Perhaps it was because they were ashamed after being defeated in a humiliating manner by her and Eun Jeonghyeok the other day.

She was convinced.

“Move your legs. I need to go to the bathroom,” Kim Donghyun ordered as he suddenly stood up and stopped in front of Mido.

She once again felt angry. “You can just go around the back.”

Throughout the camp, Kim Donghyun had been provoking them with such nonsense. She wanted to beat him up, but she had to endure it. It was because she might be expelled from the national team if she caused trouble.


At this time, a chilly silence was wrapped around the two people. Then a savior appeared as the door of the waiting room opened. They were the Union officials.

“Korean players, please prepare. We are starting soon.”

* * *

At a stadium full of loud noises...

My family and I managed to get there 10 minutes before the start of the game. We had left when there were two hours remaining. It originally would’ve only taken 30 minutes, but the traffic was very heavy. We would’ve taken the subway if we knew this was the case.

“I’m sorry. I need to get in. Sorry.”

My daughter-in-law apologized to the other audience members as we moved to the special seats in the front row. We managed to sit down.

Wow, I can see it clearly. Right?”

“Yes. We can enjoy this type of hospitality because of Mido.”

“We raised our daughter well.”

“Mom, what about me?”

“You were raised well as well~ but we’ll have to wait a bit longer? Hoho.

The family all laughed. We looked at the stage in front of us with eyes full of anticipation. It was clear that we were now in special seats. It was a consideration to the players’ families so they could see it clearly. At this moment, the phone I was holding vibrated. Who was it? I checked the text message straight away.

[Yoo Minseok: Elder, have you arrived at the stadium?]

What was with this guy? It was out of the blue. I felt annoyed as I replied. It was in text so I didn’t care if I used the words I learned from my grandchildren last time. If I sent two of these, it meant something positive. It was a wonderful world I lived in.

[Choi Chuntaek: ㅇㅇ] (Yes)

I quickly replied and then focused on the stage again. Shortly after, my phone vibrated again.

[Yoo Minseok: Do you remember what I said the other day? Can you think again? It still isn’t too late. I will call the coach and add you to the national team whenever you want.]

It seemed he still hadn’t given up.

...Hah, it’s annoying. His tenaciousness was unusual, but my thoughts remained the same. It wasn’t time yet.

I started typing a text message again. This was also taught by my grandchildren. In my memory, it probably meant a rejection. I only tapped a few times to complete the text and then watched the stage happily again.

The host was walking out.

-The 2nd Arkstar World Competition will now begin!

* * *

At the Seoul Union Square official waiting room...

Yoo Minseok was perplexed by the text message that just arrived. It was such a calm refusal that he didn’t know what to do. No, he should call it chic. In any case, it was the first time Yoo Minseok had received such an insincere rejection letter.

[Choi Chuntaek: ㄴㄴ] (No)

‘No, where did he learn such things?’

Based on the conversation, he clearly understood what the old man meant. Yoo Minseok was even more flustered. He hadn’t even exchanged these types of messages with his wife yet. Yoo Minseok once again looked at the text message and laughed because it was absurd. He felt like he was a husband and the old man was a wife who was in a bad mood. Still, he didn’t know if he tried it once again...

[Yoo Minseok: Please contact me anytime if you change your mind. I’m waiting for you.]

Finally, Yoo Minseok decided to give up. The chances of the old man appearing were very slim, but there was an old saying ‘do your best and wait for the will of the heavens.’ He felt he had done everything he could. From now on, it would be up to the will of the heavens.

“What are you so serious about?” Department Head Lee Seokjun glanced over from where he was sitting beside Yoo Minseok.

They made eye contact and Lee Seokjun smiled as he said, “You are indeed still a newlywed. Hahaha.”


It seemed that Lee Seokjun mistakenly thought Yoo Minseok was talking to his wife. Well, it didn’t matter what he thought.

“The chairman is coming.”

Just then, the door of the waiting room opened. An old man using a cane walked through the door.

‘He finally came.’

Yoo Minseok gulped nervously. It wasn’t just himself. It was probably everyone here. The name was currently the most famous name in the world, not just South Korea. He might be in his final years, but the nickname of the ‘late sky’ wasn’t in vain. In fact, he could buy and sell a country with the power he had now. Yoo Minseok thought that Chairman Lee Geonmyeong could probably buy South Korea if he wanted. Of course, the law didn’t allow him to do so, but he could act behind the scenes at will with all the money he had. In any case, he was a great man.

“Team Leader Yoo, it’s been a long time. How long has it been?”

Lee Geonmyeong held out his hand and Yoo Minseok bowed and grabbed it.

“It has only been a year, Chairman-nim.” 

Ahh, yes. Sorry, I don’t have the concept of time these days. It’s almost time for me to die.”

“You are still hale and hearty.”

“It is good to hear. Thank you.”

Lee Geonmyeong smiled and someone approached him. It was Woo Seongjae, the leader of the second team. “There is also me, Chairman-nim.” 

Oh, Team Leader Woo. Yes, it is nice to see you as well. You have worked hard.”

“No! I will work until my bones are buried!”

“Hahaha. Team Leader Woo is still very loyal.”

“Thank you!”

“However, you have to do as well as your loyalty. If you do it wrong then your bones might turn into powder...”

Woo Seongjae’s shoulders shook at Lee Geonmyeong’s words.

“I-I will keep that in mind.”

“Yes, I believe you will do well.”


Lee Geonmyeong patted Woo Seongjae’s shoulder several times. Looking at this, Yoo Minseok had to admit that Lee Geonmyeong wasn’t in good health but his mental power was surprisingly great.

‘How are those the eyes of the dying...?’

The world knew that Chairman Lee Geonmyeong had terminal cancer. In fact, he shouldn’t be walking around like this, but for some reason, he came to watch the world competition. Maybe this would be the last time he was seen.

-Here is the founder of Union, who developed Arkstar. Let’s hear the congratulatory words from Chairman Lee Geonmyeong.

“I’m going.”

“I’ll guide you, Father.” 

Um, yes.”

Yoo Minseok was filled with a strange emotion when he watched Lee Geonmyeong walking to the stage with the support of Lee Seokjun. He looked like a candle burning itself, leaving behind the last bits of his life.

TL Note: Gyeonso Dragon should completely be changed to Zhen Sulong. If you still find any instances in the chapters then please let us know in the EYEM channel on the Wuxiaworld discord or on the editor's comment of this chapter.

[1] Song = Black Pink’s Whistle 

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