Chapter 23

[Zigma’s Shadow Dagger has been acquired.]

[Zigma’s Bone Necklace has been acquired.]

[Zigma’s Leather has been acquired.]

[Bead Fragment Dyed in Darkness has been acquired.]

...What were these things? I wanted to confirm the information of the items straight away but I couldn’t. My gaze was directed to the prison behind me. Phew, let’s go. Go.”

My knees clacked. I walked while making this sound. Then as I got closer...

Kyaaaaak! Grandfather!”

“Grandfather is great!"

“Please sign this!”


I got a headache. This thing was annoying so I thought for a moment if I should just go. However, it couldn’t be helped due to Sujeong’s presence. In the end, I stood in front of the padlock that had previously insulted me. It was a dirty lock. I was furious. If the dagger hadn’t been broken, I would’ve helped these people escape quickly and easily taken care of the goblins.


What could I do? These things had already happened.

“Step back.”

“Everybody, step back!”

The lock shattered with one blow from my fire kick. The first person out of the prison was Kim Sujeong. “When did you learn such a skill?"

Um… I’m not sure. Keke.”

I wanted to be honest but had to stop after noticing a number of users emerging with eyes that shone like lanterns.

...Please just pass by. However, they didn’t.

“Thank you so much! Hero!”

“You’re really cool! Grandfather!”

“Where did you learn such kicks? Can you teach us?”

“What is your class?”

“Can you tell me what that skill is?”

“Please sign this!”

I thought it would be like this. I laughed and ignored the questions, “Hahaha. Hahahaha...

Ah, I wanted to leave. Some people might envy me as I was surrounded by as many women as clouds but I didn’t like it at all. It was because once people’s eyes focused on me, my ears became red and I had a habit of stuttering.

Kuhum. Hum hum!

I couldn’t help coughing. Just as I was in trouble, there was a voice that saved me.

“No! There are no goblins? What happened?”

...This guy. It was Philos. At this moment, everyone’s gaze was pointed at Philos. This was my chance. “Sujeong, let’s go eat lunch.”


I logged out like I was running away.

* * *

Union. Arkstar’s Strategy Planning Office.

Yoo Minseok, the team leader, was working overtime and snoozing in his office.

Snore-! Sigh.


He was snoring. However, there was someone who bothered him. “Team Leader-nim!”

The door banged open and Cha Jincheol entered.

Uhhh! Get lost! Leave!!!”

Yoo Minseok suddenly swung his fist into the air and opened his eyes. It seemed like he was having a nightmare.



Yoo Minseok coughed a few times out of embarrassment before he discovered the dark circles under Cha Jincheol’s eyes.

Cough! What's going on?”

“It is serious.”

“Again? What is it? What is it this time?”

Yoo Minseok had been nervous since CODE-0 broke out yesterday. He basically couldn’t sleep at all. It was because he was busy with continuous meetings and monitoring. He was newly married and didn’t want to work overtime, so Cha Jincheol was a target of fear.

Cha Jincheol opened his mouth, “Code Zero finally received a class.”

“Code Zero should originally get a class. What’s the problem?”

“That... you should see it yourself...”

‘What? I have an ominous feeling again.’

CODE-0. It referred to the owner of the new Star Fruit that would lead to the scenario of ‘Arkstar.’ However, Cha Jincheol’s reaction was enough to make a chill go down Yoo Minseok’s spine. After a while, they entered the monitoring room together.

“Watch this.”

Cha Jincheol pointed to a message on his laptop.

[System: CODE-0 has become a legend hidden in the legend.]


A legend hidden in the legend. The meaning was obvious.

“Has the core Arkstar scenario finally appeared?”

It had finally awakened. A true legend that would overthrow the existing legends filled with lies.

* * *

Around this time...

“It finally appeared.”

“That is what happened... who is the lucky hero?”

“I don’t know... yet.”

“Well, find out as soon as possible. I’ll give you support.”

“I understand, Chairman.” 

The moment the man giving the report closed the door and walked out, the man who seemed to be the chairman turned in his chair. His name was Lee Geonmyeong. He was the chairman of the Union Group, which created the virtual reality game ‘Arkstar.’

He turned his chair and looked at the vast sunshine coming from the wide windows. “Gaia. It won’t go according to your will. Definitely.”

* * *

The world’s best virtual reality game. A fan site for users all over the world was created to promote Arkstar. It was called ‘Arkstar Life.’ In short, the A.S.L community. Now a hot topic sparked a lot of conversation. As expected, the main story was this morning’s prophecy.

-Everyone, what does it mean that the true king has woken up?

-I’m not sure but I’m sure it has to do with the Star Fruit.

-Eh? What happened?

-You don’t know yet? The moment the prophecy ended, the people who ate the Star Fruit ran wild. Didn’t you know?

-Wow...? So why?

-We don’t know.

-Do you think a new legend has appeared?

-It is a possibility.

-I acknowledge it.

There was a lot of speculation about the prophecy and the real king. Then the sudden words of one person quickly ended the controversy and brought chaos.

-It is amazing.

-What’s going on?

-Did you see the world message right now?

-What is it?

-Say it quickly.

-I’m curious. Curious.

-There was a world message stating that the true legend hidden in the legend has awakened. The star name is Dipper Star's Beloved.

-ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dipper Star’s Beloved.

-It is funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Isn’t it just a legend?

-Is it a hidden legend?

-How many Star Fruits?

-I’m curious about who it is.

-Ah~ I’m envious. I’d like to try a Star Fruit as well.

In the midst of the controversy, rumors started to spread about the identity of the person who became a hidden legend. They didn’t know that he was an ordinary grandfather from South Korea.

* * *

Meanwhile, I was finally able to escape from the capsule. The capsule's lid slowly opened, making a sound like a carbonated Coke leaking.

Ah, my body has been lying down for a long time and I’m aching all over.”

I turned my neck and heard a creaking sound. I hastily hit my back and sat up. At the same time, Kim Sujeong’s capsule next to mine also started to open. I spoke to her as she got up, “Sujeong.”


“Do you want to eat a packed lunch?"

After a while, we sat at a table in the room and ate a packed lunch. Kim Sujeong spoke with a pleasant expression, “Um, isn’t this really delicious?”

“Really? Eat a lot. Keke.”

“It is worthy of Mikyung unni’s cooking skill.”

“My daughter-in-law said you could stop by at any time.”


Kim Sujeong’s eyes widened.

“Yes, come eat at my house when you’re free.”


Kim Sujeong’s lips pressed together and she bowed her head. “Don’t you hate me?”


“Mother died and I left, so I thought your family would hate me.”

...This was the reason.



“It isn’t like that. We would’ve never done that. I always missed you.”



She looked like she was going to cry as she nodded lightly. She seemed like she would explode if I touched her. Don’t tell me she was crying...?

Sob sob...

...Damn. I quickly handed her some tissue paper. One of the three wonders of the world was a woman’s heart. A woman’s heart. It was too difficult for me.

I patted her on the shoulder for a while.

* * *

We had the packed meal before separating. She had another appointment so had to make another meeting. I suddenly became someone with no sense of existence, an unemployed person. Um, what should I do now? It wasn’t easy to be unemployed. There was nothing more painful then having nothing to do.

I wanted to kill time and turned on my phone straight away. At this time, I had only one friend.

Did it ring three times? Then someone answered the phone.

-It has been a while, Chuntaek. 

Keke. Have you been well, Muyeol?” 

Park Muyeol. He had been my friend for 40 years. He had been with me since I was in my 20s... yes, it hurts. I remember that young man saying I was his best friend.

-I’ve been well. By the way, did you call because you were bored?

Um, you caught that? Keke. How about a cup of soju?”

-Good, how about in the evening? Isn’t it hard to drink in the daytime at our age? Hahaha.


“Yes. It will be just right by the time I get home. I’ll see you then.”

-Okay. Then I’ll see you later.

I hung up the phone and started White. Rattle! Rattle! ...I would have to take it to the car center soon. It didn’t run quickly. I was concerned for White’s health.

Then after 30 minutes of driving, I turned on the radio to soothe my boredom. My favorite music show happened to be on.

-Yes~ This is a requested song. Let’s listen to ‘Whistle’ by Black Pink.


“A good selection.”

It was sung by Mido’s favorite girl group. I had a memory of hearing this song. I heard the familiar prelude and first verse before the part I knew finally came out.





-para para parabam -♬

At the same time, I subconsciously stepped hard on the accelerator. After a while, the engine sound spread out.

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