Chapter 22

Let’s go back in time...

It was when I found the hidden page in Alexus’ diary.


I made an amazed look when I read it. It was due to the Flying Kick technique left behind by Alexus. The Flying Kick technique was an inherited technique passed down to excellent martial artists. Why was this here? I couldn’t help being surprised. I never dreamt I would see the Flying Kick technique I learned as a child here.

I immediately read the large letters I could see at the top. “Flying Weather Dance?”

What was this? I read and interpreted the hanja (Chinese characters) one by one. Fly, sky, weather, shape, and dance.

“Dancing in the sky with the weather?”

A chill went down my spine. It felt like something huge was going to emerge. My heart trembled as I started calmly reading the words below.

-I, Cooking King Alexus, have always struggled to protect my dishes.

There have been many who sought after or wanted to use my dishes and I had to fight to defend them. As a chef, I can’t get my hands dirty! I started creating skills with my feet to confront them.

That’s how it was born. The Flying Weather Dance.

Later generations...! I will leave this Sun Flying Kick technique for you.

Defend the food! Protect your loved ones! Protect the people who are suffering hard! Punish the wicked and protect peace!

Fly into the sky with my Flying Kick technique. The heavens will come before you!

* * *


[The Flying Breathing Techniques has absorbed the energy of the Sun Meatballs.]

[The Sun Flying Kick Technique - ‘Rising Sun’ is available.]

[Sun Flying Kick Technique - Rising Sun (Active)]

[Rating: Legend

Magic Power Consumption: 50

Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

A flying kick technique made by Cooking King Alexus using the power of the sun.

As you follow the motions of the dance, the sun’s power will burn hot and naturally rise from your toes.

-Sun Energy: 0/100.

The kick’s physical attack power will be 50% -> 100% when Rising Sun is maintained.

All kicks will have sun damage that corresponds to 100% of your magic attack damage and every 30 seconds, enemies hit by a kick will receive 10% additional magic attack damage.

All stats of the caster using Rising Sun will double.]

This? I couldn’t use the Sun Flying Kick technique initially. It was because the Flying Breathing Techniques written on the paper could only be used by first absorbing the energy of the Sun Meatballs I had eaten.

[Flying Breathing Techniques (Passive)]

[Rating: Legend

After eating weather dishes, you will be able to use the power of the weather obtained from the dish. If you eat all the dishes, it will be twice as effective.]

Flying Breathing Techniques was a passive skill belonging to the Flying Weather Dance. It absorbed the energy of Weather Cooking to open up a hidden power. It took 100 minutes to open up the power of the sun and it rose by 1% every minute. This meant that it had been 100 minutes since I had arrived here. In the moment of crisis, I turned 180 degrees.

“Flying Weather Dance.”

The moment I activated the skill, I started to follow the movements of the pictures that appeared in front of me one by one. My movements were flowing like I knew them from the beginning. I soon saw the energy of the sun rising from my toes and moved. In the tribe chief’s field of view, I moved faster than anyone as I delivered a powerful kick filled with the energy of the sun to his chin.

“Rising Sun.”

A tremendous explosion echoed in my ears. At one point, the ground shook like there was an earthquake and Zigma screamed.


Zigma struggled in pain and held his face. There was a flame constantly burning on his face and he kept screaming.

Uwaaaack! Uwaaaack!

[Sun Energy: 99/100]


I stood in the same position and did a back kick. It was short everything was implied in that one-word exclamation. The energy of the sun seemed to diminish with every beat.

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is thrilled to see the Flying Kick Technique after a long time.]

[The first apostle, ‘Prometheus,’ is trembling.]

There was no time to spare. I could see Zigma staring at me while covering his chin with one hand. “You! I’ll kill you!!! I will surely kill you!!!!”

A darker light started to flow out of Zigma’s eyes.

...It felt like the lid was open.

I started to quickly disappear once more. The dirt splashed up around Zigma, leaving a pale afterimage. I seemed to be flying. It felt like all the cells in my body were alive. It was like I was back in my 20s.

“Where? Where? Uwahh!

Zigma was unable to catch me as I constantly disappeared. I suddenly appeared behind him. “Behind you!” 

[You have dealt 632 damage to the target.]

[105 sun damage is added.]

[You have dealt 687 damage to the target.]

[106 sun damage is added.]

[You have dealt 655 damage to the target.]

[109 sun damage is added.]

[You have dealt a critical hit!]

[You have dealt 1,024 damage to the target.]

[203 sun damage is added.]

* * *

Meanwhile, the prison was as quiet as a dead rat. It was like a still screen. Their mouths were all open and showing their uvula.

The first one to speak was Kim Sujeong. “Oh my god...”

She couldn’t believe it. This person was clearly level 8. Even if he just changed classes, he would be level 12 at the most. Suddenly, in a crisis situation, he started to dance and flames appeared at his feet. The speed, power, and fantastic kicks after that were so shocking that it made everyone lose their souls.

Kim Sujeong muttered the words that came to her mind, “Only he is the supreme one.”

Were there any better words for the situation than this? In the end, cheers erupted from the side.


Kyaaaak! Too cool, Grandfather!!”


Once the users next to her started cheering, Sujeong felt uplifted. She wanted to convey to him the tremors flowing through her entire body. “Father! Blow him away-!!”

* * *


Zigma struggled in pain as flames rose from his back. His health was reduced by half but since he was a named monster, he was definitely more energetic than normal monsters.

“You are a bit tenacious. A cockroach?” I spoke in a rather aggressive tone.

My body was lighter and my kicking was better, so I returned to the tone of my youth. Zigma glared at me with bloodshot eyes.

Kuoock. I’ll kill you!!! Youuuu!”

Zigma quickly swung the dagger with both hands. It was at a tremendous speed. The eyes of the other users could barely follow it. However, my eyes saw it. All my stats doubled so my agility also increased. I lightly avoided the attack by only moving my upper body.


Zigma’s face was filled with disbelief. He was probably thinking ‘How?’ right now.

“How am I stronger than you?”

Zigma’s expression distorted grotesquely. His black eyes were the worst.

I clicked my tongue and told him, “Let’s stop here now.”

[A deadly strike! Zigma is paralyzed for 5 seconds.]


My leg shot up 180 degrees and my heel touched his chin. I spun around the injured Zigma, constantly turning and kicking. Every time I appeared, a footprint was imprinted on Zigma. Zigma was helpless without the strength to scream. His entire body was full of footprints and burn marks from my kicks. He knelt down and I left some final words.

“Don't forget.”


“The target you were harassing was someone’s son and daughter. One day, they will become parents.”

Ahh... Ragneos...”

Zigma seemed like he was thinking of someone as he tried to speak last words. However, I showed no mercy.


I literally spun around three times in the air. Then I did a spinkick and blew away his head. His head was blown away and fell at the entrance of the prison.





“Victory!!! Hooray!!!!!!”


“Grandpa is great!!!”

Loud shouts erupted from the prison. They stabbed at my ears but I closed my eyes.

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

[Your level has risen!]

The moment I received the level up messages, my entire body was burning gold and red. The health reduced by Zigma slowly recovered and I recalled the past.

...If it was this world, could I fly again?

Suddenly, a panorama passed through my mind. It was the days when I liquidated the organization after marrying my wife. I used to feel a lot of emptiness and abandonment. This was despite the fact that they were material things. For me, who always lived a war-like life, my peaceful life was both medicine and poison. Thus, I worked harder to forget.

Now it was different. Here, I felt alive. The pleasure of winning a fierce battle dominated my whole body. The light wind caressed me and I looked up at the blue sky.


I subconsciously let out a sunny smile while soaking in the blue sky.

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