Chapter 211

The roars of tens of thousands of spectators filled my ears. I frowned slightly because it was noisy, but they were praising me. Thus, I diligently waved at them. I could get in trouble because of the live broadcast so I was quite cautious this time.

“I love you, Dark Wolf~!” 

“Too cool! Kyaaak!

“Take off your mask!”

“I’m curious about your face!”

“Look at me~!”

The voices of the audience members were heard clearly because of super sensitivity. The problem was that there were too many voices.

Sigh. I’m going to become deaf.”

I greeted the front, left, right, and back before looking at one place. I saw this place and couldn’t help being startled.

“What? This?”

[We wish you victory in the Colosseum, Milky Dark Wolf - All members of the No. 1 Dark Wolf Fan Cafe ‘Wolf’s Temptation.’]

They were people holding banners. No, why were such things implemented in virtual reality? Wait a minute, my fan cafe?

“What are these people doing?”

I knew about the concept of a fan cafe. Mido had joined a fan cafe when she fell for a girl group called Black Pink. For a while, Mido’s room used to be covered in photos of the girl group called Black Pink. What was it according to my granddaughter?

Gurl curush?

In any case, she liked them because of that, although it was hard to pronounce.

“Do they also like me because of gurl curush?”

I approached them and waved my hand. Then they started to go crazy.


“I love you!”

“Please hold my hand just once!”

“Too handsome!”

“So cool!”

...It was completely crazy. I thought they would rush over if I got closer, so I waved my hand from a distance. There was an endless baptism of camera flashes. This scene was probably being broadcasted all over the world. Therefore, I had to keep my dignity right now. It would be an international disgrace if I did something wrong.

-Ahh, it is Kaidan. From now on, the Star Fruit presentation ceremony will begin. Before that, I will do a simple blessing ceremony.

Kaidan’s voice was heard and then there were quite a few footsteps behind me. Looking closely, they were soldiers led by Kaidan. The one walking in front was definitely Kaidan. I had only seen him in the VIP seats from a distance. Looking closely, he was almost like Aidan. I guess it was true that they were cousins.

“Congratulations on winning.”

Ah, yes.”

“You are a great person. You are still alive despite Aidan aiming at you. Well, I should be thankful that he is no longer in this world.”

I was surprised. “Huh...?

“You don’t know? Aidan was found dead this morning. Huhu. It was a really empty end for the one who had enough wealth to be chosen as the next Merchant King. In the end, he died at the hands of the resistance.”

It seemed that Leslie had captured Aidan and publicly killed him. Well, it didn’t matter to me. I just felt strange that the person who was fine until recently had died. A man’s death was truly fleeting and vain. Maybe I would be like this when I died. Nevertheless, Kaidan was his cousin, but he didn’t shed any tears.

Kaidan asked me, “Do you intend to be my subordinate?”


“Too bad. Then I will hold a simple blessing ceremony before giving you the Star Fruit. Just think of it as tradition. Get on one knee.”

I knelt down on one knee as he said. At the same time, the crystal ball that approached me displayed my appearance on the screen. The person who came forward was a magician wearing a black robe. He started chanting something at me and I waited without any doubts.

Then suddenly, the sound of a gunshot rang out and tore everything apart. In front of me, the magician’s heart was pierced instantly and the magician died without a single scream. Since he was an NPC, it looked very hard to see him dyed with a gray color. What the hell was this situation?

-Joseph: Elder.

-Jackson: Is it you?

-Joseph: Well, it wasn’t exactly me. It was Leslie.

-Jackson: The reason?

-Joseph: I will tell you later. First, grab the Star Fruit and leave. A smoke bomb will soon explode.

“Dammit. What the hell is this?”

For a moment, I wondered if it was revenge for kicking his butt. However, my thoughts didn’t last long. Something flew into the stadium and smoke started to rise.

“It is a smoke bomb!”

“It is the Karstein people!”

“Protect the lord!”

“Protect Kaidan!”

Tatang! Tatang!

Kaidan’s soldiers fell under the gunshots. It wouldn’t be too late to listen to the explanation after getting out of here. Joseph was a snake and he must have a reason. I had this thought while finding the soldier holding the Star Fruit. I took advantage of their carelessness during the smoke to grab the Star Fruit the soldiers had kept on a cushion.

[A Star Fruit has been acquired.]

There was a bit of trouble, but in any case, I achieved my purpose. The surrounding area was already pandemonium. The audience, soldiers, and Kaidan were all the same. I pulled out the Shadow Dagger from my inventory and disappeared into a shadow.

* * *

At Union’s headquarters in Gangnam, Seoul.

The finals of the Colosseum event was a big topic for Union. Some female employees liked the masked lone wolf because he was cool. Additionally, they might not know the reason, but he was also very popular among the male employees. It was because his look of fighting under the veil of mystery had a subtle charm.

As a result, the outside area was full of cheers from the staff. They were all watching the finals of the Colosseum event. It was possible because it was lunch time.

“...I can’t believe it. Is he really an old man who is about to turn 70?”

Right now, Yoo Minseok, Cha Jincheol, and Department Manager Lee Seokjun were watching the video of the finals together in the office of the 1st Strategic Planning Team. Lee Seokjun looked blank at the unbelievable sight in front of him.

“It is true.”

Lee Seokjun shook his head at Yoo Minseoks’ confirmation. He still couldn’t believe it. From the early stages of development, Arkstar was called the hope of the elderly because even old people could play it. However, this didn’t last long. Unexpected problems arose when the elderly people started playing. One of the problems was the young people’s evasion rate.

“No, this doesn’t look like the movements of an ordinary old man, no matter how I look.”

Lee Seokjun couldn’t believe it. There was one reason why young people in the game avoided older users. it was their movements. They were used to their aging bodies and couldn’t adjust to the world of Arkstar. Many of them couldn’t respond to the attacks of the monsters and chose a production class because of fear.

This was why finding an elderly person with a combat class was like picking a star from the sky. No, it was safe to say there were very few.

‘Then what are these movements?’

In addition to his reflexes, the combat techniques were jaw dropping. In particular, the kicks that entertained the eyes seemed like extraordinary stunts rarely seen anywhere.

“Who the hell is he?”

It was Cha Jincheol, who stood like a secretary, who replied to Lee Seokjun’s murmur.

“I looked him up.”

He handed Lee Seokjun a nearly organized file. This was an investigation that Cha Jincheol did in advance under Yoo Minseok’s orders, but now was a good time to reveal it.

“How did you find it?” Lee Seokjun asked as he opened the file and Cha Jincheol closed his mouth.

Lee Seokjun looked confused and Yoo Minseok replied, “Gaia hacked the government’s servers.”

“Were you caught?”



In fact, this was strictly illegal. Even so, Lee Seokjun decided to pretend that he didn’t know. In any case, the supercomputer Gaia had the ability to hack the government’s computer networks without anyone knowing. The government naturally wasn’t aware of it. It was just that no one could exploit it because Gaia itself couldn’t be used without the consent codes of all the team leaders at headquarters.

‘Yet he even hacked through this...’

Lee Seokjun looked at Cha Jincheol in front of him again. He heard Cha JIncheol was a natural genius in Union, but he didn't know it was to this degree. He told Cha JIncheol, “You are a friend with great ability.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll move on this time, but never do it again. This is a warning.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“No. I was curious anyway. Well done.”

Cha Jincheol thought he would be severely punished so he sighed with relief after hearing the praise. In fact, his heart had sunk when Yoo Minseok first ordered it. He had done so while being prepared to resign from the company.


Lee Seokjun started reading the report.

“He was born as an orphan and raised to be a spy sent to the North...”

However, there was nothing else unusual. He was an extremely ordinary grandfather and even had a family. The only thing was that he had been the main chef of Wolunjeong, which had a unique history.


A photo appeared as he was flipping through the file. It was a photograph of two elderly men with their arms around each other. One of them was naturally Choi Chuntaek dressed as a chef. The other person next to him was someone Lee Seokjun knew well.

‘Why is this person here...?’

The man Lee Seokjun was looking at was an old man who always showed up on TV these days. “This is Park Muyeol right? Why are their arms over each other’s shoulders?”

Cha Jincheol replied, “They are friends. This is a clipping from an old article. It is said they have been friends for 40 years.”

“Oh my god.” Lee Seokjun sighed while covering his face with his hands. “Are all grandfathers like this lately?”

“Not necessarily. These two are special.”

“Right? I wasn’t the wrong one?”

“Yes, Manager-nim.” 

Lee Seokjun was satisfied with Cha Jincheol’s answer and closed the file. On TV, the finals were over.

-I-It is over! The winner of this Colosseum event is Jackson! He has defeated Zhen Sulong and become the owner of the new Star Fruit!

Lee Seokjun opened his mouth, “Team Leader Yoo, you are going to be busy.”

“...It also looks like I have to work overtime again because of Code Zero.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. More than that, I have something to say.”

“...?” Lee Seokjun was bewildered by the words.

Yoo Minseok spoke with a serious expression, “I want to formally invite him to participate in this world competition.”

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