Chapter 210

For the first time in a long time, Zhen Sulong felt a sense of pleasure beyond words.

‘Yes, this is the fight I wanted.’

Zhen Sulong had felt a bit flustered when the fork spoon was abruptly thrown, but he managed to handle it with a small gesture. It was probably just a light trick. Zhen Sulong was looking forward to what his brother would do next. Then his brother disappeared from in front of him. It was in the blink of an eye. In the ensuing explosion, Zhen Sulong knew he was going to die. He would already be dead if he hadn’t reflexively used Lightning Dragon’s Descent.

‘Brother is truly great!’

A thrill ran through his body and he felt alive. Zhen Sulong immediately launched an onslaught, trying to give this person as little gaps as possible. In the first place, Lightning Dragon’s Descent didn’t last a long time. This was due to Zhen Sulong’s lack of training. Then he saw the black night wolves appear and he smiled.

‘They are the wolves from that time. It will be a good fight.’

Zhen Sulong became a lightning dragon and launched a bloody battle against the four black night wolves. The black night wolves used their cold teeth and claws, but the cold poison couldn’t reach Zhen Sulong who was made of lightning. He lightly overpowered the black night wolves and it happened when he was going to take care of the remaining one.


The last wolf ran quickly and blocked his view. There was also an eerie black arrow that was flying.

‘This should be avoided!’

He was more scared because he knew the power of the arrow after seeing it the other day. He managed to dodge. No, he thought he did.

‘It wasn’t aimed at me from the beginning?’

The black arrow became a wolf that bit the lightning dragon’s neck. The two great forces couldn’t co-exist and shook unstably. He instinctively felt it. It would explode. His thought was correct.


He rolled over on the ground, covering himself with dirt. It was a great power. He managed to raise himself up. Lightning Dragon’s Descent, which had been wrapped around him, was already unusable. Nevertheless, Zhen Sulong was grateful that he was alive. He still wanted to fight. His left arm was unusable, but he still had some strength.

He walked toward his brother. It was far less than at the beginning, but he could still wrap blue lightning around his fist. His brother was stretching his legs like he also still had strength. Zhen Sulong was turning his wrist. Now it would be the last blow.

This one blow would decide everything. Then at this moment...


The hot sun around his brother’s legs disappeared. For a moment, Zhen Sulong’s tension was released.

‘Does he intend to surrender?’

The moment he thought so, his brother moved. Zhen Sulong thought it was an attack and his shoulders tensed. However, it wasn’t an attack. It was a dance.

“The sun dance?”

No, it wasn’t the case. He knew the movements of the dance required to gain the power of hot fire. He had seen it closer than anyone else, so he knew it better than anyone else. The dance in front of him wasn’t the sun dance. It was a new dance he had never seen before.

* * *

Wind wound around my right leg. My left leg seemed to be hugged and my left and right hands were warm like I was touching a young baby. I felt it. Now I could see the movement of the wind. It was all due to the Eyes of the Wind that Huera gave me.

[Eyes of the Wind] [Passive]

[Rating: Myth

The power that Huera, goddess of revival and the wind, has blessed you with. You can see the wind with your eyes and have a high level of proficiency in all attacks using the wind.

* Wind attribute attack damage is increased by 30%.

- Wind attribute magic power is doubled.]

Moreover, it enhanced my sense of the wind that I had now. I had a thought that perhaps this time, it was possible.

“Flying Weather Dance.”

I didn’t know if this could surpass Rising Sun, but I decided to bet everything since it turned out this way. The power of the wind in my heart swirled rapidly. I recalled the movements of the Wind Flying Kick Technique and started the steps. The wind gathered little by little on both legs and it stayed like a small hurricane.

“Blade Wind.”

It sounded like a bee was moving. A short time later, I appeared behind Zhen Sulong.


I didn’t see it myself, but I could feel Zhen Sulong turning back. However, this was his last move.


In an instant, a great number of cuts were carved all over his body. Zhen Sulong moaned as blood kept flowing from his body. I sliced at his entire body at a tremendous speed with my kicks. It was a success.


[You have acquired a new skill.]

[The Wind Flying Kick Technique - ‘Blade Wind’ is available.]

[Wind Flying Kick Technique - Blade Wind (Active)]

[Rating: Legend

Magic Power Consumption: 100

Cooldown Time: None

A flying kick technique made by Cooking King Alexus in his later years using the power of the wind. If you follow the dance, your legs will naturally fill with the power of the sharp wind.

-Wind Energy: 2160/2160

The kick’s physical attack power is fixed at 60% while Blade Wind is maintained.

All kicks will add wind damage that corresponds to 10% of your magic attack damage and enemies hit by a kick will receive 5% additional damage. Additionally, traces of wind will remain on the attack trajectory, consistently inflicting 1% wind damage per second.

The agility stat of users who use Blade Wind will increase by 2.5 times.

* The cooldown time of the skill has been removed with the goddess’ blessing.

* It can continue to be used as long as the energy of the wind is charged.]


At first, I thought I couldn’t use this. How heartbreaking was it when Huera fed the 100 year old Aiolia to Punghee. At that time, I had really regretted it. Now I saw the skill window and couldn’t help smiling. This could be called turning disaster into a blessing. If it hadn’t been for her blessing, Blade Wind might’ve been left in an unfinished state. Now the Eyes of the Wind that she gave me made the Blade Wind more vivid. I especially liked the lack of cooldown.

I turned back to Zhen Sulong with a satisfied smile.

“You will die if this continues.’ 

Zhen Sulong was still trapped by the blades of wind and his health was decreasing. It was due to the traces of wind that remained on the attack trajectory and consistently dealing damage. Just now, I circled him and attacked from various angles. It was natural that he couldn’t escape me.

I moved with the wind and erased the wind around him with a single gesture. I couldn’t believe that I had this level of skill with the wind. I didn’t need to be afraid of Kerenos anymore.


Zhen Sulong stretched out feebly without any strength and coughed up blood. I felt he was going to die so I quickly searched for a potion in my inventory. However, I didn’t have a potion. It had been a long time since I became a chef and stopped using potions.

...It couldn’t be helped. I had no choice but to feed him this. I forcibly opened Zhen Sulong’s mouth and placed a few pieces of mandragoras cubed kimchi that I made last time. Zhen Sulong chewed on the kimchi. It was just about to go bad so I thought this was good. In fact, it was a secret that it was a bit past the expiration date.

-I-It is over! The winner of this Colosseum event is Jackson! He has defeated Zhen Sulong and become the owner of the new Star Fruit!

The moment the host spoke, indescribable screams rang through the Colosseum.

* * *

“Truly amazing.”

Leslie watched the match from a corner of the fourth floor of the Colosseum. He had sneaked in with the resistance and watched the match while hiding. It was the same for Joseph.

“It is a shame we only came in the middle of the match.”

Leslie nodded at Joseph’s words. It was a fierce match. It was a great match. He hadn’t been able to follow the last move of the man called Jackson.

Leslie was a sniper so he was confident about his eyesight. In the meantime, there had been no one that his eyes couldn’t follow. Now there was one.

‘The eyesight that I received after giving up one eye...’

He abandoned one eye for revenge. His remaining eye was maximized using the hidden technique of magic engineering. The enhanced vision was short-lived, but it could see through invisibility. No one could hide their body using stealth in front of him. It was how his resistance group was able to survive without dying. Every time an enemy came, he could figure out where they were and escape in advance.

“It was a really ridiculous move. Is this really the person I know?” Leslie wondered.

“That’s right, Sir Leslie.”

Leslie shook his head when he saw Joseph nodding.

“He is a great man to be able to do such things at his age.”

“That is his charm.”

Leslie hadn’t believed in Jackson. Jackson’s skills were uncertain and Leslie didn’t like that he was an old man. Leslie was grateful he provided the village to the resistance, but that was it. Leslie was asked to take care of the village’s defenses in a crisis and he thought this was natural. If Metheus disappeared then the Karstein fighters had nowhere to go. He didn’t feel sincere respect for the other person. He just thought they had exchanged good terms. However...

‘I have to admit it.’

Leslie had no doubt that the old man called Jackson would be a powerful ally. How great was his character and strength?

“Now we will see if the winning prize is delivered.” Joseph’s gaze turned to the edge of the stadium.

Far away, Kaidan was bringing over the Star Fruit protected by his soldiers. The old man waved to the audience with no hesitation. Joseph saw that the black wolf mask matched him and couldn’t help smiling.

‘Anyway, he is a great person in many ways.’

How many people in the world could show such movements at his age? Joseph guessed that the old man must’ve made steady efforts to show such movements.

-Ahh, it is Kaidan. From now on, the Star Fruit presentation ceremony will begin. Before that, I will do a simple blessing ceremony.

There were more screams from the audience. The numerous camera flashes were concentrated on one person. Kaidan grabbed the microphone and beckoned to the person holding the Star Fruit. it was a magician wearing a black robe. Joseph stared at the screen floating above the huge crystal ball and smiled. His mind was filled with relief. “That’s it. Now the Star Fruit is completely on our side...’

Wait, what is this?

“Sir Leslie.”

“What is it?”

“Let me borrow your binoculars.” Joseph snatched the binoculars from Leslie’s waistband.

“What is this?!” Leslie shouted angrily but Joseph didn’t budge. He was currently paying attention to the ritual performed by the magician in black robes.

‘Isn’t that a master and servant contract?’

His entire body got goosebumps. He knew about the master and servant contract. He was the leader of an intelligence group so he was well versed in black magic. There were many black magicians among his clients. For example, they needed materials or places for rituals. So why was the master and servant contract being used now?

“Sir Leslie.”

“Give it back.”

“That isn’t the problem right now. Shoot.”

“What are you saying?”

“Shoot the magician who is performing the ritual. You have to kill him! Or the old man will be taken away along with the Star Fruit!”


Leslie’s sniper rifle immediately aimed at the target. His one remaining eye focused on the magician’s heart.

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