Chapter 208

Kaidan saw the shocked audience and smiled sarcastically.

Huhu. It is a great response.’

In fact, he had been going to bring a fake Star Fruit today. He planned to sell the real thing on the black market, but then he heard the news this morning and completely revised his plans.

‘I didn’t expect Aidan to die like this.’

The death of his cousin Aidan was sudden and painful. It was also humiliating. His body was left hanging from the market and the flag of the resistance was next to him. Some of the nobles frowned at the miserable appearance, some had conspicuous eyes, and some of the lower class people cheered.

Kaidan’s eyes were shining. ‘This is an opportunity for me.’

Kaidan had always lived under Aidan. Aidan had enough wealth to be the next Merchant King. No one could live in Fortren without paying attention to him, even if there was a blood relationship. It was the same for Kaidan.

‘Now it isn’t necessary anymore. No, now I will be king.’

During this period of time, he had been so wary of Aidan that he hadn’t been able to raise his fortune openly. This was why he wanted to prepare the fake Star Fruit and sell the real thing on the black market. In order to avoid Aidan’s eyes, Kaidan had passively made money, but it wasn’t needed now. Now he would get some of Aidan’s legacy. It wasn’t a surprise since Aidan had no family.

‘Is Heaven helping me?’

He was now actively planning to raise his fortune. The first thing Kaidan did was bring the real Star Fruit to the Colosseum. This was an investment for the future.

“From now on, I will find all the Star Fruits that exist in the world and give it as a prize at the Colosseum!”

Numerous camera flashes burst. In the midst of the brilliant lights, Kaidan declared, “The Colosseum of Fortren is awaiting many people’s challenges!”

The Colosseum would now be home to many immortal humans who coveted the Star Fruit. Kaidan smiled with satisfaction as he thought about the future explosive growth of the audience and participants. He planned to use it as a springboard to accumulate enormous wealth. Of course, he didn’t intend to just give it.

Huhu. it will be after they sign the dark Master and Servant Contract.’

It was naturally a loss for Kaidan if he just gave the winner a Star Fruit. However, it wasn’t a problem if he used his financial resources to buy a black magician who could make a master and servant contract. He planned to make the winner sign the master and servant contract in exchange for giving the Star Fruit.

His mouth curved up in a smile. “Then let’s start the finals.”

* * *

At Kaidan’s mansion...

The Karstein rebels were gathered on the rooftop of a heavily guarded area. There weren’t many people, just four. It was a number that included Leslie. More people would have come, but it was poison to use a lot of people for the job of sneaking in and stealing. They had only one purpose. It was to steal the Star Fruit that was somewhere here.

“Everything is ready, Commander.” 

Leslie gave a small nod. He was the leader of Karstein and also had the position of commander. In fact, the true leader of the resistance was Aren, who supported and cared for them. The purpose of the resistance members, including Leslie, was all the same. It was to make Aren the merchant king. All of them trained hard and risked their lives. Fortren had enemies everywhere and it was really difficult to train the resistance there.

‘There isn’t much time left. Now that Aidan is dead, it is only a matter of time until Aren becomes the Merchant King.’

Of course, this didn’t mean it was easy. Aren was obviously a gold spoon, but he had a poor sense of wealth. It was because he helped those in need. This included the members of the resistance group so their idea of making Aren the Merchant King didn’t change.

‘To do that, we need the Star Fruit. It would help if there were strong talents.’

Joseph insisted that the Star Fruit should be given to the village chief he previously met. At first, he was very surprised. However, the fighting strength he saw last time and his reputation in the village showed the village chief wasn’t an ordinary person. It was particularly rare for Helena to praise him when she was famous for her insight and discerning eyes.

“I’m here.”

Joseph came back from scouting and removed his stealth.

Leslie asked him, “Have you figured out all the building’s structures?”

“Yes, I’ve memorized it all in my head. I took some photos, so you should become familiar with them in advance.”

Joseph handed him several photos. The rebels nodded as they looked through the photos one by one. Joseph saw it and was satisfied. The special ‘Silent’ function of his camera was very useful.

Leslie inquired, “Has he contacted you yet?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Metheus’ chief.”

"Not yet, but he’ll probably get in touch soon. According to the spy who infiltrated, the Star Fruit will be shown before the match starts.”

“I see.”

Just then, a whisper arrived.

-Jackson: Joseph.

-Joseph: Yes, Elder. Have you seen the Star Fruit? It is fake, right?

Joseph speculated that Kaidan would bring out a fake. Even so, he asked the elder to check because he was the head of the intelligence group called Argos. In the process of collecting information, even the smallest possibility couldn’t be excluded. He couldn’t give the wrong information to a customer or colleague. It was a matter of trust.

There was just one problem...

-Jackson: I think you should come back here.

-Joseph: Huh? What does that...

-Jackson: The real Star Fruit is here.

* * *

Kaidan’s speech ended the moment I sent a whisper to Joseph.

-Then let’s start the finals.

The host’s shout was heard along with the screams of the crowd. It was a match with a Star Fruit at stake and I felt that everyone had become louder. No, it wasn’t my mistake. It was definitely louder. I was going to become deaf.

There was a familiar sound and the transparent barrier started to spread around the stage. There were usually four people, but there were eight today. Perhaps it was because I broke the barrier last time. I saw it and laughed. Why didn’t they do this earlier?

“This day has finally come.” Zhen Sulong was standing in front of me with a joyful face. It was a natural response because he had been focused on training for a long time while anticipating this day.

“Yes, I’m glad.”

“Me too.”

“Shall we shake hands?” I suggested.

“Of course.”

Zhen Sulong and I shook hands as we vowed to fight fairly. We widened the distance again and the host’s voice was heard.

-Start the finals!

The gong sounded and we rushed toward each other simultaneously. Zhen Sulong wasn’t yet emitting the power of blue lightning. I guess he wanted to start off lightly. This was what I also wanted.

“I’m coming!”

The moment Zhen Sulong shouted, his right fist flew toward my face at high speed. I focused my super sensitivity on my vision and lightly dodged his attack. I dug straight in and threw my right fist in the same way. It was the technique of Wing Chun that I learned from him last time.

Of course, Zhen Sulong also knew this. He laughed as he blocked it with his hand and started to increase his attack speed. Our clothes flapped as the two of us exchanged punches at a rapid pace.

Left, right, right, up, down.

However, I wasn’t familiar with the technique so I couldn’t help being pushed back. I held on for a while before I was struck by his fist and took five steps back. We separated a bit and circled around each other.

Zhen Sulong told me, “As expected of Brother. You just learned it once, yet you’re already this skilled.”

“Don’t speak empty words. I lost to you anyway. That’s why I backed off.”

“It is still amazing. I think the audience feels the same way?”

-Zhen Sulong, fighting!

-You can’t lose to Dark Wolf!

-As expected, Wing Chun is the strongest!

-Dark Wolf also uses Wing Chun! Is he Chinese?

-Amazing! Dark Wolf is fighting with his fists against the King of Wing Chun!

I muttered, “...There is more praise for you than me?”

Hahat. It is because they still don’t know your true value.”

“I also don’t think my punches are very good.” At the same time, I pulled out my fork spoon and the Shadow Dagger.

Zhen Sulong understood what I was saying and also started to raise his strength. His body shimmered with a violet star spirit and sparks appeared. The blue lightning started to rage violently. Zhen Sulong took one step toward me. I also approached him using the sun dance.

The two of us jumped toward each other and collided in the air. Zhen Sulong’s lightning fist met my sun kick and caused an explosion. I twisted my body and aimed another kick. Then I bent my back and swept the floor, but he dodged easily with his footwork. His fist once again aimed at my back and I blocked with the Shadow Dagger.

However, he seemed to have anticipated this too. He pressed against my joint to subdue my arm and then aimed his left hand at my abdomen. Even so, I wasn’t going to stand still.

“Stone Skin.”


My body suddenly became solid stone and Zhen Sulong was flustered. In fact, Stone Skin had been prepared for the damn clown’s poison, but it was also useful for Zhen Sulong. This way, the lightning didn’t pass through stone. This meant the paralysis caused by his lightning didn’t work. I aimed at this gap and released a front kick.

Zhen Sulong retreated slightly, but I immediately prepared a 1080 degree spin kick. The hem of my clothes flapped. I tricked him by acting like I was going to kick with my right leg, but then I kicked with my left leg.

Ugh...” This time, it was Zhen Sulong who took five steps back. He grabbed his chest and spoke, “...We’ve exchanged one blow.”

“Then I’ll do two more.”

“That won’t happen.”

Blue lightning wrapped around Zhen Sulong’s legs. Then he started to move like lightning. It was a lightning method that resembled Raitra’s movements. He was tricking my eyes by wandering back and forth and from side to side. I moved my eyes from side to side, maintaining my tension because I didn’t know where he would attack.

The next moment, Zhen Sulong disappeared. Where did he go?

“Over here.”


Zhen Sulong quickly appeared behind me.


I quickly spread Stone Skin all over my body while Zhen Sulong circled me and punched quickly. I couldn’t help clicking my tongue at the tremendous attack speed. My health started to be reduced at a rapid rate. My defense had been enhanced by turning into stone so it was a really amazing attack power.

I focused my super sensitivity to find a gap. Then I fired the cobweb twice when his movements stopped. The goal was his leg.


Zhen Sulong was perplexed as his legs abruptly stopped. I didn’t miss this gap.

“Sun Road.”

An explosive power was felt in my legs. I was like a runaway locomotive as I was surrounded by a pillar of fire. However, I knew that Zhen Sulong would soon escape this. Indeed, he didn’t fail to meet my expectations. It must be pretty hot because Zhen Sulong’s distorted expression could be seen through the pillar of fire.

I accelerated toward him using the explosive power of Sun Road. Zhen Sulong also saw it.

“...Lightning Dragon Barrage!”

The lightning dragon fists indiscriminately bombarded me from a distance. I dodged the blue lightning dragon and moved from side to side. I threw the fork spoon the moment he got close and he lightly deflected it. However, this wasn’t what I was aiming for.

“Shadow Play.”

In an instant, I appeared behind Zhen Sulong with a sun in my hand. It was the sun elemental I summoned while in the shadows. Solar, who was in my hand, stretched out toward Zhen Sulong’s back.

“Sun Explosion.”

“I was tricked...”

Solar was engulfed in a white light. The light seemed to disappear temporarily as the world was filled with a greater light. The major explosion shook the barrier just before it swept away the stadium. The entire Colosseum was filled with astonishment.

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