Chapter 207

I briefly spoke to Leslie before heading straight to the Colosseum. Then along the way, Joseph sent me a whisper and asked for a troublesome request. It was about confirming the authenticity of the Star Fruit being displayed in the Colosseum.

-Joseph: Please. It is easy. You know how to do it.

-Jackson: Why should I bother? You do it yourself. You’re going to steal it anyway.

-Joseph: That is true. Still, it will be much easier if you can help me. If you don’t want to do it, should I tell the reporters about your identity?

-Jackson: Rotten guy, are you threatening me?

-Joseph: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could help me?

Groan. I just wanted to focus on the fight.”

In the first place, the ones implementing the plan were the resistance forces, not me. Joseph said he would wait outside Kaidan’s mansion. Once the Star Fruit’s authenticity was determined, he would immediately put the plan in action. Of course, under the circumstances, it was impossible for Kaidan to really display the real Star Fruit in the Colosseum. Joseph was asking me for this favor just in case.

...Aish. This damn bastard. I’m going to die of annoyance."

I opened the window again and whispered to Joseph.

-Jackson: I’m going to kill you.

The reply arrived immediately.

-Zhen Sulong: Huh? What... Are you declaring war? Then you’ve succeeded. I will see you in this match. I’m looking forward to it.

“What? Why is he replying?” I was confused and checked the target of the whisper. Then I looked flustered. I pressed the wrong thing and incorrectly sent the message to Zhen Sulong instead of Joseph. I made a startled expression and sent another whisper to Zhen Sulong. It was to apologize for my mistake.

[The other person has blocked the whisper.]


Ah, shit. This was a serious misunderstanding.

-Joseph: Elder? Will you help me? Don’t you trust me? Can you do this?

Ah, how can I beat him up?”

My head was throbbing because of this troublesome situation. I didn’t know why things had become so twisted. I couldn’t refuse this person’s request...

“Sigh. First of all, I should accept his request.”

I couldn’t reveal my identity yet. I thought I needed at least the cloud elemental before revealing my identity. Of course, I didn’t know if this was possible.

-Jackson: I have one condition.

-Joseph: Condition? What is it?

-Jackson: Let’s meet briefly in front of the Colosseum. I have something to say to you.

-Joseph: You can’t say it in a whisper?

-Jackson: Yes, it is really important.

-Joseph: Um... I see. I’ll meet you near the entrance.

-Jackson: Yes.

I closed the window and smiled. In fact, there was nothing. I just wanted to kick Joseph’s ass.

“I have to do it quickly.”

I moved lightly as I imagined hitting him.


The community for Arkstar, praised as being the best virtual reality game in the world. It was today that heavy traffic almost paralyzed the server. It was due to the Colosseum finals in Fortren The community’s chat rooms were full of messages from those waiting for the broadcast.

-Who will win?

-I’m shaking.

-I have one vote on Dark Wolf.

-Noob. I gave one vote to the Wing Chun King.

-I also voted for the Wing Chun King.

-Won’t Zhen Sulong win since he has eaten a Star Fruit?

-Idiots. Hasn’t Dark Wolf also eaten a Star Fruit? My heart trembled when he transformed into a wolf and fought Minotaur.

-Right. I was watching from a distance at that time. It really wasn’t a joke. I also don’t think Dark Wolf will lose.

-Our Chinese people won’t lose!

-Yes. We are the best.

-Show the power of China! Zhen Sulong!

-I don’t support the Wing Chun King!

The chat room was filled with people discussing who was more powerful. In particular, the Chinese people were very proud of their country and plastered the chat room with messages of support for Zhen Sulong. Then someone caused a ‘no chatting’ situation. In other words, they used something called gold. It was the same with the foreign press.

[Who will be the winner between Dark Wolf and Zhen Sulong?]

[What is Dark Wolf’s true skill?]

[China’s Zhen Sulong won’t lose. He is already a perfect warrior. Today’s showdown is just practice for the upcoming world competition.]

[China: We are already ready. All that is left is to win.]

[China: The Wing Chun King is our pride.]

The confrontation between the two people was the primary concern of the world. It was a confrontation between Zhen Sulong, one of the Eight Supernovas, and Dark Wolf, a rising black horse.

China’s media released articles friendly to Zhen Sulong while other countries released articles stating they didn’t know who would win. Dark Wolf’s identity and nationality hadn’t been revealed and the world was more curious about his identity. Since he was this strong, he would surely participate in the World Competition held during Christmas. If he was to join, then the current first ranked United States would be threatened. Of course, this was on the premise that he wasn’t American.

“...The World Competition. Will Dark Wolf be there at the time?”

The person looking at these articles was Michael. He was currently taking a break from the game to browse the Internet. Arkstar also had the Internet in the game and he heard there would be an excluded SNS for it later. Michael wasn’t interested in such a thing so he wasn’t happy.

[The scorpion zodiac, ‘Antares,’ says he can feel the energy of a bead fragment around.]

“Antares, I don't have time to look for something like that.”

[The scorpion zodiac, ‘Antares,’ says you have forgotten the agreement made with him.]

“No, this isn’t the time for that. I will fulfill your request once I become stronger.”

The red sparks that flowed through his body moved like they were alive and threatened him.

[The scorpion zodiac, ‘Antares,’ warns that if you don’t listen, he will take away his power.]

‘This is bad.’

Antares had a mighty power, but he was a threat to Michael. In fact, the body that Michael saw when trying to talk to Antares was overwhelmingly huge.

‘He is a pharaoh with a giant scorpion body.’

He felt it while talking to Antares, but this constellation was only faithful to his desires. He didn’t know the identity of these bead pieces, but they seemed very important to Antares.

[The scorpion zodiac, ‘Antares,’ is giving the final warning.]

The red sparks were shaped like a small scorpion and the sharp tail pointed at Michael’s heart. He was forced to sigh. “...I know. I will follow your will.”

The red scorpion created by Antares disappeared. Michael rose from his seat and dusted off his ass. He started to walk deeper into the forest. Michael walked in a daze, unaware of where he was going.


After a while, I met Joseph.

Reporters were gathered at the entrance of the Colosseum so I was forced to rush to the nearby forest to escape. Joseph met me and made his distinct sly smile as he asked, “Will the conversation last long? I’m busy right now, so get to the point...”

A cobweb shot from my wrist to block Joseph’s mouth. Then I twisted his arm and immobilized him.

Oof?! Oof!

“I caught you well. Now guess where I will kick.”

I kicked Joseph’s ass exactly three times and finally showed a relieved expression. I was full of joy to see Joseph’s frowning expression. I should’ve done this earlier. It was really refreshing.

Phew. What are you doing? Why all of a sudden?!” Joseph exclaimed after ripping off the cobweb and staring at me with dismal eyes. I pretended to try and kick him one more time.

Ahh... Why do this?!”

“Shut up. The business is finished. Go and work.”

“...Did you asked me to come here just to do this?”

“Go. I’m busy because I have to prepare for the match.”


I left the dejected Joseph behind me as I waved and headed out of the forest. I walked through the secret passage of the Colosseum and arrived at the waiting room. At the end of it, I could see Zhen Sulong swinging his fists through the air. They were concise and quick movements. He was clearly training. “Zhen Sulong.”


“...Little brother?”

Zhen Sulong ignored me and just swung his fists indiscriminately. He seemed really upset... I opened my mouth, “That...”

“I know, so you don’t have to tell me.”


What did he know?

“Brother, you are also looking forward to the match with me and wanted to have the best match. This is why you provoked me.”

“I am looking forward to it, but...”

“Haha. I was really surprised just now. As expected of my brother. I feel the same way. I will do my best today. I will show you everything.”

Zhen Sulong said so and started training again. I couldn’t say anything to him. It was clearly a misunderstanding, but fortunately, he didn’t feel too bad.

...It might be better to leave it like this. It didn’t seem bad in its own way. It was welcome from my standpoint that he did his best. This way, it would be even more satisfying for my little brother.

“Are both players ready?” The NPC came up to us. Zhen Sulong and I nodded at the same time.

“Okay. Then go in.”

We walked silently through the passage to the stage. We didn’t say anything. It was probably better for us to maintain this appropriate tension. We reached the end and loud roars were heard.


“Zhen Sulong! Zhen Sulong! Zhen Sulong!”

“Dark Wolf! I’m a fan!”

"Kyaaaaak! What should I do? He looked at me!”

“Wing Chun King! Show the power of the Chinese!”

The Colosseum was full of people. I could see people watching from the stadium and there were no empty seats. Some people were sitting on the stairs and shouting. The reporters’ flashing lights also didn’t stop.

“A lot of people have come.”

I felt proud that all these people had come to watch the match between me and Zhen Sulong. It was like being on the national team. Still, it was noisy. I was going to become deaf.

-Both players, go on the stage.

At the host’s words, we went up onto the stage. At the same time, I heard more words.

-First, before the start of the match, the owner of the Colosseum, Kaidan, would like to say a few words.

Kaidan could be seen receiving the microphone in the VIP seat on the second floor. He was wearing a neat black suit.

-Cough. First of all, thank you to all the audience members for coming. Thank you the players for showing great matches. And...

They were useless words. The audience was bored and yawned. However, the atmosphere was reversed instantly.

-I’ll give the winner a Star Fruit!

The audience screamed. They were all wide-eyed at the words ‘Star Fruit.’ They hadn’t expected it to be the winning prize here. The reporters’ flashes were already aimed at Kaidan. Then he continued speaking.

-I will show you the winning prize.

He pulled at the fabric that was covering an object next to him and the Star Fruit was revealed. I focused my super sensitivity and saw it. In fact, I had no great expectations. If he had prepared a fake, then there was no reason to bring the real thing here.

[Star Fruit]

[Grade: 3

Usage Restrictions: None

A fruit with the power of the stars. You may contract with a third-grade constellation. The power to seal evil is contained in it. No one has figured out where this comes from.]

“What? It is real?’

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