Chapter 206

The next day—I woke up at dawn, as usual, and I was going to do my usual exercise, when I suddenly stopped.


I had forgotten about it. These days, I had been struggling to run away from Mido. Groan. A true grandfather’s path was so far and steep. How did I get into this situation?

Sigh. It can’t be helped.”

I got up from my seat with a frown and headed to the kitchen. I would get a glass of water and then start the game straight away. These days, I usually didn’t eat breakfast. Now that I was used to it, I didn’t feel hungry. Rather, it seemed good. I picked up my phone and unlocked it to turn off the alarm clock that hadn’t rang yet. Then...


[A new message has arrived.]

“There is a message. Who is it from?”

I immediately pressed on my smartphone to check the message. Then I laughed.

[Park Muyeol: Don’t worry.]

“Crazy guy. What does he mean by telling me not to worry? He is the same now as he was in the past.”

I immediately called him. There was the constant sound of ringing that lasted for one minute.

-The call can not be received. Connecting to voicemail...

“He must be sleeping.”

I drank the water and headed for the capsule. I lay down in a familiar position and a new goal came to mind. Now I had only one goal—meeting my wife. All I needed to do was become stronger.

“First, I have to hurry and find the cloud elemental.”

It was time to learn new cooking skills as quickly as possible. First of all, there was a very important thing today. My showdown at the Colosseum with Zhen Sulong. One day had passed so it was three days in the virtual world. I immediately connected to Arkstar.

[Connecting to Arkstar.]

[Scanning your pupils.]

[Welcome, Jackson.]

I opened my eyes at the bright light and appeared in a familiar place. It was my office. The moment I arrived home yesterday, I had accessed the game to keep my promise to Joseph. I opened the village’s information window and checked the bottom.

[-The Karstein Resistance Army has set up a base in the village. They are grateful to you and will be willing to help you whenever you are at risk.]

“Good, good.”

The village was developing very smoothly.

I nodded at the village figures that had grown more than yesterday. Based on this level of security, it was safe enough to promote it to a small town.

[Do you want to promote your village to a ‘small town’?]

[The promotion costs $3 million.]

I pressed the agree button without hesitation.

[Metheus has started the promotion to a small town.]

[The architects of the village are rejoicing and will study new architectural styles.]

[There are many residents of Garbage Village living here.]

[The small town development costs are halved.]

[The small town development rate will increase by five times.]

[The siege will open 50 days later.]


It was unexpected luck. I did a good job accepting them. I quickly ordered the development of buildings related to a small town. In addition to the training camp, there were the barracks and even a magic tower. It cost a lot of money, but it didn’t matter since I was overflowing with money currently. Then...

[Please set the tax to be collected from the residents of the small town.]

“Taxes... I never thought I would be back to this.”

It was the first time I’ve collected taxes since running Legless Bird when I was young. At that time, I charged the minimum operating cost to protect them from the gangsters who bullied merchants. It was very novel, but it reminded me of the old days.

“I will have to think about it after the Colosseum event ends.”

It was only when the merchants were thriving that the commercial district became active and the economy was revitalized. In order to do so, it was important to examine the circumstances and set appropriate taxes.

“I will leave it for now.”

I closed the window and opened up my list of friends. I was planning to have a conversation with the online Zhen Sulong before the match. He said that he always had the habit of meditating at dawn so he was probably connected. By the way...

“What? This guy. When did he log in?”

[Currently logged in: Park Muyeol, Zhen Sulong.]

“Shouldn’t this rotten guy have said something if he entered?”

I sent a whisper to Park Muyeol without hesitation.


-Park Muyeol: In any case, don’t worry too much.

-Jackson: I know. Got it. Don’t play the game too much. We are old. We aren’t the same as before.

-Park Muyeol: Stop nagging. I know. I’ll tell you when that Seokdu guy comes.

-Jackson: Yes. Tell me if you need help.

-Park Muyeol: I know. I understand.

The conversation ended and I closed the whisper window. Fortunately, Park Muyeol was doing well. It was said that he ate Ambrosia. I didn’t know what Hercules was thinking.

“Well, it is good for me if Muyeol grows. I have to work hard to catch up to him.”

First, it was a matter that should be considered after the match with Zhen Sulong.

“By the way, the third generation is coming...”

I was the first president of Legless Bird. The second generation was naturally Park Muyeol and I hadn’t met the third generation yet, but his name was Ma Seokdu. From what I heard, he was bigger than Muyeol and very loyal. I heard he was a good brother so I would love to meet him. He was a foolish bear or something like that.

“Funny guy. He is definitely a bear.”

In any case, Seokdu seemed to be in good shape. I was looking forward to it. He was called by Park Muyeol to keep the Fire Dragons in check, but I intended to use him in a useful place.

I just promoted my village to a small town and needed more soldiers to maintain the peace. I was thinking about hiring them.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door. “It is Helena. Can I come in?”

“Come in.”

The door opened and Helena came in with her beautiful appearance. She was no longer wearing a red dress like a noble. Rather, she was dressed like an ordinary villager. Nevertheless, her beauty still shone.

I told her, “These clothes suit you well.”

Hoho. Kis bought it for me.”

“Really? I guess his condition has improved.”

“Yes. It is all thanks to Crystal.”

Helena’s face was full of trust in Sujeong. I glanced at her face.

She asked me, “Do you have something to tell me?”


In fact, I had a lot to tell her. It was from the secrets of her birth to the story of her real parents. However, I didn’t have the courage in front of Helena. Shit. Why did Aren do this to me? He should tell her himself. Dammit.

Helena added, “Ah, right. Thank you for accepting the resistance. Thanks to you, I don’t need to run to Fortren anymore. Everyone likes the new secret base, especially Leslie.”

“Why are you saying this so abruptly?”

“Leslie told me that he was coming here later. Ah, I heard you are fighting today? Be sure to win. You also have to get the Star Fruit.”


Today, the resistance and I have decided to steal Kaidan’s Star Fruit. Originally, I would’ve refused because I was suspicious of Joseph. Then after learning his circumstances, there was no reason to hesitate. In any case, it was a good thing for me if it was an actual Star Fruit.

Knock knock.

“...Are you there?”

“It is Leslie. I’ll go out.”

Helena bowed and opened the door for Leslie. The two of them separated after a light greeting and Leslie looked at me with his right eye that wasn’t covered by an eyepatch.

Step, step.

He walked over and reached out a hand to me. “I'll formally greet you. I am Leslie, the commander of Karstein.”


Meanwhile, Zhen Sulong was having a conversation with Raitra in order to increase their cooperation rate. His spirit was currently on Cloud Rock Mountain, home of the Varana tribe and Raitra. In a cave located there, Zhen Sulong was meditating together with Raitra.



10 minutes had passed...

Raitra, whose body was made of blue lightning, spoke, [...I’m hungry.]

Just then, Zhen Sulong woke up.

“Let's go to eat.” 

[Huhuhu. Good. Good!]

Raitra clapped appreciatively. It was a really strange sight to see the blue lightning crackling together. Zhen Sulong had no choice but to laugh at the sight.

‘He is like a child.’

The important thing when conversing with a constellation was for them to stay together for a long time. Raitra could only appear around Zhen Sulong so he wouldn’t be able to fill his stomach if Zhen Sulong didn’t go outside. They stepped out of the cave and walked toward a place full of giant fruit trees. Raitra was excited as he climbed a huge tree and ate the fruit there. It was his hometown so he was definitely familiar with it.

[Huhehe. Eat a lot.]

Raitra threw a fruit over, but the size was too big. It might be the size of a fist to Raitra, but it felt like a car to Zhen Sulong. Zhen Sulong surrounded his right hand with lightning and jumped toward the huge fruit. He used his power and the blue lightning tore the fruit apart, scattering it everywhere.

It didn’t end there. Blue lightning surrounded both hands and started to split and divide the remnants of the fruit. From one to two, from two to four. Once the fruit became the right size to eat, Zhen Sulong closed his fist around one and placed the fruit in his mouth.

[Haha! You are pretty good.]

A huge shadow appeared in the sky. Zhen Sulong raised his head to see Raitra falling down. The ground shook as Raitra landed. Huge footprints were engraved on the place where he landed.

“You are too mischievous, Raitra.”

[Kuhehe. This is also training. Your favorite training.]


This person always played tricks like this. Zhen Sulong had been flustered by his playfulness more than once or twice. Raitra even threw a huge rock last time.

‘By the way, this is a very mysterious place.’

Cloud Rock Mountain was said to be full of flowers and fruits all year round. The fog on top of the mountain were actually pale clouds but the funny thing was that they could be eaten. It almost felt like cotton candy.

[Let’s go eat clouds this time!]

“Aren’t we training?”

[This is part of training!]

“Are you certain?”

[That’s right!]


Zhen Sulong sighed again. In fact, he thought that Raitra’s words might be true. He got the special skill ‘Lightning Dragon Descent’ because he followed Raitra to eat fruit endlessly.


Huh? Was there a whisper? I’m sorry, Raitra. We’ll have to eat clouds next time.”

[What? No! Aaack~ Don’t go~!]

Zhen Sulong opened his eyes at Raitra’s cry. He immediately checked the message in front of him.

[The user ‘Jackson’ has sent a whisper.]

“It is from Brother. Does he want to say words of blessing before the match?”

He immediately opened the whisper window. He wanted to thank his brother for giving up on leveling to do the match with him. After all, his brother was from the eastern nation of politeness.

-Jackson: I’m going to kill you.


A chilly silence encircled Zhen Sulong.

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