Chapter 203

I stepped forward and Zhen Sulong appeared from the side. He stood next to me silently with crossed arms. I looked at his face, chuckled, and held out my fist. Zhen Sulong saw it and also smiled.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve done this.”

“It’s true.”

We bumped fists.

[A new star cluster has been opened.]

A small star floated over our heads. It was an indicator that Zhen Sulong and I were in the same star cluster.

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is waving his hand.]

“It has been a while, naked lightning monkey.” 

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ hates the nickname.]

“Get married if you don’t like it.”

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ says angrily that he isn’t female!]

Zhen Sulong stared straight ahead as he spoke, “Brother, stop joking and get ready. I think they’ll be here soon.” 

Aidan’s soldiers, who were surrounding us, were narrowing the encirclement. We hadn’t seen each other for ages, but there wasn’t even time to joke. Dammit.

“Raitra, please lend me strength.”

[The fist star, ‘Raitra,’ is pouting and saying no.]


He was easy to tease because he was simple and ignorant, but in fact, Raitra’s personality was good. Raitra protested a few times before quickly granting his power. A purple star spirit wrapped around my body and blue lightning soon started to flow.

“T-This power...?”

One flustered NPC stammered. At the same time, Zhen Sulong also emitted blue lightning that enhanced his strength. Some users looked shocked.

“How are they using the same power?”

“Is this possible?”

I had no obligation to answer them. I launched a preemptive strike. The blue lightning that surrounded my body was stimulating all the cells in my body and raising my speed above the limit. It was the same for Zhen Sulong. He was repelling his enemies as a lightning bolt of great speed.


“Stop him!”

“Too fast!”

It was a strength that I borrowed so the power was halved. The reason why the enemies stabbed at me from various trajectories was probably because I looked relatively weak. However, I had super sensitivity. The archers’ arrows often missed and magic couldn’t be fired because they were afraid of damaging their allies.

I freely moved through the enemies. The sun flames rose around my legs and the combination of the blue lightning and flames was enough to frighten the enemies.

“What? You bastards! You should attack as well!” Aidan had removed the cobweb and was urging Supreme Fire Dragon, who was standing still.

I wanted to hit Aidan first, but he was surrounded by double and triple layered shields cast by the magicians. I was forced to give up because I would probably be counterattacked if I acted too rashly. I inevitably shifted my gaze back to Supreme Fire Dragon.

He nodded and I was surrounded by the Fire Dragons. Perhaps it was because they had been through many dog fights, but their timing and encirclement methods were different.

“They are bothersome guys.”

I wanted to summon the black night wolves that Romelana gave me, but it was only good for a short battle, not a long one like this. Well, in fact, I didn’t use it because of the side effects. Then at this moment, the loud sound of a gunshot filled my ears.

My super sensitivity was activated so I could notice the trajectory of the bullet rushing through the wind. It passed over my shoulder and caused blood to pour out like a fountain from the head of a Fire Dragon member in front of me. Then it pierced two more enemies behind him and they were logged out. I was astonished by the great power.

“What is this?!” Supreme Fire Dragon shouted and another gunshot rang out. The bullet flew in a spiral trajectory and struck Supreme Fire Dragon’s shoulder.


“Big Brother!”

“Crazy! This gunshot!”

Tang! Tang! Tatang!

Three gunshots rang out and a member of the Fire Dragons suddenly blocked Supreme Fire Dragon’s way with a shield. Nevertheless, it was useless. The bullets pierced the shield like it was nothing and caused two more Fire Dragons to log out. I didn’t know their identity, but they were definitely an ally.

“This shit...! Retreat.”


One Fire shouted and all of the members of the Fire Dragons stepped back. Zhen Sulong and I stopped fighting at the sudden situation. The people hired by Aidan also couldn’t move. Meanwhile, Aidan was busy accusing Supreme Fire Dragon.

“Hey! Who told you to retreat? What are you doing now?”

“You asshole, you’re very noisy.”


Supreme Fire Dragon was unable to lift his left hand after being shot so he held the greatsword in his right hand. White flames wrapped around his greatsword and he swung it at Aidan’s sedan chair. The fire sword energy that flew quickly produced an explosion. Once the smoke cleared, Aidan had fallen from his sedan chair with a miserable look. Unfortunately, all those who had been carrying the sedan chair were caught by the fire and were dying.

Supreme Fire Dragon stared at Aidan and declared, “I was going to end our relationship anyway. Idiot.”


Supreme Fire Dragon left with these words. Aidan glared at his back with furious eyes. There was a slight lull once the Fire Dragons retreated. Aidan endured the insulting remarks and humiliation as he shouted, “Attack. Attack!”

Aidan pointed at me.

“I’ll give you money!”

He cried out desperately, but no one was listening. Perhaps their lives were more precious than money.

I looked around and calmly stated, “If you run away now, then I will spare you.”

Aidan’s soldiers started to step back. Some of them ran away without looking back. People kept fleeing and Aidan started turning pale.

“S-Stand still. Stop! Take me with you, idiots! I’ll give you $50 million!”

One of the users stopped and turned his head toward Aidan. He looked between me and Aidan and started to notice. I had no intention of letting Aidan go. I made a noise, but there was a lot of meaning in it.

For example, ‘Don’t move.’

‘I’m going to kill you too.’

‘You won’t regret it?’

“I-I’m sorry!”

The user fled with his tail between his legs. In any case, it would’ve been a hopeless story when trying to run away with Aidan. A fierce, but unknown sniper was staring at him. Perhaps this was a natural choice. I muttered, “...It seems to have been sorted out.”

“It seems so.”

Zhen Sulong waved his hand and walked toward me. Then I heard footsteps coming to this place. The moment I turned around, I saw two people removing their stealth. One of them was someone I knew very well.

He spoke to me. “Your skills are as good as ever, Elder.”

Joseph held the camera and smiled at me.

* * *

I arrived at the hotel and sat across from Joseph. Zhen Sulong went somewhere else, saying he had something to see.

“Haha. I don’t know if I should’ve interfered.” Joseph smiled and spoke in his usual sly manner. 

I shook my head while sipping the tea in front of me.

“No, you did well.”

“I’m glad.”

In fact, I was a bit heated up and needed to vent my anger, but I couldn’t make him feel ugly for no reason. The Fire Dragons had left so I was forced to leave them alone. It was satisfying enough to be able to slap the face of the captured Aidan. Shortly thereafter, Aidan was knocked unconscious and taken away by a middle-aged soldier wearing an eyepatch. I was curious about his identity. The overbearing pressure I felt from him wasn’t normal.

“Was he the soldier who fired the bullets?”

“Yes, that’s right. Isn’t he amazing? Haha.

Joseph made his signature sly smile. I had no way of knowing what this person was thinking. The idea that this person had one hundred snakes in his stomach grew louder.

“You. What is your real identity?”

“You are bringing it up so abruptly? It is difficult.”

I wondered, “An NPC with such high strength has a close relationship with you. Why do you want to give me the Star Fruit as you mentioned last time?” You are also part of the resistance. What are you...”

“Wait. Wait a minute. Slowly.”

Joseph raised his hands and cut off my words. Then he spoke again, “I will tell you one by one. Who I am, the identity of that NPC, and why I’m going to give you the Star Fruit. All of it. Let’s see. Where should I start?”

Joseph started a long story.

* * *

The story lasted nearly an hour. The identity of the soldier was the commander of the resistance army Joseph mentioned. His name was Leslie. I recalled the sniper skills I saw earlier and thought he was qualified to lead the resistance. in order to see my skills, he came here in person. He wanted to ask for my help in finding a new home for the resistance and returned with an unexpected harvest.

Naturally, the identity of the harvest was ‘Aidan.’ In any case, as long as he was part of the resistance army then we would meet again one day. 

Then Joseph’s identity was...


“Yes. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. It is a pretty well-known secret intelligence organization in the community.”

“I don’t go to the community.”

“I see. In any case, it is quite famous. It is a bit expensive, but the jobs are a sure thing. We are numbered from 1~99. There are only a handful of talented members. The head of Argos has the 0 number.”


Argos was said to have been created with the help of an NPC called Aren. There was also an implicit alliance between Aren, the Karstein resistance army, and Argos. Such a tacit relationship was easy to break, so I was surprised that it unexpectedly lasted so long. It was because they had a lot of trust in each other.

“What is your number?”

“Number 99.”

At the same time as he spoke, Joseph pulled out a card with three eyes drawn on it. There was a clear engraving of the number ‘99.’ It seemed to be Argos’ symbol.

“There is no time so get to the point. Why give me the Star Fruit?” I wondered.

Joseph was silent for a bit before he finally opened his mouth, “That...”

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