Chapter 202

30 minutes after the match ended. I finished greeting the audience and headed to the room where Mido was recovering. I opened the door and walked in only to see an unexpected person. He was leaning against the wall with folded arms. I cocked my head as I watched him and a whisper arrived.

-Zhen Sulong: You came. I’m here to visit the friend who fought with me. There is your granddaughter, so I’ll pretend I don’t know you.

I nodded lightly as I made eye contact with him. He didn’t say anything, but this was enough for us. I stepped inside the room a bit more and saw Mido sitting with her upper body raised. Next to her was KIm Hyeonu, who Zhen Sulong had come to see. I saw him and started frowning. Why was this troublemaker here?

Ah, hello.”

“You came.” Mido greeted me when she spotted me and Kim Hyeonu tried to get up from his seat.

I restrained them and beckoned for them to sit back down. “Just sit down."

On the way here, I changed my voice using the Helium Slime’s Core so a natural voice came out. In fact, it took me a long time to come here because a female voice came out when I ate it earlier. My voice was now that of a profound adult male in his late 30s.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ve improved a lot. I lay down for a long time and was about to get up.”

Um, I’m glad.”

“I heard about it from the NPCs. I heard you had a hard time saving me...” Her gaze shifted to the white cloth that was wrapped around my right hand.

It had become a bit tattered with blood, but the wound had already healed. It stung a bit because I sprayed a potion on it, but it was still bearable. Most of the blood belonged to that damn clown, but that wasn’t something I could say to Mido. Then Mido grabbed my hand. The situation was so sudden that I flinched.

“...This is the hand.” Mido slowly unwrapped the bandage and tears up after seeing traces of the long cut on my palm. Hing.

“I’m okay.”

“What? I was going to heal you if the wound still remained, but it's fine since it is already healed. You should’ve treated it a bit later. Che.

I smiled underneath my mask at her words. She might be grumbling like this, but it seemed she was really worried. I had only seen her cheerful side, so such a granddaughter was very strange, but refreshing. The trap was that she was still beautiful.

Ah, it is all because of that crazy clown...”

“Oppa, don’t speak such bad words!”

Mido hit Kim Hyeonu’s thigh. Kim Hyeonu closed his mouth like there was a zipper and I inwardly laughed at the sight. I inwardly thought that I should use less rude words. This way, my granddaughter would like it and she wouldn’t hurt me. Ah, that’s right. I almost forgot about it. I secretly touched Solomon’s Ring on my finger without her knowing.

[Solomon’s Ring is preparing Eyes of Judgment.]

The blue light shone and I wrapped a hand around the ring so no light would leak out.

[The ring has observed the user ‘Mido.’]

The ring seemed to see everything about Mido. I managed to calm my thumping heart as I wondered who was in Mido’s heart. It didn’t take long for me to know the results.

[Mido’s favorite person of the opposite sex is ‘James.’]

* * *

[The user is currently dead.]

[You can’t send a whisper.]

“Kim Jebok, that madman is like this...”

Supreme Fire Dragon sent a whisper to Kim Jebok and sighed deeply. He wasn’t sure, but he was certain that Kim Jebok wouldn’t listen to him again. Kim Jebok no longer seemed willing to follow him. If so, should he use the last resort?

“Big Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Supreme Fire Dragon replied, “...Kim Jebok is dead.”

Huh? In any case, he is a real lunatic. SIgh.”

One Fire of the Fire Dragons had a twisted expression. He was always dissatisfied with Kim Jebok. It was due to the casual attitude and ungrateful manner of speaking. For him, Kim Jebok was an eyesore so this was a chance for him.

“Big Brother, can I dare to say something? No matter what you think, Kim Jebok isn’t someone who will follow us. Why don’t we throw him away first?”


In fact, Supreme Fire Dragon had thought about it before. However, Kim Jebok was too talented. It was natural that their power would rise if he was with them. Even so...

“Yes. After we finish this business, we will hit Kim Jebok. Tell the kids in advance. We need to capture him without any damage. He might look like that, but he is one of the best with knives.”

One Fire’s expression brightened. “I understand. Then I’ll tell them.”

Supreme Fire Dragon watched One Fire’s back gradually get further away. Then a familiar voice was heard from behind, “Are you ready?”

“...You came.”

The man who was speaking was Aidan. He was sitting in a sedan chair that nobles of the Joseon Dynasty were likely to be seen in. Supreme Fire Dragon questioned why he was riding in this. The servants holding Aidan’s sedan chair were sweating and somehow they looked pitiful. Aidan questioned, “What happened to the match? The person you said you planted.”

Ah, he won.”

Oh, really? Kuhahahaha! That’s good! Hahahaha!”

Aidan’s laughter pierced the sky. Supreme Fire Dragon had casually lied. There was nothing good about telling Aidan that Kim Jebok failed. It wasn’t only bad for Supreme Fire Dragon, but it might cause losses to the cigarette business that hadn’t been organized yet.

Huhu. Wait, isn’t it pointless for us to ambush him now? He is dead anyway.”

Supreme Fire Dragon was startled. Ah, well... he won, but he failed to kill the old man because the old man fell out of the stage.”

“What?! Um, I see. Still, if we attack now, can’t we double the old man’s humiliation? Huhu. I like it very much. Kuhahaha.”

Aidan laughed like a madman once again. Rumor had it that he was truly crazy. He was even crazier these past few days. By the way, he was definitely a candidate to be Merchant King. Supreme Fire Dragon saw the soldiers standing behind Aidan. Most NPCs were there to earn the bounty, but there were also some users. They were blinded by Aidan’s bounty. He said he would give them $50 million if they killed the old man.

In fact, Supreme Fire Dragon had also coveted the money, so he was going to try it. At least, until he watched the match...

‘Tsk tsk. Poor guys.’

Supreme Fire Dragon shook his head as he smiled and chattered to those who didn’t know what was going to happen.

* * *

Meanwhile, I quietly exited through the secret passage dedicated to players along with Zhen Sulong. The host told us to come three days later at 1 p.m. for the finals and to not be late. Fortunately, enough time was given. We said we understood and left.

I was going to meet the group, including Kim Sujeong, in front of the hotel because there were so many people it would take a while to leave. We silently walked down the road leading to the hotel Only the quiet sound of birds chirping and footsteps could be heard.

Zhen Sulong suddenly opened his mouth, “What are you thinking about?”

Huh? It is nothing.”

“I don't think so.”


I sighed deeply. My thoughts were very complicated right now. Eyes of Judgment that I used on Mido gave me the name of someone completely unexpected. I clearly remembered the message.

[Mido’s favorite person of the opposite sex is ‘James.’]

Who was James? Had Mido met a foreigner? I shook my head. My imagination unfolded out infinitely. Just thinking about it again made me furious. Mido, who the hell was she meeting?

“Zhen Sulong.”

“Yes, Brother. Tell me.”

“Do you perhaps know someone called James?”

“James? It is the first time I’m hearing the name. Who is he?”

“...I don’t know either.”

I let out another sigh. Now I had all sorts of thoughts. I wondered what to do if Mido wanted to marry a foreigner and imagined what it would feel like to have a foreign grandson-in-law. The more I imagined it, the more my blood rose. Who the hell was he? I wanted to see what type of fucking person seduced Mido, but I didn’t have any way to do that now.

However, I couldn’t ask Mido directly. I couldn’t resolve the anger in my heart and I bit my lips. Then I abruptly stopped talking.

“...What are these guys?” 

Just then, NPCs and users appeared around me. They were holding weapons and aiming it at us.

Zhen Sulong saw it and laughed. “They clearly aren’t friends.”

“Then we have to kill all of them.”

Then a sedan chair appeared from the midst of the crowd. I had the feeling that I was in a historical drama. The sweaty servants stood supporting the sedan chair and a familiar face was sitting in it.

"Kukuk. Hasn’t it been a long time?”

It was Aidan. I saw this damn man’s face and felt even more heated up. I was going to have to break his leg today. Next to him was Supreme Fire Dragon. Haha, he and I must’ve been enemies in a past life. It was now admirable that he followed me like chewing gum.

“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you scared? Huhu. Yes, it is natural. I’ve brought so many people to kill you...”

I fired a cobweb straight at Aidan’s face.

Oof! This shit! What is this?! Ugh. Take it off. Hey, you bastards!”

The moment Aidan yelled, the servants lowered the sedan chair and started to remove the cobweb from his face. He didn’t have to explain it. I already knew his purpose for coming here. As Aidan was busy spitting, I looked around and took a step forward. The soldiers around him started to pull out their weapons one by one.

“Don’t talk bullshit and just come.”

I took out a cigarette, lit it, and placed it in my mouth.

“These fucking guys.”

I was supposed to use polite words, but I was going to devour all of them.

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