Chapter 200

I stood up from where I was watching the match in a corner of the waiting room.

“Oh my god. This...?”

A huge golden goblet was floating in the air. It was carved with ancient language and mysterious paintings. It looked like an old relic, but it was actually a drinking cup. It wasn’t a regular cup. This was a heavenly cup. It was filled with water from the Styx River.

“...Crazy. What did that guy do?”

Since it appeared, Park Muyeol must’ve sworn an oath with Hercules. Otherwise, water from the Styx River wouldn’t have appeared in the air now. I instantly sent a whisper to Park Muyeol.

-Jackson: You crazy guy. What type of promise did you make with Hercules?

-Park Muyeol: It isn’t a big deal. He just offered me a task using the stick. This guy has always wanted it. Well, I said I would be his successor on one condition.

-Jackson: What condition?

-Park Muyeol: A condition where I can fight with the same power as the one in front of me.

My gaze moved back to the screen. Hutton was surprised by Park Muyeol’s power and looked quite flustered. If the two people had equal power then it was clear who would win.

-Jackson: Crazy bastard. If he makes you his successor, then just say ‘thank you’ and accept. Why fight with that guy on equal terms?

-Park Muyeol: It is interesting. Additionally, how unfair would he feel if someone stole his power when he didn’t settle accounts with me?

-Jackson: So you will trample on him and take it away?

-Park Muyeol: I guess.


I was the one who burst out laughing this time. There was no other crazy guy like this. He was the same in the past and now. There was nothing wrong with the old saying that a person was the same from a child until they died of old age. By the way, I hadn’t expected Hercules to make the oath. He must’ve been in a hurry.


Hercules would be the one with the disadvantage if the oath wasn’t kept. He couldn’t breathe for nine years, couldn’t eat the food of the Heavenly Palace, and would grow old. He wouldn’t have an immortal body. It was the oath of the Styx River that all strength could only be recovered 10 years later. It showed how much Hercules coveted that Muyeol.

-Jackson: Can you win?

-Park Muyeol: Do you think I will lose?

-Jackson: I wish you will be beaten.

-Park Muyeol: I’m sorry, but that won’t happen.

On the screen, Park Muyeol rushed toward Hutton. The two of them collided while waving their sticks. Hutton swung with all his strength while Park Muyeol blocked all attacks using technique alone. Now that their strength was equal, the one dominating was naturally Park Muyeol. No, it couldn’t be called a fight in the first place.

No matter how imaginative, not many people could win against Muyeol with a wooden sword. It was why the picky Hercules chose Park Muyeol in the first place. In any case, Hercules seemed to have a good eye for his successor.

“Now, take my hit.”

Park Muyeol laughed joyfully. His black wooden sword flew in a straight line. Hutton had the same strength so he raised his club to block Park Muyeol’s wooden sword. The moment their weapons collided, a wave of power burst out. Then the wooden sword moved in a different trajectory.

“Haha. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this.”

As Park Muyeol turned to the right, the wooden sword extended at a faster speed from the opposite direction toward Hutton. This was a technique that Park Muyeol often used in one-on-one matches. It was named something because it was as flexible as a living swallow. The name...

“Cutting Swallow.”

An exhilarating blow came from Park Muyeol’s wooden sword. Hutton frowned and fell onto his right knee.

* * *


Hutton couldn’t help groaning at the pain. He gritted his teeth and endured the pain. He never expected this person to circumvent his club, turn around, and attack in the other direction. Hutton couldn’t keep his mind off the unusual movement. Still, for him, it was a battle that he couldn’t lose. This was a fight where losing his power or not was at stake.

Kuock. I can’t fall down so easily!”

Hutton swung his club to resist, but the winning move was already in full swing. Park Muyeol once again moved flexibly using Cutting Swallow and shook off Hutton’s club. Then once again, he hit the intact left leg with his wooden sword. He changed to the thighs, knees, and calves in turn, producing a blunt hitting sound at high speed.


Eventually, Hutton gasped on his knees and supported his upper body with the club. It was a situation where Park Muyeol was still standing on both feet. Hutton bit his lips at this incredible result.

“Why are you making such a garbage-like expression? Do you think it is unfair?” Park Muyeol questioned.

Huhu. It isn’t unfair. I lost in an equal situation.”

Tsk. Don’t be too depressed. I just wanted to give you a chance.”

“A chance?”

“Yes. That stick bastard was trying to make me a successor. However, I thought you would feel it was unfair so I asked to let it be a fair fight.”

"Kukukuk. Don't make me laugh.”

“Well, in any case, it was a fun fight. Do you want to continue? I don’t think you can fight anymore.”

Park Muyeol’s gaze turned to Hutton’s knees. This place had already become bruised. Hutton was also well aware of it. There was a message in front of his eyes saying both legs were broken and he couldn’t move.

Kukuk.” Nevertheless, Hutton didn’t feel bad. No, rather, he felt relaxed. It was good that the strong man in front of him had created such an opportunity to fight. Hutton was able to fight for himself. Thus, he had no lingering regrets. It was because he believed he could be strong enough even without Stick's Protection. Now he had a new goal.

Hutton replied, “I want to fight again. Will you accept the challenge?”

“I really like your manliness. Okay, come at any time. However, I will be a bit busy for the time being, so next year.”

"Kukuk. Okay, I will be stronger by then. See you again.”

Hutton shrugged and laughed. Then he raised his right hand. “I surrender.”

* * *

-The match is over! Surprisingly, the winner is Park Muyeol! Park Muyeol will advance to the top four!

The cheers from the stadium’s audience was delivered to the waiting room. Well, it was a natural result for me, but it was different for the audience. Thus, perhaps this was a natural reaction.

“...Once again, it will be noisy around that Muyeol for a while.”

“Brother, your friend is truly amazing. It is amazing swordsmanship.”

Gyeonso Dragon arrived soon after finishing the match and was watching the screen next to me. Kim Hyeonu was said to be lying in the clinic next door and receiving treatment. I asked, “Do you want to fight him?”

“Maybe it will be soon?”

He shrugged and I couldn’t help smiling. It was at this moment...

[A whisper has arrived from player ‘Park Muyeol.’]


I opened the window right away.

-Park Muyeol: I’m sorry, my friend. 

“What is this guy doing...?”

-Jackson: What?

-Park Muyeol: The flower store you gave me. I don’t think I’ll be able to take charge of it for the time being.

-Jackson: Eh? What are you talking about?

-Park Muyeol: I have decided to leave at the end of this match. Hercules wants to take me to a place where he has felt the energy of a Star Fruit. I have to go to find it. I have to be his full-fledged successor before starting the task.

-Jackson: What is this nonsense...

At the same time, a light appeared on the screen. Gyeonso Dragon called out to me with a strange expression. “Brother, look over there.”

On the screen, Park Muyeol was engulfed by a huge pillar of light falling from the sky. The host was shocked. The audience also seemed bewildered by the sudden situation.

-Park Muyeol: Tell Mido I’m sorry. I’ll tell my grandson. She can learn swordsmanship from Seongchan. He got first place in the kendo competitions, so he should be able to help Mido. Their ages are also similar.

The thought of suddenly separating made me feel sad. Well, it was possible to get in touch in reality, but that was that and this was this.

No, where the hell was he going?

-Jackson: Damn guy. I’ll wait. By the way, where are you going?

-Park Muyeol: I don’t know the details, but it is called the western end of the world where the sun sets. In any case, be well. I don’t think I can meet you for the time being. It’s time for me to go.

There was a brilliant burst of light at his last words and the screen turned white. Once I opened my eyes, Park Muyeol was no longer present.

[The other person is in a place where they can’t receive whispers.]

* * *

“It is really too bad. I wanted to fight with him.” Gyeonso Dragon sighed with a sad expression. He continued to lament that he couldn’t get to fight Park Muyeol after hearing of his situation.

“Well, it can’t be helped. Still, I’ll make sure that you can meet him. Don’t be too discouraged.”

“I understand. In any case, I don’t know how the match will turn out.”

The Colosseum officials said that was the first time it happened and the host said there would be a 15 minute break to hold a brief meeting. Gyeonso Dragon, Mad Dog, and I were waiting in the waiting room. 

In any case, the west end of the world where the sun set...

It was a meaningful statement. I seemed to know where Park Muyeol had gone. I was surprised that there was a Star Fruit at that place.

Just then, someone appeared in the waiting room. “Participants? Please gather together for a moment.”

It was the Colosseum host who gathered us together. He had just come from the meeting and looked serious.

“Let me briefly say the results of the meeting. First of all, Player Gyeonso Dragon has passed by default because your opponent is gone. Then there is only Mad Dog and Jackson’s match left... we originally wanted to hold the finals today, but it was judged to be unfair because one of the participants won without a fight. Thus, we have decided to proceed with the finals three days later. Players Mad Dog and Jackson. Do you want to do the match now?”

It was a pretty good suggestion. There was nothing bad for me. I was worried that there would be three individual fights but this wasn’t the case. I nodded and replied, “Okay.”

Mad Dog nodded silently.

“Then we will proceed with the match right away. Please prepare to go out.”

The host ran to the stage after these words. Maybe he was going to tell the same thing to the audience.

I made eye contact with that damn clown next to me. He was smiling wide enough that it seemed to reach his ears. This rotten guy was smiling like this after doing that to someone’s granddaughter. “Don’t laugh. I’m going to rip your mouth off.”

Mad Dog’s face was distorted.

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