Chapter 198

The priests came running after hearing the sound and arrived. They jumped at my urgent shout. The NPC priests took a breath and started to look closely at why my granddaughter had passed out.

“It seems to be poison.”

“We must pray for mercy straight away.”

“Before that, feed her a potion.”

At the order of a higher priest, a lower priest poured potions into Mido’s mouth. Then they immediately held hands and started to chant spells. Then a magic circle appeared around Mido. White light was emitted from it and wrapped around Mido.

“Lupeon, god of the stars and mercy...”

[Three priests are gathered to pray for mercy.]

[The power of the stars and mercy has started to neutralize the target’s poison.]

Subtle starlight flowed from the bodies of the priests holding hands. They seemed to be priests of Lupeon, not Huera. The god of stars and mercy. He was also one of the gods born from Jupiter’s celestial power. He was a god of mercy, but in fact, mercy had a double meaning. It meant benevolent mercy to the weak, and cold mercy to the strong. Thus, he was a god of mercy, and a god of war. He had another title, ‘King of the Constellations,’ because he was in charge of the new constellations. In any case, he was a great god in many ways.

[This poison can’t be detoxified with the energy of stars and mercy.]

“This seems to be highly toxic?”

“We should ask the magicians for help.”

“Yes, go and bring them back quickly. Additionally, if there are priests who serve Huera, then bring them.”

“I understand.”

At the senior priest’s words, a lower priest ran in a hurry and disappeared. I frowned as I listened to their conversation. It wasn’t easy to detoxify. Indeed, Huera was a more helpful god in this respect than Lupeon. Then...


Wind blew and Punghee appeared.


I held Punghee and immediately approached the priests. They were distracted pouring potions into Mido’s mouth. I wished Sujeong was here, but she couldn’t enter because she wasn’t a participant. I told them, “Please get out of the way for a minute.”


“This kid will help.”

“A weasel...?”

Fortunately, Punghee’s level had increased so her ‘Wind of Revival’ had also grown. Originally, only plants could be saved. Now she could heal one person without potions. I ordered Punghee to use Wind of Revival.


[The sacred creature of the wind, ‘Punghee,’ is producing the ‘Wind of Revival’!]

[The target’s health has started to be restored.]

The Wind of Revival created by Punghee tightly wrapped around Mido’s body snugly.


“The power of resurrection?”

“Are you a priest who worships Huera?”

The senior NPC priests asked with surprise. I just nodded because it was annoying to explain.

Ohh, I see.”

“I’m really glad.”

“This is definitely Huera’s power.”

Wind of Revival continued to be used for 10 minutes. but no matter how long I waited, the poison wasn’t detoxified. What the hell was the identity of this damned poison that couldn’t be cured? I was sweating when Mudur suddenly spoke to me.

[Hey, old man. Chwik.]

‘I’m busy right now. We’ll talk later.’

[You’ll regret it.]

‘I will do so even if I regret it. I'm sorry, but I need to focus.’

[Chwik. I was trying to tell you the identity of this poison, but if this is the case, it can’t be helped.]

‘What? Mudur, say it again.’

[Kukuk. Are you interested now?]

‘Do you know what this poison is? What is it? Tell me.’

[Huhu. What will you do if I tell you?]

This guy was trying to make a deal with me in this situation. Sigh, stay calm. This guy had the clue to cure Mido. In fact, if Mido died and resurrected, then the poison would naturally be resolved. However, I didn't want to see my granddaughter die in front of me. It was too heartbreaking. It would’ve been easily resolved if I had another one of Alexus’ battle gear, ‘Kitchen Knife.’ It was a bit disappointing for me.

‘I will try to figure out a way to take you out of my body.’

[Bah. That’s a given. Chwik.]

‘What do you want?’

[Jewel meat.]


[I want you to cook the jewel meat you ate last time with the sun elemental. It was a bit regretful when you ate it. Lick.

I quickly agreed to the proposal that was more modest than I thought. Otherwise, he might add another condition. ‘Okay, I’ll take responsibility and make it more delicious. Now, tell me, what is this poison?’

[Huhu, okay. Listen carefully. This poison is...]

* * *

At this time, Gyeonso Dragon was confronting Kim Hyeonu.

“Why are you trying to buy time?”


Kim Hyeonu asked this question and Gyeonso Dragon had no answer. In fact, he didn’t know what to say. He knew it would just be an excuse if he said he was trying to buy time for the participant in the fourth match. Gyeonso Dragon didn’t like excuses. "I'm sorry. Just know that there is a reason.”

Hmm...” Kim Hyeonu sighed as he saw Gyeonso Dragon speaking politely. Gyeonso Dragon was dragging things out even though he could easily defeat Kim Hyeonu. In fact, when he logged in today, he had the idea of revenge because Park Taehyeon said he was cheering from the audience.

However, it didn’t seem so easy based on the current situation. No, before that, he wondered if it was going to be a really long-term battle. He wondered if this would end today. “Even so, I am going to keep attacking. Will you accept it?”


Kim Hyeonu leapt into the air and injected energy into his one-handed sword.

[The divine skill ‘Grand Cross’ is used.]

Then he inserted the sword into the place where Gyeonso Dragon was located. Of course, he avoided it, but this wasn’t what Kim Hyeonu was aiming for. It was the burst of flames, the storm of star fire that followed. He was a knight of Lupeon. The ground split up and a white firestorm full of the power of stars rose from the ground toward the sky.

The flustered Gyeonso Dragon quickly used a lightning footwork technique to raise the speed of his entire body. However, the skill range was too large and it suffered considerable damage. The corners of his mouth rose up. “...It is a great attack.”

"Thank you for the compliment. My friend asked me to get revenge.”


“In the round of 8, my friend was hit by the blue lightning you emitted, was knocked out of the field, and lost.”

Ahh, I see. I’m sorry about that. It is lightning that I can’t handle.”

“I know you didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t worry too much about it.”

Um, I’m glad you think so.”

Gyeonso Dragon examined his legs that had been scorched by a pillar of fire. It was harder to move than before so it seemed that the lightning footwork technique would be slower than before. Gyeonso Dragon inwardly sighed. ‘He said he will send me a whisper when he wakes up... Sigh, how long will it take?’

* * *

[You have obtained information on an unknown venom.]

[The information is updated and you can learn more about the poison.]

Just a moment ago, I heard about the identity of this poison from Mudur. Now I was making a deep frown. This damn poison was a far greater poison than I thought.


I could see something like a spider tattoo on her wound. The name of this poison was ‘Arachne Phobia.’ This was the name that Mudur gave me. Mudur knew it because he was killed by this very poison. Thus, he knew very well the characteristics of the poison.

[Arachne Phobia is encroaching on the target.]

[The target is having a nightmare due to the ‘fear’ abnormal status.]

[All types of mental disorders might occur after waking up.]

[It is recommended to detoxify as soon as possible.]


The poison came from a woman called Arachne who became a terrible spider monster because she offended a goddess. She became the founder of various spider species and had such great venom. This venom had a terrible side. According to Mudur, it was fortunate to die immediately. If not, there would be a seriously high fever and chills. They would also have horrible dreams every night. One of the other features...

[Arachne Phobia’s encroachment rate is increasing.]

That damn spider tattoo would soon cover Mido’s entire body. Suddenly, the number of spiders on Mido’s arms increased. In no time, it covered Mido’s entire arm. The priests who saw it were perplexed.

“U-Unbelievable. What is this...?”

“It isn’t possible even with Huera’s power.”

Oh, god...”

They might be lacking in strength, but these NPCs were praying for Mido while drawing divine signs like a fool. They couldn’t help. At this moment, blood gushed from Mido’s mouth. The bleeding phenomenon that Mudur mentioned had started. It was then that the magicians arrived.

“This thing... it is poison. Bring out an advanced antidote.”

A senior magician NPC took out an advanced antidote and opened Mido’s mouth to feed it to her. I had some expectations, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t possible to detoxify this poison with an advanced antidote.

“I don’t think it worked...”

It happened as everyone was shaking their heads. Mudur spoke to me. [Hey, old man. I have something to say just in case.]

‘What? Tell me.’

[Now my blood is mixed with yours. Perhaps it will work if your blood is mixed with the antidote? Chwik.]

It felt like I had been hit on the head with a hammer. I put Mudur’s words into practice straight away. I asked, “Do you have one more advanced antidote?”

“Yes, there is one. As you can see, it doesn’t work...”

“Give it to me. I have an idea.”

I instantly opened the lid of the advanced antidote. I pulled out the Shadow Dagger and drew it over his palm. I clenched my fists and dripped the blood into the antidote. I closed the lid again, shook it and fed it to Mido. The effect...

[Arachne Phobia’s encroachment rate is starting to decrease.]

[The detoxification will take some time and effort.]

[Please steadily restore the target’s health for 30 minutes.]

Haaaah. That is it.”

Fortunately, it seemed to work. The spider tattoo encroaching on Mido’s arm was slowly, but surely, disappearing. Perhaps once it was completely gone, the poison would be detoxified. Of course, 30 more minutes of struggle were needed. I hadn’t expected there would be a day when I would be helped by Mudur. It was true that you saw many things when living a long life.’

“Sigh. It seems to have been detoxified. Just keep restoring her health for 30 minutes and she will wake up.”

Ohh, that’s amazing. We will do so. Leave it to us.”

“Come on, hurry.”

Lupeon’s priests became busy as they unfolded the magic circle again and started the prayer of mercy. The magicians nodded a few times. They said they were relieved that things worked out and disappeared.

Just then, I heard a familiar voice. “What? What happened?”

I turned my head and smiled. The person standing there was Park Muyeol. I wrapped a white cloth around the bleeding cut on the palm of my hand. “...Nothing.”

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