Chapter 183

“It’s not this, pretty bird! Try this. Hoo~


“Noo~ like this. Hooo.”

Solar’s small fireball floated through the air. Chunza screamed as she opened her mouth to follow Solar’s actions, looking like she was going to breathe out fire.

“Huhaaa- keeok!”

However, the only thing that came out was burps. The smell of the raw chicken she ate earlier pierced my nose. Sigh, this smell. I would have to brush her mouth. It wasn’t a joke.

“Gruruk!” Nevertheless, Chunza didn’t give up. She continued to try while flapping her wings. It seemed she had some clues. It was because I had been receiving this message from the beginning.

[An unknown magic power is starting to wrap around the body of ‘Chunza.’]

[The owl ‘Chunza’ is gaining awareness of ‘Fireball’.]

[Gained 4% enlightenment in the acquisition of ‘Fireball.’]

[If it becomes 100% then ‘Chunza’ can learn ‘Fireball’.]

“She is definitely a Lechuza.”

These messages wouldn’t have appeared if Chunza was a normal owl. The unidentified magic power was ‘moon energy,’ one of the characteristics of the Lechuza. It didn’t make sense for an average owl to learn Fireball. Still, it was a shame that she could only learn Fireball, not Sunball.

“Well, Chunza isn’t the sun so it can’t be helped.”

Perhaps the only one who could use Sunball in the future was Solar. The sun energy it emitted was something that no god except for Prometheus could control. This was a matter of innate birth. Even the supreme god, Jupiter, couldn’t handle the flames of the sun.

“Solar, keep teaching Chunza, got it?”

“Understood, Master~”


Solar and Chunza both nodded.

I brought the two people to the bathroom because previously I taught them in the room and the furniture became slightly singed. I was afraid the owner of this place would ask me for compensation so I brought the two of them to the bathroom to prevent this.

“Solar, you know what to do if there is a fire, right? Just like I taught you, the faucet there...”

“That’s not it! Pretty bird! Look carefully. Hooo.! Try it!”

They couldn’t seem to hear me. Chunza met a teacher who was stricter than I thought. I smiled happily and left the bathroom and then the room. As I headed down the stairs to the first floor, a whisper arrived.

-Park Muyeol: Chuntaek, when did you log in?

-Jackson: I logged in earlier.

-Park Muyeol: Hey, are the reporters here originally like this? I left the building to hunt with the kids but the reporters are surrounding me and I can’t get out. Those damn bastards.

I couldn’t help laughing. This was why I hated being caught.

-Jackson: This is your blessing. Why did you make such a mess? That’s why I hid my identity.

-Park Muyeol: Tsk. A man should live a life of ease.

-Jackson: What are you going to do?

At the same time, the entrance of the first floor appeared. I could see a group of people gathered in the distance. I didn’t have to look closely to know who they were. The one with white hair was Park Muyeol and the ones with black hair were all reporters. They were pouring out a relentless bombardment of questions at him.

“How do you feel about entering the Colosseum’s round of 8?”

“Are you a Star Fruit user?”

“What is your age this year?”

“There is a surge in access by the elderly. Can I ask you how you feel?”

“No, please get out of the way...”

Park Muyeol was hesitating without doing anything. He moved to the left and the reporters followed him to the left. He moved to the right and they followed him to the right. Tsk tsk, this was why he couldn’t go hunting. I passed by him and made eye contact with him. The reporters took no notice at all when I passed. It was said that there was blessing in misfortune. I immediately waved to Muyeol.

Park Muyeol’s face turned red like he was quite annoyed. The fierce impression he gave off became even worse.


“Cough! Cough!”

“Cough cough.”

The reporters looked at each other and coughed. However, it was already too late. Muyeol was already angry. “Don’t be annoying and get out of the way.”

The Magic Power Hair Clipper in his hand moved at high speed. In an instant, a highway was formed on the heads of the reporters. I saw it and couldn’t help laughing. Puhahaha!

According to him, it would take the same amount of time as in reality for the hair to grow back. He had tried it at the training camp. In this case, the reporters wouldn’t appear for a while. It was really cool. I wanted to borrow one too.

Tsk, now it is a bit quieter.” Park Muyeol watched the fleeing reporters and then walked over. He stood next to me and asked, “Are you going hunting?”

“No, I'm busy.”

“...Pretending to be busy.”

We walked next to each other to downtown Fortren. Both of us had a cigarette in our hand. Smoke rose from the lit cigarettes.

* * *

After walking together for a while, Park Muyeol and I separated at the square. Muyeol headed to the west gate of Fortren where his party was waiting. He said he was going to hunt the ‘jewel mammoth’ that lived there. The jewel mammoth was a monster in my memories. There was a special meat part of its stomach that shone like jewels. It was said to be first discovered by Alexus 500 years ago. In any case, it was a rare material and I planned to hunt it together with Muyeol later.

By the way, the jewel mammoths actually lived here. Things had really changed from Prometheus’ memories.

I walked a long time before finally reaching my destination. “Is it here?”

Helena definitely said it was the largest flower store in Fortren. The name of the store was ‘Sarah’s Flowers.’

[Meet the flower of destiny that suits you — Sarah’s Flowers]

“...This is right.”

I went straight inside. More people were in the store than I expected. Women as well. No, all of them were women except for me. It was a strange scenery for me who only occasionally mixed with female NPCs.

“Welcome~?” the NPC, who appeared to be an employee of the store, spoke to me gently. The words ‘Sarah’s Flowers’ were clearly engraved on her name badge. Her name was Rose. I remembered that it was the word for the rose flower in English. It was a very good match for a florist’s name.

“I’m here to buy some flowers...”

Ah~ I see. Are there any flowers in particular that you are looking for~?”

Um. I want to take a look around first.”

“Is that so? I’ll be standing over there, so just call me if you need me~”

“Thank you.”

Now that I was unmasked, the behavior of the NPC was very polite. In fact, I could use the mask, but Helena said the nobleman was a very cautious person. I was told I couldn’t meet him if I wore a mask so I had no choice. I opened my inventory straight away. “Let’s see. It was here...”

I rummaged through my inventory for a while. There was clearly a note that Helena had given me before I left...

Ah, it’s here.”

It was a small note and I could barely find it. I opened it straight away. The paper had the name of flowers and a few words written on it.

-List of flowers to buy and the meaning of the flowers.

Rosemary: Remembrance  Sunflower: Eternity

Angelini: Joy  Angelonia: Angel

Cineraria: Always shining 

Helena had given me this and told me that I needed to buy five flowers. It was said that if I made a bouquet from this, handed it to the boss of Sarah’s Flowers, and briefly confirmed my identity, I would be guided to the location of the noble. Apparently, there was a secret passage.

“Let’s see...”

The first one I found was the flower called rosemary. Fortunately, it was easy to find. It was close to me. I picked it up straight away and then found the sunflowers. It was also easy to find but I had never expected to buy sunflowers. This was Muyeol’s favorite flower...

He would be smiling widely if he came over here.

“What else...”

I started searching for the flowers quickly. The users and NPCs whispered that it was romantic that an old man was choosing flowers. Some people were seeing a grandfather player for the first time and watched me curiously. I coughed and quickly looked for the next flowers. However, there were so many varieties that I couldn’t find it easily.

Angelini, angelini...

“Can I help you?” The one speaking to me was the female employee named Rose who I had previously met.

I nodded at her. “Can you help me?”

“Of course. What flowers are you looking for?”

I told her the name of the three flowers immediately. The remaining flowers were ‘angelini’, ‘angelonia’ and ‘cineraria’. It was hard to pronounce. I didn’t know what type of flowers they were. Nevertheless, Rose was an employee of the flower store and she quickly found the flowers.

I held a bouquet she made of the five flowers in an instant. Rose wrapped it beautifully in a light, purple cloth, and nodded with satisfaction. "I really thank you."

“If you need anything else, then feel free to tell me.” 

She bowed her head and went to help others. She was a very good NPC. She was like the number one desired daughter-in-law these days... It was a shame that she wasn’t a user. If she was, I would do my best to persuade my second son. Cough. No, there was Sujeong. I shouldn’t do this. Don’t do it.

Ah, right. Where is my mind?”

I hurriedly moved to the checkout area. I told the male employee there that I wanted to meet the boss. He told me to go upstairs and find a blonde woman wearing a brown apron. I listened to him and went up to the second floor. Shortly after climbing the wooden spiral staircase, I was able to meet the woman that the male staff member mentioned.

She had beautiful blonde hair that was tied up and a fine skirt that went well with her brown apron. The name on her name badge was Ellis. She asked me, “Oh my, why did you come?”

“To give you this.” I handed her the bouquet of flowers.

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