Chapter 180

“How funny. If I take one more step, then you’ll kill me?” Delai smiled while holding his greatsword.

I held the fork spoon and Shadow Dagger in my hands as I aimed at him. My voice had already been slightly altered. I had eaten the Helium Slime’s Core while running and fortunately, the voice that came out was that of a young man.

“Yes, you will die if you take one more step. Additionally, you will die if you wield that sword.”

The giant sword that was long enough to reach the top of the barrier turned toward me. It was unusual at first glance, making me subconsciously feel nervous.

Delai smiled. “How funny. Then shall I give it a shot?”

“I’d rather not.”

“No, take it once. I’m so confident that I’m looking forward to it.”

At the same time, the greatsword was swung. It was naturally in my direction. A huge wave of energy cut the space in half. I looked at the massive sword filled with energy and used the Shadow Dagger. “Shadow Play.”

I entered the dark world for the first time after a while. I always felt it but it was like being sucked into a rather dark corner. Looking up, I saw Delai’s sword energy flying across the stage. It contained a tremendous power. Several users who were in the way were fatally wounded.

However, it was useless against me. I immediately rose from Delai’s shadow. He was so busy manipulating the greatsword that he didn’t even know I was coming.

Huhu. He wasn’t a big deal. This is Delai’s era...”

“Sun Road.” Sparks soared from both my feet and I spun around at a high speed. I also wielded Alexus' Fork Spoon in my hand.

Kuaaack!” Delai’s screams couldn’t be heard. The area surrounding him had already been swallowed up by a huge fire storm. Delai looked at the health bar that reached the bottom in an instant with disbelief.

“Wh... en...” Delai knelt, burn marks all over his body.

By the time Sun Road was over, he only had 5% health left. Well, I was still satisfied with this. He seemed to have a pretty high level. In any case, the effect was really good, perhaps due to that Ifrit guy. As long as the person was burned, there was a low chance of reducing the target’s health by 10%. For users, the percentage was halved but it was still very satisfying. Thinking about it, where did Supreme Fire Dragon get such a good item?

I stood in front of the kneeling Dalai. “I warned you. If you made a move, then you would die.”

“This is crazy...”

I wanted to stab the fork spoon in his forehead but it didn’t seem necessary. The burn damage was already gnawing at his health. Then I felt my super sensitivity triggering and it told me that something was flying. I quickly threw myself to the side. A few daggers were stuck in the ground.

“Hey, you son of a bitch. Do you remember me?” The person who threw the dagger was someone I knew well. It was a guy with the ID of Mad Dog. It seemed he had been quite upset by the cobweb bomb the other day. He started swearing. He wasn’t polite to adults.

Ah, I remember. You are that stupid clown.”

“This shit. You bastard!” Mad Dog threw several daggers in the air in sequence.

I lightly dodged but the daggers continued to fly. I thought it would be over after five daggers. Why were there so many?


Oh, he was making daggers out of magic power and throwing them. It was no wonder why there were a lot of daggers constantly being thrown at me.

I dodged his attack. Now my super sensitivity stat was over 250 points. I could see the enemy’s attack by 0.1 seconds slower for every 50 points in super sensitivity. This meant it was slower by 0.5 seconds. In some ways, it didn’t seem like a big deal but someone could die in 0.5 seconds. His attacks didn’t reach me.

Kuek. How can you avoid my attacks like this? No one has ever avoided my daggers in this way...”

“You are too conceited. The world is wide.”

I approached at a high speed and stabbed his thigh with the fork spoon. Then I turned and kicked his abdomen. However, this person was quick. He leaned back like there was a spring in his body, somersaulted and landed on the ground. He seemed to have a class that was characterized by agility.

Mad Dog looked at the wound in his thigh caused by the fork spoon and licked his dagger.

I moved my gaze straight to Mido’s location. Kim Hyeonu had exhausted his magic power. He was leaning down and gasping. Mido and Park Taehyeon were supporting him while watching me.


These bastards dared to attack my granddaughter? My fury soared. These guys opened a door that shouldn’t have been opened. They couldn’t see it but my expression under the mask was like a demon.


A sharp piece of ice suddenly headed toward me. The feeling of something cold passing over my head was breathtaking. The ice pick was stuck in the ground and froze it. I shifted my gaze to the sky. It was the magician who had also been part of Group 2. I didn’t remember the name again. Sel... Ah, I didn’t know. In any case, I was going to make him fall down.


Sparks appeared in the sun and a small sun emerged. “Hehe! Did you call me?!”

“Yes. Sun Explosion.”

“I understand! Just wait!”

Solar’s body grew bigger and I kicked the soccer ball straight away. The goal was that damn magician. Solar shot forward into the sky at a rapid speed after being kicked by my right foot. The unnamed magician was focused on supporting the others and did not even realize the incoming Solar until it hit him.

It was a colossal explosion. It was like a nuclear explosion. The heat was so strong that cracks formed in the barrier raised around the stage. The cracks grew and parts of the barrier were soon broken. A giant pillar of sun fire rose into the sky, creating a vortex.

In the midst of the huge fireworks, Mad Dog approached me. A dagger headed toward me. Small flames splashed between the dagger and the fork spoon.

We snarled at each other.

“I will kill you today!”

“Bring it on, stripling.”

* * *

“...Brother has become stronger.” Seeing the huge pillar of fire, Gyeonso Dragon surrounded his body with blue lightning. His fast-moving fists struck Reinhardt’s side. It was a constellation skill that paralyzed and pierced the enemy by launching a blue lightning bolt from his right hand. “Lightning Dragon Power!”

A sharp lightning bolt pierced Reinhardt but Reinhardt didn’t care. The shield in his hand neutralized the lightning. Gyeonso Dragon was flustered.

“That won’t work on my shield!”

Reinhardt’s right fist swung. Gyeonso Dragon used lightning protection and quickly widened the distance.

‘What the hell is this shield?’

This was an attack that had penetrated the muscle crab they encountered on the way to the North Pole. It was lightning that made even shields made of steel seem normal. Yet this shield casually blocked his lightning. If so, the identity was probably...

He asked, "That shield. Is it a Star Piece?”

Oh! Your eyes are pretty good! However, you’re wrong. This isn’t a Star Piece!”

“Then what?”

“This is a shield used by the ancient giants!”

...Ah, I see.”

Gyeonso Dragon hadn’t really expected an answer to the question. It might not be a Star Piece but it was durable and defensive. It must be a great thing.

Reinhardt’s skillful use of the shield that allowed him to quickly defend his body from the blue lightning was also interesting.

“I didn’t expect the match to be like this, but...” Looking around, Gyeonso Dragon found that others were already having their own fights. He wanted to help the others on the same side but couldn’t because of Reinhardt. Well, it seemed that it would end with their victory. There were few enemies left now. Once one was eliminated, the round of 16 would end. That person...

“Reinhardt, you will have to be eliminated.”

Huhu. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but shall we fight? Okay! Bring it on!”

More blue lightning soared from Gyeonso Dragon’s body. This time, it was a bit different from before. The blue lightning that swept through his entire body started to form a certain shape.

* * *

“What the hell is this?” Aidan’s angry voice rang out in the VIP room on the second floor. He pointed a finger at the stadium with a red face. He threw the glass that he was holding but it couldn’t reach the barrier. “You asshole! Hey! Didn’t you say that you could win? Then why did this happen?”

At this point, Supreme Fire Dragon had nothing to say. He hadn’t expected that people would stand on the old man’s side. It was a very unexpected situation. These six people...

Just then—


Cold wine was splashed on Supreme Fire Dragon’s face. The scent of sour grapes pierced his nose. He opened his eyes slightly and spotted the empty glass in Aidan’s hands. It seemed he had taken Kaidan’s glass and threw its content at Supreme Fire Dragon. Yet Supreme Fire Dragon had to endure it. This humiliation was for his dream. “...I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? What are you going to do about this? You said you could win! You were certain!” Aidan poked Supreme Fire Dragon in the chest as he spoke.

Supreme Fire Dragon shut his lips while enduring the humiliation. He declared, “Not yet... I have a friend that I have planted.”

“Aren’t you just making excuses? Look at the stadium! How many are left on our side?”

Supreme Fire Dragon moved his gaze to the stadium where fierce battles were underway. Few people remained. On Aidan’s side, all that remained were Hutton and Kim Jebok.

Last night, Aidan had offered a reward—he would give 10 million dollars for killing the old man. However, Kim Jebok didn’t listen to orders and attacked people who weren’t the old man. The fight was a complete mess.

‘Shit. Things have become so twisted. Kim Jebok, that son of a bitch...’ Supreme Fire Dragon gritted his teeth. He shuddered with uncontrollable anger.

“If the person you planted is eliminated then our relationship will be over!” Aidan’s shout was like a bolt out of the blue and Supreme Fire Dragon’s face turned blue. He immediately sent a whisper to Kim Jebok.

[The other person has blocked all whispers.]

‘It is still blocked...’

He would have to give Kim Jebok a good lesson after the match was over. It seemed his arrogance had climbed too high.

Supreme Fire Dragon gritted his teeth and looked at the stage again. Then Supreme Fire Dragon’s eyes widened.


The stadium was instantly engulfed in blue lightning. A giant lightning dragon was descending.

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