Chapter 179

Park Muyeol’s party watched the match together in the audience stands. According to the community, the round of 16 would be played in a one-on-one tournament format. However, the situation in front of her left Kim Sujeong dumbfounded. It was the same with the other party members. They were outraged by the sudden deathmatch and vented their anger in their own way.

“Crazy. Why has the match suddenly changed like this? Can he do such unfair things just because he is the owner of this place?”

“Yes. I think the participants are a bit puzzled.”

“Baroque... worried.”

This was the Mukjeba Brothers.

“That Kaidan guy has a lot of hair.”

“As expected, those with a lot of hair have no backbone.”

The so-called bald brothers were talking nonsense. Surprisingly, the one who was the least worried was Park Seongchan, the grandson of Park Muyeol.

“It’s okay, my grandfather isn’t going to die.”

“How can you be so sure?” Kim Sujeong asked and Park Seongchan smiled like it was natural.

“My grandfather is someone who will survive even if he falls into a jungle. Well, we actually lived in a jungle-like place for a while.”

His strange words lingered in Kim Sujeong’s mind. What type of words did Park Muyeol and Park Seongchan experience? Kim Sujeong had never seen them fighting before and could only cock her head. The match became a nine against six confrontation. The audience was boiling like a hot pot.

“Damn! I don’t know who will survive?!”

“What the hell is this?”

Aaack! Crazy!”

“My heart is pounding. Sigh.

“Please. Survive. Please. Please.”

Many clamors were heard around them. Everyone here was someone who had paid for the tickets. The condition for buying a ticket was to make a bet so it was a natural response. All of the group had bet on the man called Park Muyeol.

“Sujeong-ssi, will Father be okay?” Choi Jeonghyun sat next to her and watched the match with a dejected face.

Kim Sujeong smiled lightly. “If you’re so worried, why didn’t you bet on Father like me.”

“Ah, well... Haha. I don’t know how strong my father is here. I heard it has been only two months since he started. I thought it would be better to bet on the uncle I have seen and experienced. Ah, right. Can you keep it a secret from Father?”

Um~ I understand. Still, why are you talking to me with honorifics? You are older than me.”

Haha... I’ll let go of it slowly.”

...Hmm. I understand.”

Was it just her illusion or was she being avoided? There seemed to be an invisible wall between him and her. Kim Sujeong thought there should be a reason. In this way, the match turned into a mud fight. They confronted each other and a huge amount of smoke and dust filled the stadium. The crowd was tense and Kim Sujeong had no idea what was going on inside. There was a lot of sighing when Kim Sujeong suddenly saw someone wearing familiar clothes.

He was holding onto the railing that prevented him from entering the field and shouted desperately, “Aaaack! Old man! Please win! I’ve bet all my assets!”

“What? Why is he here?”

She hadn’t found him despite searching last night. Unexpectedly, she ran into him here. Kerenos was dressed in green armor as he banged on the railings. “Win! You must win!”

Kim Sujeong got up and approached him.

* * *

The surroundings were full of fire. The heat swirled around my body. I opened my closed eyes and found that I was still alive. That’s right, I was 100% resistant to flames. It was a blessing in the midst of misfortune.

[Your fire resistance is 100%.]

[It is the highest-grade flames.]

[Your body has adapted to the flames so you won’t receive any damage.]


I had forgotten. Even if fire resistance was 100%, damage could still be received depending on the rank of the flames. Rising Sun was powered by the sun and it could deal damage despite 100% resistance. Of course, it wasn’t as good as before but it was still the privilege of the top-grade. By the way, the identity of the glove that absorbed Rising Sun and reflected it...


I would have to think about it later. Now I had to attack this guy first. I quickly stabbed at Hutton’s arm with the fork spoon.


He was flustered by the sudden loss of health and quickly pulled away. I literally ran toward him and stabbed at him with the fork spoon. However, Hutton’s club quickly blocked my attack. It was damn fast.

“How interesting.”

It wasn’t interesting at all. The moment Hutton smiled, I immediately raised my magic power. I felt the power of the wind in my heart traveling to all my veins at a high speed. Eating the anemone would increase my power but I couldn’t expect to do it in this type of messy struggle.

Hutton opened his mouth. “I already said it. Such an explosive attack won’t work on me...”

[10% of wind energy is consumed.]

[A sharp wind is created.]

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

The blade of wind that I learned from Kerenos formed in one hand and I threw it. A huge half-moon flew like an eagle while leaving an afterimage in the air. It was thrown from a close range so it was hard to avoid.

“......!” Hutton was shocked for a moment before hitting the club against the wind blade. The club wasn’t cut because of Stick's Protection but that wasn’t my goal. Um...!

The wind blade was easily scattered by the club and split into several blades that caused wounds all over Hutton’s body. The wind blade carved wounds on his arms, legs, and chest. I had been aiming for the unique changing nature of the wind. In the past, when I had transformed into Zigma, one of the Sylphid Knights had used a similar attack. Looking back now, it was the changing nature of the wind.

Keuk... I can’t believe you can use a technique like this.” Hutton’s face twisted as he gritted his teeth.

My face didn’t look very good either. I thought it would decrease his health by a large amount but this wasn’t the case. Shit. I only raised his anger. My affinity with this guy wasn’t good...

Just then, someone blocked my way. It was a person with a bear-like physique and white hair. An elderly man with a dark black wooden sword stood in front of me. He didn’t turn around but I could tell his identity. Park Muyeol told me, “Leave this place to me.”


I turned my head in the direction he had come from and saw two big men who had been beaten up and fell out of the way. I remembered that they were participants from Group 4. In an instant, Park Muyeol had made two men incapable of combat and blew them away.

I could only laugh. I thought he was better than when he was in his prime.

“Can I leave it to you?”

Park Muyeol heard my words and shrugged. “Who knows? I’ll try.”


I silently watched Park Muyeol’s back. I drew closer to him and reached out to the withered flowers attached to his sword. “Magic Power Germination.”

[The secret skill ‘Magic Power Germination’ has been used.]

[A small amount of natural energy has brought life to the withered flowers.]

The withered flowers attached to Park Muyeol’s sword quickly revived. This person looked a bit surprised. Hoh?

“This is the only thing I can do now.”

I gave him a few small pieces of food that I cooked beforehand. There was the effect of Weather Cooking so there would probably be some small buffs. He nodded and placed the food in his mouth. “This will suffice. It works well.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

“Yes. Go help Mido.”

Ah, right, yes.”

I turned and saw that those troublemakers and Mido were in danger. That damn clown and another man was constantly attacking them. Kim Hyeonu was holding a large shield and defending with it. I ran straight to that location. Meanwhile, due to super sensitivity being used, I could hear the conversation between Park Muyeol and Hutton in the distance.

Haha, we meet again.”

“Yes, thank you for waiting.”

“Let’s finish the fight that we couldn’t finish at that time.”


The massive clash of strength once again created dust.

* * *

“Hyeonu oppa, try a bit harder!”

The moment the battle began, Kim Hyeonu was panicked. It was because the clown user, who harassed them last time, once again aimed at them. His name was Mad Dog. They had discovered this when he wrote down his name. The man with the greatsword followed.

His name was Delai and he had a typical warrior class. He wore heavy armor and used a giant greatsword. The problem was that the two men’s offensive couldn’t be underestimated.

The venom in Mad Dog’s dagger was terrible for them and his class seemed to be optimized for PK. Then there was the armor that Delai was wearing. It was the ‘Armor of Tireless Faith’ that had been hot in the A.S.L community for some time. It was the armor worn by Orca’s hero, Brunhilde. It also had the dwarf’s blessing so the options were enormous.

Kim Hyeonu had said ‘I want to have it’ so much that his mouth was dry. He didn’t expect the buyer to be the person standing in front of him.

“Knight’s Pride!”

“Shit. Shield of Light!”

Kim Hyeonu gritted his teeth and raised his shield high. Then a huge shield containing the protection of the divine light protected himself and Park Taehyeon.

Ugh. We can’t hold on much longer. I’m going to run out of magic power.’

The poisonous daggers could bounce off the shield but Delai’s skill was different. Knight’s Pride was a skill attached to that armor. The real identity of the skill was shrouded in mystery but it inserted the knight’s pride into the sword, giving the user a higher attack power.

“Shit. Park Taehyeon! Do something!”

“Shit. I’m too busy dodging! Do something about this freaking clown!”

Mad Dog gave up on penetrating the shield and was focused on Park Taehyeon, who had come out of it. Kim Hyeonu knew the clown had a problem with them but he didn’t understand Delai’s actions. His goal was Dark Wolf over there...

Kuock. Delai, why are you attacking us? Isn’t it Dark Wolf that you’re aiming for?”

Delai just laughed. “I just want to try out my skills to my heart’s content. I know that you’re a tanker. Kim Hyeonu of Icarus.”

“What a ridiculous reason...”

“It doesn’t need to make sense. I will show off my formidable power to all the reporters here. Take more of my pride. Haha.

The pride energy contained in Delai’s greatsword grew longer and it now looked like a giant sword. This time, he wasn’t letting sword energy fly. He was preparing to wield the greatsword itself. If this was the case, Shield of Light would be shattered. It happened at this moment...

“It is up to here.”


“You will die if you take one more step.” A masked man walked toward them. He was Dark Wolf.

Kim Hyeonu’s mouth curved upwards. “I’m saved.”

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