Chapter 178

“Kuhaha! Good! Very good!”

Aidan’s applause rang out from the second floor of the Colosseum. He smiled with one hand covering his face. Next to him, Supreme Fire Dragon was also smiling.

“Didn’t I tell you? This will make it easier to kill him.”

Supreme Fire Dragon talked a lot at Aidan’s mansion on that day. Of course, he was rebuked for his assassination failure. However, it was only for a moment. It was unknown if it was fortunate or unfortunate but Aidan asked him if he remembered the man who got the jackpot the other day. Aidan said that as long as this man was assassinated, there would be no consequences for the previous failure.

Naturally, Supreme Fire Dragon accepted. It was because the old man he saw at the Colosseum was exactly the one who got the jackpot at that time. It was a great opportunity for him to get revenge and for the future of his business.

Aidan laughed. “Yes, indeed. I should’ve done this earlier. Hahaha. Can I believe in the Mad Dog that you planted?”

“Of course, I guarantee his skills. He is extraordinary even among the immortal humans. The world here is no different, you’ll see.”

Needless to say, Kim Jebok’s abilities were undeniable. He was a bit cruel but his reputation as the best knife wielder in the country wasn’t for nothing. Supreme Fire Dragon had been astonished the first time he saw Kim Jebok hunting goblins. The phrase ‘his reputation is really well-deserved’ spontaneously popped up in Supreme Fire Dragon’s mind.

“Yes, you will see soon. Look forward to it.”

Aidan and Supreme Fire Dragon shifted their gazes toward the stage.

Kaidan, the owner of the Colosseum, asked them, “What is the identity of that person? Brother, why do you want to kill him so desperately?”

“It is just an ill-fated relationship.”


Last night, Kaidan had been resting at home after a satisfying meal only to be flustered by Aidan’s sudden visit. He had a good relationship with his cousin, Aidan, but Aidan had never come over like this without warning. Aidan seemed better now but yesterday, he had been a bit strange. In particular, his walking posture was awkward and there was the person called ‘Supreme Fire Dragon’ that came along with him.

In any case, they came because they said they wanted to kill a participant in the Colosseum. Naturally, this wasn’t difficult for Kaidan.

‘What is their relationship? Aidan even spent money to buy the participants. I don’t think it is a normal grudge...’

Kaidan had called the staff separately and ordered them to bring the participants who were interested in money. There were nine participants. They weren’t big names and they all gathered because they needed money. Among them was Aidan’s hired subordinate, Hutton. Therefore, an assassination team was formed on the spot last night to get rid of one participant.

“Well, I won’t ask you in detail. Brother, just keep your promise to give me a share of the casino.”

“Don't worry about it. I keep my promises.”

"I know, I know. Brother, I know your personality. Haha.” 

There was nothing bad from Kaidan’s position. It was just a matter of getting money. Kaidan shifted his gaze to the stage. The participants noticed each other and started to split in half. To be exact, it was nine against seven. Perhaps some of the seven people wouldn’t join the fight after realizing the situation.

Kaidan smiled. His smiling appearance resembled Aidan. “Now we just have to watch the bloody battle.”

* * *

Once all the barriers were raised, only silence flowed. They were flustered by the sudden situation and some looked at each other to see who would attack first. However, it was an unexpected person who moved first. No, there were several people.


They moved and gathered around one man. They were the men who had been shooting killing intent at me earlier. I could see with one glance that they were watching me with greedy eyes. Now they were all together. They were also gathered to kill me.

“It is a mess...”

At the same time, someone I knew well stepped forward. It was Hutton who slightly humiliated me in Trash Village. For a moment, I had forgotten that he was a subordinate of Aidan. Based on what was happening right now, the present situation was caused by Aidan. That damn person. The next time we met, I would have to break his legs.

“Hey, Brothers.” Hutton raised the wooden club from his shoulder. “Do you know what’s going on? We’re a team of nine now. We don’t want to hurt the other people. We just want one person. That masked man over there.”

In the flowing silence, his finger pointed at me. Then everyone’s eyes fell on me. Groan. I hated this situation.

“We only have business with that person. If you stop us, then we will consider you an enemy. Those who block us will become the focus of our attacks.”

Simultaneously, the nine people pulled out their weapons. It included the person with the greatsword and the magician. It seemed they planned to do this from the beginning.

[Kuhahaha! This is a pretty fun situation! Fight! Fight!]

Mudur’s laughter filled my mind. I ignored him and looked around. The first one I saw was Park Muyeol next to me. He had a funny expression on his face.

Meanwhile, the first person to respond was Mido. She stuck to my side and exclaimed, “What are you guys? Aren’t you being too cowardly?! Do you think that will scare us? Bring it on, we won’t just be beaten!”

Mido’s voice was confident. I had truly raised my granddaughter well. She was holding the Bloody Butcher that I hadn’t seen in a long time in her hand.

“Cough. I will help you because you saved us last time.” Kim Hyeonu followed in his white armor.

“No, hey. I dislike that bastard...”

"Shut up. It's the guild leader's command. The grace for saving Mido the other day must be repaid.”

Che.” Park Taehyeon also came along with a stiff expression.

The next person who followed was Gyeonso Dragon. He walked over here like it was natural. “It isn’t right for many people to attack an individual. I will stick to this person.”

Then there was the remaining person. As expected, a whisper arrived from him.

-Park Muyeol: An incident occurred.

-Jackson: I’m sorry.

-Park Muyeol: Well, it isn’t just once or twice.

Park Muyeol chuckled and stood next to me. He was carrying an ebony wood sword on his shoulder. The flowers I saw the other day had withered.

“My friend’s granddaughter is here so I have to stick to this side.”

“As expected of Grandfather Muyeol. You’re the best!” Mido gave a thumbs up. 

The situation of nine against six was made just like this. The atmosphere was becoming hotter. All that was left was Reinhardt. He laughed like it was fun. “Wuhahaha! Either way, all of you will die! I’ll deal with everyone! I’m Reinhardt of the Zeus Guild!”

...This idiot only cared about fighting.

Hutton laughed, “Huhuhu. This is also interesting. In any case, I only need to carry out the client’s order and get the money. Okay! Let’s fight! My name is Hutton!”

At the same time, a large number of attacks were launched toward this place. The first thing that flew was the energy of various weapons, followed by a huge wave of fire. The fire was created by the only magician among the participants. I didn’t remember the name but it was something like Selene. They were extraordinary attacks worthy of the strong people of the Colosseum battle.

I thought it would be a tough fight. I dodged the attacks by moving around. For the first time in a while, I danced Rising Sun and the energy of the sun rose from my toes. At the same time, we clashed. Smoke and dust rose. In the midst of the melee, the first one to act was someone from Group 1.


“Ten million dollars is ours!”

“Take my spear!”

It seemed that Aidan would give money to the person who killed me. I was so angry that I couldn’t speak for a moment. “...You should do what you are capable of.”

I immediately pulled the fork spoon out of my inventory.

“Come on.”

I jumped lightly, avoiding the stabbing spears and swords. As I leapt through the air, I swung my burning feet. It was three aerial sidekicks. The people hit fell down with a groan. My clothes flapped as I landed.

Kuock. Crazy.”

“Those kicks...”

“What is this bastard’s identity?”

They seemed perplexed but they weren’t in a crisis. They were strong and their level was high. No matter how much defense Rising Sun ignored, the basic defense and resistance couldn’t be ignored. They also had potions. It would turn into a long-term battle if I didn’t deal a lot of damage at once. It was a bit of a waste to use the cobwebs here...


Then I felt a chilling sensation and immediately ducked. A giant club passed over my head. I was almost eliminated in one shot. There was only one person who could handle this type of club. “Hahaha. You’re truly great! You noticed my attack! We shall replay the fight that we couldn’t finish back then!”

The damn Hutton swung his club quickly. I managed to dodge. I leapt through the air, twisted my body to the side, and bent my back to quickly evade. It was just that the speed of his club was beyond imagination. Eventually, I was struck once. I flew across the stage at a fast speed. Keuk.

I grabbed my throbbing belly and checked the health bar above my head. I had lost 1/4th of my health in one blow. It was a formidable attack power. It turned out that he had the skill called Stick's Protection, just like Muyeol.


It was a waste but my survival comes first. I shot the cobwebs at the ground, offsetting the momentum at which I was flying back. Then I used the recoil to fly back toward Hutton. I aimed a side kick at his abdomen. There was just something I had forgotten.

Huhu. Thank you.” Hutton raised his left hand. There was the sound of a candle being blown and the explosion of Rising Sun disappeared.

My face distorted in a terrible expression.

“Receive it again!”

The power of Rising Sun gathered in Hutton’s left hand rushed at me. His fist soon cracked the ground and a huge pillar of fire soared into the sky. The flames devoured me.

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