Chapter 175

Thick fog covered a luxurious flower garden that might be called a paradise. The scent of the hot springs that rose made Mido’s body and mind more relaxed. In it, she felt freer than anyone else in the world.

Ah~ this is really good~”

The fragrant hot spring water flowed over her arms. She enjoyed a luxury in the game that she didn’t get to enjoy in reality. The only odd thing about this spacious hot spring was that Mido was alone. She liked it. It was like becoming rich and having a whole hot spring to herself.

“Money might not be everything but it does seem to be most things.”

Mido reflected on her own philosophy before closing her eyes and recalling the day. She met the Icarus Guild members and joined her oppas in the Colosseum. They were bickering as usual but it was still fun. She was able to do things that weren’t possible in real life.

“I applied for the Colosseum battle due to the homework from my professor...”

It wasn’t easy to learn about the power of the constellations. The only method possible for her was to eat a Star Fruit. However, it wasn’t easy to meet the Star Fruit eaters. Of course, there was one of the Eight Supernovas in Group 1 but how could he easily tell her his ability? It was something confidential to them.

Hah... In the end, do I have to eat a Star Fruit?”

She didn’t know if she could actually eat it. There were too many contenders. There were two people most likely to win the title—Reinhardt of the Zeus Guild and Gyeonso Dragon, one of the Eight Supernovas. Additionally, the maniac clown who attacked them earlier was also strong. Her oppas, who were pretty strong, were forced to take care of her.

“...Bad jerk. You logged out Jeonghyeok oppa. I will get revenge.”

There was also one more person that Mido was watching.

“Dark Wolf...”

He was called that in the community but his actual game ID was ‘Jackson.’ In any case, this wasn’t important. Mido recalled what happened just now. It was the moment when she was about to be beaten by the lunatic clown. A huge bundle of cobwebs flew from somewhere and hit the clown, saving her. It was a skill she had never seen before and this person seemed to be getting stronger.

“What the hell is it...?”

The story about him was legendary in the community. It wasn’t as much as Michael, who was ranked first, but he was still an emerging powerhouse. He was recently appointed the chief of a village called Metheus. She thought it was probably in this area...

She should go play there after the Colosseum.

[A whisper has arrived.]

Huh? Who is it?”

Mido shook her head at the whisper that suddenly arrived. She wanted to know who was sending her a whisper at this time. She opened the window straight away.

-Kim Hyeonu: Mido, do you know Dark Wolf?

-Mido: Huh? Why are you asking something stupid all of a sudden?

-Kim Hyeonu: Ah, no... nothing. Forget it.

Kim Hyeonu said so and closed the whispers window first.

Mido frowned at the sudden situation.

“What? This Oppa suddenly...”

She thought everything was weird but decided not to care. First of all, she wanted to enjoy the hot spring a bit more. Thus, she closed her eyes again.

Dark Wolf, Dark Wolf...

These words didn’t leave her head. Why did he ask if she knew Dark Wolf?

Ah, why did Hyeonu oppa ask me this question?”

Mido sat down and dipped her head in the hot spring water. She lifted her hair like a shampoo ad, cocked her head, and looked at the sky. Brilliant stars were shining. It was amazing because it was made of magic.

“Hah. I’m tired. I’ll just have to ask tomorrow.”

Mido enjoyed the view as she leaned back in the hot spring. This was heaven.

* * *

[The Eyeing Covetously Projector has been acquired.]

The moment I got out of the bath, I removed what those damn people had left behind. Then I opened the information window straight away.

[Eyeing Covetously Projector]

[Rating: Deluxe

One of the tens of thousands of inventions in the Parta Principality. It looks like an apple in size but the essence is sophisticated magic engineering.

-If you project the light of the projector onto the wall for five minutes, you can see beyond the wall.

-However, the other party can’t see it.

-Additional options: 3D sound quality. Surround sound function.

-It will automatically turn off when away from its owner.

-Currently registered owner: Park Taehyeon.]

“...Crazy bastard.”

I didn’t like the name, ‘eyeing covetously.’

My anger after seeing the performance wasn’t small. My Mido would’ve been in trouble if I had been a bit late. Sigh. I should’ve killed those rotten people. I had some regrets but I chose not to be foolish. There would be many opportunities in the future.

“I have to go back.”

The soap I brought earlier was wrapped in a big towel. On the way back, I saw Reinhardt and wondered what he was doing. However, he was just meditating alone in the most crowded bath. I thought he was a hot-tempered and thoughtless person but he had a surprisingly serious side. By the way, where did the other people go?

Just then, I heard a sound.


I looked in the direction of the sound and saw bubbles rising in the bath around Reinhardt. It wouldn’t be unusual if it started boiling. I frowned as I got an ominous feeling.

“I want to shit... shit...”

This was why there weren’t any people around Reinhardt. No, I should say that they ran away.

I shook my head and left the hot spring. I equipped my items at high speed and headed for the rooftop. The appointment time hadn’t arrived yet but Muyeol would be early. He was always like this. I opened the door and could see Park Muyeol. I told Muyeol, “You came early as always.”

“...You are too late.”

Park Muyeol seemed to be deeply troubled. He always looked like this when he was pouting. He seemed to be very angry.

“Are you angry?”

“Don’t talk.”

“You are angry.”

I took out a daylily cigarette straight away and lit it. I could’ve called Solar but it was simpler to use my Blowing Fire skill. Park Muyeol stared blankly at the sight. I asked him, “What is it? Is there something on my face?”

He held the cigarette in front of him and touched his index finger and thumb together. Oh, he didn’t have a fire. This guy couldn’t smoke without me. The fire that emerged from my mouth easily lit Park Muyeol’s cigarette. We smoked while watching the night view. The view was amazing.

"Kyah. This is it.” Park Muyeol let out a sound of admiration.

I wondered, “Is it that good?”

“Of course it’s good. I stopped smoking in reality because of my health. Aren’t you the same?”

“Well, yes. Still, I haven’t been smoking a lot recently because I’ve been playing the game. Huhu.”

“There are no health problems here so we can smoke to our heart’s content. It is good.”

We took another puff of the cigarette. The thick nicotine lingered in our mouths. Thinking back, it had been a long time since I smoked a cigarette in reality. I had been pretty busy...

“Hey, Chuntaek. How have you been here?”

I couldn’t help laughing at Park Muyeol’s question. How have I been? I had never told anyone about what I had been doing here in detail. Even if I did, I couldn’t say anything too deep. I flicked the ash from my cigarette.


“Is it something you can’t talk about?” Park Muyeol questioned.

“No, it’s not like that.”

In fact, it wasn’t a story to be hidden between us. We had spent 40 years together. He might normally be light-mouthed but he was quite strict when it came to keeping secrets.

Sigh. Let's see. When I first started...”

Smoke scattered as I started to tell my story for the first time.

* * *

Once I returned to my room, I immediately buried my face into the bed. I had poured out a lot of words. The reason why I first started the game. The extraordinary things I experienced in the tutorial. Becoming a Weather Chef and succeeding Alexus. My encounter with Flora and Aiolos, the orc invasion of Windia, and my days in the North Pole.

I talked about it all. Park Muyeol repeated exclamations of surprise and admiration as I kept pouring out the stories. It was such a long story that I couldn’t remember what I said. Still, I felt good.

Ah, right, I forgot to ask about him.”

I had only told my story and didn’t hear his story. My biggest question was how he gained that strength...

“Well, there is plenty of time. I'll ask tomorrow.”

Perhaps it was because I hadn’t smoked in ages but I had a bit of phlegm. I coughed and stood by the window. Tonight was a full moon. Below, the night view of Fortren was visible and I briefly contemplated it. Then I could see a group moving out of the entrance.

Huh? They are...”

The group’s identity were the 16 finalists of the Colosseum. It wasn’t all but some of them. There were around nine people? In any case, they were moving somewhere under someone’s guidance in the middle of the night. Among them were the magician and the person with a greatsword from my group.

-Jackson: Hey, Gyeonso Dragon. Do you know where the Colosseum players are going outside?

-Gyeonso Dragon: Who knows? I’m currently training in the back mountain.

...I was wrong to expect anything from him. There was only training in his mind. Then who would know?

“...I don’t know anyone.”

Park Muyeol had been with me. Gyeonso Dragon was training and it didn’t seem like Reinhardt would know. He was like a complete idiot.

Tsk. Why isn’t there anyone to help?”

I sighed lightly before shifting my gaze back to the full moon. Well, I didn’t care too much. The match was tomorrow at 12 o’clock. There was still time. If there were any additional information then the relevant person would let me know.

“By the way, what is that?”

There was something flying with the full moon in the backdrop. It seemed like a little bird. Once it got closer, I could see its identity. Why was this thing here when it should be in Metheus?


The unnamed Lechuza flew at a high speed. It was literally rushing forward. It flew here with enough momentum to break the window in front of me. I froze at the sudden situation.

100 meters.

50 meters.

20 meters, and then 5 meters.

Then here. 1 met...



The Lechuza was unable to break through the window in front of me. Then the Lechuza’s mournful voice rang out.


Ah, there was a mishap.

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