Chapter 174

I descended to the first floor at the speed of light and looked around. I chased after those troublemaking bastards but I lost them.

“Where have those guys gone?”

It was like they disappeared in the blink of an eye. I didn’t know if they had gone into the sky or to the ground. Damn, would I lose them like this? Then Mido...

Oh! We meet again! It is nice to see you! Kuhahaha!”

I frowned at the loud voice. I knew who it was even if I didn’t turn my head. There were only two people here who could speak informally and loudly to me. One was that Muyeol guy. The other one...


Oh, you remember my name! Thank you!”

He hadn’t noticed it yet. Despite firing a cobweb the other day, he still didn’t know who I was. During the previous incident, I had rarely used the cobweb but...

No, he couldn’t know. I was currently wearing the clothes I wore to the casino. The other day, I had been wearing the emperor penguin’s clothes when I killed Minotaur. The fact that I was wearing a different outfit hid my identity for a while.

“Where are you going?”

Reinhardt was wearIng something like a white bathrobe. It was a pretty big gown but I could see the muscles in the gaps in the clothing. He was a completely muscular person. He replied, “Wuhahaha! I’m going to the hot spring!”

“The hot spring?”

Things were working out well. I had something to see there as well.

Huhu. That’s right. Do you want to go with me?”

“Okay, where is it?”

Haha! Follow me.”

Thus, I followed him. The place Reinhardt headed to was an alley in the corner where I lost those troublemakers. There was nothing but a wall.

I shook my head. “There is nothing...?”

“There is a secret here! Watch!” Reinhardt slammed his torso against the wall. Rather than making a thud, he just passed through the wall. I was staring in a dazed manner when Reinhardt’s head came out of the wall. “Come on! Let’s take a bath!”

I frowned at the sight. Why hide the hot springs in such a place? This was why I couldn’t find it.

I headed straight down to the basement at a high speed. I passed through the illusion at the speed of light and entered the male baths with Reinhardt. Of course, the important part was covered with a towel but I looked a bit abnormal because my mask was on. It couldn’t be helped. This was all for my Mido.

I opened the door with a creaking sound and smoke blew.

Uhuh. Good.”

“It is refreshing~!”

“It is heavenly!”

There were many people present. All of them were finalists of the Colosseum. I looked around but there were no members of Group 2. They didn’t seem to be interested in the hot springs. The people I was looking for...


They were soaking in a bath in the corner.

* * *

Park Taehyeon led Kim Hyeonu down to the hot spring bath located in the basement.

“However, there were more people than he thought.

As expected, it was a famous place in the community.

“Hey, Taehyeon. Aren’t there too many people? We should just go back, yes?”

“What are you saying? We will stay here. Dude, aren’t you and I on the same boat?”

“No, I can still go back. Yes, it is better to go back...”

Park Taehyeon ignored Kim Hyeonu’s words and headed to a corner. Kim Hyeonu saw Park Taehyeon waving in the distance and sighed. “Sigh. I knew it would be like this.”

He shook his head and stepped into a small bath in the corner.

[You have entered the underground hot spring, ‘Fairy’s Pond.’]

[Health recovery rate is increased by three times.]

[Magic power recovery rate is increased by three times.]

[After three minutes, all fatigue is relieved.]

[In 10 minutes, all stats will increase by +10 during the day.]

The name of this place was Fairy’s Pond. As the name suggested, the surrounding area was filled with beautiful flowers like it was a place where fairies lived. Right behind it was a small hut where there were tools for washing. For example, there were bath gloves and soap. These types of things.

Ah, it’s warm. It feels like I’m getting rid of all my fatigue. Isn’t that right, Hyeonu?”

Eh? Uhh... Yes. Okay.”

“Hey, what are you scared of? Dude. Trust in me. Do you think I came here without any preparations? There is a way to not get caught at all. It is this.”

“A way to not get caught...?” 

Park Taehyeon shrugged. Huhu. Just watch.” 

He walked toward the huge wooden wall. The wall was around 15 storeys high and was created to prevent peeping at the women’s bath behind it. He heard that this place was made by witches, not the Magician’s Guild... To a certain extent, it was understandable. Then how was he going to break through this?

“Now, I have to put this here. Like this...

Park Taehyeon cleverly installed a machine so that it was hidden by the grass. The light from the machine illuminated the wall and a circle emerged. Then a message appeared.

[The Eyeing Covetously Projector is working.]

[Five minutes later, you can see the things behind the wall.]

[The other side of the wall won’t notice.]

[The countdown has begun.]



The countdown number was engraved on the circle reflected on the wall.

‘What? This...?’

Kim Hyeonu laughed. Where the hell did he get this? “Hey, where did you get this?”

Huhu. A few days ago, I went to the Parta Principality. It is famous for its magic engineering and I bought some useful things. It was for today.”

“You must be a real madman.”

“I’ll take that as praise.”

In this way, Park Taehyeon returned to the hot spring with an energetic expression. All that was left to do was to wait. Kim Hyeonu couldn’t tell if it was due to the hot spring or expectations but his face was hot. Then he could see someone coming.

‘What? Why is he coming here?’

The person coming here was a man wearing a black wolf mask. It was a strange person who didn’t take off his mask even in the hot springs. No, that wasn’t the problem. Shit. Did he have to come here?

“Cough!” The masked man coughed once and clenched his fist. He looked around before entering the hut in front of the hot spring. Then he brought out a huge amount of soap.

Park Taehyeon and Kim Hyeonu smiled at the same time.

“Hey, Hyeonu. Isn’t this person strange?”

“Yes. Holding a lot of soap like that...”

The two people shut their mouths at the same time. It was because the man wearing the mask entered the bath. Fortunately, the machine was installed in a clever position but this wasn’t the problem. The two people exchanged words in low voices.

“Hey, Park Taehyeon. What should we do now?”

“What should we do? That crazy guy won’t even notice.” 

“Hey, you crazy son of a bitch.”

“Shut up. There is one minute left.”

Time passed and it was only a minute left before he knew it. Park Taehyeon sang cheerfully in his heart. He spoke to Kim Hyeonu sitting next to him, “Hey, I’ll go first. Come slowly.”

“No, hey. Dude. Park Taehyeon...!” Kim Hyeonu called out to Park Taehyeon in a small voice. However, Park Taehyeon had already left the hot spring bath.

Kim Hyeonu sighed in a voice that couldn’t be heard. Just then, a round-shaped object flew in a straight line. It was headed toward Park Taehyeon’s legs. No, it was to the place where Park Taehyeon would’ve taken the next step. It was soap and once Park Taehyeon stepped on it, he literally fell down. Park Taehyeon suffered quite a bit of damage from the sudden accident.

Ugh, what is this? Sh....! Why is there suddenly soap?”

Park Taehyeon’s eyes widened as he looked in the direction of the soap. The man wearing a black wolf mask was holding soap in one hand.

* * *

In fact, I noticed from the beginning that there was something in the grass. It was because my vision was enhanced using super sensitivity. Yet even if they were naked, I needed weapons to deal with them. That’s why I chose the soap in the little hut. I had to save as much cobwebs as possible for the Colosseum. It was just in case something happened.

The small, light soap was worth throwing as a substitute for the cobweb. I picked it up, dipped it in the hot spring, and threw it. The result was as you can see now.

“You shit...! What? Eh?! Are you crazy?!”

I threw another bar of soap up and caught it with one hand while looking at him calmly. Park Taehyeon’s health was decreased by a third. It was because there was no armor so he received quite a blow from the fall. His head had hit the floor so it must’ve hurt.

“It was a mistake. Sorry. Can you help me pick up the soap?”

In fact, it wasn’t a mistake. However, since I apologized first, he didn’t have anything to say. Park Taehyeon angrily threw the soap into a corner. “There is still a lot of soap! Use that! Aish, really.”

He stomped his feet and started moving again. Kim Hyeonu, who was in the bath, was silent. He must’ve seen me throw it on purpose so why was he staying still?

I shrugged and threw the soap one more time. I had shot many cobwebs. Due to my super sensitivity, it wasn’t difficult to throw the soap at the right timing.

Park Taehyeon was struggling and let out a roar of anger. "Ugh. Xck...! You crazy bastard...!”

This time, Kim Hyeonu also responded, “Excuse me. Why are you deliberately throwing soap? Isn’t this too much? I saw it all.”

Hrmm. I wondered if this person was going to fight too. Just in case, I dipped the soap in the hot spring once again. Then I asked at the same time, “What are you trying to do?”


Kim Hyeonu was flustered.

I shot some words at him. “What are you trying to do to Mido?”

“W-What does that... we aren’t doing anything... no, what is your relationship with Mido?”

“If it is nothing, then what’s back there?”


Kim Hyeonu shut his mouth. It seemed he had nothing to say because I hit the nail on the head. Just then, Park Taehyeon walked toward this place with a strong spirit. I threw another soap at him. However, this time it was dodged. “Hey, you son of a bitch!”

A small stream of magic power swirled in his right hand. This person seemed able to use his skills even without a weapon. I tried not to use the cobweb as much as possible but it couldn’t be helped.

First, I threw the soap as bait. Then Park Taehyeon was lightly subdued with three cobwebs. One around the legs, one around the arms, and one to block the mouth. Then I turned my head straight toward Kim Hyeonu. "Get lost. If you’re still here, then I’ll kill you.”

In fact, I could’ve killed him now but it might be bad for Mido. Mido must’ve come here to get the Star Fruit. I would let them go for today.

“Your cobwebs... perhaps? Dark Wolf?”

It seemed that MIdo had told them about my abilities. It was tiring to be famous.

I told them, “Go. Mido’s grandfather told me to look after her.”

Ah, t-that...”

These people didn’t know my voice so I didn’t have to eat the Helium Slime’s Core. In fact, I couldn’t eat it. I couldn’t open my inventory here and couldn’t wear any equipment.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Kim Hyeonu bowed to me and left the hot spring with Park Taehyeon, whose limbs and mouth were bound. Park Taehyeon’s muffled screams rang in my ears. Oof! Ooof!

I was able to rest comfortably. Sigh. Now I felt much more comfortable. In fact, I hadn’t been able to enjoy the hot spring properly. It was because all my nerves were focused on protecting Mido. Still, my anger was coming back now that the work was done.


Suddenly, I saw a flickering from the bottom.

[There are seven whispers from Park Muyeol.]

...Ah, I didn’t reply?”

I felt sorry and immediately opened the whisper window.

-Jackson: Hey, the pizza and cigarette will have to wait.

-Park Muyeol: What? What are you doing?

-Park Muyeol: Why aren’t you replying?

-Park Muyeol: Hey.

-Park Muyeol: You rotten guy! Are you sleeping?

-Park Muyeol: I’m entering your room!

-Park Muyeol: You damn asshole. You aren’t inside. Aish.

-Park Muyeol: Don’t talk to me tomorrow morning. I’m going to burst.

I smiled and replied to him.

-Jackson: I’m sorry. Let’s have the pizza and smokes in 30 minutes. Something suddenly happened.

The hot springs came first. I should relieve my fatigue properly now that I was here.

Ah, this is refreshing.”

I felt drowsy and closed my eyes.

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