Chapter 173

In an old-fashioned, luxurious mansion...

This was the mansion of Aidan, who was one of the wealthiest members of the aristocracy. Aidan’s room was currently filled with priests and magicians. He usually invited only wealthy nobles but today was the exception.

“I’m sorry, the revival isn’t possible with my power.”

“I can’t heal you with the power of the goddess of the moon and magic, Hecatiana.”

“I hope that the blessing of Huera, goddess of resurrection and the wind, will be with you.”

Aidan had invited them to ask how to revive his important part. However, they could only say “I’m sorry” and shake their heads. It made him even angrier.

“Get lost! Get lost! You useless bastards!”

The priests and magicians stepped back from the fierce anger. Aidan couldn’t believe he gave them money to come, only to get an answer like this. They were really useless. Shit, it was just a waste of money.


His lower body still hurt. He didn’t know why things had become like this. When did things become so twisted? No, maybe it was since that day. The old man who disgraced him in Garbage Village said that he was the chief of the area next door.


Just thinking about it made him angry. His movements used so much strength that an indescribable pain came from his lower body. Aidan’s face became white.


It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Aidan’s life had changed 180 degrees after being injured by a horn and receiving an injury in a critical part. First and foremost, he couldn’t casually look at women. He also couldn’t eat anymore. He had no appetite for any luxuries or motivation for life. All that remained were feelings of deep despair and anger.

“I will kill him. Kill him... a eunuch... I am a eunuch...!!”

All those who came to see him had sentenced him to this fate. The priests drew holy symbols and hung all types of gods’ blessings on his important part while the magicians made strange reagents and fed them to him. They tried magic but it was useless. Aidan was facing the biggest crisis of his life.

“Xck...! Xuuuuuuuuck!!!!!” Aidan lay in bed and screamed. This was a very important issue. It was important to fix it even if he used all his assets. If he didn’t do it correctly, his family line would be cut off. If he knew this, he would’ve done it when his late father told him to get married quickly.


That day suddenly came to mind. It was the day that somebody hit the jackpot at the casino. If he had known that the masked person at the time was the old man who humiliated him, he wouldn’t have let the old man go so smoothly. It felt bad because his money was stolen. Now his only idea left was to kill the old man.

“Die... I will be sure to kill you.”

It had been approximately one minute when someone knocked on the door. Just then, the door opened and his butler, Loreng, came in. He had been serving the family since before Aidan’s time.

“What is it, Loreng?” Aidan asked in a frustrated voice.

“Someone has come, Young Master.” 

“Who? Is it another priest or magician? I don’t want to see them so kick them out.”

“No, it is someone strange...”

“Strange?” Aidan cocked his head.

Loreng continued speaking, “He said to say ‘Supreme Fire Dragon has come’ and you would know. He is currently standing outside the mansion. The soldiers are blocking him. What should I do? Do you know him?”

Supreme Fire Dragon, Supreme Fire Dragon... It was definitely a name he had heard before. Where did he hear it? Ah! Was he the one commissioned at that time?

“Tell him to come in. I know him.”

“I understand.” Loreng closed the door and was about to leave. Just then, something came to Aidan’s mind.

Ah, Loreng...?”

“Yes, Young Master.” 

“Once he comes, prepare a cup of daylily tea.”

“I will do so."

Loreng carefully closed the door and went out. Aidan supported his throbbing lower body and stood up carefully. It was the fluffy chair where he used to sit as usual. He sat there cautiously without showing any pain at all.

“Not yet, not yet... I can’t admit it. Sigh.”

Aidan forced a smile. It was trying to deny that he was a eunuch.

* * *

At first, he thought he could easily enter the mansion. However, unexpectedly, this wasn’t the case. The security here was truly ironclad. A huge number of soldiers were firmly guarding it.

Ah, really. Aren’t I a guest here?!”

Many soldiers clad in armor were standing in the middle of the road. Supreme Fire Dragon was almost speechless by the sight. He might forcefully enter but then it would be an all-out battle. He had no confidence to survive against so many NPCs.

Aish, this shit. Truly.”

He was about to explode when the soldiers split from side to side and countless priests walked through. At first glance, they were wearing old-fashioned clothing and seemed like high-ranking people.

‘Why are they coming out of here?’

Their overwhelming atmosphere made Supreme Fire Dragon also step aside. Suddenly, something passed by in the sky and flying magicians could be seen. They rode broomsticks and flew through the air.

‘What the hell?’

Why did all these NPCs gather at Aidan’s mansion? Supreme Fire Dragon shook his head because he couldn’t understand it. Then he heard the murmuring of the priests.

“Haha. It is a pity. Based on his situation, he would be perfect to become a priest.”

“That’s right. It really doesn’t work.”

“Well, who knows. It might be revived with a god’s blessing?”

“This is also the gods’ will.”

“Then go with care. God bless you.”

Supreme Fire Dragon frowned.

The gods’ will. Priests. Revival. He couldn’t see how the words had anything to do with Aidan. No, this person wasn’t Jesus...

By the way, what was with the heavy pouches of money in their hands?

“Who are you? Why are you making trouble here?” An old gentleman suddenly asked Supreme Fire Dragon. It seemed possible to communicate with him, unlike the brainless soldiers.

“I am a guest.”

“A guest?”

“Tell Aidan that Supreme Fire Dragon has come. He will know.”

Hmm.” The old gentleman touched his beard and nodded. “Please wait a moment.”

Supreme Fire Dragon waited 10 minutes before the old gentleman who asked him to wait walked toward this place. The old gentleman said something to the soldiers and they split to the left and right. The old gentleman then told Supreme Fire Dragon, “Follow me.”

Supreme Fire Dragon followed him into the mansion. It was the first time he had ever seen Aidan’s mansion. It completely looked like a palace. It looked exactly the same as the rumors circulated around the community.

‘However, there are so many scared maids.’

It was said that almost all of Aidan’s servants were women. The old man walking in front of him was presumably the only man. If the rumors were right, his name was Loreng. He must be the butler who protected Aidan’s family from generation to generation.

“This is the place. He is very sensitive right now so please knock before entering.”

Ah, yes.

Loreng turned away and left.

Supreme Fire Dragon shrugged. “Why is he sensitive...?”

Supreme Fire Dragon didn’t know but it was better to listen to this person. In any case, he was the one coming to ask for a favor. Supreme Fire Dragon had to please Aidan as much as possible. The assassination had failed and he would probably suffer if Aidan felt uncomfortable.

Knock knock!

He knocked on the door.

“...Come in.” Aidan's low voice was as usual.

Supreme Fire Dragon carefully opened the door. The moment he opened it, he saw Aidan, who was wearing a white robe, sitting on the sofa and staring at him. Aidan seemed more insane than usual. There were rumors in the community that Aidan was a crazy guy.

“It has been a while, Aidan.” 

Um, you have come. Sit down.” Aidan gestured to the sofa next to him with his chin and Supreme Fire Dragon quickly sat down. Aidan asked, “What happened?”


“The things I commissioned.”

Ah, that...”

As Supreme Fire Dragon was trying to explain, there was another knock on the door. The door opened and it was Loreng who he had just seen. In his hand was a cup of tea. He placed the tea in front of Aidan and went out again. There was a familiar scent. It was daylily tea.

“Tell me.” Aidan sipped the tea.

Supreme Fire Dragon took a deep breath. Yes, be patient. He couldn’t get angry here.

“In fact...”

The trembling confession began.

* * *

All 16 survivors of the Colosseum were assigned their own quarters. It was at the oldest inn in Fortren. No, it wasn’t an inn. It was closer to a hotel. It was like a palace. Haha. Currently, I was lying on a bed.

“It is nice and fluffy.”

All of us were assigned to a floor based on our group. Gyeonso Dragon was Group 1 so he was staying on the first floor. I was Group 2 and I was assigned to the second floor. Those stubborn troublemakers and Mido were on the third floor. Finally, there was the fourth floor with Muyeol.

I stepped toward the wide window. “The scenery is great~!”

I clapped like I did at the mineral springs. It was a really scenic mountain. This wonderful night view was the best one that I would never forget. Sometimes, it was good to take a break like this.

-Park Muyeol: Chuntaek~

Why was this person like this?

-Jackson: What is it?

-Park Muyeol: Come to the rooftop.

What? Was he asking for a fight? I had seen these lines in the movies.

-Jackson: I’m tired. Tomorrow morning.

-Park Muyeol: We have to catch up. It is pizza with cigarettes.

Ah~ this was it. I had handed him a daylily cigarette when we met. Park Muyeol loved smoking and was as happy as a child when he saw it. There were many times he craved it but didn’t have it, so it was difficult. In any case, he still talked freely in the same manner.

-Jackson: I know. I’m going up now.

I closed the whisper window and left the room, climbing the stairs. I had just arrived on the third floor when I bumped into someone.

Ah, hello!”

I couldn’t help being flustered by the sudden greeting. Why was Mido here...

Ah, this was the third floor. Hum hum.

Ah, hello.” I didn’t have time to change my voice so I deliberately lowered my voice. Fortunately, Mido didn’t seem to have any doubts.

“Your voice is a bit different. Did you get a cold?”

Ah, yes. Well... Cough. That’s right.”

“What are you doing? If you don’t mind, you can go to the hot spring later~ the community said that the underground hot spring here is very famous.”

There was a hot spring? It was great. I should go there. “Thank you for the information.”

“Hehe. I’m on my way there now. Then I’m going first. Be careful with your cold~”

Thus, Mido went downstairs. Meanwhile, I continued to climb toward the fourth floor. Then more voices entered my ears.

“Hey, quickly follow, you crazy guy.”

“No, this is a bit much...”

“When else would we get to steal a peek?”

“We will die if Mido finds out about this.”

I stopped at the familiar voices. I knew these voices well. They were the wolves around Mido. The one at the forefront was Park Taehyeong and the one being forcibly pulled was Kim Hyeonu. I closely listened to their conversation at the border of the third and fourth floors.

“Huhuhu. Dude, this brother will make you a man. Follow me.”

“No, this matter...”

“Brat, it’s all good. Won’t I be responsible for it? Follow me.” 

That person called Kim Hyeonu was being dragged downstairs with a red face.

I frowned as I sensed something amiss. Making him a man and taking responsibility...

Additionally, stealing a peek...

“Wait, stealing a peek?”

My tightly clenched fists were shaking. Who did these rotten guys dare to steal a peek at? Perhaps?

“These bastards are crazy...!”

-Jackson: Hey, the pizza and cigarette will have to wait.

I stomped downstairs.

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