Chapter 149

The eyes of the people were full of envy. I couldn't believe it. I got the jackpot. I sometimes bought the lotto tickets for fun but I never imagined winning the top prize. Now it happened in front of me.

Ohhh! Buroder! Jackpooooooot!”

Drain was jumping and dancing around wildly. Some people might see it and call him frivolous but in fact, this response was normal. I was holding it in right now.

Hahahat. Congratulations! Wow!” Joseph also congratulated me excitedly but I couldn’t like it.

In fact, this wasn’t my money. I just sat here briefly under Kis’ guidance. I met Kis’ eyes immediately. “Hey, this...”

Haha. It is a bit of a waste but it can’t be helped. Big Brother, keep it.”

Hah? What do you mean?”

Shh.” Kis raised a finger to his mouth. Then he whispered quietly in my ear, “I was actually aiming for 120 times but accidentally got the jackpot.”


I thought this person was crazy. He accidentally got the jackpot? His luck must be really high. Then why was he aiming for 120 times?

“In fact... if you get the jackpot, you have to meet the owner here.”

“Owner? The owner of this place...”

“He’s coming.”

At this moment, there was a buzzing noise. The casino staff split to two sides and bowed 90 degrees. There was a man walking along the path in a solemn manner, as if a king had come.

“...This guy.”

It was a familiar face. No, I couldn’t forget it. It was Aidan, who I had taken naked photos of. I knew all the little details about him. In other words, it was an uncomfortable relationship. It was the same for all the party members who pretended to do something else behind me. Fucking bastards. What was I supposed to do?

“Madam, who is the one who got the jackpot?”

“It is him.”

A woman in a dress that revealed her cleavage pointed at me. Aidan scanned me from head to toe and smiled. Maybe he was observing to see if I was rich.


Cough, thank you.”

I deliberately made my voice deeper to seem strong. I had no time to eat the Helium Slime’s Core. Well, it was okay since I was wearing a mask. If a woman’s voice or a child’s voice came out accidentally, it would be very embarrassing. Thus, I decided to think about it positively.

Um, the winning prize...”

Aidan glanced at where the coins were stacked and then shifted his gaze to the slot machine I had pulled.

Hrmm. That is quite a lot.”

My face distorted and I got wrinkles. This damn bastard seemed to be twisting things because I won a lot of money. I would’ve stabbed the fork spoon in him if it wasn’t for the onlookers.

“Well, that isn’t important. My side will prepare the money for you soon. Would you like to talk business with me?”


I was flustered by the sudden suggestion. My voice shook as I tried to act in front of this threatening man. I looked back and saw the group nodding. Those fuckers. They were trying to send me to death.

Haha. Don’t be so nervous. It is just a few words. I’ll take you to a good place.”

I was forced to nod. “Cough. Then it can’t be helped. Understood.”

Just then, a man came up from behind. It was a familiar face. Wait, why was he here? What day was it today?

“Then I’ll be going now, Aidan.” 

Um, yes. Don’t forget my request.”

"Of course. Then—”

Supreme Fire Dragon and the unknown man bowed and walked away. I didn’t expect to meet him here and was curious about what he had been doing all this time.

Aidan looked at their backs and asked me, "Then shall we go?”

* * *

After separating from Aidan, Supreme Fire Dragon and Yoon Seowon headed to the bar where their group was. The two people talked about the great spectacle they had seen before they left.

Wow, Brother. Did you see the screen previously?”

“Crazy. He is a lucky guy. How much was it?”

“192 million.”

Wow. It is a huge 200 million. It must be close to one billion won when exchanged to real money.”

“It is the price of my Lamborghini. I am still thinking about that old man who smashed my Lamborghini a few days ago.” 

“Are you showing off your money?”

Haha, we are going to make money like that. We’ll make it, Brother.” 

“Yes, thank you for your words.”

As they talked, they arrived near the bar where Supreme Fire Dragon’s brothers were waiting. He saw One Fire who had received the whisper beforehand.

“The kids?”

Haha. They are eating very well.” One Fire was a bit intoxicated and his face was red.

Um, what about Jebok?

Hah. Don’t mention it. That madman said he wanted to kill something so he went out to hunt monsters. That crazy bastard has blocked the whispers again.”

Kim Jebok—Supreme Fire Dragon had called him a month ago after being beaten up by that old man. He was known in Busan as the ‘Mad Dog’ and he really was a mad dog. He bit any person he didn’t like first before speaking.

Hrmm. Let’s leave it. He will keep his promise as long as you give him money.”

Well, if he didn’t listen then he would be thrown away.

One Fire responded, “YesBrother. By the way, did you complete the guild registration safely?”

“Yes, there was a request the moment I registered. It is like you said, the cigarettes are really selling. The effect is pretty good? We made a killing.”

“Oh! Is this true?”

“Yes. Hahaha.”

It was One Fire’s idea to make cigarettes and do business. He had a smart side so he often put forward such propositions. It was unknown why but he seemed better than Yoon Seowon. Yoon Seowon obviously graduated from university...

As expected, there was no substitute for natural smarts. 

Yoon Seowon opened his mouth, “Brother, I have to go now. I have to report to my father.”

“Yes, please give my regards to Chairman Yoon.”


Yoon Seowon disappeared and One Fire spoke, “Big brother, go inside. The weather is chilly. You have to buy our little brothers a beer.”

“Yes, let’s go in.”

Supreme Fire Dragon nodded and was about to go inside.


Then an unexpected message arrived. Supreme Fire Dragon glanced at the message that suddenly appeared.

[The auction of the item you requested notification for will begin soon.]

[The auction time is 9 p.m.]

[Please arrive in time.]

[Venue: Auction House, in the basement of Fortren’s casino.]

Aish. This was today.”

In general, ordinary auction houses didn’t have a reservation function. The items sold were cheap and readily available. However, items above the heroic rating were different. They were very expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, a preview of the auction item was announced in advance and reservations received. The auction of the item that Supreme Fire Dragon had been waiting for a few days ago finally began.

“Hey, One Fire. Drink among yourselves. I have to go somewhere quickly. It is at 9 o’clock.”

Supreme Fire Dragon turned around and ran quickly toward the casino. One Fire’s flustered voice was heard from behind him, “Brother! Where are you going?!”

Supreme Fire Dragon replied simply, “The black market!”

* * *

Around that time, I was able to leave Aidan’s room. It was the Nobles’ Room but the important thing was that I came out of there safely. Aidan asked me about my willingness to invest in Fortren’s various businesses and it was a good offer. For example, he would give shares for various tourist attractions built in Fortren.

He also wanted to bring out all types of expensive weapons. Yet I refused him. I didn’t need weapons and the shares frankly weren’t very attractive. In the past, I had some small experience with business while operating Wolunjeong. Well, this was a reason but it was also because this damn asshole wanted to rip me off. Aidan seemed to be trying to seduce me to rip off my money. My stomach hurt because he was trying to get my money.

“Sigh. Still, I kept the money.”

There was the tremendous earnings from the jackpot in the bag he handed me. The annoying thing was that the casino’s governing tax deducted 30%. The $192 million instantly became $135 million.

“Damn guy. I barely stopped myself from inserting the fork spoon in his head.”

I picked up the heavy bag and headed to my colleagues. They were waiting at the slot machines.

...By the way, the many coin mountains had already been cleared. The first one who greeted me was Joseph. “You’ve come.”


“He said he would take a quick look around. He said he will be back soon so he should be here in a short while.”

Hrmm. Yes.”

I shifted my gaze straight to Kis. He was still caught in the midst of the women. I approached him. “You really don’t want this money?”

“Ah~ Brother. You came. Hahaha.”

“You don’t need it?”


“What what? This guy. This is money.”

I shook the bag that contained my winnings but Kis wasn’t affected.

“Brother, keep it. I can earn it again anyway.”

This crazy guy...

It was a situation where he took the first place lottery prize and gave it to his friend. I disliked it but what could I do? Inevitably, I turned to Joseph again. “Joseph.”


“Take this money and go obtain the things Sujeong mentioned.”

I handed him $25 million. Joseph looked flustered.

“S-Such a big amount? Money... wouldn’t there be a lot remaining?”

“You can use what’s left for your twins’ milk powder.”

His eyes instantly seemed to form ‘$$’ signs. Before I could say anything else, Joseph nodded and placed the money in his inventory. In any case, Joseph was a promising guy.

Oh, Buroder! Did you receive the prize money?!”

Then Drain came over in high spirits. I gave him $20 million. As expected, he was flustered.

“B-Buroder, why are you...”

“This is money for all the clothes you’ve made me so far. It is also the price for the clothes you’ll make in the future.”

Ohh, Buroder... I’m touched. Can I fall in love with you?”

“Don’t fall for me, it's disgusting.”

I dodged his laser-like gaze and examined the rest of the money. I had given out $45 million and had $90 million left. I would give $20 million to Sujeong so there was $70 million left for myself. I was troubled for a moment. Hrmm. There wasn’t anything I wanted. However, Kis helped me so I should give some back to Garbage Village. Then the rest...

I would think about it later. There was work to be done right now. We had to hurry to the black market and buy things...

“You haven’t left yet. I’m glad.”


I turned my head at the voice and saw Aidan standing there. Why was he here again...? He was still looking at me greedily. Aidan glanced at the bag in my hand and licked his lips. “There is a place you should go with me.”


“Since you won, you should go shopping.”

What was this nonsense?

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