Chapter 144

My second son finally contacted me via Katok and I told him to come to a village called Metheus. Then I settled in Garbage Village that was a day away from Fortren and had a busy day. The first thing to do was to arm the residents with the weapons and armors I had stolen. Rather than old, rusty weapons, they received swords and spears that shone like they were new.

There was just one problem. They hadn’t been systematically trained so it was useless even if they had good weapons. The problem was solved by asking Kerenos. The residents of Garbage Village were placed under Kerenos’ leadership. It was also in front of me.

“Stab at one. One!”


Ugh. Who hit me?”

“Oh my. I’m sorry.”

It felt like it would take some time. Their postures were completely messed up. I felt sorry when I saw Kerenos frowning. The residents of Garbage Village couldn’t eat so they were as skinny as anchovies. They also lacked muscle and explosive power. Apart from training, it seemed that I would have to feed them.

“Sigh. I’m busy, busy.”

I sighed and turned my head to see Kim Sujeong busily moving. The treatment of the injured residents was still ongoing. They were laid down on the ground because there was no place that could accommodate such a large number of people. I walked there with my arms crossed. “Is there anything you’re lacking or that you need?”

Ah, Father. In fact, I don’t have enough herbs. The people here have a weaker immunity than I expected so the treatment of the internal injuries is slower.”

“Immunity... what if I make the mandragoras cubed kimchi?”

Um, I think the effect of that is a bit slow. It isn’t as good as taking medicine.”

It seemed I had to acquire the lacking medicine.

“What do you need? I’ll go to Fortren and acquire it.”

Um, wait a minute. I’ll ask Camille.” She looked up at the sky and started to ask many questions. She nodded several times. Then after a while, she sighed and told me. “Phew. There are many things that are required. Is it okay?”

“Yes, tell me.”

A long story followed. There were three things that she said she needed. One was a herb called Harsel, which boosted the immune system of the sick. The second is the troll’s blood that boosted the effect of hemostasis and stimulates the regeneration of the body. The third is a neutralizing agent because the previous one is toxic and can’t be taken directly.

“It is said that neutralizing agents can be easily obtained by going to the Magician’s Guild or the Alchemist’s Guild.” Kim Sujeong finished speaking and smiled with satisfaction.

I sighed. “So... you need 100 of each?”

“Yes, it is a lot... right?”

Hrmm. What can I do? I have to acquire it.”

There was movement from behind us like our conversation was heard. It was Chief Aino and his daughter, Helena. Kis was right next to them, supporting the village chief. He was carefully supporting Aino as his father-in-law.

...Hah, really. How could a person look so different? It was a frightening preconception. The first time I saw the photos of his actions, I thought he was just someone who had affairs and gambled away the village’s finances. However, it turned out all the money he earned went to the residents of Garbage Village. Of course, his flirtatious temperament was still present.

“Kis! I told you not to look at a woman like that!”

Ugh, w-what? When did I? I didn’t do anything?”

“You just stared at Crystal in a sneaky way!”

“No, it’s not like that. I just...”

“Shut up!”

Hum hum.

It was only after Aino coughed that the two people stopped fighting. Kis had an expression that said ‘it was unfair’ while Helena turned her head away, pouting in a sulky manner.

Aino spoke, “Did I hear correctly? Are you going to Fortren to get medicine for us?”

Ah, yes. This is what happened.”

“I’m really ashamed to look at you. We can only accept help this way...”

“It’s fine. If everything goes well then please form an alliance between our villages.”


“That’s right.”

I only found out by investigating the village’s information window but it said we could exchange things with nearby villages or cities if an alliance was formed. In this way, the population would increase and there would be all types of cultural and economic development, which was good for both sides. Of course, this was all Joseph’s information. According to that guy, the people of Garbage Village had talent in many fields except for fighting.

“Of course. I’d like that as well. No, I would rather ask you. Thank you very much.”

Aino bowed his head. I followed him and bowed my head. Then he asked again with an anxious expression, “Do you know that the things sold at Fortren are quite expensive? There are also taxes due to capitalism...”

“Don’t worry about that.”

It was Joseph who walked over and interrupted. He pulled out a bag from his inventory and shook it in front of us. “You can sell this.”

They were the jewels stolen from Aidan’s mansion.

* * *

At Aidan’s mansion, in Helena’s room on the second floor... 

In this place, countless glass and valuables were shattered. Anyone who saw it would be able to tell they were expensive. The maids were sad at the sight of them being broken. It was an expression that said ‘give it to me if you’re going to do that.’

Uwaaaaaaah!” Aidan roared desperately. He was unsure how to resolve his rising anger. It happened every time he was reminded of what happened last night. It was disgraceful. Just then, he heard the whispers of the maids. They were probably laughing at him due to what happened last night.

Aidan grabbed a sword hanging on the wall. “Woman, what did you say just now?”


“Were you laughing at me?”

“N-No, I...”

The maid was severely cut from her right shoulder to her left lower belly and collapsed without even being able to scream. The sword headed toward another maid.

“S-Spare me. Kyaaack!

One by one—he cut and cut at the maids who laughed at him. By the time he came to his senses, he had already cut down more than 10 maids with his sword. Aidan exhaled loudly and calmed down. His gaze turned toward Helena’s empty room.

“Sigh. Helena...”

Now he had no more admiration for her. She raised a sword to his neck and became the enemy. The rings and jewels that he gave her were absent and his anger flowed in a different direction.

“Helena, if I can’t have you then nobody can.”

He walked out into the corridor. The soldiers came running at the sudden commotion and saw the bodies of the maids scattered on the ground.




“Prepare the carriage.”

“W-What is the destination...?”

Aidan sat down on the sofa and stabbed the bloody sword into the ground. After a moment of silence, he opened his mouth, “The Assassin’s Guild.”


“I’m going to request an assassination. Let’s go to the casino.”

Aidan’s mouth twisted bizarrely.

* * *

He went to the crypt early in the morning. Today was the anniversary of Seongchan’s parents’ death. Park Muyeol spent a lot of time there with his grandson. Now they were back in the world of virtual reality. Park Muyeol watched the setting sun and was lost in thought. The chilly wind tickled his cheeks.

Windy Hill at dusk was quite spectacular. It looked like someone. It was like someone’s greeting before the end. It was saying that they were doing well so don’t worry. It might’ve been better.

“Grandfather.” His grandson, Seongchan, came walking from behind him.

“Yes, are you okay?”

“Yes, you’ve been here a long time. Long enough to become dull.”


Park Muyeol looked at his grandson silently and turned back to the front. Suddenly, the sunset was fading away. He felt a bit blank as he stared at the twilight of the sky.

Park Muyeol murmured in a small voice, “But still... I can’t become too dull.”

Park Seongchan stared silently at Park Muyeol who continued talking.

“There are times when I feel sorry to tell someone about my difficulties. It is because apart from me, everyone is working hard for their own reasons.”


“I think to myself and bottle things up alone...”

“Grandfather.” Park Seongchan paused for a moment.


Then Seongchan continued, “Thank you for saving me.”

Park Muyeol silently smiled. A long story probably wasn’t needed. Seongchan was all grown up now and he could probably understand.

“Additionally, your birthday gift... I bought a new capsule for you. I wanted to give you something good to use so I chose the latest version.”

Seongchan seemed quite satisfied.

“You came very late.”

“You’ve come, old man.” 

Park Muyeol turned his head at the familiar voices and saw two people with traces of combat. They were Momori and Tarmo. They were NPCs so they decided to wait in the vicinity. They came to meet at the promised time.

“Have you waited a long time?”

Ah, do you need to ask?”

“Still, it was okay. We seem to be stronger after hunting monsters.”

Park Muyeol murmured, “Hoh. Really? Shall I check it?”

At the same time, Momori and Tarmo smiled.

“Huhuhu. Okay.”

“I like it too.”

They fought a spar against the setting sun. Momori used the spear’s long range to keep him in check while Tarmo quickly swung his two daggers to gain the upper hand in attacking. Then Park Muyeol...

“Stick's Protection.”

[The constellation skill ‘Stick's Protection’ has been used.]

[The attack power of the wooden sword is doubled.]

[The attack speed of the wooden sword is increased by three times.]

[The wooden sword won’t break as long as this skill is in use.]

[Your strength has temporarily risen.]

It made everything obsolete. He swung around a wooden sword covered with a golden aura. Momori and Tarmo’s flustered voices were heard.

Ah. W-Wait a minute, old man.”

“No, isn’t this a foul?”

“Shit. Is that what you should say to someone with a wooden sword?”

“This is crazy!”


The result was a one-sided victory. Their faces were swollen. Cough. Park Muyeol wasn’t good at controlling his strength. By the way, this was a real scam. He didn’t know it when he killed monsters but he understood a bit after beating these two guys. It was really a skill for himself.

[The constellation skill ‘Stick's Protection’ has ended.]

[Currently, there are three people who have acquired this skill, including you.]

[The constellation of this skill is watching you.]

[Due to frequent use, some information about the constellation will be disclosed.]

[The presence that is watching over you is a ‘constellation that loves sticks.’]

“Oh my. My waist. I’m going to die.”

Ohh. I must win.”

Momori’s face was red and showed enthusiasm. Still, Park Muyeol always welcomed a challenge. This was what he promised.

“Yes, come at any time, rotten guys. Keke.”

As time passed, they started to gather one by one. The self-proclaimed Mukjeba Brothers—Muksabal, Jekyll, and Baroque—came and the last one to arrive was Choi Jeonghyun. He waved as he walked toward the group and Park Muyeol waved back.

Choi Jeonghyun opened his mouth, “I’ve contacted my father.”

“Really? Where is Chuntaek now?”

“He says to come to Metheus Village next to Windia? However, I’ve never heard of such a village...”

“Well, we’ll see once we go there.”

Park Muyeol turned his head and looked at the wide field. Now the sun had completely set and night had fallen. In the evening, the monsters were more ferocious and the number also increased.

“Let’s level up first.”

It was the beginning of the hunt.

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