Chapter 142

The unexpected fight ended quickly. It was naturally our victory and it was due to everyone’s efforts. Currently, Aidan’s face was in front of me. He was naked and gagged, with his entire body tied up with rope. The other soldiers were also disarmed and on their knees.

I squatted in front of him.

Oof! Ooof!

“You’re really noisy. Stay still.”

Click. Click.

I was holding Joseph’s camera in my hand. Helena said that Aidan’s relatives would bring the soldiers if Aidan was killed here. It was said that all of his family were engaged in important jobs in Fortren because they paid for government offices. They were all bastards.



The reason he was currently naked was to catch his weakness. Joseph whispered to me that this method was the best. He couldn’t shoot it so I had to do it. Naturally, I nodded willingly.

Click. Click.

-Joseph: You are doing very well.

-Jackson: Um, why are you so polite?

Ooof! Oooooof!

“This guy. It’s noisy.”

My slap left a mark on his cheek. Aidan was in tears from the pain and I slapped him on the face a few more times. Helena stood up and approached. “Aidan, if you threaten Garbage Village because of this, I will spread your naked photos all over Fortren. How will it affect the next election?”


Aidan’s eyes were glaring at Helena but he couldn’t do anything now. I raised my hand and his eyes lowered.

“Now it is the end for you. Don’t show up here again.”

The residents came forward with clubs in order to beat Aidan up but Helena stopped them. He was already a mess and if he died, everything would be wasted. “I understand everyone’s hearts but we have to stop here. He won’t bother us anymore.”

Che, it can’t be helped.”

“I’m angry but I have to hold back.”

The villagers nodded in agreement with her and I looked back. Kim Sujeong was treating the injured people. It seemed they were some of the people who couldn’t manage to get inside the area covered by the shield. I walked to her side. “How is everybody doing? Are they getting better?”

Um... There are more internal injuries than I thought. Some people’s organs are injured...”

“Is it possible to cure it?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Her back as she dedicated herself to the treatment was bigger than I thought. After all, her job was to treat people. I had considered the best choice for her job when choosing a constellation for her.


There was the strong smell of alcohol. This was definitely from Kerenos. By the way, why was he lying here and pretending to be a patient?

“What are you doing here?”

Sigh. Don’t you know just by looking? I’m sobering up.”

“No, so why are you here? This place is for treating patients.”

The answer was heard from the side. It was Sujeong that spoke, “His magic power is flowing backward.”

“Magic power is flowing backward...?”

“Yes, I guess he acted too unreasonably when he was still drunk.”

“...He looks okay.”

I kicked the thigh of Kerenos who was lying there. The sound was quite loud. 

Ouch... Old man! What are you doing to the patient?!” 

“You’re fine.”

I smiled, placed my hands behind my back, and headed somewhere else. This time, it was Helena’s father. Helena was also there. She was screaming at Kis, who was kneeling down and had a big bump on his head. “How can you do something so irresponsible?!”


“Do you know what your actions have caused?”

“I’m sorry...”

Hah, I’m glad that you know! If you do it again next time...”

Cough cough. Hello.” 

Helena was surprised and politely clasped her hands together. Ah, I’m sorry... No, thank you. Your name...”

“It is Jackson.”

“Thank you, Jackson.” 

The villagers, including Helena, bowed to me. Well, it was a bit abrupt but the results were worth the trouble. The problem was moving forward. I asked, “What are you going to do now?”

“...We should send him back. That is the only way.”

“Are you really going to leave?”

“Yes, perhaps...”

She quietly glanced at her father. Helena’s father stepped forward. He was blind but he seemed to know exactly where I was.

“Thank you again for saving the village. You gave us so much help.”

“No. In fact, I don’t know if I did the right thing.”

“It was inevitable. Ah, my name is Aino and I’m the chief of this village.”

I shook Aino’s hand and requested, “Since it has already happened, do you mind if we stay here for a bit longer? It seems that you urgently need our help. The injured also needs to be treated.”

“We will be honored if you do so. It is just that this is a shabby place...”

“Don’t worry, I’m used to sleeping outside. Keke.”

The bright full moon shone on us. I decided to stay here for a while. This could be a rewarding thing. It was good to train quietly. There was the sound of grasshoppers in the grass. The night deepened.

* * *

[You have been discharged from your position as instructor of the training camp.]

The moment that day dawned, Park Muyeol immediately left the training camp. Everyone was sad but it couldn’t be helped. In the first place, this was just a place to get a weapon and he never had any intention to stay here for a long period of time.

“You’ve suffered a lot.”

Kunta shook hands with Park Muyeol and held onto Park Muyeol’s hand. He asked again with a sad expression, “You really don’t want to be an instructor?”

“Yes, I’m too old.”

Hrmm. It is too bad. Ah, please receive this.”

[Mulan’s Honorary Instructor Certificate has been acquired.]

Huh? What is this?”

“It is a reward for your struggle the other day. Originally, you can only receive it if you’ve been an instructor for a year but you played an active part in the ruins. I’ll give it to you as a thank you.”

Huh, it is something like this. Thank you.”

Park Muyeol pretended not to like it while accepting it happily. It wasn’t in his personality to refuse a gift that someone is giving him. There was a notion that those who liked freebies would become bald but he didn’t believe it. He opened the information window of the honorary certificate.

[Mulan's Honorary Instructor Certificate]

[Rating: Heroic

A certificate given only to those who have served as Mulan’s instructor for one year.

If you have this then you can easily get a job in any village.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a really high position.

-Free access to any training center for 24 hours!]


[The temporary position of Mulan’s Honorary Instructor has been given.]

[Rumors of your valor are spreading among the soldiers of Mulan.]

[Your fame has increased by 3,000.]

[Your reputation has changed from ‘nameless’ -> ‘good standing’.] 

Hrmm. Thank you.”

Kunta wondered, “By the way, is that weapon okay? It is made of ebony but it is still a wooden sword.”

Before he was discharged from the army, Park Muyeol had asked for a wooden sword with a good attack power. Therefore, he received a wooden sword made of solid ebony wood. In fact, this was an inevitable part. It had felt too good when he hunted the wolf the other day.

“Well, it’s okay. I need a wooden sword to be more powerful.”

It was all due to Stick’s Protection.

Hrmm. Then I won’t recommend anything else. Where are you going now?”

“Who knows? I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Um. There are many monsters around Mulan. I think it will be okay to accept commissions to maintain public security. Philos, the guard captain here, is a friend of mine. I’ll write you a letter of recommendation.”

Oh, give that to me as well.”

Kunta scribbled something on the piece of paper on his desk and handed it to Park Muyeol.

[Kunta’s Letter of Recommendation has been acquired.]

“Now it is really goodbye. Oh, you might see some welcomed faces when you go outside. They really like you.”

Huh? What does that mean?”

Huhu. You’ll know when you go out. Then go with caution.”

Park Muyeol received Kunta’s farewell and soon left the training camp.

‘Now it is really goodbye. There were many things that happened but it was mostly fun...’

He went outside and saw familiar faces. The first one he saw was Haeba, who always followed him like a shadow. There were also the three people who shared the special training together, even if it was only for a short time—Muksabal, Jekyll, and Baroque. They decided to travel together as promised. They had already been registered as friends. However, two more faces could be seen behind him.

‘Why are they here?’

There were two bald guys walking over. Seeing that their heads reflected the sunlight, it seemed that something had been applied. It is funny that those people who didn’t have hair were still managing it.

“What? Momori, Tarmo, are you two here to say goodbye?” 

He was no longer an instructor so he didn’t care about them. Momori replied in a stiff voice, “Y-You said we could challenge you at any time. We have been discharged. It was even earlier than you, old man.”

“So you want to challenge me?”

The answer came from Tarmo. “Haha. I already know I’ll lose, so why bother? We just watched your brave fight the other day and want to follow you. We are also going to see the world.”


Park Muyeol frowned and then saw his grandson walking over from the distance. He had received a blade as a weapon and his form was pretty good.


Ah, yes. Where did you go?”

“I was just looking around for armor.”

Tsk. Originally, I would kick away those shabby things, Seongchan.”

“I know. By the way, these people...?”

Seongchan smiled at the familiar faces.

Cough. I’m Momori who is going to travel with you.”

“I’m Tarmo. I heard that you’re the old man’s grandson. Pleased to meet you.”

Ah, yes...”

Seongchan asked Park Muyeol what was going on with his eyes. However, Park Muyeol couldn’t answer because these men came out of nowhere.

‘The welcome faces that Kunta mentioned seem to be them...’

He wasn’t pleased at all. It was because he started off with a bad relationship with these two people. He wanted to shave their hair with the Magic Power Hair-Clipper but they didn’t have any hair for him to do so. Additionally, it felt like Tarmo’s world would collapse if he lost even his few remaining hair. Tsk. It couldn’t be helped.

“Don’t hold me back.”

Haha, please don’t worry. We might look like this but we are very strong when we’re wielding our chosen weapons.”

Oh, it looks good.” 

Their weapons shone. Momori held a spear as expected while Tarmo had two short daggers. They started moving and first headed to meet the guard captain. Then suddenly, Park Muyeol’s eyes widened.

Huh? Why is he here...?”

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