Chapter 139

Since then, there have been many battles. There were various monsters as well as the angry monkeys. There were wooden monsters with bizarre faces. The ‘screaming ents’ was one of them. They threatened us with sharp roots rising from the ground. However, they had the wood attribute and the sun’s flames were their natural enemy. We simply moved forward, dominating them.

Finally, Helena opened her mouth, “We’re here. This is Garbage Village.”

I looked in the direction she pointed and saw a shabby village reflected in the subtle moonlight. It wasn’t full of garbage or anything like the name indicated. It was just an ugly little village. There were crossbow posts stationed around the village and they seemed to be intended to prevent a monster invasion.

Nevertheless, it was shabby. It was really different from Fortren. The entrance was also guarded by someone. The guard shouted vigilantly as we approached, “Who is it?!”

A spear pointed at us. The even sadder thing was that the tip was rusty. Their skeletal appearance made them look like those experiencing a famine or refugees that I had only seen on TV.

“Uncle Delma! It’s me, Helena!”

“No, you...? Why are you here?

“I’m sorry but there’s no time to explain. Let me see my father.”

“A-At this time...?”

“It’s urgent. It involves the lives of the villagers.”

Uh, y-yes. Please wait a minute.”

Perhaps it was due to her eyes but Delma quickly ran somewhere. After a while, we were able to enter the village. The lights started to turn on one by one. Some people rubbed their eyes because it was late but some were places that were noisy due to children waking up. Yet they welcomed us without any wariness. I thought it was a place full of affection.

“Helena, how long has it been? Have you suffered in the meantime?”

Wow, Sister Helena is completely beautiful!”

“I’ve never seen her before. She’s so beautiful. Haha.”

The villagers were busy welcoming Helena. They might be lacking materially but mentally, they seemed richer than anyone else. During the conversation, the group suddenly split apart and a person appeared. It was an old man holding a cane with a gray cloth around his eyes.

“Father, I’m here.”

Ohhh, Helena!”

They embraced each other the moment they met. Then the man started crying. “I’m sorry. Sob sob... I was forced to do so for the sake of the villagers...”

“No, Father, it’s fine. I’m really okay.”

Both father and daughter burst into tears. I saw it and my nose got a burning sensation. I heard her story in Metheus but tears still filled my eyes. A blind father who had to sell his daughter to preserve the village and the wise daughter who accepted it. The two of them were showing a sad scene from a movie.

“Father, I have to leave now.”

“What does that mean? Why do you have to leave so suddenly?

“In fact...”

Helena’s long story followed. Then the villagers started making a ruckus. Helena’s father spoke, “T-That...”

"I'm sorry. I’m doing everything at my own pace but I think they can be trusted. He promised to help settle the people of our village. If we run away overnight then Aidan won’t know.”

No, I had never made such a promise...

She noticed my expression and started to cough. I let out a small sigh. 

Meanwhile, Helena continued, “They are very strong. They’ll probably be able to protect the people of our village. I saw it myself.”

She was a completely willful woman. I said I would bring them back but I never said I would protect them.

Helena’s father gripped his cane and spoke, “It isn’t possible.”

Huh? Father. But...”

“If we leave then he will be in trouble.”

He...? Who was he talking about?

“You know that as well. He secretly supported us despite his status as a nobleman. We have been able to eat and live because of him. If we leave then he’ll be in trouble during this election.”

I didn’t know what he was saying but I understood one thing. Helena’s father decided to stay here and all the villagers seemed to feel the same. I could tell just based on Helena’s expression.

“Still, I don’t know what Aidan will do. We can’t live like this forever. Father, please think again. Please...”

The villagers all bowed their heads. They seemed unwilling to leave even though they could be at risk. I was curious about the identity of this ‘he’ that they were talking about. Who the hell was he? How did he get such sincere loyalty? I didn’t know who it was but I wanted to meet him once.

"My daughter, we won’t leave here. Don’t you know? We are protecting this place. We still have to wait.”

“Father, please... forget about that old superstition. It is a really ridiculous story...”

Just then, my super sensitive hearing heard the harsh sound of metal. It was the sound of weapons colliding with each other and iron boots stomping on the ground. Based on this, it wasn’t unusual that they made a lot of noise. Based on their busy footsteps, they would be here soon.

I interrupted the two of them. “Hey, I’m sorry but I think soldiers will be here soon.” 

The villagers started to murmur.

“S-Soldiers? What do you mean?”

Helena asked me and I was about to respond. However, it was too late.

Rattle. Rattle.

Everyone’s head turned at the sudden sound of metal. Torches appeared one by one at the entrance of the village. Holding them were soldiers armed with solid armor and weapons. Helena frowned as if she knew them.

“This... They are Aidan’s soldiers. Indeed, they came here first...”

They finally entered the village. They seemed quite fierce as all of them were releasing a terrible pressure. Then someone stepped forward.

“Helena, you really are here.”


Tsk. You are still rude. You still aren’t calling me your husband.”

“I told you. I've never recognized you as my husband. Now and in the future. Even if I become your wife, I won’t serve you.”

The party and I silently watched from behind. However, Kis with the fishing rod was acting a bit strange. His fists were clenched and he was shaking. He shouldn’t step forward. Then everyone here would be in danger. I grabbed Kis’ trembling wrist and shook my head.


Kis’ trembling hands soon stopped. We continued to listen to their conversation.

“Helena, you are now my wife. Why do you keep coming and going from this Garbage Village? Tsk. It is still dirty here. How terrible.”

“What’s wrong with me going to meet my father? Besides, it’s none of your business.”

“None of my business...”

Aidan’s face briefly twisted. Then he soon spoke again with a calm face.

Huhu. Okay. I’ll move on for today. Let’s go back, Helena.” 


“Do you know why I led the soldiers here?”

Then Helena bit her lip and spoke, “...I understand. Instead, don't touch the villagers.”

"Of course. Just follow me. Huhu.”

Helena turned and looked at the villagers. She said goodbye to her father in front of her. “I’m going now, Father.” 

The two of them held hands tightly and wept. It was too sad but this was the path they chose. There was nothing I could do to help.

“Go carefully, my daughter. Additionally, I’m sorry. Sob.”

“Don’t cry. I’ll come again.”

“Yes, I'll be here anytime.”

The two of them said goodbye and then Helena waved to the villagers. Finally, her gaze turned in our direction. It wasn’t exactly to us but to Kis.



They conveyed their hearts just by looking at each other. They didn’t say a word but they would’ve understood each other’s meaning. Helena quickly turned to Aidan’s location. She looked sad. 

One step. Two steps. Then once she was three steps away...



In the end, this guy was going to cause an accident. The owner of the voice was Kis behind me. Suddenly, a float flew through the air. The direction it aimed for was Aidan’s back. This rotten guy...

However, his float was lightly blocked by a soldier nearby. I didn’t know why he did it in the first place. Perhaps he was planning to take Aidan hostage...

“Who are you? You are just a trivial fisherman.” Aidan questioned it and Kis declared proudly, “I am Helena’s lover!”


“That’s right. She and I love each other!” Kis glanced at me as he spoke. 

He was asking me for help. What did he want me to do? Shit, I was really going crazy. I didn’t know why he was looking at me after causing an accident. Hah. Things were becoming even more twisted.

“Helena... You cheated on me after all! This woman dares! You dare!”

Aidan’s eyes were engulfed in madness. He had gone crazy. It turned out like this. 

Damn, I was really going crazy. What should I do?

“I can’t forgive you. I can’t forgive you! Attendant!”


“Bring him and Helena’s father to me right now!”

The soldiers drew their swords and threatened the villagers. Helena’s father was soon caught and knelt before Aidan. Kis was also forced to his knees while Helena cried and begged Aidan.

“S-Sorry. Aidan, I won't do it again. Please forgive the two of them. Please. Please...”

My heart was broken when I saw her desperately praying. It really didn’t seem right. No, I couldn’t. I really couldn’t kill him...

“Helena, look carefully at what will happen if you betray me.” 

Aidan grabbed a sword from a soldier’s sheath. In the end, I thought staying still was right.

Ah, no. No! No! Please! Aidan, please!" She knelt and blocked Aidan’s way but she was easily pushed aside.

Aidan once again lifted his sword. Tsk. Then it couldn’t be helped. I fired a cobweb from my wrist and deflected the sword.

Kuek. Who? Who dares...?!”

“You had better shut up.”

“W-What? Who are you?”

“Who am I?” I slowly walked forward. My group started preparing for battle as I smiled. “I’m the chief of the area next door, you rotten guy.”

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