Chapter 137

In the deep night, a man in an old-fashioned mansion banged on his desk! It was the residence of Aidan, who was most likely to be the next merchant king of Fortren. His anger burst out as he heard the report of the soldier in front of him.

“What are you doing?!”


The soldier who was Helena’s guard repeatedly apologized but he didn’t protect her. He didn’t properly do the job he was paid to do.

“Get out of my sight. There will be no paycheck this month.”


“Is anyone outside?” A soldier outside burst into the room. Aidan pointed to the man in front of him. “Remove this guy!”


“N-No! Please let it slide just this once! Lord Aidan! My family is starving...! Please forgive me!”

The soldier in front of Aidan grabbed his trouser legs and hung from them. Aidan pushed him away and the man in front of him was dragged away by the other soldiers. Once the door closed, Aidan frowned and shook his pants. Tsk. The people from Garbage Village...”

The soldier was from Garbage Village like Helena. That’s why he was hired. Everything was a stepping stone to win Helena’s heart. If he did this, she might gradually open her heart and give her body to him one day. Aidan wanted to get her heart completely.

However, was it due to her origins? She kept wandering around outside. If he knew it would be like this, he should’ve used tracking magic...

“Wait, Garbage Village? Garbage Village...”

Helena was from Garbage Village and her filial piety toward her blind father was extreme. She was sold for 300 seok of rice but she didn’t blame her father. It was because she was very filial. Maybe she would sneak back to her hometown. A few days ago, the paparazzi hired to investigate Helena said he couldn’t find any clues.

“Yes, this is it. The previous matter hadn’t made sense. Maybe she will be there.”

This would explain why she kept sneaking away from the house. Perhaps she had gone to see her father. Aidan opened the door and found a soldier. “Attendant! Where are you?”

“Yes, I’m here!”

“Gather the soldiers right now.”

“How many people do you want?”


The residents of Garbage Village made up the largest population around Fortren. The poor people had a variety of skills to parasitize the rich but they were extremely thin and had weak strength because they didn't have enough to eat. Still, the number was quite high so it would take 2,000 people to threaten them.

“2,000 people. No, add 500 more.”

"Yes! I understand.”

The soldier moved away and Aidan had a distinctive wicked smile.

“Helena, I will make you mine.”

* * *

In a bustling downtown area full of romantic lights...

It was the continent’s largest trading city, Fortren. There was a beautiful woman with a large watercolor painting by her side. Mido walked proudly while feeling the gazes from the surroundings.

‘Everyone has eyes.’

Now she was heading to what was called the largest auction house on the continent. In fact, if she wanted to sell a painting, she could sell it to the men around her. However, her pride wouldn’t allow it. She wanted to sell the painting to someone who knew the artistic value. Of course, no such person has appeared yet.

Uh, Mido. Over here!” Someone waved to her. There were several people, not just one. They were all executives of Icarus. She was the only woman in the guild.

“It has been a while, Oppa. You’re all on vacation?”

“Have you already heard? News travels fast.”

The one who spoke was Park Taehyeong, who was in the guild as a fighter class.

Following his words, the guild leader, a paladin class who was in charge of tanking and fighting, Kim Hyeonu spoke, “It is because words leak from your mouth faster than a horse.”

“Well, it’s true. By the way, did I hear correctly? The first place prize in the Colosseum this time.”

It was Eun Jeonghyeok who answered Park Taehyeong’s question. He had a magic archer class who used light to fight. “It is true. I received information that a Star Fruit will appear.”

“No, I mean, is it reliable? Where did you get this information?”

This time, it was Kim Hyeonu who spoke, “Argos’ Eyes.”

“What? You received information from that veiled secret organization?”

“Yes, I paid a lot of money and it is solid information.”

“I can’t trust them. All their identities are unknown. What makes you trust them?”

“They are quite popular among high-level users. They are a bit expensive but their information is definitely true.”

Argos’ Eyes—Mido had also heard this name. In Greek mythology, Argos was a giant with 100 eyes on its entire body. The group’s symbol was an arm covered in strange eyes and it seemed to be saying that no one could escape their eyes. They were all anonymous and their identities were also veiled, but she heard that work was as good as their expensive price.

Mido opened her mouth, “If it is Argos’ Eyes then it must be certain. I’ve heard rumors about them. Don’t worry too much, Taehyeong oppa.” 

Cough. Yes. It is as you say, Mido.”

“In any case, we should go inside before the auction starts. I have to register my item so I have to go in early.”

Park Taehyeong dug at one ear. Ah, really. It will be like last time and no one will buy it... eek!

Kim Hyeonu elbowed Park Taehyeong’s side with an elbow. However, Mido heard it all.

Bah! I hate Taehyeong oppa!”

Mido stomped into the auction house. The group had no choice but to follow.

* * *

Around this time, we were preparing to leave the village. I was forced to accept the quest. Fortunately, it was still night and no reporters were set up here yet. Nevertheless, I wasn’t certain so I asked Joseph to scout around. His camera was a universal camera with infrared perspective. It detected heat so those in stealth could be noticed. Finally, Joseph returned. “Fortunately, there are no reporters.”

Um, yes.”

Altogether, I would be heading to Garbage Village with Kim Sujeong, Joseph, Kis and Helena, and last but not least, Drain. Including me, it was a total of six people. Gyeonso Dragon had blocked whispers to focus on training and couldn’t be reached. Well, we were going to meet in Fortren so it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, Kerenos...

Snoooooore—! Puuuu....

His snoring was really bad. This was the first time I had seen a person snoring so badly like this. I approached the man lying in the chair and slapped him on the face. “You rascal.” 

Um... Um. My money...”

“Wake up!” 

Slap, slap.

“Pay back the money... Umm ummm.

He must’ve felt unfair that his money was robbed. How serious must it be for him to dream about it? He didn’t wake up even after a slap. It seemed it would take a while for him to wake up. I was forced to give up. “Let's go by ourselves.”

“Why did he drink so much? He can’t even drink.”

Kim Sujeong smiled and slapped his cheek. She giggled and it looked like she wanted to hit him again. However, the vice-captain Becker was staring.

"Oh my. What a surprise. Haha... It is hard on you.” Sujeong's voice became lower as she stepped back.

I approached Becker. He would be temporarily taking care of this place while I was absent. I couldn’t help it since Kerenos was currently in this state. “Becker, please watch the villagers.”

“Don't worry, I will keep them safe.”

“Yes, I trust you.”

I patted him a few times on his shoulder. My request to him was to prevent the villagers from talking about my identity. The soldiers were still blocking and controlling the entrance but the village was completed and people would enter tomorrow morning. I couldn’t keep blocking it like before. There was no way but to keep the villagers from talking.

“Be careful.”

He bowed his head and I led the group out of the village. Tonight was a full moon. Only the sound of footsteps was heard on the grass. Perhaps she was feeling uneasy but Kim Sujeong approached and held out her fist.

“It has been a long time. Shall we open the star cluster?” 


I smiled and touched her fist and the star cluster opened.


[You have connected to the star cluster, ‘Nepomuk Cathedral.’]

I entered a star cluster after a long time. Prometheus had fallen asleep but fortunately, I was still able to enter. Then Camille’s message came straight away.

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is greeting you.]

“It has been a long time, Camille.” 

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ says she knows the situation.]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ wants to save the people of Garbage Village.]

Her determination could be seen from this message. She was a member of the Seven Chivalrous Stars and was full of righteousness.

“Yes, let’s do our best.”

I nodded and another message came. This time, it was a bit different from the previous one.

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is amazed!]

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ says an ugly orc is next to the sleeping Prometheus!]

Ah, come to think of it, Mudur was in the Star Coffee House. Mudur probably wasn’t seen the last time I entered the star cluster because he was trying to discover the end of the Star Coffee House. Then Mudur’s voice was heard.

[Grruk. Who is this little girl?]

Shit. It looked like they bumped into each other.

“Father, did you see the message just now? An ugly... orc?”

[Chwik. Daring to say that I’m ugly. I will tear your limbs off. By the way, who is this noisy little girl? Hey, old man.]

The questions were asked at the same time so I didn’t know where to start. I spoke to Kim Sujeong in front of me. In fact, I had kept it a secret from her so it was right to tell her first. Cough. The truth is...”

[The firefly star, ‘Camille,’ is preparing for battle!]

Eh? Shit? They couldn’t do this.

It was unclear who would win if the two of them fought. Mudur hadn’t participated in the Ranking War but he had the power to surpass the first-grade.

“H-Hey. Stop! Camille!”

[How interesting. It seems you want to fight with me. Do I look so easy? I am the emperor of the great orc empire, Leica...]

“T-These rotten people...!”

I made a decision.

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