Chapter 37: Entering the Bottom of the Pool

Although the medicinal pill in his hand was only the size of a nail, it brimmed with spiritual lustre. Additionally, wisps of medicinal fragrance wafted outwards. Even commoners with no knowledge in medicine could tell this was no common medicinal item.

“This Poison Prevention Pill is comparable to a grade 1 Magic artefact. Consider yourself lucky. In the future, your body will be blessed with the ability to resist poison,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

Chen Feng only hesitated for a moment before swallowing the Poison Prevention Pill. At any rate, he presently had no choice.

After the Poison Prevention Pill was swallowed, it quickly diffused. Then, strands of medicinal powers fused into every part of Chen Feng’s limbs and body. After that, a great amount of medicinal powers seeped out from his body to form a sphere of light around Chen Feng’s body. The sphere of light blocked off the invasive poisonous energy.


Once again, Fifth Senior Brother grabbed Chen Feng and flew above the surface of the pool. They flew through a thick layer of poisonous energy as they went towards the little island that Fifth Senior Brother had mentioned. In the beginning, Chen Feng was a little worried. However, seeing how the thick, surrounding poisonous energy was all blocked off by the sphere of light, he gave a sigh of relief.

However, Chen Feng immediately grew worried. The medicinal pill could only work for two hours. If he were to continue inside after that, he would die from poisoning. Additionally, judging by the looks of it, there was a more dangerous matter waiting for him. 

After making their way past the heavy fog of poison, they landed on a little island within the pool. Although Fifth Senior Brother had called it a little island, it was just a rock protruding out from the surface of the pool. It was about three buildings big. More surprisingly was the small pavilion atop the island. Every part of the pavilion was constructed using fine steel and appeared whole. However, under the constant exposure to the erosion from the surrounding poisonous fog, countless concave marks had appeared on its surface. The erosion on some places were so bad, it even left holes there.

“The poisonous energy here is so powerful! It can even erode fine steel!” said the charming woman in shock.

“This place is not where the poisonous energy is most concentrated. Up front, there should be another little island protruding out from the surface of the water,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“In other words, this is quite the large lake. I wonder why it is called the Greenjade Magic Pool?” the youngster in blue questioned.

“Because there is a Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad here.” Fifth Senior Brother knew more about the situation there.

“What? Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad?!”

The charming woman and the youngster in blue exchanged glances, looks of shocks on their faces.

“To think we could encounter such a yao beast. Fifth Senior Brother, if that is the case, wouldn’t this adventure be a little too dangerous for us?” asked the charming woman with a frown.

“It is a little dangerous. However, don’t forget. Places where Greenjade-eyed Gold Toads appear will generally have Greenjade Magic Soulfruits. You should know the function of this fruit, right?” Fifth Senior Brother said with a mysterious smile.

“That is right! If that is the case, it will be worth the risk.” The youngster in blue nodded.

“Could Fifth Senior Brother have obtained a technique to cultivate the concealed insight acupoints?” The charming woman suddenly asked.

“Your guess is correct. I have obtained a technique to cultivate the concealed insight acupoints. That is why I have been doing all I can to find out more about places where Greenjade Magic Soulfruits might exist. This time, if we can actually obtain this miraculous fruit, I will be able to step into that fine level and my cultivation base will break through again. When that happens, I will teach you the technique as well. At any rate, you will all benefit from this as well,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“Thank you, Fifth Senior Brother!” the two of them hastily said.

Amongst the three of them, Fifth Senior Brother had the highest cultivation base. Additionally, it would appear that he had received some legacies. It was only natural for the youngster in blue and the charming woman to ingratiate themselves to him.

“Let’s try searching around this area first. The poisonous water here is incomparably viscous. With our level, our divine senses still cannot investigate the bottom of the pool. We can only go down to investigate.” As Fifth Senior Brother spoke, a fist-sized pearl suddenly appeared in his hand. Fine and translucent, it radiated a milky white lustre. There were also what appeared to be streams of light within it.

“What a big pearl!” Chen Feng was inwardly shocked.

“This is a Water Prevention Pearl. I had to spend a huge sum to buy it.” After saying that, Fifth Senior Brother tossed the fist-sized pearl to Chen Feng.

The moment Chen Feng touched it, he felt a cool sensation flowing through his whole body, making him feel more alert. At the same time, he could feel wisps of power spreading outwards from the Water Prevention Pearl.

“This? You?” Despite knowing what was to happen, Chen Feng deliberately asked.

“Enough! There is no need for us to talk nonsense. Now, take this Water Prevention Pearl, go down and explore the place for us. Naturally, you can choose to say no. However, you should know the consequences of doing so,” Fifth Senior Brother said coolly. However, his tone was brimming with a threatening air and killing intent.

“Fine, I will go down and check it out. If you really do get a harvest, I hope you can let me go,” said Chen Feng. 

“But of course. If we can really get the Greenjade Magic Soulfruits this time, we will recommend you to join our Purplecloud Sky Grotto. In the future, we will become fellow disciples,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“All right, I hope you all will keep your word.” After saying that, Chen Feng took the Water Prevention Pearl and stepped towards the pool. As Chen Feng took a step into the pool, the light from the Water Prevention Pearl in his hand flared in intensity, creating a sphere of light around him, pushing the surrounding water away and protecting him from them.

Soon enough, Chen Feng’s figure disappeared into the pool.

“Fifth Senior Brother, if we get the Greenjade Magic Soulfruits, are we really going to bring this kid back to our sect?” asked the charming woman.

“Humph! He is just a commoner who cannot even be considered as a cultivator.” Fifth Senior Brother released a snort, his meaning clear to all.

The three of them are afraid of danger, so they are using me to explore the path ahead. Clearly, they are simply sending me to my death. However, trying to escape now is impossible. I heard them say there is a Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad down there. Given how even they would feel fearful of it, it must be a very powerful yao beast. If I encounter it, I won’t be enough to even fill the gaps between its teeth. However, going up just like this, the three fellows above will kill me. A crisis, an unprecedented crisis. I might actually die here. Chen Feng felt anxious. However, he continued to go down. The faint light radiated by the Water Prevention Pearl allowed Chen Feng to see his surroundings clearly. With the protection from both the Water Prevention Pearl and the Poison Prevention Pill, Chen Feng was not poisoned by the poisonous energy.

Black. All was black. Despite the illumination provided by the Water Protection Pearl, all Chen Feng could see was the thick, black water, which was as viscous as paste.

The poisonous water here is so powerful. If I collect some of them, I should be able to use them in the future. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Thanks to the Water Prevention Pearl, Chen Feng was not affected by the water pressure and he continued descending. The incomparably black and viscous water surrounded him. All was still and not a single water flow could be seen. This atmosphere gave him a dreadful feeling of oppression, as though he had entered the deepest part of the universe.

Gradually, Chen Feng lost his sense of direction. He could only depend on his feelings as he slowly descended. After descending for who knows how long, Chen Feng was finally able to see several dots of light from within the black waters. Thus, Chen Feng turned to move towards two of the dots of light.


Chen Feng felt the sole of his foot. He had stepped upon solid ground. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the ground was incomparably hard, seemingly even harder than rock. However, Chen Feng had no time to consider all those. The dots of light up front had attracted his attention.

In the beginning, Chen Feng only saw dots of light. As he approached, he saw that they were actually curtains of light. The spherical curtains of light pushed the waters around them away. Chen Feng was taken aback before quickly realizing what those were.

It turns out those are Water Prevention Pearls! Chen Feng stepped forward to pick up one of the Water Prevention Pearls. The Water Prevention Pearl was only as big as a goose’s egg. However, it radiated an azure-coloured light. Just by holding it, Chen Feng understood that the Water Prevention Pearl was of a much higher grade than the one Fifth Senior Brother gave him. The moment he held the pearl, he felt as though there was a spiritual quality to it. Not only was the azure-coloured light stronger, the pleasant energy it radiated flowed ceaselessly into Chen Feng’s body, giving him a matchlessly pleasant sensation. Immediately, Chen Feng could feel a considerable amount of impurities within his body being cleared away. In but a few breaths of time, Chen Feng could feel his cultivation base increasing by a notch.

Next, Chen Feng attempted to used his primary energy to activate it. The azure-coloured Water Prevention Pearl abruptly shone brightly, and the curtain of light that it was radiating expanded from a radius of two metres to three metres. The surrounding black waters were pushed back and they roiled constantly. Yet, they were incapable of moving inwards. Seeing that made Chen Feng felt joyful to the point where he felt a desire to shout out.

A good treasure! It really is a treasure! It is much better compared to the one that the Fifth Senior Brother gave me. Chen Feng could not stop himself from becoming shocked.

“He he, and here I thought the bigger the treasure, the better it is,” Chen Feng suddenly said with a smile.

After carefully keeping the Water Prevention Pearl, Chen Feng moved towards the other curtains of light. Soon enough, a dazzling item attracted Chen Feng.

Amazing, that curtain of light has a radius of a good six metres. Additionally, its light is so dazzling. It must be an even better treasure.

When Chen Feng reached it, he found a fist-sized, white-coloured jade lying motionless on the ground. Despite the dazzling light it emitted, it actually was not creating a protective sphere of light. Instead, it simply rested beneath the pool.

“So, it is not a Water Prevention Pearl, but a Night Clarity Pearl. Although it is not as good as a Water Prevention Pearl, it is still a treasure. After getting out from here, I can sell it for a lot of money,” Chen Feng muttered and collected it.

After that, Chen Feng continued walking under the pool, collecting various Water Prevention Pearls and Night Clarity Pearls. In just one joss stick’s worth of time, 18 Water Prevention Pearls and Night Clarity Pearls had been collected by Chen Feng. Amongst them were some that were of superior grade, far superior to the one that Fifth Senior Brother had given Chen Feng. Naturally, there were also some common Night Clarity Pearls.

Sigh! If I can escape from this calamity, these items alone are enough to make me a fortune. Chen Feng sighed.

Naturally, in addition to those items, Chen Feng also found some other items.


A cracking sound rang out from beneath Chen Feng’s foot, echoing clearly within the stillness of the waters, shocking Chen Feng. When he saw what he had stepped upon, he jumped in fright.

Woah! These are human bones! Chen Feng could feel cold sweat oozing out from his body.

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