Chapter 36: Forced

“You all!”

Chen Feng’s face sank. He could feel all the meridians within his body becoming restricted. His primary energy became like stagnant water. Every last drop of energy within his body was lost and it became impossible for him to even struggle.

“Kid, be obedient. For us, killing you is as easy as lifting a finger,” said the youngster in white coolly.

“Just what do you fellows want? Surely, I have not offended you?” Chen Feng asked solemnly.

When Chen Feng failed to escape, he noticed that they had only used one move to capture him. He realized that these three were likely more powerful compared to Mo Yuan and the others.

“I don’t want anything. I just want you to follow us to the Greenjade Magic Pool. Stay obedient and you will get some benefits once this matter is over,” said the youngster in white.

“Fifth Senior Brother, why talk so much with him? Let’s just go.” Suddenly, the charming woman spoke up impatiently.

“True, we cannot be slow. If others get there first, we won’t be able to avoid engaging in a fight,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“Let’s go!”

After saying that, their swords shone out and the three of them took Chen Feng with them as they flew up into the sky.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Chen Feng could feel the strong winds rushing past his ears. The lands below flashed by. This level of speed was several times faster compared to him flying with wings.

This is the flight speed of Concealed stage cultivators. I wonder, what level of the Concealed stage are these three at? However, these three definitely do not have any good intentions by restraining me. Sigh! I had only escaped from the tiger’s den only to stumble into the wolf’s lair. I wonder if I can escape this calamity? Chen Feng thought to himself.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng could sense that they had travelled through at least hundreds of li. The three of them then brought Chen Feng with them as they descended before a dark pool of water (1 li = 0.5 km).

After landing, Fifth Senior Brother released Chen Feng. Immediately, Chen Feng checked his body’s situation. His primary energy felt like mud and he was simply incapable of circulating them. He knew, then, that this was the handiwork of Fifth Senior Brother.

“The water here is actually black, how strange. It is obviously black, so why is it called Greenjade Magic Pool?” the charming woman opened her cherry lips and said. There was a fawning quality to her voice, seemingly trying to entice others on purpose. At the same time, her brows furrowed slightly, increasing the atmosphere of flirtation from her.

Hearing her voice, Chen Feng felt his heart itching. Part of his blood surged and he quickly recollected himself even as his heart screamed: Evil sect!

“This place is indeed the Greenjade Magic Pool. As for why the water in this pool is black, there is a reason for it,” Fifth Senior Brother said coolly, his pair of eyes fixed upon the strange pool in front of them.

By then, Chen Feng had also gotten a clear look at the pool before them. Although it was called a pool, it was actually even bigger than the average lake. At the very least, even with Chen Feng’s vision, he could not see how big the pool was.

The water of the lake was as black as ink. Using his eyes to observe, all he could sense was incomparable viscosity. He could not see what was within the water. More surprisingly, there was a thick black fog floating above the surface of the water. That was also the reason why Chen Feng was incapable of seeing into the pool.

At the same time, the dark water exuded strands of fishy stench. Just by inhaling a slight amount of the stench caused Chen Feng to feel his head spinning. The primary energy within his body seethed and his already stabilized primary energy shook.

What a powerful poisonous energy! It is being emitted by this pool. No wonder I cannot sense any life fluctuations from fishes or others the like here. Chen Feng was shocked. He wanted to circulate his primary energy to get rid of the poisonous energy, but was incapable of doing so. It was very unbearable. Lowering his head, he saw blisters forming on the exposed surface of his hand. This was the handiwork of the poisonous energy in the air.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Chen Feng hastily took about 10 steps backwards while halting his breath. There was an aghast expression on his face. The poisonous energy here had exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination.

Fifth Senior Brother pointed a finger out, twirling it at Chen Feng. Next, a flow of light entered Chen Feng’s body. Immediately, the primary energy within Chen Feng’s body began circulating, returning to normalcy. Chen Feng hastily circulated them to quickly expel the poisonous energy from his body.

“A drop of water from this pool can easily poison a 9th layer Training Body and Energy stage cultivator to death. The poisonous energy floating above it can also kill some flying birds. This is why there are no other life forms in the surrounding area.” As Fifth Senior Brother spoke, he waved his hand and a water sphere swirled about continuously upon his palm while radiating a black-coloured light. It gave them a bizarre feeling.

“I wonder if that thing is here?” said the youngster in blue.

“There should be no mistake. I will go in to search for a bit first.” After saying that, Fifth Senior Brother’s body emitted strands of flowing light to quickly form a light barrier around himself. Next, he leapt deep into the pool. The thick layers of poisonous energy were all blocked off by the light barrier around him. 

This place is so dangerous. These three fellows do not have good intentions in bringing me here. I wonder, how do I escape? Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Kid, don’t even think about fleeing. In front of us, you cannot flee. If you are disobedient, I can kill you with just one finger,” said the youngster in blue after giving Chen Feng a glance. It would appear that he had seen through Chen Feng’s intent.

“He he! Given my strength, I am probably incapable of walking out of Black Origin Mountain Range alone. Naturally, I will not be having any other intentions,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

At present, it would appear that Chen Feng did not possess the strength to resist them, far from it. For the time being, he could only bear with it and slowly find an opportunity.

“Fellow seniors, I wonder, which immortal dao sect did you come from?” Chen Feng suddenly asked with a smile.

“Even though you are just a minor cultivator, you know the words ‘immortal dao’. That means you have quite some knowledge. We are from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. In our Eternal World, Purplecloud Sky Grotto is an infamous immortal dao sect.” As he spoke, the youngster in blue revealed a prideful expression. It was as though Purplecloud Sky Grotto was some unbelievable sect.

Purplecloud Sky Grotto, Eternal World. Could that be the name of this world we inhabit? This is my first time hearing it despite having lived for so long. Chen Feng thought. Within the words spoken by the youngster in blue were some information. At least, now Chen Feng knew that the three of them were from the Purplecloud Sky Grotto, an immortal dao sect.

“It turns out the three of you are immortal humans from Purplecloud Sky Grotto. Junior had been disrespectful. Please forgive me, forgive me!” As he spoke, Chen Feng hurriedly bowed courteously while putting on a reverent look.

“Oh? You’ve heard of our Purplecloud Sky Grotto?” The charming woman suddenly smiled at Chen Feng. Her smile was like a blooming flower and her eyes shone with splendour. Once again, Chen Feng felt his blood surging and his heart rate increasing.

“Back in the sect, I heard the elders mentioning that name,” Chen Feng replied with an honest tone.

“It seems your sect has quite some characters,” said the charming woman with a smile as she gave Chen Feng a glance. After that, though, she stopped talking.

“I wonder, does your noble immortal sect accept other disciples?” Chen Feng asked gingerly.

“Oh? You want to join our Purplecloud Sky Grotto?” Both male and female turned to look at Chen Feng with a smile.

“That is only natural. I have heard that Purplecloud Sky Grotto is a sect with a true immortal. Cultivators like us, is there any who does not desire to become a disciple and seek the method for longevity?” said Chen Feng reverently.

“That is true. Our Purplecloud Sky Grotto does have an immortal. I see that you have quite some talent. However, if you want to join our Purplecloud Sky Grotto, you will need to at least cultivate yourself up to the Concealed stage. Even then, you will still need to undergo a comprehensive series of assessment from our sect,” said the youngster in blue.

“Sii! At minimum, I will need to cultivate up to the Concealed stage? Even then, I must still undergo assessment? Worthy of the title immortal dao sect!” Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air.

“I wonder, what cultivation level are the two of you at?” Chen Feng asked.

“I have cultivated up to level 3 of the Concealed stage, the storing artefact into body level. Humph! What is the point of telling you all this? You won’t understand!” Having said that, the youngster in blue sent a glance at Chen Feng, a lightning-like gaze. It was such that Chen Feng found himself incapable of looking at him directly.

Level 3 of the Concealed stage allows the storing of artefact into the body. No wonder the three of them could keep their flying swords into their bodies. It seems all of them are at least level 3 or above. This is a problem. Escaping from cultivators of this level is simply impossible. Chen Feng was secretly concerned.

Next up, the two of them chatted amongst themselves, ignoring Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, he secretly listened in on their conversation, wanting to know more useful information. It would appear that the two of them did not view Chen Feng as a threat at all. They did not try to keep their subjects of conversation a secret at all, not fearing that they would be overheard by Chen Feng.

It did not take long before Chen Feng was able to make some speculations based off the conversation between the two.

These three cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto had come out to train. At the same time, Chen Feng also found out that Purplecloud Sky Grotto was an immortal dao sect located who knows how many thousands of li away from their current location. The three of them had somehow found out that this Greenjade Magic Pool within Black Origin Mountain Range contained a treasure. Thus, they had come over in search of the treasure. As for their actions of capturing him over, they wanted to use him to explore ahead and find whatever dangers exist in advance. In other words, he was their cannon fodder.

When the two of them were discussing the matter, they simply ignored Chen Feng and instead spoke those words out openly. Clearly, they were not afraid of whatever tricks Chen Feng might try to pull.

Once again, another situation with a 90 % chance of dying. Although my cultivation base has been continuously improving, the risk I face is also increasing as well. The danger this time is even worse. Chen Feng was secretly worried.

After one hour, Fifth Senior Brother quickly emerged from the thick fog, flying back. Fifth Senior Brother’s face was somewhat greyish and pale. At the same time, strands of black energy would flicker about on him.

“Fifth Senior Brother! Are you all right?” the charming woman quickly rushed forward and asked.

“I am fine. I just inhaled some of the poisonous energy. The poisonous energy within the pool is too thick. It is tens of times more overbearing than the poison outside. Perhaps, even a hundred times more.” After saying that, Fifth Senior Brother circulated a mysterious technique and the poisonous energy within his body was quickly and completely expelled. Even his face returned to its normal state. 

“What do we do now?” asked the youngster in blue.

“I have already more or less inspected the situation inside. In the centre of this pool is an island like area. We can go in now,” said Fifth Senior Brother.

“What about this fellow?” The youngster in blue looked at Chen Feng.

“Mm, we can make use of this little cultivator.” Fifth Senior Brother looked at Chen Feng, his eyes calculative.

“You, come with us,” said Fifth Senior Brother, who was looking at Chen Feng.

“Given my cultivation base, I think I will be poisoned to death the moment I enter,” said Chen Feng with a whisper.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I have a medicinal pill here. Once you take it, you will be impervious to poison for two hours.” Having said that, Fifth Senior Brother flicked his finger and a pure-white medicinal pellet fell into Chen Feng’s hand.

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