Chapter 32: Cultivation Base Soars

“Could a dragon be hiding beneath this well?” Seeing that, even Ma Yang, a cultivator at the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer, began guessing randomly.

“What happened?”

Two other elders from Tiger Form Sect rushed over.

“Strange, strange. Could the base of this well have reached some underground magma area?”

“Could a spiritual item be on the verge of emerging from underneath?”

“No, I can sense powerful blood energy coming from underneath. Could a wild animal be underneath? Or, could a cultivator be cultivating underneath?” Ma Yang suddenly spoke up.

“Let me check it out.”

One of the elders stepped forward and sent a punch at the well. With a muffled bang, a column of water burst outwards, spraying tens of metres up into the sky. With the punch, more than half of the water within the well was vacated from the well.

“One more time! We’ll punch out all the water inside the well. I want to see what is under the well,” said the elder with a sneer as he made ready to attack once more.


Suddenly, the well water exploded upwards and droplets of water pierced through the stones of the well, turning it into a beehive. At the same time, a black silhouette rapidly rushed out from the well. 

“Not good!” The elder was taken aback. He wanted to retreat but the black silhouette from the well was too fast. Moreover, the black silhouette’s shocking appearance stunned the elder.


The elder, someone who had cultivated up to the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer, was struck by the black silhouette. The sounds of bones breaking could be heard coming from every part of his body and he was sent flying. He fainted even as his figure was flying through the air. 

“You are Chen Feng!” exclaimed Ma Yang as he quickly pointed at the black silhouette which had emerged from the well.

“Ha ha ha, that is right! It’s me! Isn’t your Tiger Form Sect looking for me?” Chen Feng laughed loudly. Although the clothes on his body were in tatters, his eyes shone brightly. He swept his gaze around. Due to the light shining out from his eyes, some of the cultivators from Tiger Form Sect whose cultivation base was not high enough all felt a stinging sensation in their eyes. They all turned their eyes away. 

“All of you! Hurry up and notify the Sect Master! Elder Liu, let’s hold him down first!” After saying that, Ma Yang took the initiative to charge at Chen Feng.

The moment Chen Feng sent the other elder flying, Ma Yang knew that the present Chen Feng was not someone he could deal with. The elder who was sent flying was slightly stronger than Ma Yang. Yet, he was knocked unconscious with just one strike. What Ma Yang wanted to do was to entangle Chen Feng to await the Sect Master’s arrival. Then, the Sect Master can capture Chen Feng.

“I have no interest in dealing with you all. Get out of my way!”

After saying that, Chen Feng’s body radiated a pulse forward. His blood surged and his primary energy exploded like a volcano. With Chen Feng in the centre, a violent shockwave spread out across the area.

Bang! Bang!

Ma Yang and the other elder were forced to retreat. As for the other Tiger Form Sect disciples, under the onslaught of the shockwave, blood trickled out from every orifice and tears appeared all over their body.

“External discharge of primary energy! How could your rate of cultivation be so quick?” Ma Yang cried out in horror.


Chen Feng suddenly spread out both his hands. Streams of light shone out and a large pair of wings condensed out on his back. With a forceful leap, he brought forth strong winds as he instantly shot to the sky. With a turn, he quickly flew away.

“How could he be so powerful? This atmosphere is clearly something that only a cultivator who is assailing the sea of wisdom should have! Could it be? Has he cultivated up to the 9th layer of the Training Body and Energy stage?” the other elder blurted out in shock.

“Not good! For the kid’s rate of cultivation to be so fast, he will likely break through to the Concealed stage soon enough. When that happens, our Tiger Form Sect will have another terrifying enemy. Chen Feng must be practicing a peerless secret technique. Hurry, notify the Sect Master. We must ask him to step forward and capture him!” Ma Yang quickly shouted.

“Where do you think you are going? Fire the arrows!”

Chen Feng flew hundreds of metres away and suddenly noticed the three Hu brothers leading a group of cultivators, in search of him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tens of Exploding Arrows created air-piercing sounds as they shot towards Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha, even your elders are no match for me. You should not come marching to your deaths,” shouted Chen Feng with a smile. With a flap of the broad wings on his back, he sent out turbulent air waves forward. The Exploding Arrows were all knocked away while the cultivators were knocked off their feet.

“Watch out for my palm!”

After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a palm silhouette, one-zhang in length, descended from the sky. It was like the palm of a Heavenly God, slamming down on the three Hu brothers down, reducing them into paste, 100 % certifiably dead (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Excellent. Now this is true power. Even if the Second Elder were to come, he would be sent flying with one slap from me. Chen Feng could not help but whoop in joy. Next, the wings on his back flapped and he quickly flew away.

Chen Feng had taken the Imperial Blood Grass when he was under the well. After refining and absorbing its power, his cultivation base soared. The moment his injuries were completely healed up, he also finished refining and absorbing the remaining tree spirit essence within his body. The present Chen Feng was no longer at the major success phase of primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Instead, he had, with one leap, reached the 9th layer of Training Body and Energy stage, using vitality to assail the sea of wisdom.

In fact, even if Chen Feng had taken some other medicinal item of the same grade, he would not have been able to break through so rapidly. The main factor here was the Imperial Blood Grass’ special function. Even now, without needing to circulate his cultivation technique, Chen Feng could feel the power of his blood assailing the fog protecting his sea of wisdom. Although the fog within his sea of wisdom remained motionless, Chen Feng understood. By continuously growing stronger, his blood energy would eventually reach the necessary level and become capable of dispersing the fog around his sea of wisdom, opening the sea of wisdom up, allowing him to utilize divine sense and enter the Concealed stage.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Two cultivators flapped their broad wings, flying over to intercept Chen Feng. One of them was a cultivator from Tiger Form Sect while the other was a cultivator from the Li Family, who had been secretly searching for Chen Feng.

The two of them were cultivators at major success phase of the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Condensing out wings, they flew into the sky.


With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng released a blast of primary energy. The bluish-green colour of his primary energy was mixed with a blood-red colour. The primary energy then condensed into a luminescent sword beam, which slammed into the Tiger Form Sect cultivator’s body at lightning-like speed.


The cultivator was immediately torn apart, his flesh scattering all over the place. Chen Feng’s cultivation base was two layers higher than his. For him to go against someone like Chen Feng, there was only one ending for him, instant death.


Chen Feng’s figure moved and he arrived before the other cultivator. After seeing Chen Feng insta-kill a cultivator with the same level of cultivation as him, the Li Family cultivator was terrified to the point where he felt his heart tearing apart. Turning, he tried to flee. However, Chen Feng was faster. With a grasping motion, Chen Feng caught him by his neck, like catching a chicken. Next, with a swing of his hand, he hurled the cultivator down, leaving a deep hole on the ground as a result.

Phew! I cannot stay here any longer. If an expert in the Concealed stage gets attracted over, I will be in trouble.

Feeling the vigorous power surging within his body, Chen Feng desired to start a rampage. However, he quickly suppressed the thought. At any rate, he had yet to reach the Concealed stage. He was not invincible within Black Origin City. Any Concealed stage cultivator from Black Origin City could either kill or capture him.


A pair of wings, part bluish-green, part blood-red, flapped swiftly. In but the blink of an eye, Chen Feng had flown out from Black Origin City.

“Chen Feng has appeared! Hurry! Notify the Sect Master!”

“Is that Chen Feng? How could he fly through the sky? Could he have cultivated up to the Concealed stage? How is that possible?”

“That is not the Concealed stage. That is the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, capable of condensing out wings. This fellow is definitely practicing a Heaven defying cultivation technique. Hurry, invite out the Concealed stage experts to capture him and squeeze out the contents of the cultivation technique.”

Seeing Chen Feng flying swiftly out from Black Origin City, the cultivators within the city who had been on the search for him, went into an uproar. The whole of Black Origin City was in complete pandemonium.

Shua! Shua! Shua! 

Swiftly, seven to eight cultivators flew through the sky, making their way out of the city as they pursued Chen Feng. Nearly all the cultivators taking the first move were at the 8th layer and 9th layer. Only two of them were of the major success phase of primary energy takes form (7th) layer.

Ta! Ta! Ta! Ta!

In addition to them, many other cultivators and soldiers from the City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army gave pursuit on land. All the cultivators within Black Origin City were stirred for the sake of one Chen Feng. Or rather, for the sake of the ‘immortal dao secret’ within Chen Feng.

Huh! There really are a lot of people after me. Although my cultivation base has improved by leaps and bounds, to have all those people after me, I would still be torn to pieces. What I need to do right now is to quickly enter deep into the mountains. Once there, given the abundance of trees, grasses and wild animals, they would have to exert a great deal of effort to find me. After considering his next step, a series of rumbling sounds echoed out from Chen Feng’s body. His flight speed increased once more. Like a charging river, he flew through a distance of hundreds of metres in the blink of an eye.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

At the same time, a number of cultivators leapt to the sky from within Black Origin City. They were none other than the Concealed stage cultivators of the city. Unlike the cultivators who fly using condensed wings, all of them stood upon flying swords, streaking through the sky like meteors.

“Ha ha ha, how unexpected! A minor little disciple from Iron Sword Sect could stir up all of Black Origin City. Your Iron Sword Sect has gotten itself quite the talent,” said the Li Family Patriarch with a smile.

“Chen Feng is a disciple of my Iron Sword Sect. Is there a need to involve all of you?” The Iron Sword Sect Master had finally exited his cultivation retreat. His feet stood upon a broad iron sword. There was a firm and determined look on his face, like a sharp blade. His straight back gave off an unrestrained air, causing some of the other cultivators to be wary of him.

“Tie Jianfeng, if we have to fight you one-on-one, we are indeed somewhat scared of you. At present, though, every Concealed stage cultivator within Black Origin City is here. What? Do you think that you can singlehandedly stop all of us? Or does your Iron Sword Sect want to make an enemy of all the forces within Black Origin City?” said the Tiger Form Sect Master with a sneer. 

“Humph! To have so many Concealed stage cultivators chase after one disciple from my Iron Sword Sect, are you not afraid of becoming laughing stocks when news of this spread out?” Iron Sword Sect Master retorted coldly.

“Didn’t your Iron Sword Sect mobilize a large number of personnel as well? Besides, as long as we catch Chen Feng and interrogate out the immortal cultivation technique, would all those things still matter?” 

“Iron Sword Sect Master, this is not the time for us to be squabbling amongst ourselves. Right now, the most important matter is to first capture Chen Feng.”

“So many of us have been mobilized. Even if he did cultivate up to the Concealed stage, he can forget about escaping. Perhaps, there is no need for us to even step forward?”

“It is still better to act cautiously. Once he enters the Black Origin Mountain Range, capturing him will prove to be difficult.”

“Let’s go!”

Immediately, the various Concealed stage cultivators from Black Origin City shot forward like bolts of lightning.

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