Chapter 31: Cultivating Beneath the Well

As Chen Feng practiced the cultivation technique, a thick layer of primary energy seeped out from his body to form a spherical barrier around him, pushing the surrounding waters away. Chen Feng then became ensconced within the barrier.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Sounds rang out from within Chen Feng’s body. That was the sound of the potent medicinal power repairing and nourishing the damaged parts of Chen Feng’s body. After getting repaired by the medicinal power from the Imperial Blood Grass, some of his damaged bones, muscles, blood and meridians transformed, becoming even stronger and more resilient than before.

Everything was proceeding well.

While Chen Feng was cultivating himself at the bottom of the well, undercurrents surged within Black Origin City and storms erupted all over the city. There were cultivators searching for Chen Feng everywhere. Numbering the most amongst those cultivators were the cultivators from Tiger Form Sect. After all, Chen Feng had disappeared within their territory.

Other than Tiger Form Sect, Iron Sword Sect had also dispatched a considerable number of disciples. They had even mobilized the soldiers from Iron Sword Brigade to block off some of the exits for Black Origin City. The reason they gave was that they were trying to capture a traitor from their sect.

While the other forces did not mobilize such a large number of personnel out, they had still secretly sent out some experts. If news of Chen Feng’s whereabouts were to emerge, they would immediately take action to capture him.

Tiger Form Sect…

“Sect Master, we have investigated the matter. Iron Sword Sect is trying to capture Chen Feng.” The Tiger Form Sect elder who had first appeared at the scene that night, Elder Ma Yang, spoke to a tall, middle-aged man. The imposing middle-aged man, who exuded sheer power, was Tiger Form Sect’s Sect Master, Hu Lie. He was also a cultivator who had reached the Concealed stage.

“I hear that Chen Feng is practicing an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique. In a matter of months, he rose from the development of primary energy (2nd) layer to primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Is that true?” Hu Lie spoke slowly. 

“Whether that is true or not, subordinate does not know. At present, however, the elders from Iron Sword Sect are trying to capture him. That itself signifies something is going on. Additionally, for Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation to suddenly become so fast, there must be a reason for it. Sect Master, I would rather believe it to be true. Even if it is not an immortal dao sect’s cultivation technique, the kid must have obtained something good,” said Ma Yang. 

“In that case, Ma Yang, lead some men to properly search around. Find him quickly. Don’t let others seize him away,” said Hu Lie seriously. 

“Affirmative, Sect Master!” 

Iron Sword Sect…

“Just what the hell is going on? Why are you trying to capture Chen Feng?” asked the Great Elder, his face slightly furious.

“A talented disciple has appeared within our sect. We should be working hard to cultivate him. You guys? You actually went about trying to stamp him? If you do not give me a detailed explanation, the Sect Master will certainly punish you all when he comes out from his cultivation retreat.”

“Great Elder, allow me to explain. According to the information we received, Elder Wang’s death is connected to him. Besides, this time, it was because he was lurking around Elder Liang’s residence. He planned on being discourteous towards Elder Liang. Thus, we took action to capture him. Originally, we only thought of catching him and letting the sect deal with him. Unexpectedly, the kid is too slippery. He actually ran into Tiger Form Sect’s territory,” said Elder Tie. 

“Yes, Great Elder. Besides, we received reliable news. Chen Feng is practicing an immortal dao cultivation technique, allowing his rate of cultivation to rise so quickly.”

“At present, it is not just Tiger Form Sect. The other sects and even the City Lord Residence have dispatched a large number of men to capture Chen Feng. Great Elder, you need to quickly make a decision.”

“Immortal dao cultivation technique!”

Hearing that caused the Great Elder’s eyes to shine.

“Mm, no matter what, we have to be the one to find Chen Feng first. We absolutely cannot let him fall into the hands of others. Go inquire around. If necessary, I will notify the Sect Master to have him end his cultivation retreat in advance.” After pondering the matter, the Great Elder said.

City Lord Residence…

The Grand Commander of the Iron Guard Army and Sun Ming were talking to each other.

“Grand Commander, I hear that the City Lord has given the order to find Chen Feng. Is that true?” asked Sun Ming.

“It is true. I do not know who spread the news out, telling everyone that Chen Feng is practicing an immortal dao cultivation technique. Chased by Iron Sword Sect’s elders, Chen Feng ran into Tiger Form Sect’s territory. Right now, an unimaginable number of people within Black Origin City wants to find him,” replied the Grand Commander.

“If only he had been willing to join our City Lord Residence back then.” Sun Ming shook his head and sighed. Back in the battlefield, Chen Feng had rescued Sun Ming. Naturally, Sun Ming did not want anything bad to happen to Chen Feng.

“This matter is too big. The secrets of the immortal dao. The weight of those words is simply too heavy. Not even our City Lord Residence can protect him. Additionally, it is obvious that the City Lord himself has become tempted,” said the Grand Commander.

“No matter what, Chen Feng had saved me before back in the battlefield. I will bring some men out to patrol around. Hopefully, I can help him somehow,” said Sun Ming.

At the same time, the other forces within Black Origin City, the four great families, Flash Wind Hall, Giant Spirit Faction, all of them sent out their experts to search, both in broad daylight and in secrecy. All of them were trying to find Chen Feng.

Glug! Glug! Glug!

The water of the well continued to seethe. Additionally, the turbulence of the seething water grew increasingly intense. Finally, water vapour rose out continuously from the well. At that moment, the well became like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting. Thankfully, there was no one within the courtyard. Otherwise, the irregular situation would be discovered.

Rumble! Rumble!

The current Chen Feng was fully focused, uncaring of the abnormal situation transpiring around him. Thick primary energy circulated ceaselessly and every corner of Chen Feng’s body released sounds similar to that of a raging river. But that was not even the biggest detail. Most shockingly, blood energy within Chen Feng’s body was continuously rising upwards. Thick blood energy seeped out from every pore within his body to assail his mind.

Chen Feng could sense it. There was a thick layer of fog enveloping his mind at the moment. No matter how much the blood energy assailed it, the layer of fog remained immoveable. Despite looking as though it would be scattered away with one blow, the layer of fog was actually capable of blocking off the vigorous surges of the thick blood energy.

The vitality from the whole body assails the sea of wisdom. Once the fog guarding the sea of wisdom is broken through, one will enter the Concealed stage, opening the sea of wisdom, developing divine sense, capable of creating magic treasures, capable of controlling the sword to fly. Chen Feng opened his eyes.

I am far from being capable of assailing the sea of wisdom. It seems, this is the effect of taking the Imperial Blood Grass.

My fleshly body is not strong enough. The blood energy is not exuberant enough. Although I have taken the Imperial Blood Grass, I cannot break away the fog protecting the sea wisdom. Even so, the Imperial Blood Grass was not taken in vain. Not only did it allow me to fully recover from my wounds, it has also allowed me to experience the process of assailing the Concealed stage once. Most importantly, my cultivation base has improved. Additionally, it is still skyrocketing.

After I fully absorb and refine the medicinal powers within my body, I have to figure out a way to escape from Black Origin City.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng entered a state of cultivation once more. This time, all the injuries on him had fully healed up. The potent medicinal power had repaired all the tears on his internal organs. The broken blood vessels and meridians as well, they have become even more resilient. Chen Feng entered a still and focused state, giving it his all to refine the medicinal power within his body. Even the remnant tree spirit essence that he had yet to fully refine was included. He ceaselessly strived to increase his strength.

As Chen Feng exerted complete control over his body, the high temperature of his body slowly faded and the seething well water slowly returned normal.


Finally, someone entered the courtyard. An old man slowly hobbled forward, a water bucket in his hand.

“Eh? What is going on? Why is there hot air coming out from the well?” The old man was shocked.

After pulling a bucket full of water from the well, he touched the water to check its temperature. Immediately, he plopped to the ground, his palm waving about as all five fingers blistered. The water within the bucket spilled to the ground.

“It’s scalding me to death! This is like boiling water! Could there be a monster inside the well?” The old man was so terrified, he stumbled about as he ran out from the little courtyard. Running into the street, he began shouting at the top of his lungs.

“Monster! Monster! There is a monster!”

“Old man, what are you shouting for?” A group of cultivators from Tiger Form Sect moved over. The four of them had been searching high and low for Chen Feng and were exhausted from their efforts. To suddenly have an old man shouting there like a madman gave them an unpleasant feeling.

“There is a monster! There is a monster inside the well!” Seeing the men from Tiger Form Sect, the old man seemingly found his saviour. He quickly moved forward to pull at one of them, shouting incoherently.

“What monster in a well? Old man, did you go crazy? Hurry up and scram!” The young cultivator flicked his arm to push the old man away.

“It is true! There is a monster! There is really a monster in the well. Look at my hand! It has become scalded!” The old man raised his hand and continued shouting.

“Scram, old man! If you keep screaming about, things will end badly for you!” The cultivator who was being pulled grew furious.

“Hold it! Old man, you said there is a monster in the well? Bring us there. However, I should make this clear. If there is nothing, we will break your mouth.” Suddenly, one of the cultivators spoke up.

“I say, Third Bro, why bother with this old man? Let’s just be on our way,” said one of the cultivators.

“At any rate, we have nothing to do. We might as well go have a look. Just consider this a diversion,” said Third Bro with a smile.

After following the old man to the well, the expression on their faces immediately changed.

“What is going on here? Why is the temperature here so high?” The cultivators were more perceptive compared to ordinary humans. Even before reaching the edge of the well, they could already sense something amiss.

Several of the cultivators pulled out a bucket of water from the well and tested it. All of them revealed looks of shock.

“The temperature of the water is about the same as boiling water. Could there really be a monster below?” Third Bro could not help but blurt out.

“Third Bro, what do we do? Should we go down and check it out?” One of them suggested.

“Are you an idiot? If there is a monster below, the first to be eaten will be you. Besides, given how hot the well water is, it will cook you up,” Third Bro could not help but snap at him.

“What do we do, then?”

“What else? Go notify the elder.”

“What? There is a monster inside the well?” After receiving the news, Elder Ma Yang jumped to his feet.

“That is the place where Chen Feng disappeared. Could he be hiding inside the well? That is possible. However, why did the well water become boiling water? This is strange.” Ma Yang was puzzled.

“You all, hurry up and inform the other elders. I will go check it out first.” After considering it, Ma Yang gave the order.

After reaching the well, Ma Yang was shocked as well. The well water had become boiling water all of a sudden. This was something of a fantastic tale. Ma Yang was unable to stop himself from becoming shocked and was in disbelief.

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