Chapter 25: Battling Wild Beasts

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three muffled banging sounds rang out consecutively as three human figures were simultaneously knocked into the air by the Raging Zeal Tiger.

Extending his hand, Chen Feng quickly retrieved the badly wounded Sun Ming. As for the other two, they slammed heavily onto the ground, causing dust to rise in their wake.

At that moment, the Grand Commander and the Giant Spirit Faction cultivator were the only ones to continue attacking the Raging Zeal Tiger. Judging by the development of their fight, they would not be able to hold on for long. The Raging Zeal Tiger was too ferocious. Even a primary energy takes form (7th) layer cultivator could be smashed to pieces with a swipe of its paw.

“Are you all right?” Chen Feng directed the question at Sun Ming.

“How can there be so many wild beasts here? This is going to be chaotic.” Blood trickled down from Sun Ming’s mouth. When he saw what was happening around them, he quickly turned pale. Next, he issued out several orders in succession and went about reorganizing the scattered soldiers to begin attacking the wild beasts together.

By then, Chen Feng had also recovered from his shock. Although there were plenty of wild beasts here, how could they compare to an army with over tens of thousands of soldiers? As long as the soldiers were organized into their proper formations, they could definitely kill off these wild beasts.

Thump! Thump! Thump! 

The ground suddenly trembled as a two-zhang long, azure-coloured wild ox charged towards Chen Feng. The furs on every part of the azure-coloured wild ox’s body glistened and two horns grew straight up from its head. Its four hooves were like big bowls. With a stamp of its hoof, even the stones of the ground were pulverized (1 zhang = 3.333 m).

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The soldiers standing before the azure wild ox became like scarecrows, all of them were sent flying.

“What a big wild ox!” Chen Feng exclaimed. Immediately, he picked up a spear and hurled it towards the azure wild ox.


With Chen Feng’s full might behind it, the spear pierced through the air, transforming into a beam of light to pierce right into the azure wild ox’s head.


A flower of blood blossomed and the spear shook about ceaselessly atop the azure wild ox’s head.


The azure wild ox released a howl before staggering down to the ground.


Chen Feng’s action of killing off one of the wild beasts with a hurl of the spear immediately incited a burst of shouts from the surrounding soldiers. At the same time, this gave them the knowledge that it was not impossible to defeat the wild beasts. Their morale rose and they picked up their weapons to assume formations as they began attacking the other wild beasts.

The azure-coloured wild ox could slam even an astral energy (6th) layer cultivator to death. Earlier, I had the advantage in terms of position. If I had been too slow and allow the ox to reach me, it would be very difficult to kill it. This azure wild ox could easily turn a 100-man team upside down. Chen Feng thought to himself.


On the other side, the Raging Zeal Tiger released another roar and both the Grand Commander and the Giant Spirit Faction’s cultivator were sent flying.

“Archers, ready! Fire!”

One of the commanders bellowed the order to a squad of archers.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

More than 100 arrows shot towards the Raging Zeal Tiger. With so many arrows, even a boulder would be reduced to pieces.


The Raging Zeal Tiger released yet another roar and a soundwave – visible to the naked eye – blasted out. The arrows trembled and fell to the ground. Some had even cracked under the might of the sound wave.

What a powerful tiger roar. If I get too close to it, I will definitely end up bleeding all over. A shocked Chen Feng thought to himself.


The Raging Zeal Tiger pounced, smashing and dispersing the squad of archers. Armour splintered and flesh flew in the air as tens of archers were immediately killed off by the Raging Zeal Tiger.


Suddenly, a mighty figure shot towards their position from far away. Even as the figure was far away, the figure waved his hand and a stream of light shot out from his hand. It was something that looked like a sword and it cut right into the Raging Zeal Tiger’s body.


A flower of blood sprayed out and a deep and visible wound immediately appeared on the Raging Zeal Tiger. It was so deep that even its bones became exposed. Blood gushed out from the wound.

“External discharge of primary energy!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. This newcomer was obviously an external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer expert. The moment he arrived, he had heavily wounded the Raging Zeal Tiger.


After suffering from the wound, the Raging Zeal Tiger grew more savage. However, it also knew that it was not a match for this newcomer. With one leap, it covered a distance of tens of metres, intending on escaping.

This wild beast possessed awareness. The moment it realized it was no match for its opponent, it immediately fled.

“Animal! You want to flee?!”

The newcomer spread out both arms and two clumps of primary energy shot out to quickly form a pair of wings. He glided through the sky with lightning-like speed. In a flash, he had caught up to the fleeing Raging Zeal Tiger. Next, sword beams burst out from his body to pierce the massive Raging Zeal Tiger, creating bloody holes all over its body. With a hiss, it fell to its death.

Next, the cultivator flew around in the sky, covering a distance of over 100 metres in an instant as he began killing the other wild beasts.

What power! So, this an external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer cultivator? Killing opponents that are several metres away with a wave of his hand, even capable of creating wings to glide through the sky. There were both shock and envy within Chen Feng. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

It was at that moment that several more cultivators soared through the sky, killing the rampaging wild beasts. Chen Feng’s eyes glinted. He had noticed his sect’s Elder Tie. On his back were a pair of large wings, which flapped continuously as he flew through the sky and unleash a pouncing attack on a massive and ferocious wolf.

It turns out Elder Tie is so powerful. However, I don’t see Elder Wang. The camp is now in chaos. I should find an opportunity to kill him. Chen Feng secretly schemed.

“Hurry! Assume formation! Kill the wild beasts!” The Iron Guard Army’s Grand Commander began shouting out commands, his voice spreading out to the whole battlefield. At the same time, the elders and commanders of the various forces of Black Origin City shouted out commands as well for the soldiers and cultivators to assume formations and organize the scattered forces.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes glinted. He moved to stand before the killed azure wild ox. With a swing of his sword, he cut the azure wild ox’s horn down.

“This is a good thing.” Chen Feng kept both the horns.

For a wild beast of this level, every part of its body was a treasure. The horns could be forged into weapons or made into medicine and its tough skin could be made into armour; even its blood, flesh and bones were all powerful supplements. A wild beast such as this could be sold for a considerable price within the city. However, as they were presently in a battlefield, there was no way for Chen Feng to lug up the whole ox away. Thus, he could only collect its most precious horns.

Quickly, tens of cultivators gathered together and began killing the wild beasts. With a glance, Chen Feng saw tens of cultivators at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer working together to kill off a massive python, tens of metres long with the width of a water bucket.

The sneak attack by the wild beasts earlier had killed off a high number of soldiers and cultivators. However, once the cultivators and soldiers assumed formations, they could turn the wild beasts into prey. That was especially true for some cultivators with high levels of cultivation. Seeing that many wild beasts did not cause them to panic. Instead, looks of joy emerged from within their eyes.

Generally, these wild beasts would never appear in places where humans gather. They would only reside in the harshest of the mountain range areas. In order to enter those places to hunt for wild beasts, cultivators would have to form a group in order to enter the mountain range. Now, however, so many wild beasts had arrived at their doorstep. Naturally, these cultivators would not let this opportunity slip by.

By hunting down a high-level wild beast, not only can they sell the fur and leather at high prices, its flesh, blood and bones could allow their flesh to become more powerful, increasing their strength.

It would not be wrong to say that, in the eyes of those cultivators, those wild beasts had become a dazzling pile of wealth.


A massive Azure Wolf smashed its way around, biting out without cease. A number of soldiers and cultivators had fallen into a pool of blood due to its existence. However, there were still plenty of cultivators who fearlessly charged forward. Soon enough, the wild beast, comparable to a cultivator at the seventh layer of Training Body and Energy stage, was surrounded by over a hundred soldiers. Next, tens of cultivators rushed forward. Their swords flew out simultaneously, killing off the Azure Wolf. 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A three-metre tall bear strode towards Chen Feng. Reaching Chen Feng, it sent a stamping foot down on him, intending on squashing him to the ground.

I had not even attacked. You are just looking for death. Chen Feng thought to himself. With a flash, his body dodged the attack. Next, picking up a sword and imbuing it with sword luminescence, he slashed at the bear.

Chen Feng had randomly picked up the sword from the battlefield. It was just an ordinary steel sword. However, after being imbued with astral energy, it could easily cut steel and break stones.

The massive bear possessed a coarse and thick layer of skin. Normal weapons were incapable of leaving even a wound on its body. Chen Feng rushed forward to battle the bear. After only 10 or so moves, the sword in his hand was shattered with a single swipe of its paw. If Chen Feng had failed to dodge in time, he would have been hit.

Not only is this bear big, it is also fast and capable of fighting against primary energy takes form (7th) layer cultivators. It really is difficult to deal with. Chen Feng thought to himself. Next, he picked up a spear and stepped forward once more.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, the air-piercing sound of arrows filled the air. Some of the arrows managed to embed themselves into the bear’s body. Next, the arrows that were embedded into the bear’s body suddenly exploded, creating many bloody holes on the bear’s body. Those were Exploding Arrows, arrows specially made to be used against cultivators and wild beasts. The lethality of the arrows was extremely high.

The heavily wounded bear bellowed again and again. Soon, it engaged Chen Feng in battle once more. Every swipe of its paw brought a strong gust of wind and Chen Feng felt the pressure pressing down on him increasing.

“Brother Chen, do not panic!”

It was then that Sun Ming led tens of cultivators forward, surrounding the bear. Blades and swords shot out simultaneously as they continuously unleashed their attacks. Some of the men were at the astral energy (6th) layer. The luminescent sword unleashed by one of them was even undulating constantly, a clear sign that the cultivator had reached the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. 

They all attacked the bear in droves, quickly putting the bear down.

“Great! We have killed another wild beast. Leave it here first. Once this is all over, we will clean up the battlefield.”

“Correct! Hurry up and kill off the other wild beasts! Otherwise, all of them will be seized by others.”

After killing off the bear, the cultivators shouted as they charged at the other wild beasts.

“Those guys have gone nuts,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from uttering those words.

“This is only natural. These wild beasts are all quality goods. Unfortunately, the number of casualties today is not small,” replied Sun Ming.

“What is that?” Chen Feng suddenly exclaimed. There in the distant night sky, a stretch of black dots had appeared. At the same time, Chen Feng felt an overwhelmingly mighty pressure pressing down on him.

“Not good! Those are flying wild beasts. The ability to fly makes them harder to deal with!” Sun Ming’s face sank.

“Flying birds?” asked Chen Feng with a whisper.

The black dots grew increasingly big. In the blink of an eye, they were in the sky above the army. Chen Feng could finally get a good look at them. As expected, they were all menacing flying birds. They would continuously release sharp, ear-piercing cries. After arriving upon the battlefield, they unfolded their blade-like claws and swooped down on the soldiers beneath them.

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