Chapter 24: Attack of Wild Beasts

“Grand Commander, I hear that Steel Stone City suddenly found a few Concealed stage experts who fought against the City Lord. Is this true?”

The cultivator from Giant Spirit Faction suddenly asked. Hearing his question, everyone there turned to look at the Grand Commander.

“Correct. If not for that, there would have been no need to anxiously summon reinforcements,” the Grand Commander replied seriously.

“Although the overall strength of our Black Origin City is not as strong as Steel Stone City, the number of Concealed stage experts should have been equal. Now that Steel Stone City have fielded a few more Concealed stage experts, I fear that our Black Origin City will lose this battle.”

“That is right. Additionally, I hear that not only did Steel Stone City have a few more Concealed stage experts, they also have a bunch more cultivators at the seventh up to the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage.”

“No wonder Steel Stone City would take the initiative to launch a war this time. Could they have received foreign assistance? Could some external forces be interfering?”

“Hard to say. During this battle, the number of casualties for our Black Origin City far outnumbers that of Steel Stone City. We cannot continue on like this. I wonder, does Grand Commander know what the City Lord plans to do?” 

“About that, the City Lord and the leaders of the other families and sects have discussed it through. Of course, they already have a plan for it. There is no need for us to worry about it,” said the Grand Commander with a smile before changing the topic. Clearly, he did not wish to discuss about that.

“Brother Chen’s cultivation has recently improved greatly. We hear that you are practicing the cultivation technique of an immortal dao sect, is that true?” Suddenly, the cultivator from the Li Family asked.

“Right. I wonder, what kind of cultivation technique is Brother Chen practicing? Tell us about it. We, too, would like to know what kind of Heaven defying technique could allow one to rise five layers in a matter of months. This rate of cultivation is something that we have never even heard of.” The cultivator from the Wu Family followed suit.

Technique from an immortal dao sect.

Hearing those words, everyone’s eyes shone and all of them turned their gazes at Chen Feng. The expressions on some of them flickered as they considered something.

These two fellows are truly malicious, malicious!

Hearing the two fellows’ words, Chen Feng nearly attacked with the intent to kill. However, he had managed to suppress himself. Even so, killing intent had radiated out from his eyes.

If those words were to be spread out, Chen Feng can forget about having a peaceful life. He would certainly have to face the dangers of being hunted down by numerous cultivators. Cultivation technique of an immortal dao sect! Those words sounded simple. However, it was not. For cultivators, high-level cultivation techniques were more important than their own lives. If an immortal dao cultivation technique were to truly appear, forget the minor cultivators in the Training Body and Energy stage, even Concealed stage experts would fight desperately to snatch it.

With the words from the cultivators from the Li and Wu Family, Chen Feng had been dragged down a fiery pit.

These two are definitely hostile towards me. However, why are they smearing me for no reason? If someone were to find out about this, they would not have spread the information out. Instead, they would have taken action against me in secret. As Chen Feng suppressed his killing intent, he ruminated the issue.

“Oh, is that so? I wonder, what is the basis behind your words?” Everyone was staring at Chen Feng as he spoke up coolly. Earlier, everyone had been conversing pleasantly. Now, however, the way they looked at Chen Feng had changed. Chen Feng could even sense that some of them were planning on attacking him. Even the way the Grand Commander looked at him had turned fiery. All of that were due to the words that the two fellows uttered out, specifically, the two words: Immortal dao.

What was the immortal dao? Every one of the cultivators present understood it. Flying into the sky, slipping into the earth, reverse the rivers, overturn the sea, catch the stars, seize the moon, surpass life and death! A legendary existence that Concealed stage cultivators, who could fly on flying swords, could only gaze upon from afar. For the cultivators present to not immediately take action was already commendable on their part.

“What basis is needed for it? Your existence is proof enough. Everyone, have you ever seen a cultivator break through five layers in mere months?” The cultivator from the Li Family sneered.

“That is right! Only by practicing a Heaven defying cultivation technique can one advance so quickly.” Some began to respond in consent.

“Brother Chen, we are all cultivators from Black Origin City. Just share your cultivation technique with us. Let us bask along in the glory. Don’t hesitate. This information came directly from your own Iron Sword Sect. It is definitely not false,” the cultivator from the Wu Family said enigmatically.

“From the sect itself, eh?” Countless thoughts had flashed through Chen Feng’s mind.

Truth be told, when Chen Feng displayed his strength, he knew that such a thing would happen. He had come up with numerous fictitious stories. Unexpectedly, things had developed so quickly. Additionally, the other party was fervently insisting that he had obtained an immortal dao cultivation technique. That in itself revealed the problem within this matter.

“He he, I think the two of you may have cultivated to the point of becoming stupid. Forget about whether or not I have any secret technique. Even if I do, why would I share it with you two. You are from the Li Family and Wu Family. Just by opening your mouth, you want someone else’s technique, is that not idiotic?” Chen Feng suddenly scoffed out. His words were blunt.

“He he, in other words, it is true that you have the cultivation technique of an immortal dao sect?” asked the cultivator from the Li Family, smiling maliciously as he looked at Chen Feng.

“Naturally, it is not true. How can I obtain such a Heaven defying technique? Besides, we are all cultivators in the mundane world. Even if the technique from the immortal world falls down before us, I doubt any of us can practice it. Do you not understand this simple truth?” Chen Feng responded with a sneer.

“That is right, forget the technique of the immortal dao, even if the technique of the Concealed stage is placed before us, with the level of our cultivation bases, we will not be able to understand it,” Sun Ming suddenly spoke up in Chen Feng’s favour.

“Humph! If so, why did your cultivation base suddenly improve by leaps and bounds?” asked the cultivator from the Li Family in an unconvinced manner.

“There is no need for you two to know,” said Chen Feng, looking at them the way one would look at idiots.

“Humph!” The cultivators from the Li and Wu Family harrumphed coldly and grew silent. However, their eyes flashed with ferocity. Clearly, they were unwilling to give up on it.

After that incident, the atmosphere grew peculiar. Although Chen Feng had not admitted that he was practicing some secret immortal dao technique, everyone there was harbouring suspicions and doubts about the matter. After all, Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation was too fast, so much so that it was a defiance of Heaven.

“Ha ha ha ha, come, come, everyone, let us drink!” Sensing the problematic atmosphere, the Grand Commander immediately clamoured loudly.

Suddenly, a loud noise rang out from the outside. At the same time, a series of roars could be heard. It was as though there were wild beasts roaring. Even the ground beneath them was shaking somewhat. 

“Eh? What is happening outside? Could the men from Steel Stone City be launching a sneak attack at this time?”

“Let’s go out and have a look.”

Everyone grew shocked. They all stood up, intending on rushing outside.


The two soldiers standing guard charged in, panic on their faces.

“Grand Commander, wild beasts have appeared out of nowhere. They are attacking our camp!” One of the soldiers quickly reported.

“What? Wild beasts launching a sneak attack on a military camp? How is this possible? Let’s head out and check it out!” shouted the Grand Commander. However, before they could make their way out, they could already hear the wretched screams from the soldiers outside the tent.


Suddenly, a sky shaking roar reverberated from outside the tent, causing their eyes to spin and blood to boil. Next, the large tent flew up and was torn to pieces in the sky.

After that, everyone felt darkness looming against them as a large, elephant-like, striped tiger pounced towards them. Strong winds blew and everyone felt themselves suffocating. Earlier, this tiger’s roar had torn the tent into pieces.

Even Chen Feng and the others, with their high level of cultivation, were nearly knocked unconscious by the shocking roar. As for the ordinary soldiers, they had long since bled to their death due to the roar.

“This wild beast is a Raging Zeal Tiger, hurry up and dodge!” shouted the Grand Commander.

Bang! Bang!

The massive Raging Zeal Tiger landed on the ground and two cultivators were instantly smashed to pieces by the tiger’s huge paws. Their blood sprayed out and they died before getting the chance to utter a single cry. Seeing that, Chen Feng and the others who had managed to avoid the tiger’s attack grew terrified.

One of the cultivators was someone who had cultivated up to the astral energy (6th) layer. The other was already at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. And yet, they were killed with one swipe from the Raging Zeal Tiger.

Sii, thankfully I was quick to avoid it. Chen Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. He could feel cold sweat oozing out from his back.

“Everyone, do not panic! Join forces and kill it!” said the Grand Commander as he pulled out his spear and rushed towards the Raging Zeal Tiger.


The massive Raging Zeal Tiger released a howl, which created a whirlwind, causing dirt and gravel to fly up. Next, its vast paw swiped towards the Grand Commander. Even before the paw arrived, the ground had cracked apart.

The power of the palm was savage to the extreme. This was a true tiger paw attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The spear in the Grand Commander’s hand transformed into several illusionary silhouettes, creating air-piercing sounds as they shot towards the Raging Zeal Tiger’s body, intent on creating several holes on its body. At the same time, Sun Ming and the other cultivators attacked. They all unleashed their strongest attacks at the Raging Zeal Tiger. 

Chen Feng did not attack. He had just avoided the Raging Zeal Tiger’s attack when he saw a shocking scene.

The entire military camp had fallen into chaos. Every where he turned, he saw wild beasts wreaking havoc. Soldiers cried out miserably again and again as they were incapable of stopping the savagery of the wild beasts. Some of the higher-level cultivators were also killed off by the wild beasts, torn to pieces.

Almost all of the wild beasts were massive in size. It was as though they had been affected by something and were abnormally savage. They would continuously howl as they pounce upon soldiers and cultivators.

Wild oxen with sharp horns, ferocious apes with long hair, savage wolves with sword-like fangs and huge pythons as wide as buckets.

These rare, wild beasts had all gathered here to ceaselessly attack Black Origin City’s forces.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt as though things could not possibly get any worse. Even if 100 Concealed stage cultivators were to appear, they were likely incapable of creating such a level of shock.

While these wild beasts were far from comparable to the black tiger that Chen Feng had encountered back then, all of them were massive in size and abnormally savage. For the ordinary soldiers and cultivators, they were practically demons.

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