Chapter 13: Eldest Brother of Iron Sword Sect

“Greetings, Eldest Brother.” Chen Feng stepped forward and bowed.


Tie Yun nodded and gave Chen Feng a glance. A glint flashed across his eyes, but he said nothing.

I am actually incapable of determining Eldest Brother’s level of cultivation. It seems he must have already entered the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. I wonder, did he see through my cultivation base? If he did, there will probably be trouble. Chen Feng thought to himself.

When he had killed those men earlier, the strength he displayed was only that of the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. There were two layers between that and his true level of cultivation, a difference of three layers. If others were to find out that he had reached the seventh layer, the situation would escalate.

It was an extremely abnormal situation. He had broken through five layers in such a short period of time. If news of this were to spread out, forget about the other forces, even the elders of his own sect would capture him and interrogate him. Even the most talented genius could not accomplish such a feat. Unless, of course, if the cultivator had taken a Heavenly medicine. Either that or the cultivator had received the teachings of a high-ranking cultivator. Those were the only possibilities.

“What? Were you thinking of capturing our Iron Sword Sect’s disciple?” said Tie Yun as he slowly stepped forward, a sneer on his face. Although he had not made any overt actions, the three Hu brothers could feel the pressure emanating off him.

“Worthy of the title Eldest Brother of Iron Sword Sect. You actually broke through to the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, going ahead of us,” First Hu slowly said with a very serious look on his face.

“However, your sect’s disciple killed six of our Tiger Form Sect’s men. No matter what, there needs to be an explanation for this,” Second Hu spoke up, killing intent rising.

“What explanation do you want? Ten days ago, your Tiger Form Sect killed a disciple of our Iron Sword Sect in Black Origin Mountain Range. Last month, you grievously wounded three of our disciples, who were out on assignment. Where are your explanations for those matters?” Tie Yun answered with a sneer.

“It seems there is nothing else for us to talk about. We can only settle this matter with our swords. Two years ago, the three of us managed to wound a cultivator at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. It seems we will be killing one today,” said Third Hu threateningly.

“I did hear about that fight. After that, the three of you were terribly wounded and were bedridden for a long time. As long as you fellows cannot reach the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, you will be incapable of fighting against me. It is impossible for our fight to end with both sides badly wounded,” Tie Yun replied coolly. He did not display his technique of using primary energy to form weapons. Instead, he unsheathed his sword.

His sword was one finger wider than most and its edges radiated iciness. Those who glanced at it felt as though just looking at it would cause them to bleed.


Seeing Tie Yun pull out his sword, the many Iron Sword Sect disciples behind him all unsheathed their swords as well. Immediately, a sharp and icy killing intent spread out through the street, causing the surrounding onlookers to retreat.

There were more disciples on the Iron Sword Sect side and they held the upper hand. However, it did not take long for the Tiger Form Sect’s disciples to rush over. They, too, unsheathed their weapons and the two parties filled the street. It appeared that they were on the verge of starting a huge fight.

Sensing the atmosphere, Chen Feng could feel the blood in his body rocking uncontrollably. Killing intent surged within him and he wanted so dearly to charge out and start a massacre.

“Everyone, please stop for now.”

A clear voice rang out from a distance. Before the voice faded, a short old man had appeared between the two parties.

Despite his short stature, no one there dared to look down on him. He was the Third Chief Controller of the City Lord Residence. He had reached the primary energy takes form (7th) layer for a long time. Recently, everyone had been wondering if this old man had reached the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer.

The City Lord Residence had three Chief Controllers, each more powerful than the other. The First Chief Controller, who rarely revealed himself, had long since entered the ninth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage and was assailing his sea of wisdom. Should he succeed, he would reach the Concealed stage. He would be capable of ascending to the sky with one leap and become an apex existence within Black Origin City.

“The City Lord Residence is actually interfering in this matter? How strange!”

“True, shouldn’t the two sects going at each other be something that the City Lord Residence wish for? Why did the Third Chief Controller choose to stop them?” 

“How can people like us understand the mindset of people like them? Maybe they want to create a balanced situation?”

Seeing the appearance of the City Lord Residence’s Third Chief Controller, everyone felt puzzled and curious. They were also certain that this person wanted to stop the fight. Otherwise, the one to step forward would not be the Third Chief Controller.

“It is actually the Third Chief Controller,” said Tie Yun while nodding his head.

“Greetings, Third Chief Controller.” First Hu opened his mouth to greet the Third Chief Controller.

“He he, are you fellows thinking of starting a fight? Once you start a fight today, the consequences will be extremely dire. You need to know that your two sects are not the only ones residing in Black Origin City,” said the Third Chief Controller with a smile. Appearance wise, he appeared amiable. However, his words were devoid of emotions.

“The disciples of our Tiger Form Sect cannot die in vain!”

“If you really want to start a fight, return to your sect and report this matter to your higher ups and let them decide what to do. I believe that you fellows do not have the right to make this decision, am I right?” Despite the smile on Third Chief Controller’s face, the tone in his voice had only grown colder.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Two squads of soldiers swiftly rushed forward. They were none other than the City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army. They were also the only army within Black Origin City.

The soldiers all wore durable armour and wielded swords. Their air of dominance was powerful. Although the cultivation level of each individual soldier was not high, their combined might was. Every one of them had undergone bloody battles and were ruthless towards their enemies. They carried with them a heavy killing intent.

Their two squads had a total of 60 men. After arriving, they quickly separated the Tiger Form Sect cultivators from the Iron Sword Sect cultivators.

The City Lord Residence’s Iron Guard Army. The weakest amongst them are at the development of primary energy (2nd) layer. To even mobilize the Iron Guard Army, it seems the City Lord Residence does not want us to duke it out. Why? Chen Feng wondered. At the same time, he realized that there would not be a fight today. 

“Since the City Lord Residence has intervened, we will first return to our sect. However, this is not over! Chen Feng, you be careful. Our Tiger Form Sect will definitely kill you,” First Hu suddenly spoke up as he glared heatedly at Chen Feng. Next, he turned around and led the other Tiger Form Sect disciples away.

The disciples of Iron Sword Sect did not make any move against them. Truth be told, neither side wanted to start a fight. The intervention by the City Lord Residence gave them the opportunity to step back.

“Let’s return,” Tie Yun said. At the same time, he sent a glance at Chen Feng one more time.

Hearing First Hu’s words, Chen Feng secretly sneered. In a one-on-one fight, Chen Feng was certain he could defeat First Hu. No matter what, he was at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, after all. He was one layer above First Hu.

However, he had been the one to trigger this incident. It would seem that his future days would not be a quiet one. Additionally, Chen Feng had also noticed the way Tie Yun was looking at him earlier. It was a very strange look, which gave him an indescribable feeling.

As expected, when they were close to their sect, Tie Yun led a few other disciples to meet Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, come. Eldest Brother has some questions for you.” One of them spoke up, a slight coldness in his voice.

Hearing that made Chen Feng feel dissatisfied. However, he said nothing about it. The weakest amongst them were at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer and two of them had condensed out astral energy (6th). Although Chen Feng’s cultivation base had greatly improved, they still viewed Chen Feng as nothing.

“What does Eldest Brother have to ask?” Chen Feng moved forward and asked.

Tie Yun’s eyes turned upon Chen Feng. It appeared as though he wanted to determine Chen Feng’s level of cultivation.

“All the meridians in your body are opened. This is indeed the hundred opened meridians layer. No wonder you could kill those men from Tiger Form Sect. It seems you have had quite the fortuitous encounter?” asked Tie Yun coolly.

“There was no fortuitous encounter, just hard work,” Chen Feng replied, neither arrogance nor humility in his tone. At present, Chen Feng was not afraid of this Eldest Brother. Chen Feng was also at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer, the same as him. Even if he was stronger, it was not as though Chen Feng had no ability to resist him.

“Hard work? Humph! You have joined the sect for six whole years but stayed at the development of primary energy (2nd) layer all this time. And now, in merely three months, you reached the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer. This is quite the hard work,” replied Tie Yun with a sneer.

“Regardless of how your cultivation base rose by leaps and bounds, you must know how to proceed safely. Don’t think that just by having some strength, you can ignore the heights of Heaven and the depths of the Earth. This time, you killed the disciples of Tiger Form Sect. Next time, will you be ignoring the disciples of our own sect?” Tie Yun’s tone suddenly turned cold as he utilized his status as the Eldest Brother to lecture Chen Feng.   

Hearing those words caused Chen Feng’s heart to blaze with fury. He wanted to utilize all his strength to duke it out with him. Suddenly, he noticed a glint flashing across Tie Yun’s eyes and immediately grew calm.

This fellow is deliberately provoking me. Humph! It seems he suspects the level of my cultivation and wants me to attack. Countless thoughts quickly raced through Chen Feng’s mind.

“What? Why aren’t you responding? Could Eldest Brother’s words be wrong?” Then, one of the disciples, a hundred opened meridians (5th) layer cultivator, spoke up.

“Eldest Brother’s words are right.” Chen Feng put on the façade of attentiveness.

“Today, you have killed six men from Tiger Form Sect. Wounding one would mean causing problems. Although our Iron Sword Sect is hostile towards them, it is rare for us to be killing so many opposing disciples. I am the Eldest Brother, but even I cannot decide what to do with you. You should return to the sect and be obedient. Wait for the Sect Master to deal with you.” After saying that, Tie Yun flicked his sleeve and strode off.


Watching them leave, Chen Feng secretly snorted.

Putting on airs of Eldest Brother before me? Just you wait until the Grand Competition. Chen Feng sneered.

In Iron Sword Sect’s Grand Competition, Tie Yun had always taken the first place. This time, Chen Feng intended on suppressing him and snatching the first place, shocking everyone with a single move. Although he had killed off six disciples of Tiger Form Sect, Tie Yun had still viewed him as nothing.

The moment he stepped into the sect, Chen Feng could sense the strangeness of the gazes that everyone was giving him. It was as though they had seen a ghost. Even Wang Bo, whom he had beaten up back then, revealed a hint of fear when looking at him.

“I didn’t think you would enter the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer so quickly. I am somewhat impatient for the grand competition now,” Liu Yuan suddenly approached and said.

“He he, we’ll be exchanging pointers then,” Chen Feng replied coolly before returning to his own courtyard. After sitting down, he began pondering.

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