Chapter 12: Attacking to Kill

“It seems you have yet to perfect your Bestial Tiger Force,” said Chen Feng with a sneer. Next, he tightened his grip.

Ka! Ka!

A clear cracking sound rang out and Ma Yong’s fist was crushed, leaving a mangled clump of flesh. It was a horrifying sight.


Ma Yong screamed wretchedly as he clutched his mangled fist and retreated. He looked at Chen Feng as though he was a ghost.


The other cultivators from Tiger Form Sect quickly moved forward to surround Chen Feng, wanting to attack him.

“Fellows, if there is a problem, please go solve it outside,” the shop owner suddenly spoke up. At the same time, four salesmen with huge statures stepped forward. All four of them were at the fifth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Other than serving as the shop’s salesmen, the four of them also served as bodyguards. This was the reason why no one would dare cause a problem in the shop.

Chen Feng was able to determine the cultivation base of the four men with a glance. Although he was not fearful of the four men, he knew that the power backing the shop was not something he could afford to provoke. Thus, with a nod of his head, his figure flashed away and he landed on the street outside the shop.

Quickly, the cultivators from Tiger Form Sect rushed out in pursuit of him. At the same time, some of them pulled out their weapons and surrounded Chen Feng.

“The fellows from Tiger Form Sect and Iron Sword Sect are at it again. This time, there are so many going up against one. It seems the fellow from Iron Sword Sect is in for a loss.”

“Wait, that can’t be right. Isn’t that the infamous trash from Iron Sword Sect? I heard that after joining the sect, even after six years of practice, he only managed to reach the second layer of the Training Body and Energy stage.”

“It really is him, but why is the trash being surrounded by so many of Tiger Form Sect’s members? Also, did you notice? That Ma Yong from Tiger Form Sect seems to be injured. His palm is ruined. Could it be the work of that trash from Iron Sword Sect?”

“Surely not. Ma Yong has already reached the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. How could the trash from Iron Sword Sect be a match for him? One slap from Ma Yong is probably enough to send him flying.”

Seeing what was happening, some of the passers-by began speculating.

Hearing the word ‘trash’, Chen Feng turned towards those people who were talking. His eyes shone and his gaze pierced through the air to land on those people’s faces. Although those few people were also cultivators with a considerable level of accomplishment, in face of Chen Feng’s gaze, they felt as though they were being pricked by needles. It was an uneasy feeling. Involuntarily, they lowered their heads.

What a fierce gaze. That is at least of the fifth layer, hundred opened meridians. Is that still the trash that everyone bullies? The fellows thought to themselves, not daring to speak up.

“Attack! Kill him!” Ma Yong screamed, both his eyes bloodshot. He burned with rage as he looked at Chen Feng. That earlier move from Chen Feng had utterly crushed his palm. Even with spirit-type medicine, he could not recover. Given his present level of cultivation, growing out a new palm was an impossibility. In other words, the palm was a goner.

Six men surrounded Chen Feng. Hearing Ma Yong’s shout, they launched a simultaneous attack on Chen Feng. Additionally, they had displayed their strongest moves from the get go. Clearly, they intended on killing off Chen Feng, not giving him any chance of surviving.

Humph, all of them are only at the fourth layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. Just the reinforcement of internal organs. Without even having opened up all their meridians, they actually want to kill me? They really don’t know the meaning of the word death.

With a glance, Chen Feng identified the cultivation bases of all six of the cultivators. Originally, Chen Feng had only wanted to give them a lesson. However, seeing them display killing moves, intent on killing him, Chen Feng grew furious. He no longer held back. At any rate, acts of killings were something common in Black Origin City. Iron Sword Sect and Tiger Form Sect would always get into fights. Killing these people was not a big deal. 


Seeing as how all the attacks were falling upon him, Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward and slammed heavily into one of them. Clear cracking sounds could be heard from all the bones within the man’s body as blood sprayed out from his mouth and he flew tens of metres away. By the time he landed heavily on the ground, he was already dead.

Next, Chen Feng sent a backhand punch, smashing the sword that one of the attackers was wielding and sending that attacker flying.

After that, Chen Feng swiftly charged towards the other attackers, like a tiger pouncing into a flock of sheep, rampaging without equal.


One of them was caught by Chen Feng’s Eight Forms of Iron Claws and the bones of his front chest were all cracked, leading to his internal organs breaking. He died immediately.


Another attacker was hit by Chen Feng’s fist. His weapon broke and the shockwave killed him.


Both of Chen Feng’s hands lashed out, catching the last two attackers by their necks.


A loud shout suddenly rang out from afar as a human figure quickly rushed forward.


Chen Feng snorted. Tightening the grip on both his hands, the two attackers’ necks were crushed with a resounding crack. With a swing of his hands, he tossed the two corpses to the side.

All of that had happened in the span of just a few breaths. The surrounding onlookers had originally thought that Chen Feng would instantly be killed off by the six attackers. None of them had expected the situation to turn around so quickly. In just the blink of an eye, the world was turned upside down. The six cultivators from Tiger Form Sect were unable to put up a fight at all against Chen Feng. Instead, Chen Feng had killed them all like crushing withered weeds. It was simply a one-sided massacre. 

After killing six people, Chen Feng felt his arms trembling somewhat. However, he quickly recollected himself. Since he had already chosen to attack, he might as well do a good job of it. At the same time, it was him venting out all the feelings of suffocation he had endured all these years. He had been bullied too much in the past. It was about time he unleashed hell. As for what would happen next, Chen Feng decided not to dwell too much about it.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng turned towards the incoming fellow. He had a large stature but was quick. During the time Chen Feng used to kill off the two cultivators earlier, the fellow had reached the scene.

The primary energy within his body flows steadily and unceasingly without facing any obstructions. This is a cultivator at the fifth layer, hundred opened meridians. However, he has yet to condense out astral energy. For a cultivator of his level to come here is just the equivalent of sending himself to death’s door. Chen Feng thought to himself and relaxed. He then turned to look at the nearby Ma Yong.


Having witnessed Chen Feng’s savage massacre of six of his fellow disciples, Ma Yong could not stop himself from crying out. It was not a scream of misery. Rather, it was one of terror.

Noticing Chen Feng’s eyes turning towards him, Ma Yong quickly retreated, fearing that Chen Feng would kill him.

“You are that trash, Chen Feng? Did you kill these men?” The newcomer with large stature was over 20 years old. His face was burly and coarse and his hand wielded a thick broadsword. After arriving, he did not immediately attack. Instead, he observed the corpses on the ground. Knitting his brows, he turned to look at Chen Feng.

“Senior Brother Liu, save me.”

Ma Yong became one who had seemingly seen a life-saving straw. He quickly rushed forward and shouted at the newcomer.

“He is the one who killed all these people. Hurry, attack and kill him.”

“That is correct, I am Chen Feng. I am the one who killed all these men. You saw it for yourself earlier. Also, I am not a trash,” Chen Feng replied coolly. His ending words contained traces of amusement.

“Sii, all six of them were killed? So vicious!”

Someone within the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air.

“What ruthlessness! Every move was taken to kill his opponent. He practically killed them like breaking withered twigs. Even though those six men had reached the fourth layer, reinforcement of internal organs, they were all killed instantly. Could Chen Feng have reached the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer?”

“Is the hundred opened meridians layer even this powerful? As I recall, Chen Feng should only be at the second layer. How did he become so powerful?”

“Could he have been hiding his strength before this?”

“Impossible. Chen Feng had had to be on the receiving end of so many bullies for all these years. If that were you, would you choose to hide your strength?”

“That is true. It seems we’ll have quite a show to watch. To kill off six disciples from Tiger Form Sect all at once and wounding a disciple at the fourth layer. Tiger Form Sect will never let this slide. Who knows? They might even start a war.”

“This kid is so ruthless. The moment he attacks, he goes for the kill. It seems those who would usually bully him will be in for a bad time.”

Amongst the onlookers, there were those who gloated at the misery of others, while some felt concerned. Others, though, only wanted to enjoy the show.

“Chen Feng, aren’t you being a little too ruthless?” Liu Wanshan was still staring at Chen Feng. He did not rush forward to attack. Although he was already at the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer, facing Chen Feng gave him an uneasy feeling.

“Is it? I don’t think so. These men wanted to kill me. Should I have held back? Only those who are prepared to be killed should be allowed to kill,” Chen Feng responded calmly. The anxiousness he felt as a result of killing those men had finally faded, replaced by calmness.

“That is right. Only those who are prepared to be killed should be allowed to kill. Today, you have killed our Tiger Form Sect’s members. If so, you can forget about leaving this place. Just put your life down right here.”

Three more men from Tiger Form Sect quickly arrived. The strength of each of these men was clearly higher than Liu Wanshan. Seeing the appearance of the three men, Liu Wanshan gave a sigh of relief.

“Greetings, senior brothers.” Liu Wanshan bowed to greet them.

“Don’t talk so much, capture this kid first. For a trash to rise up by three layers, reaching the hundred opened meridians (5th) layer in such a short time, there must be something unusual here. Capture him back and interrogate him properly,” one of them said coolly before striding towards Chen Feng. At the same time, the other two strode out as well to form an encirclement. They wanted to attack at the same time to capture Chen Feng.

“First Hu, Second Hu and Third Hu, the three Hu brothers of the Tiger Form Sect! It is said that all of you have already condensed out astral energy. To think that you guys would gang up against a little guy like me.” Chen Feng sneered. He was feeling wary. All three of them were not to be underestimated. They had displayed talent for cultivation since young. Additionally, they have a great understanding of each other, capable of a high level of coordination. Two years ago, the three of them managed to condense out astral energy. By working together, they had once wounded a cultivator at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. One year ago, they had entered the forest and killed a wild beast that was the equivalent of a cultivator at the seventh layer of the Training Body and Energy stage. They were considered the cream of the younger generation in Black Origin City.

Chen Feng’s strength had recently advanced by leaps and bounds. However, he had only just reached the primary energy takes form (7th) layer. Additionally, his combat experience was not as vast as theirs. Chen Feng did not have much confidence in dealing with their joint attacks.

“Your Tiger Form Sect wants to capture the disciples of our Iron Sword Sect? Can you?!”

Suddenly, disciples from Iron Sword Sect rushed to the scene. The one leading them was young, with sword-like brows and star-like eyes. There was an aloof arrogance on his face. He wore a white robe and possessed a straight stature. Wielding a sword, his temperament was quite extraordinary. There were tens of disciples from Iron Sword Sect behind him.

Eldest Brother is here. Chen Feng thought to himself.

He was the Eldest Brother of Iron Sword Sect’s younger generation and also the number one amongst the disciples of Iron Sword Sect. To Chen Feng, he had always been an exalted existence, on the same level as the elders of the sect. It was said that he had reached the astral energy (6th) layer a few years back. He was someone who always spent his time in cultivation retreat. There was no telling how strong he had become now.

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