Chapter 9. Spider Queen, Alishi (1)

There was something he needed to do before he entered the boss room. 


If you want to beat a boss, you need to be prepared. 

[Main Stats]

Physical: 31 (+20)

Mental: 31 (+20)

Magic: 32 (+20)

Sense: 31 (+20)

Remaining Stat Points: 42

His main stats had increased by 20 when he class changed to Demonic Swordsman, but he had yet to allocate any of his surplus points. 

Till now, Kang Oh had been thinking about how best to allocate his remaining points.

But after defeating Karash and stealing a point in magic, he realized what he needed to do.

'Let's put everything into Sense.'

Kang Oh allocated all of his remaining stat points into Sense.

Sense not only increased the power and effect of skills, but also increased their activation rates.

It also decreased the amount of MP required, as well as the cooldown of the skills.

Above all, it would increase the speed at which his skill proficiency went up, which was much more difficult to increase than levels. .

Kang Oh planned on putting everything into Sense from now on.

By putting everything into Sense, the activation rate of Darkness Strike would go up, which would further increase his stats. 

In other words, he was making an incredibly greedy decision; he wanted both skill proficiency and stats.

"I allocated all my stat points, so let's go take down the boss."

Kang Oh went through the entrance.

The Spider Queen's boss room looked like it was taken straight from a horror movie. 

There were spider webs everywhere, as well as dried up husks of monsters. The sight of the shaking ootheca would make anyone want to turn tail and flee.

At the center of the room, there was a huge nest made of white spider webbing. 

Spider Queen, Alishi, lay atop the nest, with four named Earth Shade Spiders guarding her nearby.

'So that's Alishi.'

Kang Oh looked her over. 

He estimated her to be about level 30.

Physically, she looked similar to the other named Earth Shade Spiders.

However, she was about double their size and her body was covered by an orange, ghostly face pattern. 

Kang Oh was sure she had some sort of special skill. 

'Taking into account her special ability, it'll be hard to beat her alone.'

The combination of his Hyper Intuition, his hidden class, and his SS-rank demon sword did indeed make him overpowered.

However, death had a far more severe penalty to the wielder of Demon Sword Ubist than to any other regular player.

If he died, he would either lose the demon sword, or become a monster under the demon sword's control for 24 hours.

If that's the case, then he needed some insurance before he fought against the unknown boss.

In other words...!

'I need some help.'

The first person he thought of was Burkan. If he came, then it wouldn't matter what tricks Alishi had up her sleeve. He'd kill her in a single blow.

'If you're facing a goblin, then there's no reason to bring a dragon slayer. If that's the case, then...'

Kang Oh smirked. Someone more appropriate had come to mind. 

* * *

Kang Oh returned to the Holiseum's underground arena.

"Oh, Little Brother," Burkan greeted.

The Battle Against 100 Men could no longer be completed here.

Thus, rumors that someone had beaten it had spread.

"Brother, have you been well?"

Since he wanted something from Burkan, he smiled politely. 

"Well, the demon sword's gone now, so yeah, I'm doing well."

Burkan spoke as though a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.

"Why was the demon sword left here in the first place?" Kang Oh asked, suddenly feeling curious.

"Master Valan forced it onto me. He left me the adamantium gemstone too."

The life story of the swordsman, Valan, that he'd seen following the completion of the Trial of the demon sword!

That same swordsman was Burkan's master.

"As he departed, Master Valan told me to impart the demon sword to someone worthy. To put it simply, I'm just a subcontractor."

That was the reason the impossible 'Fight Against 100 Men' had begun. 

"The adamantium gemstone too?"

"Master Valan discovered that too. He told me to protect it from anyone unworthy or what not." Burkan grinned and continued, "That's why I sent you off to find a miner. Cause if you find one, I'm free."

"Ugh. That's what your letter of introduction was for?"

"Yep. So hurry up and find Bower, so you can take it away."

The reason the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan, had been stuck in the underground arena was because of the demon sword and the adamantium gemstone.

"So where is this Valan now?" Kang Oh asked. 

He wouldn't regret this, would he?

"Dunno. It's been a while since I've seen him, so he may or may not be alive. No, he's probably still alive. He's someone who can even avoid death. Why? Want to find him?"

"No thank you," Kang Oh declared. "Anyway, where is Darion?"

The whole reason he'd come back was for Darion.

"Darion!" Burkan yelled, and Darion came running from the other side of the passageway.

This was the first time he'd actually seen his face, but he looked like the "young prince" type; he was both dashing and fair-skinned. How can Darion of all people look like that!? This is bullshit.


Once he got a look at Kang Oh, his expression turned to rage.

"Oh, hey, how've you been? Your eyes doing ok?"

Kang Oh raised his hand and acted amicably.

"You dirty, shameful bastard!" Darion said, fuming.

"Watch it, Darion. He not only passed the Fight Against 100 Men, but he's also the wielder of the demon sword and my little brother."

As expected, the hierarchy of gladiators modeled that of the military.

In military terms, Kang Oh was the general's son or maybe grandson.

He had no rank to speak of, but he had someone high up backing him!

"How can you support someone like him..."

"Darion," he said heavily, and Darion immediately shut his mouth.

Though his eyes seemed to convey his discontent.

"Brother, may I borrow Darion for a little bit?"


He couldn't say 'What do you mean why? I want to use him like a slave.'

"When I fought him last time, I found that he has problems mentally. I want to fix those weaknesses of his," Kang Oh said.

"Alright!" Burkan consented easily.

"Master!" Darion anxiously called for his master whilst teary-eyed.

Burkan closed his mouth in a tight line. It was a strong sign that Burkan wouldn't listen to Darion anymore.

"Let's go, Darion!"

Darion had no other choice but to follow Kang Oh, as if he were a cow being dragged to the slaughterhouse.

Kang Oh left the Holiseum and led Darion to a secluded alleyway.

"What level are you?" Kang Oh asked.


Burkan's estimated level was higher than 400. Darion's level was much lower than his master's; perhaps it was because he was Burkan's last student. 

"Hey, who do you think you're talking to?"

I'm Burkan's little brother!


"Are you still mad that I threw dirt in your eyes?" Kang Oh asked.

"I wanted a fair, honorable fight. You stained my honor by throwing that dirt at me. It was a truly cowardly move."

"Man, you have some honor. Challenging a guy after he's exhausted from fighting 99 other gladiators," Kang Oh said sarcastically. 

After all, the Fight Against 100 Men was incredibly unfair, and heavily favored the gladiators. 

So Darion had some nerve to be criticizing him!

"That's why I waited until you were fully recovered," Darion said, sounding chagrined. 

He believed in an honorable fight, so he hadn't involved himself in the dogfight. That's why he appeared last. 

"Yeah, that's why I won."

"You won with a cheap move!"

"If you think that's a cheap move, then you really are naive."

If Darion hadn't let down his guard, then he would've been able to respond to Kang Oh's dirt throw. 

"I can't accept this!"

"Then do you want to have another go? If I win, I'll make you work like a dog for a week."

"What if I win?"

"I'll do whatever you want."

"I'll do it."

[Darion has requested a duel. Will you accept?]

A duel between a level 15 and a level 36. Kang Oh was definitely at a disadvantage.

However, Kang Oh was 100% sure of his victory.

'Since I'm against Darion.'

Kang Oh's expression was relaxed.

He even put one hand into his pocket. 

"Accept," Kang Oh said, and Darion immediately thrust his sword.

A surprise attack.

However, Kang Oh wasn't surprised in the least, and pulled his hand out of his pocket, acting as though he was about to throw something.


Darion instinctively dodged.

But it was a fake.

'See? You're so naive.'

In doing so, Darion had exposed himself. Kang Oh seized that opportunity. He quickly, precisely cleaved through Darion's chest with his demon sword.


Darion stumbled.

Following the injury, Darion faltered, and Kang Oh hit him with a Slash. 

Of course, Hyper Intuition had pinpointed a weak point, and Kang Oh had capitalized on it. 

Unfortunately for Darion, Kang Oh's Slash was accompanied by a Darkness Strike.

The teeth of a black beast struck Darion.

A critical hit! Slash! Darkness Strike!


Darion's handsome face twisted.

After that, Kang Oh continuously aimed at the wound left behind by Slash without giving Darion the chance to counterattack.

[Darion's HP is below 10%. Mr. Kang Oh has won the duel.]

As expected, the duel ended in Kang Oh's one-sided victory.

'Darion is Darion after all. He's way too soft. What are you made of, tofu?'

"How cowardly!" Darion shouted.

"Why? What did I do wrong?"

'I only acted like I was throwing dirt at you.'

"Grr!" Darion gritted his teeth, but he couldn't think of anything to say.

"As we agreed upon, I'm going to make you work like a dog for a week. An honorable gladiator like you wouldn't go back on his word, would he?"


"But I can't make you work for free; you're Burkan's disciple after all. So I'll pay you a daily wage."

Kang Oh stretched out three of his fingers.

3 silver a day!

* * *

Strike iron while it's hot. 

As soon as Kang Oh wrote the mercenary contract, the two went to the Shade Spiders' Colony.

Once there, they headed straight for the hidden dungeon's entrance. 

The Earth Shade Spider, which hid the entrance to the hidden dungeon, was no match for them. 

"Let's go."

Upon entry, the Earth Shade Spiders began attacking them fearlessly. 

Swish, swish.

A few sword swings was enough.

Kang Oh and Darion were soon at the entrance to the boss room.


Two Earth Shade Spiders protected the boss room, using venom and spider webs as their main weapons. 

They were just the right appetizers before the main course: the boss.

Now it was time for today's main dish!

It was time to take down the Spider Queen, Alishi.


Darion saw the Spider Queen and furrowed his brow.

Alishi possessed four eyes, but her eyes were noticeably larger than the other spiders, which made her look especially disgusting.

"There are four named monsters guarding the boss. They can spew venom and spider webs, can call allies, etc. Each one of them uses a special skill. I don't know what the boss's special skill is, but do your best."

Darion was a higher level than the boss. He didn't have to worry about him.


"I'm going."

Once Kang Oh stepped forward, the named monsters shrieked and rushed towards him.

However, Alishi didn't move an inch.

Kang Oh, who'd killed countless bosses in Warlord, figured out exactly what was going on.

"It's an observer-type boss."

Bosses came in different varieties.

Frontline combat bosses, backline magic bosses, commander-type bosses, there were those like Alishi that merely observed, etc...

These bosses expected their subordinates to finish off the intruders! If their subordinates fell in battle, then they would go 'Those fools. I'll do it myself!' and then jump in.

'It's a lot easier than I expected. Then again...'

While it was a hidden dungeon, it was undeniably a low level dungeon. 

The named monsters soon swung their front legs at them. Kang Oh and Darion took on two of the named monsters a piece.

Thud, thud! Bibibi!

One of the named monsters picked up and threw a piece of land at Kang Oh, while the other let out a cricket-like cry in order to summon their allies.



Meanwhile, Darion faced off against two named monsters that spewed venom and spider webs respectively.

As expected, the named monsters were no match for either Kang Oh or Darion.

They were especially no match for Kang Oh due to his overwhelming attack power.

His Slash, reinforced by his Darkness Strike, instantly killed the Earth Shade Spider attempting to call allies.

But then...

Alishi's giant eyes shone red like a signal light.

Kang Oh didn't miss that change.

'This is...'

In Warlord, there was a boss called Hectos. There were six gems embedded in the crown that he wore.

Whenever one of the mid-bosses were killed, these gems would begin to glow. It was almost like a countdown of sorts.

Not long after, Kang Oh had been killed by Hectos.

He had died helplessly, as Hectors repeatedly used six of his skills. 

Thus, Kang Oh immediately recognized what her eyes glowing meant.

'She's the same type as Hectos.'

Which meant that once they were finished with the named monsters, they would face a buffed Alishi.

Like the time he'd died at the hands of Hecto's six skills.

Despite that, Kang Oh didn't attempt to awaken her, nor did he stop Darion from killing the remaining named monsters.

Once Darion had killed the venom-spewing spider, Alishi's second eye glowed green. 

'I'm sure.'

Whenever a named monster died, Alishi became stronger.


Kang Oh grinned and fought against the named monsters even harder.

Soon, the spider throwing land at him had met its end. 

[You have defeated the Earth Shade Spider, Bash.]

Alishi's third eye glowed yellow.

"The last one!"

Darion and Kang Oh worked together to take down the last web-spewing spider.

Simultaneously, Alishi's last eye glowed white.


Alishi roared, each of her eyes glowing a different color.

[The Spider Queen, Alishi, has awakened. Alishi is enraged at the death of her subordinates.]

Alishi spewed venom from her mouth, spider webs from her body, and called upon her children as well.

Whenever she stepped forward, the ground seemed to cry out, and sharp fragments would break off and send shrapnel flying.


The emergence of the strongest spider, Alishi!

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