Dungeon Predator

Dungeon Predator

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Hodam (호담)
[Class changing to the hidden class, Demonic Swordsman.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden dungeon.]
[You are the first one to discover the hidden...]
[You are the first one...]
[You are...]
I'm a gamer who uses ESP.
I'll take it all!
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101 Reviews
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4 years ago
Not recommended
I dropped this at chapter 25. Don’t normally drop novels since translations of Korean light novels are rare and I’m a big sucker for these types of VR stories and an OP MC with a mission. That said, honestly there are so many unrealistic elements of this story + flat characterization and honestly a jerk MC that I just can’t cheer for this guy. From the start there is this VERY weak “oh my family spent money for me at the hospital so I need to pay them back” premise, which is fine (Solo Leveling had it and I love the story), but this MC pays for an expensive gym using his mom and sister’s money for a few months.

Then he finally goes into the new VR game again and what does he do? Take sadistic pleasure at this one poor NPC that he keeps abusing, who has actually helped him, and is just being used by the MC as a meat shield, for no reason. Honestly he’s just an asshole. Then the plot deviates even more and he just gets more mercenary, and his cheat ESP skills overpower everything...there’s just zero struggle. He overcomes everything by his unmatched OP skills and plot armor.

Please don’t waste your time and read something else like Second Coming of a Gluttony. Now that’s a real MC

4 years ago
Not recommended
There are novels that have a bad start, but get better. And then there are novels that are just bad. The MC is a douche, goes out of his way to be as sadistic as possible for not much reason. There isn't much growth involved, since he's pretty overpowered from the start. The family values comes off as super cliche, the training montage is a Legendary Moonlight Sculptor knockoff, and I feel like a fool reading another 30 chapters in hope that the MC becomes a better person.

There are other amazing novels to check out on this site. This isn't one of them.

4 years ago
I honestly don't get why so many have given this such bad reviews, but I guess that really just comes down to each individuals own likes and dislikes. From the 113 chapters that I've read thus far. I really don't see any major issues with it. Yes the MC's on the violent side more so than most stories out there but in my eyes that's simply another perspective that regardless of others wanting to admit it or not is how some actual people are.

Overall I find this novel to be a good refreshing read from a different perspective than your typical ones. The translation done is great.

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3 years ago

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