Chapter 89. Kudal's Laboratory (3)

By obtaining the 'Unjustly Imprisoned' quest, the Tarnatose Prison became a spatiotemporal intersection point that anyone could enter. In other words, it became an instant dungeon.

However, the more time passed, the stronger the prison wardens would become.

Some players would even use this special feature to compete for the fastest clear.

It was a so-called escape game, a game where the player would purposefully wait in the prison and allow the wardens to become stronger. Then, they would try to escape the prison.

If a player waited for 40 minutes, it was purported to be impossible to clear unless they were a ranker.

Not only that, but escape game players claimed that it was absolutely impossible to clear after 1 hour.


'Crazy Highschooler, Bart, managed to do it.'

Crazy Highschooler, Bart.  

Not only was he a highschool gamer, but he was part of the Numbers, the top echelon of Arth players.

'They say his skill as a gamer is top-notch...'

Bart had managed to break the record of '1 hour'. 

After accepting the quest and waiting more than an hour, he began his clear of the Tarnatose Prison and ultimately succeeded.

Anyway, Dungeon Conquering Man's 5th level...

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