Chapter 66. Amil

The drop passed through Eder's mace and was absorbed into Amil's body.

However, Amil's outward appearance didn't really change.

'But he must've gotten some info,' Kang Oh thought as he dodged Amil's scimitar.

'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.'

Thus, it was paramount that one know who they were fighting; if they did, they would be able to respond appropriately.

If Amil were to fight either Grano or Eder, he'd be able to more effectively attack and defend against them than against him.

Of course, that was why they'd divided their roles; by doing so, Kang Oh didn't have much difficulty engaging Amil.


Kang Oh quickly turned his body.


The scimitar grazed past his body, the blazing flame glimmering before his eyes.

'His weapon's annoying.'

He didn't know whether it was Amil's innate ability or a property of the scimitar itself, but the blazing flame was becoming a pain to deal with.

"Ubist is still stronger!"

My weapon won't lose to any other out there!

Kang Oh cleaved diagonally.

Darkness Strike activated right on time.

A black wave, shaped like a savage beast, was unleashed from his demon sword.

Amil protected himself with his scimitar.

The clash between their weapons only left Kang Oh at a disadvantage, so he'd been avoiding locking blades with Amil.

However, the situation was different now.


Kang Oh gripped his sword even tighter.



His sword forcefully struck the scimitar.

The black wave and the flame clashed like a mongoose versus a cobra!

In this case, the mongoose, or the more powerful of the two, was Kang Oh's Darkness Strike and demon sword.

The jet-black wave overcame the blazing flame.

Amil fell to one knee from the immense pressure and impact.

Kang Oh controlled the tempo.

He swung his blade softly and nimbly, rather than attempt a single heavy blow.


Kang Oh’s blade struck Amil's neck. A direct hit! Shards of light exploded out of the wound like firecrackers.


Kang Oh's lips slightly curled upwards at the electrifying feeling in his hands.

However, he couldn't afford to be careless just yet.


Amil readied himself once more and attacked.

A red line followed the path of his scimitar.

'Power Slash.'

He'd already seen the skill in action before, so he knew exactly what Amil was up to.

Amil's scimitar felt chaotic.

Kang Oh evaded the scimitar and took two steps back.

Just because his opponent was pushing him back didn't mean he had to repeat the gesture. Sometimes, one had to retreat to let their opponent fall and make a mistake.


Amil's scimitar whistled through the air. The sound alone was a portent of  how brutal the attack was.

But because his attack had failed, he’d left a gap in his defenses. The more powerful the attack, the greater the risk upon failure.

Kang Oh quickly maneuvered himself to Amil's side.

His demon sword split the space from side to side!


A white line came for Amil.

Amil quickly retreated away from the attack.

The tip of his blade just barely grazed Amil's cheek.

Of course, that was enough to leave a wound.

With the wound now in place, all he needed to do was attack there to inflict a critical hit.

Kang Oh immediately aimed for the wound.

However, Amil wouldn't allow him to land a critical hit that easily.

He dodged Kang Oh's thrust and swung his scimitar, aiming for Kang Oh's side.

Rather than moving to the side or retreating, Kang Oh chose to advance.

Kang Oh passed Amil's body and his scimitar cleaved through air.

He turned around and dashed towards Amil. Amil too, prepared himself and swung downwards with his scimitar.

Kang Oh and Amil's exchange continued.

* * * 

The combination of the blazing scimitar, his skill as the captain of the guard, as well as mummified state, which allowed him to fight without reserve, made Amil a tough opponent.

Despite that, Kang Oh was still stronger than Amil. The longer the fight went on, the more advantageous of a position he found himself in.

'Not much longer.'

Amil's attacks were no longer as sharp. It wouldn't be long before Kang Oh finished him.

'Of course, that'll be when the true fight begins.'

When a mummy dies, it revives itself and becomes even stronger.

Kang Oh glanced over Eder and Grano to see how they were doing.

Eder and Grano were fighting perfectly in sync. By doing so, they had already taken down eight of the twenty mummies.

The more mummies they felled, the faster they were able to kill the remaining mummies.

It was about time for Kang Oh to show some results too.

"Let's move on already."

Kang Oh's eyes gleamed and rushed Amil.

He swung fiercely in a downward strike that was as quick as lightning.


Amil blocked his blade with his own, and flames erupted from his sword.


Kang Oh took some damage from the flames, but was able to send Amil's scimitar flying in exchange.

"Haaht!" he yelled and swung his sword twice, drawing a cross (an X) with his blade.

A direct hit!

The powerful blow caused giant shards of light to spill from Amil's body.

Kang Oh kept up his offensive.

He didn't return his blade to the ready; he immediately transitioned into a shoulder thrust.


Kang Oh's attack caused Amil to fall to the floor.

He followed up with a downwards strike.


The demon sword had pierced Amil's chest.

"Invad..." Amil began, but wasn't able to finish and died soon after.

[You have defeated Beskamen I's guard captain, Amil.]

Of course, he'd be dead very briefly.

Sand gathered toward Amil's body, mending all his injuries and filling any openings.

[Beskman I's guard captain, Amil, has revived.]

[The revived Amil is more powerful than before.]

He'd already expected Amil's revival, as well as his increased strength.

However, there was one thing that had surpassed his expectations.

Countless drops came out of his body, and the surface of these smooth drops illustrated Kang Oh swinging his demon sword.  

The drops also headed for the mummies that Grano and Eder were fighting as well.

They began to enter the mummies one or two at a time.

"Did it go both ways?"

The mummies weren't the only ones that could transmit data.

If a player defeated Amil, then their combat data (in this case, Kang Oh) would be transmitted to the mummies as well.


"Mr. Kang Oh, Mr. Grano! The mummies we'd killed are coming back to life!" Eder yelled in astonishment.


Once the drops had entered the twice dead mummies, they came back to life. 

With Berserk active too!

Ultimately, Eder and Grano were surrounded by twenty mummies once more.

Plus, they had to take on eight berserk mummies all at once too.

"Mm. I didn't expect this."

Kang Oh scratched his neck.

"Uahk, Mr. Kang Oh!" Eder yelled, struggling to defend himself against their combined assault.

It lit a fire under Grano, as he began to randomly fire his magic.

At that moment...

The revived Amil attacked Kang Oh with his blazing scimitar.

It also had the effect of Power Slash behind it.

Kang Oh retreated.


Amil's scimitar cleaved through the air.

The flames extended like a snake and pursued Kang Oh.

"An aura!"

Kang Oh realized what the snake-like flame was.

It was an aura like Tempest Tiger.

Kang Oh shielded himself with his demon sword. Its wide width clashed with the flame aura.

The flames danced upon the surface of his sword and he was assaulted by an intense heat.

[You have been exposed to intense heat. You have taken 110 damage.]

[You have been struck by the flame aura. You have taken 259 damage.]

[Remaining HP: 1,021]

He received a message indicating that he'd been damaged by the flame aura's heat and impact.

Because an aura was a skill, his demon sword’s magic absorption ability hadn't activated.

Amil swung his scimitar once more, unleashing the flame aura again.

Rather than block it, Kang Oh chose to roll onto the floor.


The flame aura burned the ground, causing the area where Kang Oh had once been to ignite in flames.

Kang Oh bit his lip.

An aura attack was extremely powerful.


Then, he heard Eder scream.

"Be careful on your left!"

He could also hear Grano yelling too.

'I can't let it go on like this.'

Kang Oh took out a black ring from his inventory.

It was the Unknown Black Ring.

Otherwise known as the A-rank ring he'd gotten from killing Gureko.

"Tch, I could've sold this for a lot."

After all, it was a ring that summoned a tentacle, and some people were crazy about that sort of thing!

He'd kept it within his inventory, intending to sell it at the auction house later, but he didn't have any equipment that could readily be used for Gluttony.

The BB-rank Graham Bull Shield, which he'd intended to use as fodder for Gluttony, was being used by Eder right now.

The flippers he'd gotten from the Lupenia treasure house were S-rank.

Though Amil was capable of aura attacks, he wasn't worth wasting an S-rank piece of equipment.

He had to keep it for when he really needed it.

"Rest in peace," Kang Oh said regretfully and activated Gluttony.

Darkness stretched out from the demon sword and consumed the ring.

[The Demon Sword Ubist has consumed the Unknown Black Ring.]

[It is an A-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 10 minutes, the demon sword and the character's abilities are tripled.]

Kang Oh's body exuded jet-black energy; the darkness fluttered around him like a cape.

He leaned his demon sword across his shoulder and cracked his neck to the left and right.

"Stop goofing around; hurry up and kill him!" Eder yelled at Kang Oh.

The mummies were closing in on him and Grano.

"Ahem. Let's go!"

Kang Oh rushed towards Amil.


Amil slashed downwards.

He unleashed a flame pillar from his scimitar. This was the largest and most powerful looking of his aura attacks thus far.

It couldn't match up to a dragon, but it was about the size of a giant serpent.

"You're not the only one who can do that!"

Kang Oh swung downwards as well.

Tempest Tiger!

He unleashed a golden tiger-shaped aura.

The red and golden auras rushed towards each other!


The giant serpent and tiger clashed.

* * *

Kang Oh's Tempest Tiger was powerful, and Amil's flame aura was by no means weak.

Therefore, the two seemed to be evenly matched at the beginning.

However, this was no normal Tempest Tiger.

It was a Tempest Tiger amplified by the effects of Gluttony!

Ultimately, the Tempest Tiger overcame the power of Amil's flame aura.


Tempest Tiger pierced through the flames and struck Amil.

Amil wobbled from the huge impact. Countless shards of light dispersed into the air.

'This is my chance!'

Kang Oh rushed towards Amil.

A downwards slash, a cut, a slash, a thrust, an upwards slash!

Amil couldn't respond properly due to Tempest Tiger's impact.

Therefore, all of Kang Oh's attacks landed.


Amil didn't say anything out of the ordinary. Instead, he merely uttered the typical raspy mummy sounds over and over again.

Either way, Kang Oh would never let this chance go to waste.

Kang Oh continued his offensive.

Amil was barely able to block Kang Oh's attacks. Whenever he did so, Kang Oh would take some fire damage.

There were also times that Amil would sharply counterattack, threatening Kang Oh with his flame aura.

Despite that, Amil kept getting pushed back.

"Hoo, hoo."

He'd ferociously attacked Amil for an entire minute and then briefly caught his breath.

Amil was wobbling around and covered with wounds. The only thing that remained the same was his scimitar, still burning with fire.

"This is the end!"

Kang Oh took an iaido stance and swung his sword horizontally.

Another Tempest Tiger!

Normally, Tempest Tiger's cooldown was 2 minutes. However, Kunta's Ring halved that time to 1 minute.

Kang Oh used all of the MP he had left.

The tiger-shaped aura pounced on Amil.

Amil fought back till the very end.

He unleashed the most powerful flame aura he could muster.

However, his body was injured all over.

His flame aura was clearly much weaker than before, so he couldn't stop Kang Oh's Tempest Tiger.


The Tempest Tiger caused Amil to shake, the impact bringing him to his knees.


The following wind whips chipped at Amil's remaining HP.

Amil lowered his head at last.

[You are the first to defeat Beskamen I's guard captain, Amil.]

[As a reward, he will drop his highest rank items.]

Kang Oh grinned.

'The first one!'

What kind of equipment would he drop?

But it wasn't over yet.

Drops came out of Amil's dead body and transmitted Kang Oh's combat data to the remaining mummies.

"Mr. Kang Oh, help!"

He could hear Eder calling for him.

That's right. Amil may be dead, but there were still the mummies to deal with.

"I'm coming!"

Kang Oh rushed towards Eder.  

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