Chapter 65. Mummy (2)

"The plan is simple. We divide into two groups: one group fights the mummies and the other fights Amil," Kang Oh said.

Calcion and Amil were similar but were ultimately different.

In the past, his party had been able to ignore the ants and fight Calcion directly, but doing that here was impossible; they were forced to engage the mummies.

If that's the case, then one group had to keep the mummies occupied while the other fought against Amil.

"That way, it doesn't matter whether the mummies are killed or not, since whoever's fighting Amil won't have their combat data transferred to him."


Grano nodded his head. Kang Oh's plan made sense.

"The one who'll fight the mummies is..."

Kang Oh glanced at Eder; it was obvious what he was conveying.


"You want me to take on 20 mummies by myself?"

Eder furrowed his brow.

"You'll be with Mr. Grano as well, since it'd be tough all by yourself."

According to Kang Oh's assessment, Eder wouldn't be able to fight the mummies by himself. 

After all, not only were there twenty of them, but they could revive themselves and became berserk upon revival. 

"Are you going to fight Amil alone, Mr. Kang Oh?" Grano asked.


"Will you be ok?"

Amil was no ordinary mummy; he was a boss monster. Plus, he was once the captain of the guard that protected Beskamen I.

"I'll be fine. I'm pretty strong."

Kang Oh had two trump cards at the ready: Gluttony and Devil Trigger.

If things didn't go his way, then he'd use Gluttony and Devil Trigger simultaneously (like he’d done against Caraco) and take Amil down.

"Then Mr. Eder and I will take down the mummies no matter what."

"Eder, Mr. Grano, please go in first and draw the mummies into a corner of the room. I'll use that opportunity to approach Amil and take him down."

"I understand."


Grano and Eder simultaneously replied.

Kang Oh had no other orders or anything else to remind them of.

"Good. Let's go!"

* * *

As planned, Grano and Eder entered the room first while Kang Oh waited on standby.

"I'm back!" Eder opened the stone gate and yelled.


The mummies awoke and Amil ordered, "Kill... the... intruders..."

The scimitar-wielding mummies began to swarm Eder and Grano.

Eder rushed towards the left side of the room with Grano close behind.

As he ran, Grano extended his orb.

Water cannons were unleashed from the orb, washing away the pursuing mummies.

Once the space was clear, Eder and Grano took their positions.

"Come on!" Eder bashed on his shield with his mace and said boisterously. 


The mummy closest to Eder quickly chopped at him with its scimitar.

Eder counterattacked, swinging his mace from the right to the left.


Mace and scimitar clashed; neither gave an inch, so they were forced into a contest of strength.


Eder mustered up his strength and pushed the scimitar away.

The mummy, unable to withstand the strength behind Eder’s mace, began to stagger.

Eder seized that opportunity.

Shield Bash!

The edge of his bull shield struck the mummy's jaw.


The mummy fell to the floor.

The other mummies rushed over like a swarm of angry bees.

Eder began engaging the mummies with even greater ferocity.

He couldn't utilize the Cursed Ground's Domain or any of his other curses, but he was nonetheless skilled with a shield and blunt weapons.

The mummies weren't able to penetrate his defenses; it was as if he were a fortified wall before them.

Moreover, Eder wasn't alone.

Grano cast a spell, conjuring baseball-sized bubbles into the air.

This spell was called Explosive Drop!


The mummy swung its scimitar at the bubble, but once it slashed through the bubble...


The bubble exploded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mummies messed with the bubbles, causing them to explode everywhere.

Explosive Drop didn't allow its caster to direct it, so it wasn't a spell that Grano preferred to use.

But it was super effective against swarming idiots like these.

"Die, die!"

Eder continued to swing his mace at the mummies, who'd taken AoE damage from the explosive bubbles.

Grano also began to prepare his next spell.

At the front, Eder, and at the rear, Grano!

They were an effective combo; despite being outnumbered 10 to 1, they weren't being pushed back at all.

* * *

"Good. Shall we get going?"

Kang Oh, who saw the mummies (aside from Amil) surrounding Eder and Grano, moved.

He rushed straight for Amil.

Once he’d closed the distance, Kang Oh reached out for his back-strapped demon sword.


Kang Oh slashed diagonally using the force of his acceleration to strengthen his blow.

Amil reacted simultaneously.

He too swung his blazing, red scimitar.

The edge of Amil's blade was aimed right for Kang Oh's neck.

It was much quicker and sharper than Kang Oh had expected.

Kang Oh tilted his sword, causing it to clash with Amil's own.


Once demon sword and scimitar clashed, the fire rose from Amil's scimitar.

[You have been grazed by the blazing flame. You have taken 197 damage.]

Kang Oh gritted his teeth and attacked Amil once more.


A white line was formed, following the path of his sword.

Amil counterattacked, swinging his scimitar upwards from below.

'It's sharp!'

The scimitar came for a vital spot and Kang Oh's eyes gleamed.

Amil didn't act like a monster.

Normal monsters' attacks were more ferocious and bestial in nature. However, Amil acted like he was a martial artist that had trained for several years.

'It must be because he was once the king's guard captain.'

Whatever the case, if his blade remained on course, then his and Amil's blade would clash once more.

If that happened, then Kang Oh would be at a disadvantage. Even if the swords only hit each other, the blazing fire effect would still injure him.


Kang Oh stopped his sword from going all the way through.

It was a feint; he would act as though he were attacking and then stop, confusing his opponent.

Thus, Amil's scimitar didn't clash with his demon sword and passed by him.

His side was wide open. Hyper Intuition flared immediately, telling him to strike that area.

Hit here. Here!

It was as if there was a close-up on Amil's side; all of Kang Oh's senses focused on it.


Kang Oh grinned.

His timing was perfect.

Kang Oh thrust his sword into Amil's side with as much strength as he could muster.


The tip of his blade entered Amil's side.

It wasn't an actual weak spot, but because it was still a spontaneous opening, red shards spilled out from the blow.

Normally, when a monster sustains a critical hit, they briefly froze up, but Amil didn't do so.

Amil immediately counterattacked, swinging downwards with his scimitar.

Power Slash!

A red streak followed the path of his scimitar.

It was much too sharp and fast for Kang Oh to dodge.

Seeing no other choice, Kang Oh withdrew his demon sword and blocked the blow.


As expected, fire erupted from the blade.

[You have been grazed by the blazing flame. You have taken 211 damage.]

Kang Oh had no intention of retreating and immediately kicked Amil's side.


With it, he was able to widen the distance between himself and Amil.

"Alright. Playtime's over."

Kang Oh grabbed his demon sword with both hands and positioned it in front of him.

It was the Swordmaster school's basic stance.

If this were a fencing school, then this is where he'd yell, but he had something better in mind.


Baramut's Roar!

A silhouette of a tiger briefly appeared behind him and just as quickly disappeared, and his whole body overflowed with power.


Amil dashed towards Kang Oh.

He swung downwards, seemingly attempting to cut him in half.

Kang Oh took a step and dodged the incoming blade, followed by a horizontal slash.

Amil kicked off the floor and retreated.


His demon sword cleaved through the air.

Amil advanced and swung his scimitar as if it were his turn now.

Kang Oh's Hyper Intuition activated. He felt a chill that elicited goosebumps on his neck.

He subsequently pulled his neck back.

The blazing scimitar's edge grazed his neck.

Now it was Kang Oh's turn. Kang Oh slashed from bottom-up.

Amil quickly repositioned himself and swung downwards.

When his demon sword and Amil's scimitar were about to meet, Kang Oh halted his blow.

It was a feint.

However, Amil had done the same.

Amil's blade had suddenly stopped.

'This guy!'

Kang Oh's eyes widened.

He felt as though Amil was smiling underneath his bandaged face.

Originally, Kang Oh had planned on following his feint with a lunge.

However, his opponent had gone for his own feint, so he had no choice but to retreat for now.

Kang Oh stepped back but was pressured by Amil's thrusts.

Amil, feeling that this was his chance, began to press the offensive and attacked ferociously.


Kang Oh was no easy opponent.

Clashing with Amil's scimitar would only leave him at a disadvantage, so he dodged as many of Amil's attacks as he could. 

Ultimately, Amil wasn't able to gain anything and halted his offensive whilst Kang Oh briefly regained his breath.

"This is a good fight."

He'd finally found a worthy opponent; fighting against such an opponent only served to sharpen his focus even further.

Kang Oh charged at Amil, beginning the second round of the fight.

* * *

Eder struck a mummy's head with his mace.


His mace, which released a poison mist, caused a small explosion.


The mummy fell to its knees and died.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.


The dead mummy had come back to life.

A single drop came out of its body and flew towards Amil, who was currently facing Kang Oh.

The surface of the drop definitely reflected Eder attacking with his mace, as well as Grano casting his water magic.

A red hue shined from the mummy's eye sockets.


It had become stronger and faster. Its HP had also been completely recovered thanks to the revival.

"Mr. Eder, let's take down the berserk mummy first as planned," Grano said.


Eder and Grano's plan was simple.

Kill one at a time!

Eder stood in front of the berserk mummy.

The berserk mummy swung its scimitar; the speed and force behind the blow were astonishing.

Eder raised his shield.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Its scimitar repeatedly bashed on Eder's shield, resounding boisterously throughout the room like the peal of a siren.

At that moment...

Grano formed a water spear in the air.


Once he extended his hand, the violently whirling water spear flew into the berserk mummy.


Once it struck the mummy, water flowed out everywhere, forcing the berserk mummy back.

Meanwhile, Eder stomped onto the floor and leaped into the air. He then swung downwards with his mace.


His mace smashed the berserk mummy's head.

Eder then pulled on his mace, pulling the mummy with him.


Then, Eder struck the mummy once more.


The mummy's body slightly flew into the air.

Eder didn't allow the berserk mummy to fight back and pressed his offensive.

Grano conjured water walls to keep the other mummies from interrupting him.



When the mummies rushed forward, the water walls would turn into waves and sweep away the other mummies.

The mummies were tangled together and swept away. When he was finished with them, the remaining mummies were all tangled up.

Grano continuously utilized water walls and the subsequent waves to push the mummies away.

A while later...

Eder struck the berserk mummy with his mace and it fell to the floor.

It didn't stand up again.

However, a smooth drop came out of its body and flew towards Amil.

Eder tried attacking the bubble. However, the bubble just passed right through his mace.

The drop was untargetable.

"Well, we got one!" Eder yelled.

"Now, on to the next one!"

Now there were only nineteen mummies left.

Eder and Grano's battle against the mummies began smoothly.  

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