Chapter 6. King of Demonic Beasts, Ubist

"I'll teach you gladiator techniques later. You're not ready yet," Burkan said.

"Then what about the reward for the Battle Against 100 Men?" Kang Oh asked.

"Follow me."

Burkan fiddled with a wall-attached ornament, which caused a secret passageway to appear.

Kang Oh and Burkan then walked through the secret passageway.

The secret passageway led them lower underground than even the underground arena.

It was strange to think that such a natural, deep place existed under the Holiseum. 

There were stalactites attached to the ceiling, as well as delicate crystals emitting light.

"That's an adamantium gemstone," Burkan said, pointing towards a rock.

The area was as dark as the night sky, yet it was illuminated by the adamantium like a star embedded from up above. 


'All of this is adamantium?'

Adamantium was the toughest metal in the world!

Thus, it was one of the most expensive metals in the world as well.

Moreover, the gem was huge!

If he were to smelt the gem, he'd obtain a significant amount of adamantium. So much so that he'd be able to create a weapon entirely composed of adamantium!


Kang Oh swallowed.

He didn't know the exact market price for adamantium. Since it had never appeared on the market before. It's probably worth more than 100 million.

Yet there was a sword embedded within such precious metal. 


"It's a demon sword."

A greatsword as black as night. A black mist trickled out of the embedded area.

"And the reward for conquering the Battle Against 100 Men is that adamantium gemstone," Burkan said.

'To think that that's all mine!'

He couldn't smile any wider.


That was his reward all right, but it was conditional.

"But only if you're capable of wielding that blade," Burkan pointed to the sword and said.

Then, a quest appeared.

[Trial of the Demon Sword]

The demon sword is a sword shrouded in darkness. Its power is such that it threatens to engulf its wielder as well. 

Only the greatest of swordsmen can hope to wield such a demon sword.

Are you qualified to follow in their footsteps?

Overcome the trial of the demon sword and prove your worthiness.

Difficulty: Undecided.

Conditions: Completion of the Battle Against 100 Men.

Reward: Hidden Class Change

Failure: Battle Against 100 Men reward invalidated. Lose control of your character. 

'Hidden class change!'

As hidden classes were so difficult to attain, it was common knowledge that they were much more powerful than normal classes.

Though he was drooling over the reward, he didn't act impulsively.

Because if he failed, he would lose his reward for the Battle Against 100 Men, the adamantium!


"You are not only the great warrior who completed the Battle Against 100 Men, but also my little brother, so I know you'll be able to overcome the Trial of the Demon Sword."

Burkan patted Kang Oh's shoulder.

[Due to your closeness with Burkan, you have been forced to accept the quest.]

"I'm sorry?"

His increased closeness with Burkan, which he'd been so happy about, had turned into misery.

It was like he were forced to dive into water when he didn't even know how deep it was!

"Try it out right away, like a man," Burkan shoved him and urged.

"Just a minute, Brother!"

"What's wrong?"

"I'll attempt it. But! Please give me some time."

Now that it's come to this, he would have no choice but to overcome the Trial of the Demon Sword. Since the adamantium was at stake.

If that's the case, then he needed to gather as much information as he could. He didn't want to start with absolutely nothing.


Burkan took out an hourglass and turned it upside-down, causing the sand to start falling.

"I'll give you 5 minutes."

It would only take 5 minutes before all the sand had hit the bottom.

Kang Oh rushed over to the sword.


[Nameless Sword]

The sword cannot be identified. Its material cannot be identified as well. An abyss endlessly flows from the blade. The blade occasionally shakes.

Rank: Unable to identify

Abilities: Unable to identify

Limitations: Unable to identify


He had so little time and the amount of information he could scrounge up was too sparse. Despite that, there was something to be gained.

The quest had already told him everything he needed to know.

He could only attempt the quest if he completed the Battle Against 100 Men. And there was that 'abyss' part of the sword's description.

'I'm definitely going to be blinded. It's probably darkness of some sort.'

This was the result of his logical inference.

'Will I not be able to use any items or skills either? There probably won't be a huge impact on my stats though.'

In other words, the Fight Against 100 Men was a rehearsal of sorts. For the main event, the Trial of the Demon Sword.

'My level's the problem.'

The Battle Against 100 Men hadn't imposed a level restriction.

Which meant that one's increased HP, MP, and Stamina from level ups wouldn't be affected.

Thus, the higher the level, the better one's advantage is. But at the same time, the gladiators would become stronger the higher the player's level.

So, it was better to attempt the quest at a low level. 

Would the Trial of the Demon Sword follow the same logic?

'It probably will.'

If the Trial of the Demon Sword held a fixed difficulty, then there would've been a level restriction on the rehearsal, the Battle Against 100 Men.

He, a level 1 player, was able to beat it, but it was still a quest that rankers several levels higher than him were unable to overcome.

Thus, the difficulty depended on one's level!

'So it all depends on your level.'

If that's the case, he was naturally drawn to a certain conclusion.

The demon sword shares the same level as the one who draws it!

In other words, if the level 1 Kang Oh were to undertake the trial, then the difficulty would be set at just level 1.

'I can do it!'

He had a plan. 

Though all the sand had yet to drop, Kang Oh grabbed onto the sword's hilt.

[The Trial of the Demon Sword has begun!]


Once he yelled, the flowing darkness agglomerated into a single demonic beast and rushed towards Kang Oh!


The demonic beast roared and the world became shrouded in darkness.

Is this what an abyss, where no light can reach, looks like?

[You have heard the roar of the King of Demonic Beasts, the Abyss Predator Ubist. Ubist's roar incites fear in its prey and causes their abilities to drop.]

[You were able to overcome your fear through the Indomitable stat. Your abilities do not drop.]


The side stat, which he'd obtained after struggling against that old geezer, Rain, was doing its job.


'It's definitely level 1.'

Kang Oh's Indomitable stat was only 10. Despite that, he was able to overcome Ubist's roar, meaning it was just that weak.


Ubist quickly made its approach and aimed at the center of Kang Oh's chest with its claws.

Kang Oh predicated its attack with his Hyper Intuition and pulled himself back.


He could hear its claws tear through the air where he had once been.

'My Hyper Intuition's working. I can do this.'

He couldn't see anything, but Kang Oh was calm. Kang Oh thrust his sword as per his Hyper Intuition.

He was currently wielding the nameless demon sword.

Kang Oh couldn't see it, but he could tell based on the feeling of the hilt.


He heard it make contact and could feel a twinge in his hand as well. He'd followed his Hyper Intuition and attacked a weak spot, so it must be a critical hit.


Ubist screamed and immediately counterattacked. Kang Oh used the sword to protect the areas where he felt a chill.


A sharp, metallic sound rang out. Kang Oh's body was pushed back. The unseeable Ubist's strength was beyond his imagination.

Ubist continued to attack, pushing him back again and again. It attacked consecutively and Kang Oh could barely block its attacks!

It wasn't called the King of Demonic Beasts for nothing.

However, Kang Oh wouldn't just sit by and take it.

Whenever his Hyper Intuition would point out a weak spot, he would strike at it like lightning.

Block, attack. Block. Block. Avoid, slash!

Every one of his successful attacks were critical hits.

Kuhung. Kung!

Ubist screamed in agony.

'Let's keep it up!'

Kang Oh's confidence gradually rose.

But there was no way that the King of Demonic Beasts, Ubist, would just lose like this.

[Ubist's health is less than 50%.]

[Now, Ubist's main body and Ubist's clones, which are made up of darkness, will attack you.] 

The two Ubist's attacked Kang Oh's head and legs simultaneously.

Kang Oh quickly rolled on the floor.

His back burned, as if he'd placed a pain relief patch on it. Ubist's claws must've scratched him.

[You have taken 50 damage. Your remaining HP is 60.]

"You took half of my HP with one hit!" Kang Oh yelled.

The two Ubists continued their violent assault.

A series of fierce attacks akin to the cold winds of midwinter.

"Let's see who wins in the end!"

Kang Oh couldn't let this go on, so he readied himself for a counterattack.

The now 2 Ubists clashed with him in the abyss.

He attacked and defended numerous times.

As a result, Kang Oh's expression gradually darkened.

'I can't keep going on like this.'

Kang Oh was barely blocking or evading the main body and copy's attacks. He was also counterattacking when he had the chance.

He continued to walk on that tightrope, but his Stamina had become a problem.

If his Stamina depleted, then it was game over right then and there. He had to figure out how he would survive before then.

'I'll focus entirely on the main one!'

He'd confirmed that the clone's attacks were weaker than the main body's.

When he blocked their attacks, the clone's attacks conveyed less force.

'The copy can't be stronger than the main one. If that's the case, then...'

Kang Oh's remaining HP was 60.

Ubist had done 50 HP worth of damage in one hit. If he wasn't hit in a vital area, then he could take one more hit.

'Give up the flesh to save the bone!'

He would deliberately get hit once in order to deal an even greater blow.

What if the damage was greater than 50 or he was struck in a vital area?

Then he'd die, 100%.

But if he were to keep himself safe like he'd been doing, then he'd run out of Stamina and lose anyway.

Ultimately, Kang Oh only had one choice!

It was...


The Ubists attacked from front and behind. Kang Oh didn't avoid the attack; rather, he rushed forward.

Towards Ubist's main body!

As a result, he was struck in the back by the clone's claws.

[You have sustained an attack by Ubist's clone. You have taken 40 damage.]

[Remaining HP: 20]


Kang Oh did his damndest to swing his sword according to his Hyper Intuition.

"Please die!"


What a refreshing sound, akin to a metal bat hitting a home run! His hands tingled with excitement, like he'd caught a huge catch!

It was definitely a critical hit. Not only that, but a critical hit that had done a ton of damage!

If he could see in front of him, then he'd see many lumps of bright red light shards spilling from its body.

Kung. Kung. (like a dog yelping)

Ubist screamed. It was like the sound a frightened dog makes when it shrinks from danger.

[Ubist's remaining life is below 10%. Having sensed danger, Ubist has retreated deep into the abyss.]

[You have completed the Trial of the Demon Sword. You have been acknowledged by the demon sword.]

"I did it!"

Kang Oh relished in his victory and drew the sword towards the heavens.

At the same time, something rose in front of him. It was the abyss that bound Ubist and the demon sword together.

In the demon world, Ubist was the lowest of low.

But then one day, it coincidentally drank a demon's blood. Through this, it gained the ability to devour!

The more it ate, the more powerful it would become. Without limit. And Ubist ate endlessly.

It started off with small insects and animals, then went on to wild beasts. And eventually, it ate demonic beasts and demons as well!

Ultimately, to Ubist, having become the King of Demonic Beasts, the abyss had become nothing more than food as well. 

Thus, the Abyss Predator, Ubist was born.

Ubist could not be sated and continued to eat everything in sight.

Ultimately, it devoured the wall separating the demon world and the Arth Empire, and came to Arth.

In order to eat everything in Arth!

But then...

A single middle-aged warrior (man or woman) stood before it. The sword they wielded was familiar to Kang Oh.

It was the nameless sword!

The sword's shape was similar, but it felt completely different from how it was in the present.

It wasn't a sword that radiated darkness, but was a blade awe-inspiring enough to be called the finest sword in the world!

Moreover, the middle-aged warrior's skills were enough to call them a swordmaster.

Divide the sea!

Their attack cleaved Ubist in half and it was then absorbed into the sword.

Then, the sword had adopted the jet-black figure that Kang Oh was familiar with.

The birth of a demon sword.

After that, the middle-aged warrior traveled around, defeating anything and everything that endangered the empire with the demon sword in tow.

Destroying the man-eating tribe, Nescari! Fighting a bloody battle against the Knight of Chaos, Saca! Vanquishing the Great Forest's ultra-huge raid boss, Yakon!

However, the people were afraid of the middle-aged warrior, the possessor of the demon sword, and called them...

Demon Swordsman Valan!

[Unknown, great warrior, you have become privy to Valan's achievements.]

[If the historical association were to know this, then they would reevaluate Valan.]

[You have acquired information regarding the demon sword and Dividing the Sea.]

[Before you learn the 'Divide the Sea' skill, you must first master cutting.]

[Would you like to class change into the hidden class, Demonic Swordsman?]

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